The Beyond Pregnancy Checklist & Guide for 2018

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Have you been pinning like crazy looking for the perfect hospital bag checklist? Googling like a maniac for the planner that can accommodate your prenatal appointments & your postpartum needs?

Imagine an eBook that has Beyond everything you need for pregnancy and postpartum! A Checklist & Guide that can help you navigate pregnancy and motherhood and BEYOND!

Does such a thing even exist? You may be wondering.

Well it sure as hell does now!

The Beyond Pregnancy Checklist & Guide 

Want to get more out of your Pregnancy. Download the completely FREE Beyond Pregnancy Checklist & Guide! For expecting and new moms

The Beyond Prego Checklist, is a guide made by our very own Crafty Mother for all moms-to-be. It is a jam-packed, fill-in the blank, resource manual, that can help you right now as you prepare for baby and down the road when you transcend like a beautiful butterfly into the crazy world of motherhood.

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I want the Beyond Pregnancy Checklist & Guide

Not sure if The Beyond Pregnancy Checklist is for you! Here are a few common questions to help you decided!

Does the Beyond Pregnancy Checklist come with a daily planner?

Yes – a beautifully designed, easy to use daily planner. With a section for your goals, your tasks and even a check-off section for water intake!

Is the Beyond  Pregnancy Checklist only for expecting moms?

Its for all moms! The resources are for pregnant and newly postpartum moms! Anyone can find comfort using the planners, and the nutrition guides.

Can I download or print the Beyond Pregnancy Checklist?

YES, when you sign up you can download, print, and print some more!

Will the checklist REALLY help me when baby is a newborn?

If you use the Baby Scheduler that is enclosed you will find that you can easily track feeding times, and daily diaper changes. Which are all things we track when baby is little tiny human. If you put in work, the Beyond Pregnancy Checklist really can help!

Is The Beyond Pregnancy Checklist free?

YES! 100% free just sign up and get it straight to your inbox!

Why do I have to sign up to get it?

The Beyond Pregnancy Checklist is something we have worked on for some time to make just right for new mommas! Not only will you get the checklist straight to your inbox you will have exclusive access to MORE of our resources –  we send out weekly resources for parents, freebies, and Beyond more! We’ll never spam, and we only share valuable, fresh as hell, baby loving resources and updates!

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