How To Make A Nursery In Your Bedroom

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Bedside Nursery In Your Master Bedroom | How To Prepare Home For Newborn

If you want to know how to create a baby corner in your bedroom to make things almost 100X easier then you are in the right place.

In this post, you’ll learn how to set up different little stations in your bedroom that will help you improve how much you sleep, breastfeed, and get things done easier with your newborn.

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Creating Bedroom Stations For Your Newborn

Sleeping Station

Sleeping Station

The first thing you want to make sure you have is a safe sleeping area for the baby.

This could mean anything from a bassinet to a crib to a playpen with a built-in bassinet.

I used this pack and play from Babytrends and love it because it has a built-in bassinet and a built-in changing area + lots of storage for things like diapers and wipes and extra clothing.

All you need is to have somewhere that baby can be placed to sleep on their back.

For more info on safe sleeping see the Healthy Children website.

Feeding Station

This is a must if you plan to breastfeed but it can easily be changed for formula feeding or any type of feeding you end up doing with the baby.

You’ll want to have a dresser or storage area where you can place all your breastfeeding and feeding items.

We use these little plastic dresser bins and they work perfectly for it.

Newborns eat every 2-3 hours around the clock. That is not a typo. Your newborn will wake up every 2 -3 hours to eat, and they may also need a diaper change at that time too.

Feeding them has to be made easy if you want to get any sleep the first few weeks.

I highly suggest you create a breastfeeding basket to make it easier for you. You’ll want to have these items beside you or close enough that you don’t have to get up and move around.

Boppy Pillow

Boppy Pillowuse a boppy in your bedroom while you are nursing your baby. perfect if you have an in room nursery

Having a boppy pillow will help you, in the first few weeks as you get used to breastfeeding. It is especially helpful if you have a c-section and need that extra support to help hold the baby and keep weight off your scar.

This is the one I have, and I love it.

Nipple Pads

Nipple Padshaving nipple pads in your bedside nursery room is a must to keep you breastfeeding and pumping easily when you have a newborn

Having nipple pads is a total must for the first 6-8 weeks as your milk supply starts to establish

Your breastmilk will start to leak at all hours, if you are too full, if you go too long without breastfeeding or pumping if you hear your baby cry. You will start to leak. To avoid getting your shirt soaked, use nipple pads and nurse regularly.

Breast Pump

Breast Pumpuse a breast pump in your master bedroom when you bring baby home from the hospital it is the perfect in room nursery idea to make feeding time easier for your newborn

I currently use two different breast pumps along with breastfeeding. One is an electric pump, that I keep stored in my breastfeeding station along with bottles, and extra pumping parts, the other is a silicone breast pump.

Burping Cloths / Receiving Blankets

I am obsessed with burping cloths and receiving blankets. I use them for everything not just wiping spit-up.

Having burp cloths in your breastfeeding basket will make it easy for you when you feed babies at 3 am and need to burp them.

If you run out of clean burp cloths – use the multifunctional receiving blankets.

Haakaa Breast Pump

Haakaa Breast Pumpmake sure you have a haakaa breast pump in your bedroom that you will use to nurse baby. This will help when you figure out how to make a nursery in your bedroom

Worried that you won’t have enough breastmilk to feed your baby or that you won’t be able to store breastmilk when you return to work?

Don’t worry about that because the Haakaa breast pump was invented for this very reason.

Remember up above when I said that your breast will leak breast milk at all hours of the day when your supply is getting established. This is also true when you place a baby to eat at the breast the OTHER breast will still be leaking.

In order to not waste this precious breast milk, you’ll place a Haakaa breast pump on your breast while the baby feeds on the other side.

Nipple Cream

Nipple Creamuse nipple cream to soothe sore nipples, this is great to place in side your breastfeeding basket in your room if you make a bedside nursery in your master bedroom

Nipple cream, I know it sounds so strange if you haven’t heard of it before. But it will be like a gift from above for your sore nipples.

Breastfeeding may not come naturally to all although it is a natural act, both you and baby have to learn how to do it. Because of this, your nipples can become sore, cracked, and even bleed.

Nipple cream will help with all those issues.

Diapering Station

The next item on our list to add to your bedroom nursery is to have a diapering station.

This is the reason I love the baby trend playpen. It comes with a built-in bassinet and changing table.

I normally don’t recommend you get a changing table because you can literally change baby anywhere if you have a changing pad.

All you’ll need is a basket, caddy, or dresser (or side pocket on the playpen) where you can easily grab diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream for a quick change. You can also add one outfit in case your baby has a blowout.

Adding a Diaper Genie to your diapering station will also make things easier for you.

Clothing Station

This can be made really easy and simple depending on the space you have available to you.

You can use your existing dresser in your room and dedicate one drawer to baby clothes. You can also hang clothes in your closet.

I personally like to keep the newborn items out and place them in these little bins to make it easier to access.

Once the baby outgrows newborn size, I switch over to the next size up. This means that I store the other bigger-sized items.

Bedside Nursery Organization Ideas

Now that you’ll know what to have and place in each station, it is time to bring it all together with items that will make it easier for you to recover and do all things newborn.

Don’t Clutter

Keeping it basic and simple is the way to go. You really don’t need all that baby stuff that everyone says you do. Going for a more minimalistic vibe will help you keep relaxed and calm.

Use Extra Storage

You can easily use a door hanging organizer for all the little items that you may not know what to do with.

Door hanging organizerUse a door hanging organizer in your room when you have a baby. In order to maximize the space in your bedroom if you do a nursery in your room

Use the space underneath the crib and your bed. I suggest you grab some of these low clear containers where you can easily store things like blankets, extra diapers or wipes and bigger sized clothing.

Low clear containersuse storage platic bins to organize your in room nursery

You can also use baskets to store things, from blankets to toys and any extra diapering you may need to store.

Basketsneed extra storage space for your in room nrusery? try using large baskets to make it look stylish and get organized.

Use What You Have

If you already have a large dresser, try making it into a makeshift diaper changing table, or if you have a mini-fridge – put it in your room to store all your breastfeeding snacks and milk.

Repurpose everything you already use, no need to go and buy a whole new dresser if you already have one.

Just like I used my son’s plastic bins (that he used for all these toys) I cleaned them up and used them to store the baby’s clothes.

How Do You Get A Nursery In Your Bedroom?

You can make a nursery in your bedroom by having a sleeping station, nursing/feeding and diapering stations that will make it easier for you to get up in the middle of the night.

You should also make sure you have items that you will be using on daily in your room to make it easier.

Like swaddles, diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, and clothing to change your baby.

How Do You Setup A Nursery In A Small Bedroom?

Having a small bedroom shouldn’t limit how you set up your newborn’s space. As long as you have a safe sleeping area for the baby the rest can be improvised.

You should check out this post on Small Bedroom Sharing With Your Newborn.

Will Putting Baby In Own Room Help You Sleep?

Yes, having your baby in your own bedroom can help you sleep when they are still in the early newborn stage because you will be able to get them and feed them easily in the same space and put them back down to sleep.

But make sure they are sleeping in their own little section to have them be safe.

You don’t want to have them directly on the bed with you until they are a little older and you can do co-sleeping.

That’s basically it ya’ll it doesn’t take much to have a fun, safe and secure bedside nursery in your master bedroom.

I hope these tips have inspired you to do something similar in your space to get you the most sleep, feeding and new parenting ease.

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how to make a nursery in your bedroom

How To Make A Nursery In Your Bedroom

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