2 Things that will Make Your Nursery Always Smell Fresh

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Did you walk into your nursery and take a whiff only to find a scent of poopy diaper and burning candle? Yeah poop and candles don’t mix. You want that whiff of yours to be a smell of a clean baby, a fresh scent, a relaxing odor. At least I know that’s what other’s want to smell when they go visit.

You always imagined your nursery would smell like the top of your babies head. A sweet, delicate smell that would leave you smiling and hoping they stay that little forever.

What you didn’t picture was the amount of trash, diapers, and food that you were going to have in the nursery.

But if you want to make your nursery smell like it has been cleaned head to toe like your baby then you want to tackle the source first.

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How to start cleaning your nursery to make it stop smelling

When you walk in do you smell pee diapers? Or does it smell of last night’s dinner that you ate and left in the nursery? Or does your baby room smells like pee?

Take a moment and look around, where is the source of the smell coming from? Maybe it’s coming from that potted plant you thought would look great by the window? Or maybe your baby potty smell is the main source.

Do you ever think about how to keep diapers from smelling? If all you smell is your kids poopy diapers or the smelly nappy maybe that grocery bag hanging on the door knob isn’t the best place for trash. It’s okay we’ve all done it.

Do you found the baby room smells musty? Once you find the source of smell, it’s time to eliminate that odor by moving it out, cleaning it up, or using something new in its place.

If you do have a grocery bag hanging on the door knob invest in a Diaper Genie, it’s one thing I swear by.

If your diaper genie ever starts to smell grab a brush and some baking soda, scrub it down.

How to Keep Your Nursery Smelling Good

picture of baby with a diaper on crawling on the floor

Now that you’ve established where the odor is coming from now is the time to get your nursery smelling fresh and baby scented.

The best way to keep your nursery smelling like its been cleaned and fresh like a baby is to have an oil diffuser.

Yes, these things work miracles. They can take the smelliest of nurseries and turn them into a spa! No kidding.

Once you have your diffuser – you next need to grab an essential oil smell. I’m going to be 100% honest with you – we started using this exact essential oil and diffuser and now our entire house smells amazing.

The Two Products I use to Make My Nursery Smell Luxurious 

The essential oil from Naturenics is natural and pure Lavender. It is a little expensive for an essential oil but so worth it. All you have to do is add 4-5 drops of this oil into the diffuser along with water and you have a luxurious smelling room.

I know you could find other lavender smelling oils at a cheaper price. But I have yet to find one that leaves this amazing smell for as long as this oil from Natuernics does.

This blend of lavender oil also helps fight anxiety, promotes brain function and fight stress. Put that in your nursery and you’ll have one amazing relaxed, stress free mama and baby!

4 More Ways to Make Your Nursery Smell Amazing

image of nursery with crib and stuffed animal- 4 ways to make your nursery smell amazing

If you tackled the main area that the smell is coming from awesome. These are 4 more ways you can keep your Nursery smelling great.

1. Constantly take out the Trash

If you find your diaper genie or trash can filling faster than you can say oil diffuser. It is time to start taking more frequent trips to your outdoor trash cans.

2. Air out the Room

Have you ever packed away some clothes, or had linen in the closet for to long. Those things even though they went in smelling great with time they started to smell. Same goes with any room. You should once a day open a window or open the door.

3. Avoid bringing Food in

This is a hard one even for me. Snacks and small items seem ok but that eventually turns into “the only way I’ll have lunch today is if I eat it in the Nursery while Nursing baby to sleep” No! This will be your down fall and can also lead to ants and insects going into the room to have a bite of your lunch as well.

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4. Change out planters

If you have plants in your nursery you may not notice that the soil and pot sometimes starts smelling.

Every few months I like to switch out the planter and give it a clean. I usually do seasonal pot changes that go with the nursery theme.

Now that you know how an oil diffuser and essential oil can increase your nursery’s great smelling effects, you can also apply the four ways to keep your nursery smelling great and never have the poopy diaper smells again!

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