25 Ideas To Create A Budget Baby Nursery with Taste and Style

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Getting your baby the best nursery is the dream of many parents. That’s especially true if you care about taste and style.

So, we have consulted with a number of smart wives for some budget baby nursery ideas. These are the budget nursery ideas that have worked for us.

We have arranged some 25 ideas in 4 simple steps so you can a great baby nursery with taste and style on a budget.

Step 1: Get the Basics Right for Budget Nursery Ideas

While the idea of creating a nursery that reflects your style is a pursuit you cannot wait to behold, it should not distract you from the basics. 

You should know why you want the nursery and the goal you want to achieve. Is it beauty and style, convenience or function? Also, consider the resources you have and what you can achieve.

That said, let’s go to the specifics.

1. Create a Budget 

Having a budget is one thing, sticking to it is quite another…

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Brainstorm on the different nursery ideas and estimate the costs. Then, go to the next level to create a budget on what you are willing and able to use. As you create the budget, get a full scope of all the necessities you will also need.

Don’t be carried away by the idea of creating a haven for your little one and forget other things that may be needed. You can check online stores to estimate the prices.

2. Start with Absolute Necessities and Functions

A baby nursery is primarily designed to serve a number of functions and create convenience. As such you’ll need to have the following necessities:

Recommended items

3. Make a list of what you need vs. what you want

With the innumerable options to make your nursery, you may feel confused and unsure of what to buy or not. One of the best ways of deciding what to acquire is separating needs from wants.

Create a list of things that are a must and others that can wait or you could do without. For example, you may consider a bassinet a want but a cot a need and that means you’ll buy the cot and other necessities first.

A changing table is a want and sometimes babies outgrow them, without even using them. When baby’s start moving and turning, you cannot use it and a clean floor would be a better option.

4. Estimate the Price and Stores to get Baby’s Nursery Products

We live at a time when we can buy baby products online and have them delivered to our doorstep. And since pregnancy covers months, you can use that time to research online shops that sell products that you need. You can compare quality, prices and even check for offers in online stores.

And you don’t have to source them from one shop. For example, you may find Amazon has crazy offers on crib bedding while another store has a budget-friendly changing table.

5. Repurpose What you Have 

Sometimes, achieving a budget-friendly nursery room requires you to just get creative. Using what you already have instead of purchasing new ones can go a long way.

For example, a fresh coat of paint can transform old drawers into baby drawers. You can even get a big, unused mirror from the house, frame and paint it with your desired color and you are good to go.

You can even get inexpensive nursery furniture and décor products from a reputable second-hand shop. Just think outside the box and be creative, and you will save some bucks.

Step 2: Do this for yourself; Don’t compare with Others

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It’s tempting to compare yourself with others.

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There is always a temptation to create and decorate a nursery to appeal to others, especially friends and family. But remember, you want a nursery that is inexpensive, gorgeous, and meets its purpose. What others think is secondary. And, you know what is the best way to make you feel miserable? Constantly comparing yourself with others and complaining about what you lack.

Just, don’t.

1. Get Smart Budget Nursery Ideas from Your Friend

You can consider asking your friends for referrals of amazing deals that offer value. Your friends can also help repurpose what you have to creatively design a baby’s nursery. 

2. Smart is the New Sexy

What you are looking to achieve is a balance. Believe me you’ll win more respect if you balance style, quality, price and design. You’ll need to plan in enough time to achieve this and utilize online and offline resources for unique nursery ideas.

3. Buy an Affordable New Crib

Expensive cribs do not always have the best quality. If you take your time, you can get an affordable crib of exceptional quality.

Just don’t wait for the last-minute rush.

Do take the time to look for a quality convertible crib that will last. 

This, your little one can sleep on at night and it can be changed to a day-bed, with ease. As the baby grows, you can transform it into a full-size adult bed, with just a few adjustments.

In one of our case, our crafty mother uses the crib from her brother and gives the crib to her cousin. This kind of opportunity may not come often, but I would say being open to it is as important as having the opportunity.

4. Skip Fancy Bedding

You want your cute little one to be warm and cozy. And, getting those expensive bedding is not one of the ways. Besides them costing about $200, they can pose a suffocation risk to your baby. 

What you need are a firm, thin, waterproof, and well-fitting mattress cover and some fitting sheets. That is enough to keep the baby warm. In the extremely cold season, you can add a swaddle wrap or sleep sack to keep your baby warm. And that’s enough.

5. Discuss Your Budget Nursery Ideas with Your Husband

At this stage, you should have some clear ideas on what you want to get, options, and price range.  Our experience is that things become a lot clearer if you can visualize them. Our designer wife Tracy goes as far as using photoshop to render the look and feel before going out to buy them. 

For most office lady wives, you can use Word or PowerPoint. The purpose is here to give a sense of how things will look and feel. And, if possible, how things will fit together with the proper measurements.

But before making the final decision, it’s important to discuss it with your partner. They may add some insightful ideas that you might have missed out or there is something they’d prefer to change. It helps to be on the same page. 


Step 3: Hunt for Bargains

Having an eye for bargain is a skill that you will be good at with practice.

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Budget nursery ideas won’t be complete without mentioning the importance of bargains. There are always deals available to get great products on the cheap.

Here is how.

1. Identify Sales Season 

One trick I like to use is to google “baby items sale near me.” Another one is to go on to Amazon for its Today’s Deal on Baby Items.

