How to maintain a good milk supply

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Want to learn the tips my mother used to maintain her milk supply for 3 years for each child. Learn the passed down tips to maintain & increase your supply

How to maintain a good milk supply? A question many new moms find them self googling. Let me start by saying, I did not breastfeed for too long, really not at all I was an exclusive pumper: Read all about it here! BUT I was able to maintain a great milk supply. I was able to feed my son at each feeding, and save some when I first went back to work. Can you say Ohhh yeah to a milk stash! I can. Ohhh yeah!

I honestly contribute my milk production success to my mothers advice.

My mom breastfeed my older brother and I for three years EACH. Yes,  three years!

Not only did she breastfeed for three years but my sister-in-law followed her framework of tips and also breastfeed her second child for three years. These women are amazing.

Here is how they were able to keep up their milk supply and maintain it for THREE YEARS.

How to maintain a good milk supply – 8 Tips to follow

1. Skin to skin

The moment little one is laid on your chest they will nuzzle towards your breast. Nature made it this way so little one can begin to be nurtured right away. Let it be, don’t feel shame. Nurses will help latch baby on.

Yes it will hurt but the pain will subside when your breast get used to the sensation.

Even when you go home, make sure to give baby plenty of skin to skin lay baby on your chest let them move with your breath, and hear your heart beat. Not only does this comfort them but they will definitely feel the love.
Don’t be afraid to let dad get some skin to skin with baby as well. Just another way they can help while you nap!


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2. Don’t give Up

Don’t be discouraged when and or if your milk doesn’t come in the moment you give birth. It takes a few days. (mine took 3 days)  Your baby will be okay as long as you are latching them on. Your body will be making ‘pre-milk’ known as colostrum, it’s all your little one needs those first few days.

And remember if you have to use formula that is ok too, its better to have a fed baby than a starving one!

Just because your milk isn’t running down your t-shirt those first few days doesn’t mean it wont come in. Keep trying.

Soon everything will have breast milk on it. Baby’s face, your shirts, rags, nipple pads, the floor. You will leak and guess what that is ok too. 

3. Eating Well

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After birth your appetite is soaring high, don’t give in and go for a cheeseburger. Although nothing is wrong with doing that just remember all your body’s nutrients go to baby now.

As much as you want that cheeseburger think of little one and how much MORE NUTRIENTS they’d get if let’s say you ate oatmeal and snacked on fruit and had a large bowl of chicken/vegetable soup.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet of snacks to load up on to maintain your milk supply

Go ahead pin it to your board for later!

Want to maintain or increase your milk supply? Make sure you are following these passed down tips from women who breastfeed for 3 years!


And I literally put oatmeal on everything. If I had yogurt, a handful of raw oatmeal would be placed on top. If I had fruit I would make a side of warm oatmeal. Smoothies with oatmeal. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

4. Staying Hydrated

Not only should you eat every time your newborn does (in moderation of course) you should also chug water like your life depends on it. 

After giving birth, you are so ravenously hungry, thirsty, and in full survival mode. Not only will little one be taking up all your time, they will also take your nutrients, and momma you NEED to stay hydrated.

It only makes sense to make a liquid you need a liquid, so chug chug chug momma.

5. Fixing Engorgement

When you feel engorged and baby is not hungry try pumping. Not only will this tell your body that baby is still hungry it relieves the pressure of engorgement and allows your body to up its milk production.

If pumping is not your style try hand-breast compression to ease the flow of milk and help with engorgement.

Get a bowl of warm water, a small wash cloth and dip the cloth in the water. Then take the warm, wet wash cloth and put it over your breast. After removing it do hand-breast compression’s. Not only will this help engorgement it will also help clogged milk ducts. Which hurt soo freaking bad!

6. Having an Exercise Routine

Believe it or not exercise will help increase your milk supply, take it from my mom. You obviously don’t want to start a routine right after giving birth. Wait until your body is physically able to handle light to intermediate exercise.

Try small workouts, a walk with baby in the carrier, a light jog with little one in the stroller.

Make sure you have nursing pads as sports bras can easily be stained with breast milk. 



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7. Round the Clock Feeding

Those first few weeks baby will be eating nonstop. Every 1.5-3 hours. Try to go with little ones schedule and feed them at each time. This will make sure your milk supply gets established and keeps going strong. 

Try feeding little one each time, and if you are worried little one is not getting enough to eat, look out for some cues that let you know they’ve had enough.

Want to know if little one is full or still hungry? Check out these cues that quickly let you know.


8. Rotating each Breast

What I mean by this is: Use both of your milk jugs momma! Some little one’s develop an attachment to one breast over the other, that’s okay just make sure you are constantly latching baby on to BOTH.

*This was my mothers advice that she gave me, and this was the advice she gave my sister-in-law. Following these tips enabled my sister-in-law to breastfeed and maintain a good supply for 3 years. Of course results will vary depending on each and every momma! I followed these tips and was able to exclusively pump for a few months. It was just not for me*

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