Hi everyone! 

My name is Rosaura. I am the founder of this site – a wife and a mother of two amazing kids. ‘

If you ever have any questions, I’m always here to see how I can help. Just drop us a message and we will do our best to get back to you. 

The Story behind CraftyMotherFather

I suffered from postpartum depression after having my first baby. I had terrible antepartum anxiety and depression with my third pregnancy. I’ve had two back-to-back miscarriages and felt completely lost in the world of motherhood.

I started CraftyMotherFather as a way to help other moms understand that they are not alone.

My hope is to make other moms save the sweat, tears, and blood by sharing what I have gone through, learned, and experienced.

Motherhood can feel like a REALLY lonely journey. And, I want to be helpful. I consider us successful if we can make you feel a little bit more confident and ready by reading our content.

A Brief History

I was excited to share the products I love and tips I find helpful. It makes me feel good that my advice is helpful and when someone makes a purchase I also earn from the commission at no expense of my readers. (See my Privacy Policy & Disclaimers.) We will continue to look for interesting products and review useful tips. The difference is we will focus more on research-based practical info and insights.

Vision 2025 = Trusted Voice with Quality Content

This year, I had recruited two millennial parents – Shane and Tracy to help me with user experience and content quality. Shane had a degree in MSc Health Management from Imperial College London, whereas Tracy is a business owner of a Design company.

Our Site Attributes

We are making changes to both existing content and new content. Our efforts will be guided by four principles: Rigorous, Resourceful, Simple, and Fun.


You can trust our content from in-depth research and reviews and reports to bring you balanced views


You can find a range of solutions that are free, saves you money, gives you the most bang for your buck


Our content should be easy to consume and actionable for busy moms and dads to solve their problems


We make content fun to read – it might involve some bad jokes or random memes and gifs. But, that’s us

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