33 Best Gifts For Pregnant Moms Who Love Disney

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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Expecting Mothers Who Are Obsessed With Disney

Do you find yourself longing for a Disneyland trip, dreaming of dole whip and the smell from the Pirates ride? I’m right there with ya! This Disney gift guide for pregnant moms is going to be a fun ride.

If you are the pregnant person searching for your own gift, make sure you share this with your partner so they know exactly what to get you!

And if you happen to be searching this gift guide for a friend, let them see the options they have and share this gift guide as well!

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We’re going to go ahead and start this list with Disney Clothing items that are super adorable and Disney Inspired for your pregnant Disney lover.

This list will be composed of these types of gifts:

  1. Maternity Shirts and Clothing
  2. Accessories
  3. Home Items

Best Disney Maternity Shirts

1. Mickey Mouse Classic Tie Dye Vintage

Our designer Tracy loves this Disney maternity shirt. It’s simple and subtle.

[Image: Etsy]

2. Matching Shirts for (mom dad couple)


[Image: Amazon]

If you are planning to announce your pregnancy at Disneyland this may be the cutest way to do it. Grab your partner and go in front of the castle wearing these Maternity Disney Shirts.

3. Beauty & The Bump Tee


[Image: Amazon]

This is one of our favorites the Beauty & the Bump Tee. It is very cute and best if you get it in a larger size to give your bump space to grow.

4. Bibbidi Bobbidy Bump Tee

[Image: Amazon]

We love this Bibbidi Bobbidy Bump shirt and so will the Pregnant Disney Lover in your life.

5. Star Wars: The Force is strong with this one

[Image: Amazon]

I actually received Star Wars Shirt from my mother-in-law. My husband and his whole family are the biggest Star Wars fans, it only made sense to get this amazing maternity shirt to show the Strong Force within.


6. Future Disney Princess (expecting a girl?)

[Image: Amazon]

And if you are having a little girl this Future Disney Princess Shirt is the absolute perfect gift to get that little princess in training ready for her big trip.

7. Minnie Mouse Jersey Stretch Tee

Pregnancy is a time of great sweating. I am serious you are probably sweating while reading this. That is why this shirt is so amazing. Not only are the sleeves nice and long (to cover that pregnancy sweat) the material is so fresh!

8. Mickey Mouse Leggings

Once you start growing that bump, one practically lives in leggings. (guilty) These Mickey Mouse Leggings are amazing and stretchy!

9. Belle Sleepwear Robe

This Disney Women’s Belle Sleepwear Robe is an adorable piece for mom-to-be to relax in and take to the hospital and use!

Disney Accessories for Pregnant Moms

11. Mickey Mouse Mask Gifts

[Image: Amazon]

12. Minnie Mouse Slippers

[Image: Amazon]

The cutest slippers ever. Mom-to-be will be needing these as her pregnancy progresses and soon after once, she has a kid. What a great time to give them to her now and feels mouse travel matters! We love the Minnie Mouse Slippers.

13. Alice In Wonderland Necklace

[Image: Amazon]

I am so in love with this Alice in Wonderland Necklace and it’s little drink me trinket. It will make any outfit and distract people from touching the belly.

14. Eeyore ‘Mornings’ Cup

[Image: Amazon]

This Eeyore-inspired cup is perfect and you know that the new mom will love this gift especially after baby is born and they drink all.the.coffee.

15. Ursula Sunglasses

I am in love with the Ursula Inspired sunglasses look. These are my absolute favorite. The details in these sunglasses are perfect.

16. Beauty & The Beast Water Bottle

You know this expecting mom has to have this Belle Inspired Water Bottle, not only is this person growing a human they are thirsty!

17. Rose Gold Minnie Ears


[Image: Amazon]

I’m adding these to the list because no one is complete without a set of Minnie Ears. No matter the occasion a rose gold Minnie Mouse headband can be used.

18. Minnie Mouse Hat 

[Image: Amazon]

If this mom-to-be is into headgear try adding one of these cute Minnie Hat’s to her collection.

19. Mismatch Mickey & Minnie Earrings

[Image: Amazon]

Maybe you are looking for something small and meaningful like these Mickey & Minnie mis-matching earrings.

20. Cross Body Purse

[Image: Amazon]

This Minnie Mouse crossbody purse is one of our favorite. I know the person who needs this will love it too!

21. Backpack


[Image: Amazon]

Have someone who is a little more into backpacks than purses we have something for her too!

22. Diaper Bag


[Image: Amazon]

This Minnie Boxy Diaper Bag is perfect. I know it’s going to hold all of the baby’s things but mom-to-be will use it daily and love it every second.

23. Tumbler Water Bottle


[Image: Amazon]

Pregnancy does two things: gives you a baby and makes you super thirsty. Why not get the cutest water bottle you can find, it would be this Alice In Wonderland Tumbler Style Water Bottle.

24. Minnie Journal (bye mom brain)

If your pregnant friend loves writing and planning, then this Minnie Mouse Journal is a good choice!

25. Ariel Wallet


[Image: Amazon]

My best friend has this wallet and every time I see it I keep telling myself it is wrong to take things from my friends. I am so in love with this Ariel Disney Wallet.

26. Cookbook

[Image: Amazon]

Try adding this amazing Disney Princess Cookbook to their wish list. It’s filled with recipes from the movies of your favorite Disney Princess’s.

Like Tiana’s beignets from Princess & The Frog!

27. Magic Phone Cases

Add some magic feature into the life of a pregnant mom! Check out some of these new Disney phone cases. See the top picks here.

Disney Home Decor

27. Mini Mickey Collectible Figure


[Image: Amazon]

This set of toys adds style to your home. For women who love Disney, this collective is a great choice.

28. Pink Minnie Mouse Pillow


[Image: Amazon]

After seeing this lovely pink pillow, I immediately purchased it. If you can fit Disney into your home and be a little subtle about it. I’m all for it. I know your pregnant Disney Lover will also be just as happy!

29. Wall Art

[Image: Amazon]

“In this house we do Disney” Sign to hang anywhere your heart desires.

30. Slow Cooker


[Image: Amazon]

If this pregnant woman in your life does not have a Disney slow cooker now is the time to grab one. Because chances are she is going to go into nesting mode and want to make freezer meals. This is the chance to win at gifting.

31. Measuring Spoons

[Image: Amazon]

Keeping with the Disney Kitchen theme. These measuring spoons are perfect for the pregnant mama who loves cooking and baking.

32. Welcome Rug

 [Image: Amazon]

33. Disney Castle Painting with Lights on


[Image: Amazon]

This could be great to set up a site for the kids’ play area. You can also put this into the baby room to bring the Disney dream into a reality.


Final Thoughts

This is not your regular gift and that is why it is so amazing. And so totally Disney. Especially while your pregnant lover loves Disney and waits for her bundle of joy.


Which gift did you pick?

Let me know in the comments below

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33 Best Gifts For Pregnant Moms Who Love Disney

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