Drive By Baby Shower Ideas

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Drive Thru Baby Shower Ideas During The Pandemic

These are difficult times for all of us, especially in the US where the virus that shall not be named keeps climbing to record numbers on the daily. An expecting mom should not give up hope on having a baby shower during the pandemic, instead focus on doing a drive by baby shower.

drive by baby shower ideas

So What Is A Drive-By Baby Shower or Drive Thru Baby Shower?

It is when you have family, friends and loved ones celebrate the expecting arrival of a new baby by driving by the home of the expecting new parents and leaving gifts for them.

You can celebrate as big as you can while still socially distancing for this.

You select a time that guest will form a ‘parade’ and have them slowly drive by the home of the parents-to-be. Then they can either get out of their car, drop off the gift, pick up a goodie bag and go back into their vehicle.

Or you can have someone run to their car and get the gift from the guests.

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Scared of going into labor, pushing, and tearing? Maybe you’re afraid of pooping on the table? Fear is common when it comes to childbirth – don’t let it hold you back, be fearless.

Drive-By Baby Shower Ideas

Just because you can’t sit next to your guest, hug them or play baby shower games where you’re all together doesn’t mean that you have to have a lousy baby shower.

First let’s go over, all the elements you’ll need to pull this off. Here are some of the drive by shower ideas for your inspiration:

Have A Host

This can be as simple as being your own host, having a close family member that you have been visiting with or someone you see regularly.

The host will help keep things moving, get guest through the ‘parade’ and also help run back and forth if need be with gifts.

Baby shower invitation card

Send Invitations With All Info

This may not be your typical baby shower but you should still send out invitations (e-vites) telling your guest what day, time, and anything else they need to know about the drive-thru baby shower.

These invitations are some of our favorite pre-made baby shower invites that help with info for a drive-by baby shower.

Make sure you mention :

  • the time you want the cars to start driving by
  • the location
  • if you’ll have food boxes or treat bags for guest
  • the day of event
  • theme
  • where you registered
  • time of Facebook live or zoom (if applicable)

Register Online

Save time and create an online registry before you have your party. Doing this may just be the easiest step in your whole baby shower plan.

You can create a free virtual baby shower registry with Amazon, it comes with a lot of perks too like a ($35 value) welcome baby box.

Then you can send the link of your registry to your friends and family and have them shop the items you need. Super simple and easy.

And don’t worry about getting duplicate gifts, the registry will show your guest when an item has been purchased or is in a cart.

Choose A Theme

This is a celebration, so let’s dress it up like one.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to dress up your home.

  • Have a canopy in the front yard with a table for gifts and theme of shower
  • Use balloons in your front porch with the colors of your theme
  • If you live in an apartment or complex, decorate your windows, and have a small area on the sidewalk.
  • Live on a busy street? Have your guest drive by a park where you can have your trunk open and a table decorated to await for gifts

You can also do a quick YouTube search and watch a few videos of new parents who already had a drive-thru baby shower to get ideas and inspiration for drive by baby shower decorations.

Make Your Guest Feel Involved

Ask your guest to put up balloons, honk when they are near, write on the vehicles windows, dress a certain theme. Doing so will help them be more in the party mood even if they are only able to see you from their car.

You can also make your guest feel extra special by giving out food boxes or treat bags. This can include anything from a simple meal, a brunch idea, or small appetizers.

Cupcakes for baby shower

The treats can be as cute as assorted individually wrapped cupcakes with your theme or simple as a few pieces of candy in a bag.

How To Decorate For A Drive By Baby Shower

Decoration For A Drive By Baby Showerhow to have a drive by baby shower

The drive by baby shower decorations is what we are all here for right, making it look like a celebration is what this is all about for the expecting parents.

The first thing you want to do is have a table where you can place the gifts you will be receiving, you can also use the trunk of your baby shower car or have a set up drop off zone where your guest can safely drop off the gift and get back into their car.

These drive thru baby shower signs are also all the rage right now to get you parade of guest going from one area to another.

You can also use balloons, arches, and dress up for the event.

Virtual Showing Of Gifts

Everyone loves the opening of gifts ceremony because they get to see parents face when they open the item they got for them.

In order to do this you’ll want mention on the invitation if you’ll do something like a Facebook Live, Instagram Story, Zoom Meeting etc..

This socially distant way after the items have been dropped off – you can go online at a certain time and open the gifts.

Make sure you record this and save it – especially if you have older family members who do not know how to use social media.

Social Distancing Ideas For Baby Shower

If you really want to have a baby shower during this time – all power to you, just make sure you are safe, following safety protocols like keeping away from guest, wearing masks, washing hands frequently and if you have a large group – please make it outdoors with everything spread out.

Potluck Style Baby Shower

Host your baby shower at a park and ask guest to bring snacks and drinks for themselves, and give out little party favors. This socially distant way you still get to socialize but you have more room to have everyone spread out.

Small Guest List

You can do the above with the majority of your guest and have them do the drive thru baby shower, and then with your close friends or family have a mini baby shower that is beautiful and intimate.

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

What is a virtual baby shower? If you do not do the drive thru baby shower you can opt to do a virtual baby shower. This lets you be social online with friends and family without having to risk your health.

Virtually Play Games

The best drive by shower games is those you that can be set up virtually. You can send your guest a few party games in advance or show them what the game is and how to play while you are chatting with them online.

You can see a big list of baby shower printable games here.

Virtual Drive Thru Gender Reveal Ideas

Don’t want to risk it for the gender reveal? Not a problem, do whatever it is you want for a gender reveal and then record it or play it live with friends and family.

Have them wear the color of the gender they think you are having, pink for girl or blue for boy etc..

Then do the gender reveal ‘in front of ‘ them online lol.

And that my friends, is how you can easily have a baby shower during the pandemic and make a drive by baby shower fun, affordable, relaxing and inviting for your guest without risking your health and the health of others.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below

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Drive By Baby Shower Ideas | Drive Through Baby Shower Ideas During The Lockdown

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