The Best Online Childbirth Classes

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Did your birth class get cancelled? Can’t make it the day you want? Online childbirth classes will be the answer to your questions. I’ve done my research (as I’m prego with my second and it’s been a while) to find the best online class and here are my top faves.

Most hospitals will go over the basics of labor and delivery and slightly touch on the subject of postpartum or even baby care.

However I have researched and looked online for the very best online birth courses for new expecting moms (and I can’t wait to share them with you).

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the best online childbirth classes for expecting parents help prepare a birthing person to give birth in a positive way
BirthclassQuick Review
1. Birth It Up: The Natural SeriesQuick video tutorials, all about going natural, gives info on epidurals too helps lose the fear of labor
2. The Online Prenatal Course For CouplesTargeted for couples (doesn’t have to be) fast paced and info packed. 3 different tiers depending on budget
3. Hypnobubs: hypnobirthing online courseProvides you with the knowledge, tools, support, mindset and a method of preparation to help you to prepare for a calm and positive birth experience
4. Birth Bootcamp: ComprehensiveFor preferred unmedicated, first time parents or those wanting a VBAC
5. Birth It Up 2.0: The Epidural SeriesGeared for moms who know they want an epidural, lots of info on hospital births

Reviews For The Best Online Childbirth Classes

Our Favorite Childbirth Class

1. Birth It Up: The Natural Series

the birth it up 2.0 the natural series for best online birth class

The Birth It Up Course is one of the newest classes out there right now. It is up to date with common hospital practices as well as taught by an actual labor and delivery nurse.

It can give you all the information you’d get in a high cost course for a fraction of the price as well as extra bonus items.

Bonus Items:

  • Birth It Up: The Natural Series is video based
  • Has a private Facebook group just for students of this course. (that means more like minded mamas helping each other go through birth)
  • A full PDF version of the course if you’d rather read it.

It is also one of the most affordable classes on this list.

What Is Covered In The Course?

  • Birth Plans
  • Preparing Your Body
  • Types Of Contractions
  • Anatomy Of Labor + Baby Positions
  • Tips For Hospitals
  • Including Inductions, Epidurals, Fetal Distress & Restrictions
  • Pain Control
  • Pushing
  • After Delivery
  • +More

How Much Does It Cost?


Get 10% off with code: CRAFTYMade for moms looking to go natural
Covers A Wide Variety Of Topics
24/7 Access Online
You Have The Class Forever (including updates)

Are you scared to give birth? Before you even take a course on birthing your baby and preparing your body. You need to prepare your mind. Grab your copy of our Fearless Labor Guide, the mini guide on how to get your mind ready to birth fearlessly and give you an empowered birth.

2. The Online Prenatal Course For Couples

The Online Prenatal Course For Couples is made for moms with a little bit of time in the day. You get no fluff here and go straight to the good stuff.

Taught by labor and delivery nurse Hilary (with more than 16+ years experience in the field) you can’t go wrong.

It has 3 tiers depending on your budget that you can consider.

What Is Covered In The Childbirth Class?

Before Labor

  • Common Third Trimester Testing
  • What to go to the hospital for
  • How to know if you’re in labor

During Labor

  • Should you go to the hospital?
  • What to expect at the hospital
  • Common Hospital Procedures
  • Pain Management Options
  • What to expect in a C-section

After Delivery

  • What happens right after birth
  • First hours of recovery
  • The postpartum floor routines
  • What to expect when you go home

How Much Does It Cost?

Starting as low as $35 – $149

Very fast paced and informative but easy to digest informationDifferent costs for more information instead of all together
Video lessons, allong with some text
You can purchase the ebook only if you’re not ready for the full course
Helps you and your partner learn at home

3. Hypnobubs: Hypnobirthing Online Course

Hypnobubs: Hypnobirthing online course is a world class program to help you feel empowered and keep you positive while you birth, before birth and once you have your baby.

If you are looking for a class to show you how to manage pain, breathing techniques, and overall mindset shifts to help you birth in a calm and positive manner. This is it.

What Is Covered In This Class?

  • Video lessons on guided relaxation
  • Mindset shift (letting go of fear)
  • Guided Meditations
  • Affirmations
  • Informed birth info

Bonus Items:

  • 10 video lessons
  • Assignments and ebooks
  • 5 long .mp3 files for relaxation during labor

How Much Does It Cost?

Starting from $149

Very powerful way to feel empowered and relaxed to birth in a positive mannerMore expensive course than the rest on here.
World renowned class taught by a childbirth educator
Helps you shift your pain and focus on your calm birth

4. Birth Bootcamp: Comprehensive

Doesn’t that just sound like fun, Birth Bootcamp: Comprehensive is a class designed to teach expecting moms how to help aid in having a natural, unmedicated birth. Especially helpful for moms intending to do a VBAC.

