Create A Baby Registry (that gives you more than gifts)

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How to create a baby registry

Wondering which baby registry to go with now that you are expecting!

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I wondered the same thing and now I know with a certainty that the only baby registry you need is Amazon’s FREE Baby Registry.

Having one registry that literally houses EVERYTHING you need for baby is not only convenient for your friends and family; it is also a time saving, to-do list tackling feat!

If you haven’t heard of the Amazon FREE Baby Registry, let me give you a few reasons why I personally made all my baby registries with them and I know you’ll do the same.

Why do I need a Registry?

If you are having a baby shower, a sprinkle, or any type of occasion that requires guest to bring a gift for your bundle of joy.

It is best that they get you items you want and need for baby. Instead of 5 of the same bouncers, or 3 of the same outfits all in NEWBORN size. (which is the size they outgrow the fastest)

You can simply direct your friends and family over to your registry and they will be able to see what has been purchased and what you still need. How awesome is that! Super simple and efficient.

Will people really give me gifts from my registry?

Not only will your family and friends be happy that you took the guess work out of gift giving they will also be glad to shower your baby in gifts they know you will need!

It is also really easy to add Amazon gift cards to your registry if your family plans to give you money!

Why choose Amazon Baby Registry?

First, it is 100% FREE to create and use Amazon’s Baby Registry.

It comes at no surprise that the favorite Baby Registry among new and experienced moms is Amazon’s Baby Registry. If you are still unsure that this registry is for you, take a look at some of the perks associated with this FREE

6 Reasons to make your Baby Registry Easy, Accessible & Worth it

1. It’s FREE to Create

Like many things Amazon offers, creating and sharing your baby registry is 100% FREE.

You don’t have to make it public if you don’t want too but making it public is how your friends and family will find your baby registry!

If that doesn’t make you jump for joy this next perk definitely will. 

2. Free Baby Welcome Box

Did you know you don’t have to be a Prime member to create an Amazon Baby Registry. But you do have to be a Prime member in order to get a FREE Baby Welcome Box (a $35 value).

Each box is a complete surprise and items that are gifted change regularly. Amazon pairs up with the big name brands to get you some of the best items to try!

The way to get your FREE Baby Welcome Box from Amazon is easy. 

  • You become a prime member (30 day FREE trial HERE)
  • Create your baby registry
  • Add items to every section of your registry

That is it, 3 Steps that you can take from your phone right now and get a Baby Welcome Box in the mail!

3. Extended Returns

Most return policies are 30 days. Amazon Baby Registry says to hell with those 30 days. They understand new moms need more time to do literally anything. 

They have a 90 Day Return Period for all eligible products, all you have to do is go to their website backslash returns ( / returns ) and they give you step by step instructions on how to return your gifted items!

That means if you have items you didn’t end up using or diapers that you never opened hello returns!

4. 10-15% Completion Discount

This is one of my favorite perks that Amazon Baby Registry offers. In order to get the higher percentage discount you have to be a Prime Member. 

I highly suggest creating a Prime Account (try the 30 day free trail HERE), then make a baby Registry with Amazon this way you get that 15% completion discount.

The way to use this discount is easy.

  • You first create your account,
  • Add all the items you want and need.
  • Once your family has gone through it and you’ve had your baby shower. You may still have a few items that you need to buy before baby arrives. 
  • After your due date Amazon will allow you to buy the items from your baby registry with the 10 – 15% discount. This allows you to complete out your baby registry thus the name Completion Discount.
  • You can even ask your family to hold off on buying you the larger ticket items so you could go ahead and use the discount on those items

5. You can Create the Perfect Nursery

You don’t have to add only baby items. Do you want a beautiful painting to hang in the nursery? A cabinet that is more your style? Add it to your registry, create the ultimate nursery, save, and win! 

Do you remember that Completion Discount I mentioned above? Why don’t you add that Keurig to your registry before the using up the completion discount (because new moms need coffee)

You can create custom nursery’s with a click of a button. Add items you want and need and easily create the space your baby will grow up in.

6. Add virtually ANY item

Amazon already has most of the sought after baby items. Make it easier for your guest to get you those custom gifts through Amazon! 

The way to add custom items from different websites is easy!

  • All you need to do is download the FREE Amazon Assistant Button to your computer.
  • This little button will allow you to be on a different website, and add items you are looking at to your Amazon Baby Registry!
  • Let’s say you were looking at baby shoes made by a local shop, you click Amazon Assistant Button and  that item is added to your registry! How cool is that!

Now you know why creating an Amazon Baby Registry is so amazing and why so many expecting moms are creating a free baby registry. Get in on all the perks and create your baby registry right now!

What baby registry item do you know you’re going to add right away? Let me know in the comments below!

Want to remember these perks, Pin the image below to your favorite Pinterest board.

Why Amazon’s Baby Registry is my go-to during every pregnancy

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