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12 Essentials Every New Breastfeeding Mom Needs In Her Breastfeeding Basket

They say those who are prepared are more likely to succeed. Well that really is true when it comes to breastfeeding. As natural and wonderful as it is, it may not come naturally to all. (it didn’t to me)

That’s why having a breastfeeding basket ready for you when you get home from the hospital will keep you prepared and ready for any obstacle that breastfeeding may throw at you.

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Now you may be thinking, what should I put inside my breastfeeding basket, where should I keep it and will I use everything inside of the basket? Well, let’s dive right in and answer those questions.

The Nursing Essentials To Put In Your Breastfeeding Basket

Breastfeeding Item Quick Review
1. Nipple PadsNipple Padshow to make a breastfeeding basket easily by adding nipple pads Choose from either reusable or disposable nipple pads.
2. Insulated Water BottleInsulated Water Bottlemaking a breastfeeding basket is easy - just add a large water bottle to keep your milk supply up Large enough to stay cold and require less trips to fill up
3. Haakaa Breast Pumpmake a breastfeeding basket easily by adding a Haakaa breast pump to your list Helps catch leaking milk from other breast when baby is attached to one side
4. Burp ClothsBurp Clothscreate a nursing station in your room by adding these burp cloths to your breastfeeding basket Soft, durable and used for you and baby. Yes Yes Yes
5. Nipple CreamNipple Cream Helps soothe sore, irritated breast from the constant nursing
6. Boppy PillowBoppy Pillow Gives your arms and torso support to hold baby closer to you while breastfeeding
7. Nursing BrasNursing Bras Soft, durable, stretchy – made for the expanding breast due to milk supply increase or decrease
8. Milk Supply TeaMilk Supply Tea Helps increase your breast milk supply with a daily dose of a drink from a tea bag.
9. Protein BarsProtein Bars High protein, low sugar. Keeps you full while breastfeeding and pumping (and tasty)
10. Water WipesWater Wipes Helps remove breast milk stains from everything lol
11. Medela Pumping BottlesMedela Pumping Bottles Keep these near your breast pump in case you become an exclusive pumper or need bottles to feed baby.
12. Chapstick Helps your lips stay hydrated while you also stay hydrated.

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Before we get into it, make sure you have a little caddy that will be able to hold all your breastfeeding essentials as well as be portable.

Breastfeeding Caddy

The first on our list (though I am not counting it is a breastfeeding tote)

This is the one I use and love, it fits everything and it was super inexpensive.

1. Nipple Pads

Nipple Pads how to make a breastfeeding basket? you will need nipple pads.

My favorite nipple pads are the Lansinoh brand. I used them with my first and I think they are a total must have the first few weeks when your breast milk supply is regulating.

2. Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated Water Bottle

A huge water bottle is a must. You’ll need to keep drinking a lot of water after baby in order to help your body recover and start producing more milk. To make a liquid you need a liquid.

3. Haakaa Breast Pump

Haakaa Breast Pumpwant to make a breastfeeding basket, make sure you add a haakaa breast pump to your basket in order to breastfeed and help your supply

This is my favorite item in the whole breastfeeding basket. It is a silicone breast pump that helps catch breast milk from one side of your breast that would normally just fall onto your nipple pad.

On average moms are saving about 3-5 ounces per feeding (one boob) meaning you can create a freezer stash super easily without extra effort.

4. Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths

A burp cloth is going to help especially if your baby has a lot of reflux, or spits up easily after eating. They also help to clean up the breastmilk that is no doubt going to get everywhere.

5. Lansinoh Nipple Cream

Lansinoh Nipple Creamhow to make a simple breastfeeding basket with only the breastfeeding essentials

Having this nipple cream in your basket will do two things: soothe your sore nipples and help you relax enough to get to your next feeding. (which is important those first few weeks when your breast are sore from learning how to breastfeed)

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6. Boppy Nursing Pillow

Boppy Nursing Pillowcreating a nursing station at home requires you to have a boppy nursing pillow to make it easier for you to breastfeed.

The Boppy nursing pillow is perfect after giving birth to give you support and help you breastfeed easier. It’s especially helpful if you have a c-section because it allows you to hold baby with support without putting pressure on your incision.

7. Nursing Bra

Boppy Nursing Pillow

These particular nursing bras I got them from Amazon for a pack of three the price is under $30. Which is crazy inexpensive.

8. Mother’s Milk Tea

Mother's Milk Teamaking a how to breastfeed basket will help increase the chance that you will breastfeed. You will also need to add mother's milk tea to your breastfeeding basket to help increase your breast milk supply.

I love Mother’s milk tea, and will be using it again the second time around (I had low supply with my first). I suggest taking this after 3-4 weeks that you have already been nursing. This way you can see if you will even need to increase your supply or if you are okay.

Here is how to tell if you have enough breast milk for baby.

9. Snacks: Protein Bars

Snacks: Protein Bars

Having good snacks can make the biggest difference. My go to snacks are these protein bars because they help keep my full as well as some of these milk inducing recipes.

10. Water Wipes

Water Wipescreating a breast feeding basket will help increase your chance to breastfeed. Adding water wipes to your breastfeeding basket it the perfect addition.

These water wipes are great because they are unscented and affordable. But most importantly they can wipe down breastmilk that is going to get everywhere. Like literally everywhere.

11. Medela Pumping Bottles

Medela Pumping Bottles

Having bottles in your breastfeeding basket may seem odd, but you never now if you will be using your breast pump or feeding baby with a bottle. We have to be prepared for everything.

These particular bottles are my favorite because I have the Medela In Advance Pump and they also fit with almost all other pumps.

12. Chapstick

Yes you read that right. Chapstick is a total essential when you create your breastfeeding basket. It will help keep your lips nice and dry because you are going to be losing some liquid every time you pump making you thirty (remember essential #2) and you’ll need chapstick to make yourself feel better.

Locations For Your Breastfeeding Basket

Where should you put your breastfeeding basket? Well that’s easy – take it with you wherever you plan to nurse your baby in your home or on the go.

I usually have mine on my bedside table and take it out to the living or dining room when I am in those areas and I know baby will need a feeding. It makes feeding times so much easier for new moms.

What Is The Best Breastfeeding Caddy To Use?

The best breastfeeding caddy to use depends on your needs and how much items you will be storing. If you need lots of storage for pump parts and bottle a larger tote or box will do. If you just use it for the essentials a small caddy like this one will do the trick.

How Do I Set Up A Nursing Station In My Room?

You can easily create a mini nursing station in your room by having your breastfeeding basket near your bed or on your night stand. As well as having a pump, boppy, and extra pumping and breastfeeding items in a dresser or plastic storage like this one to move around.

If you’d like you can add a comfy chair or just use your bed as a sit in nursing area. It’s really that simple.

That’s it from me on how to make the best breastfeeding basket to help make breastfeeding easier and increase your chance of success.

Hope you found this useful.

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12 Essentials For A Breastfeeding Basket | How To Prepare Your Home For a Newborn

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