Ultimate Guide on Postpartum Depression with Self Care Checklist

  How I Prepare Postpartum Self Care Tips for Depressed Moms What this matters to you Depression is extremely common. About 1 out 8 or 8% to 13% of mothers are affected by depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  You will have worse odds if you are in Mississippi, where close to 1 out … Read more

Easy method: Scalding breastmilk on stove & bottle warmer

Do you want to learn about scalding your breastmilk on the stove top or in a bottle warmer? you have come to the correct place. Scalding Breastmilk “My breast milk smells soapy”, “My baby is refusing pumped milk after refrigeration” or “my saved frozen milk smells off” If you have these questions you may have … Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2020 For New & Expecting Moms

Amazon Prime Day The Sale For Pregnant & New Parents Amazon Prime Day this year is happening October 13th – 14th. If you are here at this page before then, just save it and come back on October 13th and 14th as we update lighting deals, and pregnancy and postpartum deals for new parents just … Read more

How To Use A Haakaa Breast Pump + Haakaa Tips

How To Get The Most, When To Use and How To Use A Haakaa Breast Pump Using the Haakaa will make your breastfeeding journey so much easier. It helps collect milk that would otherwise go to waste thus increasing how much milk you produce and store. In this post I’ll go over how to use … Read more

Pumping At Work |What You Need To Know For Success

Breast pumping at work does not have to be scary or difficult. Click through to see our 7 best hacks to pumping at work + get your FREE pumping at work handbook!

Pumping In The Work Place Maternity Leave is coming to an end and now you have to return to work. Don’t forget to pack your breastmilk cooler bag and kiss that newborn a million times before you go out the door. Breast pumping at work is probably making you a little nervous and it most … Read more

The Best Online Breastfeeding Courses

I’ve outlined below some of the best online breastfeeding classes out there right now. Each with their own pros and cons and success rates and stories. Breastfeeding as natural and amazing as the benefits are – does not come naturally to every mom. (it didn’t for me) There is a steep learning curve which is … Read more

18 Sleep Tips For Newborns (and you)

How To Help Your Baby Sleep So You Could Sleep These sleep tips for newborns are some of the best tips I have personally used to help my son fall asleep easier and longer. If you are ready to try a few things to increase a nap, or get your baby to sleep longer stretches … Read more

Audio Books For Moms With Newborns

Audio Books For Moms With Newborns

The Perfect Audibles For Postpartum Moms That Will Help The First Few Months Do you love reading? Now that you have a baby you probably don’t have time to sit and read a full book, let alone watch your favorite movie. This is where the power of audibles comes in. These audiobooks for moms with … Read more

Tips For Breastfeeding In The Winter

In the winter time your breastfeeding habits may look a little different than the summer months. Usually the cold aids in clogging milk ducts which is why keeping warm and using these tips for breastfeeding in the winter is going to help you out so much. This post may contain affiliate links. For my full … Read more

8-9-10 Month Sleep Regression: How To Survive It

Help, My 8, 9, 10 Month Old Is Waking Up At All Hours Of The Night Is your 8-month old waking up at night crying? This may be a new normal for you and you really want it to stop. I get it. Your friend may be caught in the middle of your baby’s 8-month … Read more