the ultimate breastfeeding course for pregnant and new moms

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Learning How to Breastfeed in 90 Minutes.

Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience for new mom and baby. It is so natural and has lots of benefits for baby. But did you know that breastfeeding DOES NOT come naturally. That’s why I did this review for the Ultimate Breastfeeding Course.

It is entirely a learned trait. One that both you and baby have to figure out. So many women stop breastfeeding after a few months because they do not learn how to do it correctly, comfortable and for the long haul.

(It happened to me and I had to turn to help a little to late)

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Learn how to be a master at breastfeeding before baby arrives with The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course was created by Stacey Stewart.

She’s a Certified Lactation Educator through CAPPA, a mom of 3 and the founder of Milkology®. She has taught lactation, breastfeeding and pumping to thousands of women and she wants to help you too!

I truly believe this course is one that can help you breastfeed smarter, longer and more efficiently.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course for Pregnant & New Moms

A few perks of having an online course is the ability to go through the modules at your own pace.

The whole course can be finished in a day in 90 minutes. I personally took it a few units at a time, took notes and learned what was best for my baby.

Why Breastfeeding Moms Stop

Most new moms don’t know what to expect when it comes to feeding baby. They think that latching baby on to their breast is easy and that milk only comes out when baby is latched on.

Latching baby on is a learned art that both you and baby have to figure out. Why not make it easier and learn to get the perfect latch from a certified lactation adviser.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course was designed for MOMS to get the correct information to breastfeed successfully without fear, without hesitation and increase, maintain and be proud to be a breastfeeding mother.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Being a proud and successful breastfeeding mother?

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course Overview

What is included in The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course

  • Instant Access to the 13 video course!
  • How To Latch Baby On
  • How Breast milk is produced
  • Learning To Breastfeed
  • Troubleshooting Common Problems!
  • Plus These Amazing Bonuses!

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course Bonus Items

  1. The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide – A printable PDF containing explanations and resolutions to the most common issues you might come across in your journey of breastfeeding.
  2. Ultimate Class Notes – Quick Reference notes to the whole course, its like having a certified Lactation Educator right at your fingertips!
  3. THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF BREASTFEEDING SECRETS (which is my favorite BONUS) – You’re going to have to get the course to know what’s included in this little black book.

Just the Bonuses alone are worth it!

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What will I learn in the course?

Besides getting the confidence you need to breastfeed successfully you will also learn:

  • You will be able to discover the benefits of breastfeeding,
  • The process of Breastfeeding,
  • Learn the techniques used to help breastfeeding moms,
  • Discover what you should expect the first month and beyond
  • Continue to make breastfeeding a success with help where you need it.

How long will I have access to the course?

How does LIFETIME ACCESS sound?

This is my favorite part that means if you are currently pregnant and watch the videos now (around 90 min total) you can start on the right place.

If you are having trouble with baby then watch some of your favorite videos again!

When baby number two comes around you will have all this information again because no two babies are the same!

I’ve personally have gone through the course a few times. I always learn something new the second time around.

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What If I don’t like the course or it doesn’t work for me?

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course is so amazing that the creator Stacey will offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you do not feel fully satisfied.

This is amazing NO OTHER Breastfeeding course is this confident that you will learn, prepare and feel more confident in your breastfeeding journey!

How much does a Breastfeeding Course Cost?

Most Breastfeeding Course with expert advice combined with consultations can cost you close to hundreds of dollars, even more if you do more than one session with your Lactation Consultant.


Learn more about it The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course!

Now that you know more about the Ultimate Breastfeeding Course, what are you waiting for – give it a try! You have nothing to lose but so much to gain!

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The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course (review)

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