12 Best Pumping Essentials For Exclusive Pumpers

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Items You Need For Breast Pumping

Exclusively pumping is hard. It is tiring, double work, and also amazing for your baby to get your breast milk! You may be wondering what you need to be successful at exclusively breastfeeding; well these are the best pumping essentials for the exclusively pumping mom!

I found myself struggling with exclusively pumping because I didn’t have the proper tools I needed until a few months into exclusively pumping. I don’t want you to struggle as I did.

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Are you ready to make pumping easier?

The Best Pumping Essentials for the Exclusively Pumping Mom

Here is the list of supplies needed to pump breast milk successfully and for a long time!

1. Easy Breast Pump EBook

Tired of being hooked up to a machine only to produce 1-2 ounces of breast milk? Can’t remember if you pumped 2 hours ago or was it an hour ago?

The Easy Breast Pumping eBook is your secret weapon when it comes to exclusively pump. It has everything I wish I knew when I was pumping. (+ lactation recipes, schedulers, sample pumping schedules)

2.  Medela Dual Pump

the medela breast pump is perfect for exclusively pumping moms or moms who will be pumping at work

You may already have your favorite breast pump – but if you do not yet I highly recommend the Medela Breast Pump.

3. Lansinoh Nipple Pads

When I was pregnant I didn’t think I would need nipple pads. I want to laugh so much at myself.

4. Pumping Bra

You need a pumping bra to have a hands-free pumping experience. If you are exclusively pumping – you will spend so much time sitting by your pump that you don’t want to have to hold your bottles.

This way you can use your phone, comfort baby, eat a sandwich.

5. Manual Pump

The manual pump will be able to accompany you to places where your electric pump cannot go. Places like:

  • Date Night
  • Theme Parks
  • The Mall
  • Car Rides
  • Anywhere

6. NIPPLE cream

Nipple creams are used to treat dry and cracked nipples. Which happens to both breastfeeding and pumping mothers.

This is why this nipple cream is a breastfeeding and pumping mother’s best friend.

7. Haaka Breast Pump

This little thing is amazing. Especially if you are using a manual pump when you are out and about.

The Haaka is not essentially a pump. It catches the dripping breast milk from your other breast while the one with the pump is being squeezed.

Moms see that the letdown that they collect with using the Haakaa results in an extra 1-3 ounces of breast milk per pumping and breastfeeding session!

8. Breast Milk Storage Bags

There is no doubt in my mind that these breast milk storage bags will help you avoid spilling your liquid gold.

9. Pumping Bag

Pumping Bagthe best exclusively pumping essential for pumping moms

You need something that you can store all your items in and easily move around when you go out. Besides taking baby’s diaper bag you’ll need a large bag dedicated to all your pumping items.

Those items include:

  • Pump
  • Pump Wipes
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Extra Pumping Parts
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • Manual Pump
  • Wash Cloth

This particular pumping bag has an insulated area for your expressed milk to keep it from going bad. It also fits most electric pumps and extra parts.

Not only that but it comes with a built-in charger to make sure you are able to pump anywhere you go!

10. Extra Pumping Parts

Can you guess what happens when a part of your breast pump breaks?

Your whole pump stops working. In order to avoid that from happening you should get extra parts.

That also includes getting extra pumping bottles and breast milk storage bags!

11. Cleaning Wipes

Have a few of these breast pump wipes on hand in your pumping bag whenever you are out and about to make sure your pumping parts stay clean.

You won’t always have access to a sink after you pump. It is essential that you keep your pumping items clean to avoid dry breast milk, bacteria build up, and germs from spreading from pump to baby.

You can also see how to properly wash your pumping parts from the CDC.

12. Nursing Cover

So many times you will have to pump in the car, at the mall, in line at Disneyland (me) and you’ll want to be able to do it comfortably.

If you can’t find somewhere to pump a nursing cover will come in handy. It is stretchy enough that you can move around underneath it.

You can get a free nursing cover with code: solutionsmommy you’d just have to pay to ship.

That’s a free high-quality nursing cover (you choose the style you want)

FAQ About Exclusively Pumping

How Can I Make Exclusive Pumping Easier?

You can do a lot of different things to help you become a better pumper, and make being attached to a machine 24/7 easier.

Check out how to get more sleep while pumping all night.

You can also view how to help your breast milk supply if you are pumping.

Our favorite one: Going back to work and pumping everything you need to know.

Can You Mix Breast Milk From Different Pumping Sessions

The breast milk has to be at the same temperature in order for you to mix them together. If one is cold and the other is just freshly pumped they will not mix well.

If I Am Exclusively Pumping How Much Do I Feed Baby?

Newborns will eat every 2-3 hours. You want to try to follow that schedule and pump every 2 hours and avoid going longer than 3 hours. Pump for 20 minutes and see how much comes out.

Normally a breastfeed baby will take about 19-30 oz of breastmilk in a 24 hour period. That’s roughly 3.75 ounces per feeding if baby is feeding every 3 hours to hit the maximum amount of 30 oz.

Your baby may feed less or may eat more. As long as you are pumping to match your babys eating schedule you will be fine.

Exclusively Pumping Schedule

This is a great schedule to follow the first few weeks to establish your milk supply and start pumping.

pumping schedule feeding schedule

There you have it, the 12 best pumping essentials needed to successfully pump like a pro!

What was your favorite pumping part? Let me know in the comments below

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12 Best Pumping Essentials For Exclusively Pumping Mom

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