What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag During Covid

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Only The Essentials To Pack For Your Labor During The Pandemic

If you want to know what to pack in your hospital bag for labor and delivery during the pandemic then you are in the right place.

As I gear up to give birth (I have been pregnant from the very start of the lock down) I have prepared my hospital bag and my partner’s hospital bag as well.

I also want to let you know that I do have a FREE Prepare your home for baby checklist that goes over room by room what to do and have ready before your due date.

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Ready let’s dive right in.

First I will go over what to take for your baby, your partner (or support person) and for yourself.

Before Heading To The Hospital

Before you even start packing and heading towards the hospital – give your maternity ward a call and ask them what policies or protocols they have in place due to COVID19.

This way you will know if you can take more than one person, if you will be tested for the virus, if your support person will be tested, and if you are allowed any visitors after you deliver.

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What To Pack For Yourself During Your Pandemic Hospital Labor & Delivery Stay

Nipple Pads

Nipple Padswhat to pack in your hospital bag during labor and delivery during the coronavirus pandemic

My favorite and go-to brand are these here. I always take a few because I didn’t the first time around and my shirt was soaked in milk on day 2 and I wanted to cry.

Learning from a second-time mom – means you won’t cry over spilled milk. So please take at least 6-10 nipple pads.

Nipple Cream

Nipple Creamwhat to pack in your hospital bag during the pandemic make sure you add nipple cream

Learning how to breastfeed is hard. Both you and baby are learning this habit and because of this, neither of you may be any good at it (at first). Which means your nipples may become sore. To help this soreness – use nipple cream. A little goes a long way.

You can take a breastfeeding course taught by a lactation consultant that can help you before you start the process of breastfeeding (the best part, it’s under $25)

Nursing Bra

Nursing Brause nursing bra to keep in your hospital bag

The only time I put a nursing bra on is when I am going to leave the hospital. When I am at the hospital I plan to be in my gown and let the girls just hang out and have a baby on my chest doing skin to skin as much as possible.

But when I am home, and as the days turn to weeks, the one thing that is consistent in my wardrobe is a nursing bra.

Boppy Pillow

Boppy Pillowadd a boppy to take to the hospital when you give birth during the pandemic

This Boppy nursing pillow going to help you so much. I feel like I keep saying that but it’s true. Especially if you have a c-section. This is going to let you avoid putting pressure on your abdomen while you learn to nurse the baby.

High Waisted Leggings

High Waisted Leggings

These are my absolute favorite thing to use after birth. Not only will wearing black leggings make you feel a little more normal. (you will still look 4 months pregnant which is normal don’t worry)

I put them on for my ‘going home outfit’ lol while in the hospital I like to stay in the gown.

I really love the high waisted nature because they are helpful if you have an emergency c-section or a scheduled c-section as the top won’t interfere with your incision

Nursing Tank

Nursing Tank

I like to use a regular tank top that fits a little loose that way I can easily pull it down. You don’t have to get all fancy with this stuff.

This is going to help you so much. Having a nursing-friendly shirt will make the biggest difference in the ease that you pull your breast out to feed the baby.



I think this cardigan is a must-have in your hospital bag. It completes the new mom look and if your cardigan is long and covers your butt – you are going to feel so much more secure.

Because you will be using big ol’ diaper-like pads while you are in the hospital.

Talking about big ol’ diaper-like pads, that’s next.

Depends Always Underwear

Depends Always Underwearwhat to pack in your hospital bag during the pandemic - bring the depends always underwear for postpartum

Take 2 of these, that is all you will need. I like to wear them after I am out of my hospital gown and into my nursing and postpartum clothing. This way when I am on my way home I can feel more secure.

**The hospital will provide you with mesh underwear and large sanitary napkins. If you don’t want the added pressure to take these don’t. You can go home in the mesh undies.

Remember to ask your nurse for a few extra when you go home because the mesh underwear are nice and big and go up high over your belly.

Slip On Shoes / Sandals

I do not recommend wearing shoes that require you to bend down to tie. You will not want to bend anywhere for a while. So just go into the hospital in sandals or slip-on shoes that can be easy to take on and off.

Everyday Mini Bag

I just use a little ziplock bag for these items. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you guys.

  • deodorant
  • hair ties
  • tooth brush + paste
  • hair brush
  • *makeup

I don’t take makeup because I just don’t wear it that often and I don’t really care for it. However, I know some moms would not be caught dead without it. Up to you.

