25 Gender-Neutral Baby Names with Olympic Inspiration

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Welcome to the exciting world of baby naming! For those expecting a bundle of joy and dreaming about the Olympics, here’s a list of 25 gender-neutral baby names inspired by Olympic champions. These names not only offer uniqueness but also bring a touch of athletic inspiration to your baby’s future.

Short Summary:

  • Olympic-inspired baby names are gaining popularity.
  • Gender-neutral names provide flexibility and eliminate stereotypes.
  • The names listed draw inspiration from notable Olympians across various sports.

Let’s dive into this exciting list of gender-neutral baby names shaped by the world of the Olympics. These names carry the legacy of outstanding athletic feats and famous personalities who have left their mark on global sports history.


Hunter, an English name meaning “one who hunts,” evokes images of courage and adventure. It is inspired by Paralympian Hunter Woodhall, who, despite having both legs amputated as a child, became a football player and track star. Woodhall’s grit and determination are encapsulated in his achievement of a bronze and silver medal in Track and Field events, and his participation in the Tokyo 2021 Paralympics adds a layer of heroism to this name.

“Hunter is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience,” says Shane, our baby name enthusiast.


Mia, derived from Mary, is a widely loved name, currently ranking highly among baby girl names. This name finds its inspiration in Mia Hamm, an American soccer legend. Hamm led the U.S. women’s soccer team to numerous victories, including two Olympic golds and one silver.

“Mia Hamm’s leadership and triumphs have turned this name into a symbol of excellence and empowerment,” remarks Shane.


Michael, rooted in Hebrew and meaning “who is like God?”, stands as a beacon of unmatched achievement in the world of sports. Michael Phelps, the iconic swimmer with a stunning 28 Olympic medals, has solidified this name’s place in sports history. Phelps’ record-breaking performance makes the name Michael synonymous with excellence.

“Naming a child Michael can signify setting incredibly high standards,” says Shane.


Simone, derived from the French feminine form of Simeon, meaning “hearkening,” embodies grace and strength. Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast with seven Olympic medals, brings a phenomenal legacy to this name. Her courage to prioritize mental health during the Tokyo Olympics sets a powerful example.

“Simone Biles is a beacon of both physical and mental strength,” reflects Shane.


Ryan, an Irish name meaning “king,” is linked to the world of swimming through Ryan Lochte, who shares the second-highest count of Olympic medals among swimmers with 12. This name carries the regal legacy of athletic mastery.

“Ryan Lochte’s dedication to swimming enriches this already royal name,” observes Shane.


The name Jagger, a name born out of American skateboarding history, honors Jagger Eaton. Eaton clinched the first bronze medal in Olympic skateboarding in 2021, putting this youthful and unique name on the map.

“The name Jagger brings a cool, rebellious touch to the traditional naming pool,” says Shane.


Short track speed skating’s most decorated American, Apolo Ohno, lends his name to the list. Apolo, similar to the Greek god Apollo, carries meanings of leadership and vigilance.

“Apolo Ohno’s legendary status in speed skating makes this a strong and inspiring choice,” states Shane.


Shawn, an anglicized version of Sean meaning “God is gracious,” takes its inspiration from the 2008 Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, whose grace and strength brought home four medals.

“Shawn Johnson’s artistry in gymnastics makes this name graceful yet strong,” asserts Shane.


Allyson, a variant of Allison meaning “noble,” captures the spirit of track and field star Allyson Felix, the most decorated female athlete in Olympic history. Felix is also known for her advocacy for pregnant Black women.

“Allyson Felix’s dual legacy of athleticism and activism adds depth to this beautiful name,” highlights Shane.


Carl, meaning “free man,” is reminiscent of sprinting legend Carl Lewis, who earned 10 Olympic medals. His dominance in multiple events including the 100 meter sprint and long jump marks this name with versatility and excellence.

“Carl Lewis’s historic achievements make this name a timeless classic,” comments Shane.


Dara, derived from the Irish MacDara, means “son of oak.” It stands strong with Dara Torres, who represented the U.S. in swimming through five Olympic Games, creating a trailblazing path for older athletes.

“Dara Torres embodies longevity and excellence in sports,” notes Shane.


Shaun, another anglicized version of Sean, is tied to Shaun White, the snowboarder with three Olympic gold medals. Known for his thrilling performances, Shaun’s name means “God is gracious.”

“Shaun White’s electrifying career infuses this name with a sense of adventure,” observes Shane.


Gymnast Sunisa Lee, a newcomer with three medals from her Olympic debut in 2020, brings her unique name to this list. Sunisa, meaning “good night” in Thai, is as rare as it is beautiful.

“Sunisa Lee’s dynamic entry into gymnastics leaves a promising trail,” adds Shane.


Kerri Walsh Jennings, an unparalleled beach volleyball player with three golds and a bronze, adds flair to the name Kerri. This name, potentially derived from the Irish county Kerry, encapsulates the spirit of resilience and victory.

“Kerri Walsh Jennings brings an element of grace and power to this name,” states Shane.


Carissa Moore, the trailblazing surfer with an Olympic gold in the shortboard event, amplifies the name Carissa. It’s rooted in Greek, meaning “grace,” which perfectly aligns with Moore’s elegant yet powerful style.

“Carissa Moore’s courage in riding the waves extends this name’s charm,” mentions Shane.


Bode Miller, the celebrated alpine ski racer with six Olympic medals, lends his name, rooted in Dutch and German meaning “messenger,” to the next generation of trailblazers.

“Bode Miller’s fierce competitiveness makes this name both rugged and refined,” comments Shane.


Gabby Douglas, the 2012 Olympic all-around champion in gymnastics, inspires the name Gabby. As a variant of Gabrielle, meaning “God is my strength,” this name captures her unyielding determination.

“Gabby Douglas’s groundbreaking achievements add a charismatic touch to this name,” remarks Shane.


MiKayla, inspired by gymnast MyKayla Skinner who represented the U.S. at the Tokyo Olympics, combines modernity with legacy. The name means “who is like God?”

“MyKayla Skinner’s resilience and charm make this name perfect for today’s generation,” asserts Shane.


Mark Spitz, known for his 11 Olympic swimming medals, including seven gold in 1972 alone, brings an aura of competitive excellence to this classic name.

“Mark Spitz’s unforgettable legacy enhances this timeless name,” comments Shane.


Evelyn brings a touch of gentleness and elegance, inspired by the name’s popularity among athletes and its historical roots meaning “desired” or “island.” It’s a name you’ll find in many Olympian family trees.


Bruno, meaning “brown” in German, is as strong as it is old-school cool, inspired by the mightiness of Olympic champions.

“Bruno signals strength and a classic vibe, ideal for a modern athlete,” observes Shane.


Willow, inspired by the elegant tree and representing flexibility and strength, matches the grace of any gymnast.

“The name Willow draws a beautiful parallel with an athlete’s agility and strength,” says Shane.


River, reflecting the rhythmic flow and continuous motion reminiscent of Olympic swimmers, makes it a perfect unisex name for a future sports enthusiast.

“Just like rivers carve their paths, this name signifies relentless pursuit,” comments Shane.


Scout, meaning “watcher” or “one who gathers information,” is inspired by the keen observation skills necessary in sports.

“Scout adds a contemporary flair and sharpness to the naming pool,” notes Shane.

Selecting a name is a significant part of preparing for your new arrival. Whether it’s for a future Olympian or a name that simply inspires, these gender-neutral names offer uniqueness, strength, and a touch of world-class athleticism. Embrace the spirit of the Olympics and bestow upon your little one a name filled with legacy and excellence.

Happy naming!

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