Why pregnant moms NEED an Amazon Baby Registry

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The ultimate baby registry, no fuss about it! So many benefits of having an Amazon Baby Registry, one of which gets you some free stuff, click and find out how you can have the earths largest baby registry!

Are you a pregnant momma? Searching the depths of the internet for the place to make your baby registry?

It’s no reason that every day moms are signing up to create FREE, shareable, user friendly baby registries with Amazon. With millions of items to add, sending it to friends and family Amazon makes this time in your pregnancy easy peasy!

Did you know you don’t have to be a prime member to make a baby registry with Amazon!
Well what are you waiting for! Create an Amazon Baby Registry NOW! Oh, you want to learn a little more, girl I got you!

There is honestly in my mind only two things every expecting mom needs, the first is our Beyond Pregnancy Guide & Checklist (which is totally FREE) & the second is a connection with Amazon!

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Reasons Why Pregnant Moms EVERYWHERE are choosing Amazon to make a Baby Registry!

1. Add virtually ANY item

Were you on a website that sells the cutest little shoes for tots? But you didn’t know how to tell family and friends the specific shoes you wanted without having to screen shot and send it out? With Amazon Baby Registry you download the free amazon assistant button and your web browser automatically has a cute little button on the side where you can add any item from ANY website to your baby registry.


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2. Extended Returns

Did mom get you that cute little bouncer you wanted! YAY. Wait did Aunt Carol give you the same little bouncer. Really Aunt Carol.. It’s OK with Amazon’s 90 day return period for baby registered moms you can easily return the product! Most items have a 30 day return period, Amazon understand new moms may need that extra time, and you may receive gifts after baby is born, so they have this amazing extended return!

3. Tell Family & Friends

With ease you can make your baby registry available to the public. Where Aunt Carols and facebook friends can see what you need & get it for you! My favorite strategy to sharing a baby registry is to have it public, share it on facebook! Let friends and family know you’d love to get them to influence baby even if it is in a small way by buying a gift. Start seeing the gifts flood in. Send it in an email, share it via text. The possibilities of sharing your baby registry are endless and easy.

4. Have it shipped to your home

So Aunt Carol says she can’t make the baby shower, that’s okay tell her to send the gift via Amazon and receive it directly at your home! Nothing better than that. You know what else is great about having it shipped to your home, getting it shortly after its been ordered, and opening it up! Woohoo.

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5. Create your Favorite Nursery

You don’t have to add only baby items. Do you want a beautiful painting to hang in the nursery? A cabinet that is more your style? Add it to your registry, create the ultimate nursery, save, and win!

Here are a few of the items you can add to your registry to complete the Perfect Nursery!

6. Amazon Prime & MOMS

If you sign up for Amazon prime, and then create a baby registry you get a free welcome box. This is only for Prime mommas who make a registry. Its about a $30 value box full of goodies. All you have to do is be a prime member, create a registry, and have someone buy one item to be eligible for the amazon baby box. How awesome is that!
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