Baby Breathing Monitor Clip On

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The Best Baby Breathing Monitor Clip On 

The purpose of a baby breathing monitor is to check your baby’s breathing habits while they are sleeping. If your baby has random breathing patterns it can be stressful for you, using a breathing monitor for your baby can help reduce that stress.

It does this in a few ways that we will discuss below.

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How Does A Baby Monitor Work & What Do They Do?

A baby breathing monitor works by reporting the movements your baby makes whether it is in the abdomen or their oxygen levels.

By having steady and even patterns the monitor shows that baby had good breathing patterns. Having random and uneven patterns is cause for some concern and some checking of the baby.

Some monitors go directly on the baby’s belly and report the movements the abdomen makes to make sure the baby has an even breathing pattern.

While others can go on baby and check movements, oxygen, and sleep patterns.

When Should I Use A Baby Breathing Monitor?

Here are a few reasons why you may be looking for a baby breathing monitor:

  • Your baby has/ had irregular breathing patterns in the past
  • Baby was born premature and has problems breathing
  • Rare congenital defects that need to be monitored
  • You are having severe anxiety about baby’s breathing during sleep
  • Your pediatrician has asked you to monitor your baby’s breathing and heart activity

The Different Types Of Monitors In The Market

Now you can get more reports, data, styles, and technologically advanced baby movement monitors than ever before. Because the market is so saturated we are sharing different things you should seek when looking for a baby monitor.

Functionality & Style Of Monitors

Many are bulky, large, and require to be placed on the baby’s abdomen while they sleep. While you will find others (down below) that are tiny, sleek but may not offer as many reports as their larger companions.

Mobility Monitors

Most baby breathing monitors are movement or mobility monitors. This means they do not capture video or sound they simply work to measure the movements in your baby’s chest or body to determine that they are still breathing.

Monitors Vitals

Some breathing monitors are heart and breath monitors and measure the baby’s heart and chest movements by electrical activity. If a pause in movements is detected the alarm will sound alerting parents.


These oxygen monitors are hospital grade and rarely seen in-home use. They detect when the oxygen levels in the baby have decreased and alert the family with an alarm.

9 Best Breathing Baby Monitors

1. Snuza HeroBest Breathing Baby Monitorsbest baby breathing monitors
2. MonBaby
3. Angel Care
4. Baby Sense
5. Owlet Sock
6. BabySense Petite
7. Levana Oma
8. Sense U
9. Nanny Baby

1. Snuza Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor

The Snuza Hero SE has many great functions that make it a great portable baby monitor.

  • It has a one year warranty from the manufacture
  • Rated 4.5 Stars On Amazon
  • It can detect even the slightest of movements
  • If no movement is detected in a 15 second time frame the Snuza will vibrate to help your little one regain abdominal movement
  • If no movement is detected in a 20 second time frame (five seconds after the initial vibration feature) it will sound an alarm
  • Clips on to baby’s diaper
  • No wires or electrical plugs

When you first turn it on, the Snuza will let out a gentle clicker sound alerting you that it’s on.

Then you will place it on the baby’s front of the diaper and different lights will be on the monitor.

The lights indicate different rates of movement. They warn you if they are weak movements or consistent strong breathing movements.

Cons: Baby may be able to take it off when they get a little bigger, comes with one extra battery. If the battery runs out you will have to place an order online.

2. MonBaby Smart Button

MonBaby Smart Buttonthe monbaby smart button for the best baby breathing monitor and movement monitor

The MonBaby Smart Button is designed sleek and simple. For modern parents. It has a lot of features that you can easily read on your phone.

  • It can detect slight movements in baby
  • If no movement is detected it will send an alarm to your phone
  • Monitors baby sleeping position – if baby rolls onto stomach it will show in the app
  • Connects to your phone via bluetooth
  • If you sleep further away from baby you can connect it to the WIFI using the app
  • Can go on any piece of clothing so baby doesn’t outgrow this monitor

How The MonBaby Smart Button Works:

You will need to download a free app for this monitor

Connect it to your phone Bluetooth

Place the button on baby (chest area) when they go to sleep

If any lack of movement is detected you will be alerted via your cell phone


  • Fast Response Time
  • Connects To Phone
  • Small Discreet / Doesn’t Bother Baby


  • If Your Phone Doesn’t Have Battery You Won’t Know The Alert Went Off
  • Can Be Lost Easily
  • Needs App To Work

3. AngelCare AC327

AngelCare AC327

This baby breathing monitor mat is different than the first two because you also get a visual aid to help you see babies while they are sleeping. The AngelCare AC327 was made for complete monitoring of the baby.

  • Breathing sensor pad does not go on baby (helps if baby has sensitive skin)
  • Camera adjusted with wifi
  • If no movement is detected within 20 seconds an alarm will sound alerting parents

How The AngelCare AC327 breathing monitor Works:

You have to place the sensory pad beneath the crib on a flat surface

Mount the camera on the wall or near the crib where the baby is sleeping

Set up the display before using the product

4. BabySense 7

BabySense 7

The BabySense 7 is pretty amazing because of its highly sensitive nature. It makes it a great monitor to have from newborns to infants

  • Highly sensitive pad
  • Goes underneath the mattress
  • Detects lack of movement within 20 seconds
  • Will also sound alarm if movement decreases from 10 micro-movements per minute
  • Activates with a touch of one button

How The BabySense 7 Works:


  • Easy To Use
  • No Extra Parts Needed
  • Highly Sensitive


  • Can Cause A Lot Of False Alarms
  • If Baby Rolls Onto Corner May Sound Alarm Since No Movement Would Be Detected

5. Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet Smart Sockowlet smart sock to monitor babys breathing

The Owlet Smart Sock is different than the rest of the baby monitors on this list because it is a baby oxygen monitor as well as a heartbeat monitor.