Folder For Paper Work

I like to take a plain folder because you will be getting a lot of paperwork and you may not know what you are getting because everything becomes a blur after birth.

In this, you will put all items your hospital gives you, and items you can give to them.

I also suggest keeping this with your partner.

Wallet / Paper Work

You can keep this in your wallet, make sure you take these items:

  • ID / License / VISA
  • Insurance card / Medical card
  • Write down your social security number (in case your partner needs to fill out your paper work when you are in the middle of contractions or something)
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Birth Plan*

What To Pack For Baby

The list for baby is a pretty short one. You do not need to pack a million things because more than likely your hospital will provide the necessities like diapers, wipes, hats, formulas (if needed), and pacifiers.

One Going Home Outfit

One Going Home Outfitone going home outfit for your newborn to pack in your hospital bag

The reason I say to pack one outfit and one only is because your newborn will likely be in a swaddle or skin to skin with your while you are in the hospital and they will not need any clothes for this.

I like to take one Newborn size outfit and one 0-3 month outfit in case the baby is big.

That is it for clothes for baby.

*If you are planning to do a little photoshoot remember your hospital may not allow photographers during the pandemic but you can take an additional outfit or small props to do this.


Swaddlesadd a swaddle to your hospital bag for your labor and delivery

My favorite swaddles are the sleep sacks while my partner prefers the swaddle blanket. Both work just as fine.

I suggest taking one of each to see which you are most comfortable with using.

This is my go-to swaddle, and this is the swaddle blankets we have used and loved.


Blankethaving a baby blanket is perfect to add to your hospital bag

A baby blanket will help when you have your newborn skin to skin with you and just the blanket on top.

Put the blanket over you and baby when you are doing skin to skin. If you are swaddling babies and placing them in the hospital bassinet they DO NOT need to be covered with the blanket.

Learn more about safe sleeping habits for babies from our friends at March Of Dimes.

What To Pack For Your Support Person

If your partner or support person is allowed in your hospital room they will also need to take a few items. Some hospitals are having policies that don’t allow the support person to leave the room, not even to the cafeteria. (remember to ask about your policies)

2 – 3 Changes Of Clothing

Depending on whether you will have a vaginal birth or a planned cesarean (or emergency c-section) your partner should take 2 or 3 outfit changes. Comfortable clothing, pajama-like clothing will work best as they are going to be sleep-deprived and running on coffee.


Your partner will want to take a few different snacks because one never knows how long labor and delivery will take after you are admitted to the hospital.

A few things my husband likes to take are:

  • Beef Jerky
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Protein Bars
  • Water Bottles
  • Energy Drinks
  • Cereal Bars

These items give him that little push to stay awake or feel full while we wait for food or for the baby to take a nap.


I love to take my long charger because the outlets in hospitals are always in weird faraway spots. So a long charger comes in handy. We put this item in my husband’s hospital bag (which really is a small duffel that goes inside my hospital bag lol)

You can also take your camera charger if you will be taking one.

Multiple Face Masks

We really love these face masks, as they are soft and feel fresh, and have 3 layers.

I have found that face masks make me sweat like real nasty. As they do for my husband too. So in order to deal with yucky face masks getting sweaty (especially during a high-stress time like labor), we are packing a few different cloth face masks to change them throughout our stay.

Mini Hand Sanitizer

Keeping germs down right now is crucial which is why packing a little hand sanitizer will help you and your partner.

I suggest using it after you sign any documents, open any doors, or when you cannot get to a hand washing station.


We learned this the hard way after baby number 1. We only took the baby blanket and as day turned into the night my husband used that baby blanket for himself.

This time around we are taking a bigger blanket for my husband to use.

What Items Do Hospitals Give New Moms?

  • Plastic Water Jug
  • Mesh Underwear
  • Sanitary Napkins (like the biggest ones you’ve ever seen lol)
  • Peri bottle
  • Belly wrap*
  • Motrin (for pain relief)
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Pacifier
  • 1 Swaddle blanket
  • 1 baby hat
  • Formula (if needed / asked for)
  • Bottles (if needed / asked for)

These are all items my hospital gave me the first time around which is why you will not see me packing them the second time around. Fewer items to pack, more items to take home.

If you are not sure if your hospital will provide these items, you can always pack a few just in case – or when you call to ask about their pandemic covid policies ask them if they provide diapers for your newborn or any items that you may not have to pack.

That’s actually all on our list of birthing people. If you think we missed an item or you used something I didn’t mention, let me know in the comments below.

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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag During The Pandemic For Labor & Delivery

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