14 Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

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If you are looking to announce your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day theses ideas are going to make your heart skip a beat. From super simple Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements to ones that require you to have more prep work. We have you covered.

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The Best Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy On Valentine’s Day

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Let’s dive right into these adorable Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements.

1. Heart Balloons & You

valentines day pregnancy announcement in first or second trimester with a women holding pink and red balloons

We are in love with this picture, we love that the mom to be is holding the different pink and red balloons as well as in front of a brick wall to make this look so magical and beautiful.

Source: Photography Mag

2. Valentine’s Onesie & Letter Board


It looks like Joni Bond has pregnancy announcements in the bag, we love the heart onesie and the heart garlands that make this look so adorable.

Source: Joni.Bond

3. Sweet Ultrasounds

sweet hearts with an ultrasound and the date of the baby due date written on the sweet hearts. to use for a pregnancy announcement on valentines day

Use those sweet hearts as a treat to announce your pregnancy. Grab a black marker and on the back of your candy write the date and year. Just add your ultrasound picture and you are all set to go.

Source: Caitlin Houston Blog

4. Include Your Other Kids

Valentines day pregnancy announcement to include siblings - third time pregnancy announcement

This is so sweet and we love that the older kids are included. You can easily mimic this image by hanging heart felt garland and making your own sign and then doing a little photo shoot with your kids.

Source: Lupo Photography

5. Let Your Clothing Say It All

Let Your Clothing Say It All

This Growing My Valentine shirt is the perfect addition to wear for your announcement or place it as a flat lay and snap a pic of the shirt to let everyone know.

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6. Hearts & Your Partner

a sweet way to announce your pregnancy on Valentine's Day is to have balloon hearts everywhere and your partner holding the ultrasound picture

Want to try to do something like this with your partner? Tape the balloons to the floor, and wear something oh so romantic and have your partner hold the ultrasound picture.

Source: Kaileigh Henderson

7. Tell Your Parents In Style

Tell Your Parents In Style

The little hearts say: You’re Going To Be Grandparents. We think you NEED to grab this little onesie and tell your parents this way. Just our opinion.

8. Big Baby Balloons

valentine's day pregnancy announcement with big balloons using the letter BABY couple sits on floor kissing with the balloons in the background and they have triangle garland hanging under baby balloons

Balloons are becoming a Valentine’s Day staple kind of winning out on chocolate here. You can grab a big baby balloon sign here and get it delivered within two days.

Source: Bailey Photography Blog

9. Scratch It To Your Partner

give your partner a scratch card announcing you are pregnant. Make it in the shape of a heart and you can announce it on Valentine's Day

You can find this sweet scratch card on Etsy and you can do one for each person you plan to tell! We love it. Each scratcher is a winner

Source: WITHPUNS Etsy Shop

10. Insta-Worthy Poem


Source: karenjung88

11. Husband & Letterboard

beautiful instagram worthy husband and wife letterboard announcing pregnancy with pink and red Valentine's Day balloons in the background

How cute is this letterboard and this couple!

Source: Kacie Olson from Coffee & Kaleidoscope

12. Have Your Pets Join The Announcement

how to announce your pregnancy using your pets in the picture. Perfect for Valentine's Day Pregnancy announcements

Source: Jill Seamer

13. Siblings To The Rescue

pregnancy announcement using your first born child to announce the pregnancy of the second child on Valentine's Day

We love the little girl in the picture with her heart dress, the hearts on the bed and the lovely ultrasound picture.

Source: Christie Keane

14. Kissing Under Hearts

Source: Katabara Photography

No matter how you choose to announce your Valentine’s Day pregnancy I hope that you find it fun and enjoyable. If you do try one of the ways mentioned above, I’d love to hear about it.

Make sure you leave us a comment if you try one, and you might be featured here on our list too!

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pregnancy announcement for valentines
the best 14 instagram worthy pictures to announce your pregnancy on Valentine's day
14 Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcements

14 Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

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