10 Most Affordable Rugs For Your Nursery

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Best Rugs For Baby Nursery That Are Super Affordable

Want to save some money on your nursery? Affordable nursery rugs are within your reach. You don’t have to spend a fortune on nursery decor to have a beautiful, functional nursery, you can do it on a budget.

I have been doing so much research on finding an affordable nursery rug. My son is 2 years old and we are finally going to be making his room (co-sleepers here lol).

I was shocked to see that some of the rugs I was looking at were over $299 (and that’s the smaller-sized rugs).

So I made it my mission to find affordable rugs that also look amazing, to go into a nursery!

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Are you ready to find your favorite area rug?

RugParents Rating
1. Softlite Super Soft Rug
4 / 5
2. Nourison Passion Traditional Rug
4.5 / 5
3. Cloud Area Rug
3.8 / 5
4. Gabwee Round Giraffe Rug
3.8 / 5
5. Adventurous Round Nursery Rug
4.5 / 5
6. Cream Colored Rug
5 / 5
7. Unique Loom Area Rug
4.7 / 5
8. Collection Rug
4.8 / 5
9. Dallas Shag Rug
5 / 5
10. Faux Silky Shag
3.9 / 5

Cheap Nursery Rugs

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1. Softlife Super Soft Rug

the super soft nursery rug is affordable and great in any nursery style with so many different color options

The super-soft rug is great for a nursery whether it’s a small or large nursery. And even if you are room sharing. It is made of velvet material and has a rubber bottom to make it a nonslip grip.

Size: 4″ X 5.3″ (size in feet)

2. Nourison Passion Traditional Rug

the traditional bright colored rug by noursion passion is very affordable and large to place inside your nursery or baby area

This traditional bright-colored rug is nice and large with a little boho vibe. The rug is also stain-resistant and doesn’t shed! You can easily vacuum it and keep it for years looking just as beautiful as ever.

It’s also one of the cheapest boho-styled rugs we have seen for this size!

Size: 5.3″ X 7.3″ (size in feet)


3. Cloud Area Rug

The cloud rug for a nursery is one the cutest style rugs to have in a nursery as well as an affordable rug for your nursery.

Perfect for tummy time and to see babies first crawling moments. This cloud area rug is a little small which is the only con we have for it.

Size: 3.25″ X 2.5″

4. GABWE Round Giraffe Rug

the round giraffe nursery rug is so affordable to place into a beautiful nursery. Circular rugs are perfect to get babies attention

It seems the oval rugs for a nursery are very in right now. With the giraffe round rug baby’s space can be an adorable and fun place to be in. Made out of 100% cotton making it is safe for your baby as well as a comfortable place to do tummy time.

Size: 2.9 feet circular in diameter

5. Adventurous Large Round Rug

round rug for nursery that is affordable - you found it right here. grab the adventurous large round rug for your childs room

This large and beautiful round rug is the perfect addition to your nursery. The price for such a large, decorated rug is also one you won’t find anywhere else. Made out of canvas cotton

Size: 4.5 feet oval area rug


6. Safavieh Madison: Cream Colored Rug

the best affordable nursery rugs in my area can be purchased from Amazon in this cream colored vintage style rug

Another beautiful rug that will be a perfect addition to your nursery. No shag so it doesn’t shed, light and airy to vibrate the room. Perfect for baby to crawl and play. For its size, it is pretty inexpensive as a decorative boho-style rug.

Size: Varies in size (the larger the rug the more $) The one featured is a square 4” x 4”

7. Unique Loom Area Rug

The area rug by Unique Loom is one of my favorites. It captures the beauty of a rug and it is nice and large enough to have baby play all over it.

Stain-resistant, and shag-proof makes it perfect to last from infant to toddlerhood.

Size: 5″ X 8″

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8. Safavieh Adirondack: Collection Rug

the best affordable nursery rug

The collection rug is so beautiful with its mixed pattern, our only dislike is that you’d have to buy a non-slip grip mat to place underneath to make it stay on hardwood or tile.

Size: 4″ X 6″ (in feet)

9. Safavieh Dallas Shag Collection 

the most affordable nursery rugs for any nursery design boy or girl. neutral nursery rugs

Another from Safavieh, the Dallas shag is so beautiful and easy to clean, as well as soft and durable.

Size: 4″ X 6″ (in feet)

10. FurFurug: Faux Silky Shag

Last on our list is this children’s play shag rug. It looks so lux (I think I may have found the one I want lol)

Size: 3″ X 5″ (in feet)

That’s our list of 10 affordable nursery rugs that you can find easily on Amazon and know you are getting a great bang for your buck.

Before you go let’s go over a few nursery rug questions!

How Do I Choose A Nursery Rug?

You may be wondering how to choose the best rug for your particular nursery? The best thing you can do is look for these things:

  1. Style of rug
  2. Size of rug
  3. Comfort & Durability (for baby)

I also found this post really helpful from the NY Times on Home Decor for Beginners if you need help decorating all of your nurseries.

What Type Of Carpet Is Best For Baby To Crawl On?

Though wool is normally thought of because of its soft nature, wool carpets and rugs are usually more expensive.

We love 100% cotton rugs, yes they stain easier but they are softer for the baby to lay on.

Parents also really love rugs made from synthetic fibers because these are rugs that are stain-resistant and anti-flammable.

What Is The Best Size Rug For A Nursery?

You normally see rugs ranging from 4 X 6 to 5 x 8 in nurseries. You can however go a little bigger to make the room feel larger.

If it’s not in the budget to get larger rugby two smaller ones and stack them over each other giving the room a cozy yet larger feel.

Are Rugs With Beads Safe For A Nursery?

You may be able to get away with it while your little one is under 5 months. But after that, they start crawling and I just wouldn’t risk it. At that age, they like to put everything in their mouths.

I’d stick with rugs without beads just to be safe.

If you really like a certain rug and it has beads at the end of it, try cutting them off and using the rug for the style.

How Do I Clean A Rug With Baby Spit Up or Baby Poop?

It happens eventually, you change your baby on the rug or they spit up all over your beautiful rug.

You can do a few things to remove spit-up and stinky messes.

With any stain you get on the rugs – DON’T LET IT SIT.

  1. If its spit up, throw up or poop try to remove as much of it as you can from the fibers
  2. Then you’ll want to grab cool water, non-bleach dish soap and white vinegar.
  3. Mix those three together and let it soak into the carpet
  4. Dab the spots with a sponge or cloth, and continue to add the mixture
  5. You will see after a few minutes of dabbing the sponge that the stain is being removed
  6. Once the stain has been removed add cold water (not the mixture) to the stain and blot it (dab) with a clean rag.
  7. Finally once it is dry – you’ll want to add some baking soda and then vacuum the rug

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The 10 Most Affordable Nursery Rugs

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