  • Easily track baby’s breathing patterns and oxygen levels
  • Get reports on your phone in real time
  • Connects to a base that glows different colors to let you know baby is okay or if you need to check on them
  • The base station is what will make a sound if you need to be alerted


  • Real Time Reports On Your Phone
  • Easy To Put On Baby
  • Sock Fits Sizes 0-18 months


  • People Have Trouble With Charging The Sock
  • On The Expensive End For Monitors

6. BabySense Petite Clip

BabySense Petite Clip

This baby breathing monitor clip-on is one of the tops of its line. BabySense introduces a smaller version than the 7 and without the sensor pad.

Making the BabySense Petite Clip one of our top choices.

  • No cords or cables to wind up or down
  • Simple clipping design to stay on diaper
  • Highly sensitive sensor
  • Will vibrate and give a slight sound after 15 seconds of no movement from baby (no breathable movement)
  • After initial vibration of 15 seconds it will sound an alarm at 20 seconds to warm parents of lack of movement.

7. Levana Oma Sense Portable Breathing Monitor

Levana Oma Sense Portable Breathing Monitor

The Levana Oma Sense is a great cordless, portable option for a breathing monitor.

  • Will vibrate, sound, and light up after 15 seconds of no movement to help wake baby back up
  • If no movement after 5 seconds from the initial 15 second vibration it will send a stronger alarm to parents..
  • Does not require wifi
  • Will clip to the front of baby’s clothing or diaper

How The Levana Oma Sense Works:

You will need to turn on the battery behind the monitor. By switching it upward.

Once the battery has been turned on, you can clip it to the baby’s front of the diaper


  • Small
  • Light Weight
  • No WiFi Required
  • Easy To Use


  • Baby Can Move Off Once They Are Older
  • Will Not Work If Baby Sleeps In Motion Swing

8. Sense U Baby Breathing Monitor

Sense U Baby Breathing Monitor

The Sense U Baby Breathing Monitor is top of its line.


  • Checks Baby Heart Rate
  • Temperature Accurate
  • No False Alarms
  • Reports To Your Cell Phone
  • Affordable


  • No Good For Long Distance Range
  • Won’t Work Through FireWall
  • Battery Lasts 2-3 Months

9. Nanny Baby Movement Monitor

Nanny Baby Movement Monitor

The Nanny Baby Movement Monitor is a great sensor pad-type monitor.

  • Will give off loud acoustic alarm and visual lights when it has reported lack of movement
  • Has wires on the sensor
  • Goes beneath the mattress or crib mattress

When To Seek Help For Irregular Breathing?

I am not a doctor and any signs or symptoms you see in your child should be brought to the attention of your child’s pediatrician. These are just my findings on this related topic.

If your child has any of the following while sleeping you should seek medical attention right away. You should take your child to the ER if any of these happen while they sleep.

  • Wheezing
  • Throat Clearing
  • Inability To Sleep Due To Wheezing
  • Nostrils Flaring (having a hard time breathing)
  • Fever
  • Lethargic
  • Poor Feedings
  • Decreased Output Of Pee / Poop
  • Grunting (small grunts in deeps of throat)
  • Constant High Pitched Sound (similar to snoring, something could be obstructing the airway)

You should seek medical attention right away if your baby has any of those listed above.

Should I Use A Breathing Monitor For My Baby?

In conclusion, now that you have gone through the list of our top 12 baby movement monitors you will have to make the decision if you really need a breathing monitor for your child.

Remember to see the list above for all the pros and cons of each baby breathing monitor if you have further questions.

Do Baby Breathing Monitors Really Work?

Most babies will not need a breathing monitor when they are newborns. It is a great way to get peace of mind and sleep a little easier when a new parent has a movement monitor in place.

While some are needed for the reasons stated above, most families will not use a baby breathing monitor.

Do Baby Movement Monitors Prevent SIDS?

The quick answer to that is NO. These monitors cannot prevent SIDS. The best thing you can do is practice safe sleeping habits with your baby in order to reduce the possibility of SIDS.

Some Monitors Will Give False Alarms

While having more sleep and trusting that technology will do its job. You may get a midnight scare if the alarm of your breathing monitor goes off and you find that baby is still sleeping soundly.

This can happen for a number of reasons.

  1. Your baby moved and the monitor slipped off
  2. The monitor lost connection to your phone / wifi
  3. Baby rolled from back to belly and the monitor went off
  4. Baby tugged the monitor off
  5. The monitor lost charge and turned off

Choosing The Best Breathing Monitor For Your Baby

Price Range

Depending on what you are looking for you can find a few baby breathing monitors that are cheaper in price but just as good quality as an expensive brand name monitor.

You will normally see these breathing monitors starting from as low as $99 to as high as $399.

Does Your Baby Need It?

Your monitor’s needs will depend on you and your baby. If you’re baby needs this monitor to help alert you if they have random breathing patterns or if they have issues breathing while they sleep.

Will It Help You

Choosing the monitor that is right for you is based on what you are looking for in a monitor. Do you want one that offers many reports, one that has both the capabilities to record baby sleeping as well as breathing movements? All of this goes back to you, and if it will help you reduce some of that stress you may be feeling.

That’s it the top 9 best baby breathing monitors of 2019 to help reduce stress in parents and help them get a little more sleep, knowing baby is being monitored.

Which do you plan on getting or which do you already have? Let us know in the comments below.

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Baby Breathing Monitors 101 – Everything You Need To Know About Baby Breathing & Sleep Monitors

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