11 Reasons Moms Need Amazon Prime Now

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Do you wish you had more time in a day? Tired of running to the store for diapers? You really need Amazon prime to make this mom life easier! Not convinced check out these amazingly awesome reasons why You need it NOW!

Amazon Prime is for families, it was made with you in mind. I swear it really was! If your’e a pregnant momma there are two things you absolutely need. I mean two essential MUST HAVE items.

One of those items is my FREE Pregnancy Checklist Guide! Another one of those items is Amazon Prime.!

& Yes, they’re both necessities in your life!

If you love easy going, ready when you are, fast free shipping, streaming, and delivered to your door with EASE service  You are gonna love Amazon Prime.

I honestly don’t know how any parent can go with out it! 

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11 Reasons Why You need Amazon Prime

1.  Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

If you don’t absolutely love it, cancel before the month is up! The free trial includes EVERYTHING in PRIME! So many benefits come with prime, like instant access to millions of songs, streaming of some of your favorite shows,  fast free shipping, and way more benefits that well discuss below!

2.  Amazon Family

This is my favorite part of Amazon Prime. Get 20% off diaper subscriptions, delivered straight to your door! Set up a baby registry and get a Prime box for free with loads of goodies for your tiny one! Image you are running low on diapers, with a press of a button you order, get a discount, and get diapers to your door! Did you just save time, and money? Yes you did!!!!

3. Free two day shipping

Look for the prime symbol on almost every item on amazon and it is eligible for free two day shipping. That means you don’t need to stalk the mailman waiting for your package. I hate waiting for over two weeks to receive something. Now you wont have too!

4. Prime Student 6-month Trial

Get 6 months free of amazon prime if you sign up with a student account, that means you pay half the cost of an annual prime membership and get all the amazing benefits! 

5. Amazon Prime Music

Stream millions of songs, from your favorite artist, create playlists like baby lullaby’s, moms dance party! Enjoy unlimited streaming, commercial FREE. Now that’s what I call streaming music!

6. Create an Amazon Baby Registry

You don’t need to have an amazon prime account to make a baby registry! You can instantly start adding items, send to your family, get discounts, receive gifts straight to your door, they extended the time you can return items, & if you are a prime member you get an amazon family baby box sent to your door the moment someone buys something from your registry. Oh and did I mention you can add items from any website to your registry!

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7. Stream Movies Like No MOTHER

If you are pregnant this maybe the best time to watch your shows while you still can! Then when baby is a bit bigger, hello baby shows, that stimulate the mind and increase creativity. Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial NowWant to see what they have without a full commitment, start a free trial

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8. Try AmazonFresh – Free Trial

Probably my second favorite item included in prime, its another additional fee after the prime purchase BUT it is SOOO WORTH IT!

You will get fresh fruit, veggies, meats, any type of food you can think of delivered to you. No more going to the grocery store with a milk stained tshirt and newborn. No more waiting in line, make a grocery list for the week, have the items delivered to your house and DONE!

I think this is how modern moms get it done, we can’t be everywhere at once, let them deliver the foods you are already eating anyways!

9.  FreeTime Unlimited

If you haven’t heard of FreeTime its Amazon’s latest way to get your kids reading, learning, and having fun. Freetime is available for non-prime & prime members. Start a free trial and gain access to more than 16,000 kid-friendly books, videos and apps. Set parental controls to help create a unique experience for each child, and assure they are safe online. After the free trial if your kids love it, its only 2.99/month which is amazingly awesome for access to so many kid friendly supplies

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Free Trial

10. Free Returns

Did you accidentally order something with the one click option, or did your baby say ‘batman’ to alexa and order 100 batman figurines that need to be returned? Cool, return for free with amazon’s shipping labels and get the charge credited back to your account! They are so awesome when it comes to returns, they make it easy, and the customer service is amazing!


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11. Wish List Feature

Want to buy your hubby the latest shaving kit, but its a bit out of budget right now? Add it to your wishlist, and if a price drop occurs amazon will notify you! How nice are they!

If you’re a momma in this day and age you need Amazon Prime. start your Amazon Prime – Free 30 Day Trial  and see how much easier, simpler and fun life can be with Amazon Prime.

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Pregnant? New baby? Don't waste time or energy on things you would rather spend with your baby. Try Amazon Prime, and see why modern moms are boss moms & handle everything!

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