Pregnancy Essentials For Every Trimester

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When you are pregnant you may find yourself obsessing over the things you will need for baby. But you know you will also need a few things yourself. These pregnancy essentials for each trimester are perfect for first time moms .

This list is full of essentials that I have personally used and essentials that will make your pregnancy so much easier, from the moment you find out till you are giving birth; these items will help relax, inspire, and create a happier pregnancy. 

First Trimester Essentials

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Before we get into the pregnancy essentials: I want you to really consider taking a prenatal birth course. Not only is this one taught by a real life labor and delivery nurse, it will help you have a hospital birth, (even home birth if you really want that) because it’s designed for birthing people to take and learn and apply.

first trimester maternity essentials

1. Pregnancy Test Strips

The first trimester is a scary place to be in. Especially as a first time mom. It is when miscarriage is most possible and not feeling pregnant is most common. 

During the First trimester you may feel like you aren’t pregnant – or you may feel so excited that you can’t believe you are pregnant. That is when the pregnancy strips come into play.

Pregnancy test’s can start to add up if you are in disbelief that you are pregnant. Buying the strip form is a great way to always test your pregnancy during the first trimester that is cheaper than buying a truck load of pregnancy test’s.

2. Pregnancy pillow

pregnancy pillow the best quality pillow at a fraction of the price with code: craftymom40 @ checkout from pregnancypillow . com

You want this to be one of the first things you grab. A pregnancy pillow will help you sleep better, take care of your body and just really cuddle you the way no other pillow has cuddled you before.

Did you know you can get it basically free just pay shipping. It is much cheaper to do it this way than to buy one off Amazon (my first pregnancy pillow was $95 – then my second pregnancy pillow I only paid $18 for the exact same one) 

Get your FREE Pregnancy Pillow – Just Use Code: solutionsmommy @ checkout! 

3. Lemon Drops

With my third pregnancy I had severe nausea all during the first trimester. It never made me throw up but I definitely had the urge to throw up. When that would happen I just grabbed a lemon drop and sucked on it. 

Lemon drops help because lemon is a natural nausea represent and having it in the form of a semi-sweet lemon drop makes it easier to take the edge off of morning sickness. 

If this sounds like you, these little candies are a huge bonus for suppressing morning sickness queasiness.


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4. Coconut Oil 

If you think coconut oil is one of those myths, girl let me tell you coconut oil is the answer to almost everything. But during pregnancy coconut oil is great for stretch marks, to hydrate your face, hair, and feet.

If swollen, rough feet are your problem apply some coconut oil.

Is your belly itching? Apply some coconut oil.

Pregnancy acne, hair where it shouldn’t be, dry and long nails?

Seriously apply coconut oil.

5. Prenatal Vitamins

This should have been number one on our list, but we all know we need a prenatal vitamin. Most women are not getting the nutrients and vitamins they need to have a safe and healthy baby. 

By assuring that you are taking your prenatal vitamin everyday you are closer to a healthier, safer pregnancy. 

6. The Solutions Pregnancy Planner

Need a planner that will help you organize your thoughts, keep your dr appointments in a beautiful to do list, tell you what safe foods and workouts are good for each trimester?

Then you’ll want to grab the Solutions Pregnancy Planner.

It’s currently on flash sale (so make sure you go here when you’re ready to buy it)

7. Large Water Bottle

I strongly believe that if you carry around a large container of water you will drink it. 

If you feel like you just can’t get water down easily and you prefer sodas, or tastier drinks try adding fruits, chia seeds, and mint to your water bottles for a fresh added flavor. 

The 50 oz Water Bottle is made for athletes but what better sport than making a human from scratch! You deserve this water bottle!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

second trimester pregnancy essentials

The second trimester is where we get to have a little more fun. Your baby bump may be showing now and you may have announced your pregnancy during this time. AWESOME, now let’s get to the things you will absolutely need. The absolute second trimester essentials list.

8. Belly Bands

Is your growing belly causing you to hunch over? Maybe you spend a lot of time on your feet? I started using the Belly Band once I was around 22 weeks. My belly was always small but I found myself hunching more and more and I needed something to support my baby bump.

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9. Nursing Bralette

If you have sensitive breast during pregnancy or maybe your breast have already gotten bigger. Then sports bra’s will not be your friends.

Try using bralettes they have no underwire and are easy to remove. 

Unlike sports bras that are tighter on the chest, your bralettes can help you during postpartum and breastfeeding too! 

It’s a purchase that will last! 

10. Tums

With a growing baby comes the heartburn. 

It is an old wives tale that if you have a lot of heartburn during pregnancy your baby will be born with a full head of hair. That my friends is fake news. Proof: I had heartburn almost daily – Baby L was born BALD.

11. Pregnancy Pajamas

You will need comfortable pajamas that allow you to move and sleep easily. You do not want to go to sleep in a onesie (because multiple trips to the restroom).

Try having an adjustable waist band, cotton pajama. Pregnancy heat is real and you may find yourself sweating more than usual you do not want to have a wool pajama that will make you even sweatier. 

These were my personal favorite pajama bottoms, that I still use to this day! (great for postpartum too)


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12. Maternity Jeans

Your clothes may not be fitting the same way they used too now that you are in the second trimester. Buying a really good pair of maternity jeans can take you a long way and can be used for the rest of your pregnancy.

Third Trimester Essentials – Let’s Prepare for Labor & Delivery! 

third trimester pregnancy must haves

Now is the time you need to start planning, getting ready and having your hospital bag packed. 

It is go time. Are you ready for uncomfortable, hot flashes, and pee-sneeze? Those are some of the third trimester symptoms but we are here to make it easier, better and ready to go!


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14. Baby Bag for the Hospital

pregnancy essentials for every trimester this is great for third trimester. diaper backpack

Do you have your hospital bag packed and ready to go in case your little one decides to make an early appearance? 

You can check out all the things you need to pack in your bag in this awesome post. 

But you will need a good sturdy, big diaper bag that you can take to the hospital with everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

We ended up getting a diaper backpack because my hubby was the designated diaper bag man and he wanted something ‘manly’. It was practical, big, and cute – it was as double win for us. 

You can see what I packed in my hospital bag for my second birth here.

15. Maternity Leggings

If you haven’t purchased any from your second trimester this is the time to do it. Not only are maternity leggings great for pregnancy, after baby they work amazing. Because you will still have a 4-month pregnant belly after birth you’ll need these maternity leggings

16. Preparing each room for baby

Want to see how I was able to make things so much easier on myself with my seoncd birth? I made a little video you can watch it here.

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