2. Identify Local Sales 

Local sales are inexpensive and you will get the product you want. Unlike online purchases, where what you see may not be exactly what you get, here you’ll examine the products and ensure they fully satisfy your needs.

You will also save on shipping costs.

3. Consider Ikea 

IKEA is the place to check out affordable furniture such as cribs, shelves, and even frames. The best thing about IKEA is that you get exceptionally high-quality products at a fair price.

4. Consider Amazon Baby Registry 

Amazon baby registry is a place where new and upcoming parents can save lots of cash. With the registry, you have a huge selection to choose from and you are sure to get modern baby products at low costs and even free shipping sometimes.

5. Use Amazon Prime

Since you may need to buy lots of products from Amazon, their Amazon Prime can be a great way of saving money. This is a monthly or annual subscription that allows you to get premium services, discounts, and sometimes free shipping.

To maximize your return, buy most of your furniture, lighting, décor products, or even wallpaper during a specific season to enjoy economies of scale.

6. Upcycle

Reusing and recycling old products in your house is an excellent way of getting a nursery on a budget without using much. With creativity and DIY ideas, you can use a normal rug to accentuate the nursery and create amazing shelves from the little space you have. You can also reuse old fabric prints to achieve a unique nursing space in the nursery, sometimes for free.

7. Use Coupons

When you can get coupons from stores, make the best use of them. Several coupons can significantly reduce the cost of decorating a baby’s nursery.

8. Used Furniture Platforms

Purchasing used furniture on reliable platforms is a great way of getting a nursery on a budget. Some of this furniture is still in excellent state, just minimal wear and tear that does not affect the functionality.

9. Craig’s List

Craigslist is unbelievably cheap, without compromise on quality. Whether you are looking for curtains, lighting, wallpapers, or decorating products, you can get amazing deals.

10. Check Out Alibaba

Alibaba is a less popular online store, compared to Amazon, but can be a valuable resource to get unique, high-quality, and affordable baby products for a nursery on a budget.

Therefore be on the lookout for their offers.

Step 4: Bring Things to Life

1. Use Bold Color Paint to Inject Freshness

Painting is a great way for bring freshness into a nursery room

Image: Project Nursery

If you want to decorate a nursery and save money, a fresh paint of bold colors is a sure way to add life in your baby’s room. Those colors like yellow, green, and orange brighten up the nursery and radiate the walls better.

2. Use accessories to jazz things 

Using accessories is an easy way to bring things to life.

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There are no hard rules on which accessories to use to decorate a nursery. You can use dolls, bright and moving, safe objects, and even homemade accessories. Just make sure they are safe and clean.

You can also use balloons in the nursery room. They are cheap but transform the nursery into a baby’s haven.

You can also use bold colors or neutral colors, depending on what you want to achieve. Also, remember to use gender-sensitive accessories and colors.

3. Use Crafty Personalized Art, Photos, Painting 

Make use of little things you hand craft with your family.

Image: Project Nursery

To further decorate a nursery on a budget, consider using personalized painting photos or art. You may consider hanging professional photos of your baby on the wall or even painting.

A beautiful nursery with artistic features without straining your budget is achievable. Get creative with your old photos or animal print ideas or even colorful wallpapers.

4. Add Greenery

Adding greenery to a nursery on a budget is simple. You may choose to buy or just improvise what you have. Check our various greeneries to decorate a nursery and get the one that blends with your wall décor and is affordable. You should also consider durability and style.

5. Washi Cross Wall

Washi cross wall allows you to choose the pattern that resonates with your nursery theme color. It’s affordable and easy to clean, making it a great way to bring life into your baby’s space.

With it, you are sure to achieve a stunning accent wall design, with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make a cheap nursery?

You can make a nursery on a budget by buying only what is a necessity, opting for a DIY nursery, getting second-hand furniture, maximizing offers and online deals, and getting creative with decor.

You can get a wallpaper with the patterns you love and repaint old drawers to serve as storage space for your baby’s necessities.

2. How much should you budget for a nursery?

There is no absolute answer to this question as the budget depends on a number of factors such as your preferences, products you need, desired storage options, accessories, among others. Something else, what a nursery on a budget means to one person may be different from another person.

However, a budget of about $2,000 is good to go for a budget-friendly nursery.

3. How much does it cost to put together a nursery?

When considering the whole process including the décor, accessories, furniture, and baby’s supplies, it can go beyond $3,000 dollars. But it depends on your style, preferences, and budget. It can be lower when you plan well and maximize offers.

4. How do I use these budget nursery ideas in a small room?

You can build and decorate a nursery room by first knowing what you want the room to look like, the products needed, what you can do, and what you cannot.

With that, you can get a DIY nursery or hire an expert to help you. But it doesn’t need to be complicated because this is a room the baby may soon outgrow.

5. Where can I find more ideas for nursery on a budget?

Pinterest is one of the most resourceful platforms to get inspiration and incredible ideas on creating and decorating a nursery.

From simple to complex, boys to girls, affordable or expensive you can get all those ideas on Pinterest.

6. Can you decorate a nursery on a budget?

Yes, having a nursery on a budget doesn’t mean it has to suck. You can paint the walls yourself without hiring an expert, or acquire colorful wallpapers or even upcycle what you have to get a beautiful and cozy nursery.

Final Thoughts

You can decorate a nursery on a budget by being creative, and using resources at your disposal to create a safe, convenient, and warm place for your little one. With the above 25 tips, you can get the nursery you want and save money.

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