How To Organize Like Marie Kondo When Pregnant

Organizing Tidying Up Like A Pro When You’re Expecting

Wondering how to organize your pregnancy using KonMari? It doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll be able to prepare your home and body before baby arrives.

Ready to declutter and prepare your home?

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Organizing Your Pregnancy Using The KonMari Method

Organizational Tip #1
If the mess in your home is overwhelming, like where the heck do I start overwhelmning. I suggest you take a look at this first – then come back and read this.

Who Is Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a Japanese Organizing Consultant and also an author. She also invented the KonMari Method.

She has a best selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and you can also find her on Netflix on the show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”

What Is The KonMari Method Of Tidying Up

The KonMari method is a way to discard and organize your home in one swoop and ask yourself if each item that stays or goes sparks joy. In reality it’s much more than that.

It’s about spirituality, changing your mindset and freeing yourself from possessions.

You start by discarding items as you work through sections. The sections are as follows:

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Paper Clutter
  4. Komono (misc items)
  5. Sentimental Items

You’ll go ahead and discard items in that order and remember to thank each item before discarding. Only after you have discarded your items can you start to organize them.

The way you decide if an item is discarded or stays is by asking if it sparks joy. If an item doesn’t spark joy, you toss it. That of course means different things to different people.

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How Does The KonMari Method Apply To Pregnancy?

By applying this method to your home, you will declutter and lower your stress levels. Which is super important in pregnancy.

You will also be able to organize your items and baby items a lot faster and easier if you do this NOW before baby arrives, giving you a clean home and a productive mindset.

You’ll be saving money by having less items and also applying the KonMari method to future purchases and future baby items.

And Finally when you declutter you are taking charge of your home, the place where your newborn will grow up in. It’s a good change.

Items You’ll Need To Better Organize Your Home

When you start decluttering make sure you have a few of these items to make it all easier on yourself.

Use dividers for your intimate clothing like Marie Kondo to keep them organized, fresh and ready for you to grab easily. This is a great idea to use when you are pregnant and organizing your home

Drawer separators – great for baby clothing, and your intimate’s. They also work perfect for dads briefs and socks.

use these home dividers to help organize your drawers during your pregnancy and beyond. This is a method that Marie Kondo uses

Wooden kitchen separators – by having like items together and same-size items together these wooden kitchen separators will help you a lot.

how to organize your pregnancy using the konmarie method with Marie Kondo is easy. Use some of these containers to keep your items visible but in it's own place

Containers for bathroom – being able to see what you have in each container is crucial. This way you don’t go out and buy more q-tips you will clearly see where you have them.

use trash bags when you are separating your items using the Konmari method during your pregnancy

Grab large trash bags for clothes you are discarding. It makes it easier to move around.

use boxes to organize your pregnancy with the konmari method. Using boxes that are blacked out to throw items away

Use boxes for bigger items that you are getting rid of. And remember to actually get rid of them. Don’t use boxes for items you are storing unless they are clear container boxes.

How Long Does It Take To KonMari Your House?

It all depends on you. Normally a few weeks – two months depending how much you go through.

With all things in the KonMari method you will have to take the items you posses and place them in a pile and then go through each and every single piece and ask yourself “Does this spark joy?”

Start with your clothing. Have your partner do their clothing. Then both of you can work on organizing babies pile (if you already have items for them).

You’ll want to fold the clothing in a certain fashion. Follow the images below as instructions to how to fold each item for baby.

how to organize your pregnancy using the konmari method
the konmari method folding baby clothes

After doing all of this with your own clothes as well, you will have clothes that you are discarding and clothes that you are keeping.

As you work through each section of discarding items and organizing. You should start to see that it becomes easier to do.

After you have gone through each section and removed and organized it. Make sure you have a designated area for babies items.

Every item in your home, should have a home.

