a website about pregnancy, parenting, and postpartum

Welcome to Crafty Motherfather. A website designed to help first time parents stay connected, involved, and always ready with everything baby.

Crafty Motherfather started in the summer of 2017 when I had an Ah-ha moment and realized all of my mothers knowledge, and my grandmothers knowledge, sister-in-laws, and mother-in-laws knowledge (basically every mother in my life) had impacted me in some way that I knew she could lead Mothers around the world to make better decisions, reduce stress, and be  Crafty Mother-Effer’s (fans known as Crafties) then she would really make a difference.

Becoming a parent is by far one of the most exciting, scary as hell, fun driven, stress ridden, crying with joy type of things anyone can do. I  really believe you can become a parenting know it all, a baby ambassador, and a pregnant what-to-expect encyclopedia by joining my group of Crafty Mother-Effers.