What’s Covered In The Class?

Getting educated on the birth process as well as how to prepare mentally and physically.

This is a full comprehensive course, that means what you learn in a hospital like childbirth course you will also learn here + you’ll find a lot of info for having a vaginal birth.

It is recommended for first time moms, those who haven’t labored in a few years, moms trying for a VBAC and really any mom who wants a comprehensive look on labor.

How Much Does It Cost?

$172-$342 depending on additional services you may want.

Intensive and ready for parents to learn, perfect for those wanting a natural approachAccess to class for 3 months
Equipped to deal with breastfeeding and postpartum, fitness and life after the birth stageTake class at least 10 weeks before due date (to have info fresh in mind)
Class runs for 2.5 hours a week (25 hours total) for 10 weeks

5. Birth It Up 2.0: The Epidural Series

The Birth It Up 2.0 class is very similar to its sister course, birth it up. However this class goes into more depth for moms needing info or wanting an epidural. It helps you let go of fear while you get informed. Helps you get pushing tips that will come in handy when it’s go time.

What’s Covered In The Class?

  • Birth Plans
  • Doulas
  • Body Prep For Labor
  • Before going into labor
  • Baby positioning
  • Water Breaking
  • Hospital Tips
  • Pain management
  • Pushing Tips
  • After Birth
  • *VBACS
  • *Csections
  • *Twins birth

How Much Does It Cost?

$39 one of the most affordable courses here with all the info any other course can give you

Instructed by video lessons by a labor and delivery nurseNo cons, this is our favorite course
Easy to follow and understand
Information is accurate and helps let go of fears you have in regards to birth

FAQ About Online Birth Courses

How Online Classes Work?

If you have never taken an online class let me be the first to tell you they are pretty awesome. (especially for us introverts). You get a lot of info in a short amount of time and you can rewatch, relearn on your schedule and time.

Making it perfect for expecting parents with mom brain (yes it’s a thing).

On Your Schedule

You can choose when to take the class, when to be present and how much info you want to take in at a certain moment.

The downfall is – you are responsible for committing to an online class.

The Instructors

Most online prenatal classes are taught by nurses, doctors, moms who have been through the birth process, those with education in maternal medicine and maternal health advocates.

Depending on which class you choose to take your instructor will do either slides, talking points, audio or a combo of all.

Most online classes will also offer a written version of the class for those moms who prefer to read rather than audio and video format.

Are Online Birth Classes Good? Is It The Same As Going To One Provided By The Hospital?

An online childbirth course may actually be better than those classes provided to you at a hospital. The reason is, you get about an hour in the hospital to absorb as much info as you can.

With an online childbirth course you can go over information as much as possible and have it handy when you need it.

What Are The Benefits Of Childbirth Courses?

The benefits of taking a chlidbirth class whether online or in person is great.

You get information on how to birth, info on what to expect after labor, and more importantly the knowledge to let go of fear and birth in a positive manner.

Many courses offer different things but overall the instructors want to make sure you have information that will help you deliver your newborn safely.

Who Should Take An Online Childbirth Class?

Any birthing person should take an online childbirth class. It will help get them in the correct head space to go into labor and delivery and help reduce and fears or problems they may have.

A labor course is for you even if you’d had a natural labor before of if you’ve had a c-section the first time around.

They help give you knowledge that you may not know about.

When Should I Start Childbirth Classes? What Month In Pregnancy Should I Attend An Online Childbirth Course?

You should start a childbirth class around 8 months pregnant. Some classes will run for 10 weeks so you will need at least 10 weeks before birth to start them. Going into a class around 36+ weeks is normal

Choosing The Best Online Childbirth Class For You

Many factors go into choosing the right course for you. For example if you had a c-section previously and plan to go natural a course that includes info on VBACS, and natural, holistic approaches might be best for you.

If this is your first and you just want all the info, and don’t care for the price as long as you can get the most out of a class. You’ll do best with an overall course that is inclusive.

You’ll also want to look at prices, what’s covered, and the time frame that you can finish the course.

Free Childbirth Classes Vs Paid

You can grab a few different free classes but they are usually just a small class that gives you information that you may already know. The reason course creators do this is because they want you to get the program that has more information.

What is the best free online childbirth course?

The best free course that I have actually seen is by Hilary from Pulling Curls. She is a labor and delivery nurse and offers a free mini course that leads to her main course.

You can apply here for the free course.

The courses you want to go to though are the paid ones, because they will offer more hands on, actionable steps that will prepare you for labor and delivery and most importantly postpartum.

That’s it, the top 5 classes we love for childbirth prep and delivery. They are all great resources, and choosing the best one is up to you. I know you will find the one that will help you have the birth of your dreams.

Did you take a birth course? Let me know in the comments below.

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