7 Ways To Organize Your Home Using The KonMari Method (perfect when you are pregnant)

1. Fold Your Clothes & Hang Bulky Items

With the KonMari method we see an amazing way of folding our clothes that helps increase the space we have in our drawers. We also discard clothing that we longer use or want (giving us more space)

You’ll want to have enough space that most of your items fit in drawers and then only your big bulky items will be hung. The point of this is to decrease our possessions and be a little more minimal.

2. Find A Home For Your Books

You can never have to much books, I would know I am a book hoarder. But with everything there comes a time when you need to declutter and organize.

Make a book shelf – if you have to many books that you need a second book shelf – go through them, donate to library, or give away to friends.

3. Have 3 Main Paper Binders

Paper clutter might be on of the things we all have so much off.

You never know when you’re going to need that paper from the DMV or that bill that came in the mail that you already paid.

The best thing you can do is get paper binders to organize your items.

I like to have 3 main binders: CAR / DMV papers, Household , Personal

Car/ DMV Binder:

  • Last registration papers
  • License copy
  • Last Oil Change / Tune Up
  • Copy of car insurance

Household Binder

  • Last Months Bills (throw out the previous months)
  • Home Insurance
  • Any Repair receipts within the last 3 months (older throw them away)

Personal Binder

  • Copy of ID / License
  • Hospital Bills Due
  • Upcoming Appointments
  • Taxes

All other paper clutter can be deemed trash and should be gone through regularly to avoid piling it up. This includes old magazines, yellow books, your high school paper that your mom saved for you. Toss it out!

4. Kitchen Drawers Divided

Clearing out your kitchen of lids and condiments, and everything in between – means you can add an area for bottles, bottle sanitation station and baby food.

  • Toss out lids and containers that don’t have a pair
  • Organize utensils by size (large spoons together, small items together)
  • Use dividers inside your drawers to organize each unit
  • Don’t have a junk drawers. Find a place for each ‘junk’ item
  • Toss expired canned items
  • Clear out your freezer and scrub any excess ice off (helps your fridge circulate better)

5. Living Space Safe For Baby

Take a look at your living room. Is your wall art nailed down? Do you have mirrors and large furniture than can be anchored down?

Making this space safe now is great to avoid doing it after an accident has occurred.

Things to consider in your living room:

  • Anchor large furniture to the wall (with L shaped bolts)
  • Nail down any artwork
  • Have a rug in the middle
  • Small decorative pieces be moved higher up (chocking hazard)
  • All outlets have cover or have a furniture in front of them

Just taking these extra precautions will help everyone in your family in case of an emergency.

6. Placing Baby Clothes In Dividers

I personally use dividers for my sons clothes. Its nice and small and everything fits perfectly. All his socks go in one, all his shirts, shorts, pants each get their own cubby.

I fold them all using the KonMari method mentioned above to give myself the much needed space! (we went from 3 drawers of his clothes to folding it down to ONE)

7. Decluttering Your Garage Or Storage unit

This is one of those things you don’t realize until after you have kids. As your family grows the things you had in your storage unit may be things you no longer use. So now is the perfect time to start going through them and getting rid of potentially hazardous and irrelevant items.

That pair of ski’s that you used once – in the last 3 years – out

The boxes of clothes you might one day wear – donate

Those 7 tips can help you really organize your home before baby arrives. The Marie Kondo Method of Tidying Up can be used while you are pregnant and you can keep it up after you have baby. With a just a little effort doing each task.

It is time for this freeing and amazing feeling of having less items and more purpose to find joy!

Apply What You Learned

Let’s do a quick recap of everything you just read.

  • This method can work for you if you do it correctly and fully
  • Start with clothing, then move to books, paper items, komono (misc.), finally move on to sentimental items.
  • Be productive and start everyday where you left off.
  • Before baby arrives have a designated area for their items
  • Feel the difference in your life as you remove clutter and spark joy
  • Try the 10 organizing hacks for your pregnancy to prepare your home for baby

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how to organize your home life with the Marie Kondo method when you are expecting

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