29 Top Baby Registry Items List of 2021

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Must Have Items on a Baby Registry

These items are the top baby registry items list that new moms are registering for (with good reason too).Creating a baby registry is one of the fun perks of waiting for your baby to arrive. It lets your guest know what you need and want and helps family give you a variety of gifts instead of the same bouncer three times.

Now that I have four pregnancies under my belt (literally the baby weight has not fallen off lol) I can tell you exactly what you’ll want and need and actually use even when you are past the newborn days.

Ready let’s dive right in and get started.

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Here is a quick recap of all the items we cover in this post. Perfect if you are in a time crunch. Click any of the product names to learn more about it.

Read on for our full list of why we love them + hacks to make that first year a breeze.

Product Quick Review
1. Graco Benton CribGraco Benton Crib Will grow with your child from newborn to school child.
2. Cocoon Cam PlusCocoon Cam Plus Easily watch baby from phone, smart watch, get notified of changes instantl
3. Windsor GliderWindsor Glider Easy to install, fits anywhere, comes with foot stool.
4.Changing Table Duality with a changing table + dresser
5.Different Storage Systems 5.Please refer to item 5 to see the 3 different items
6.Play Yard Play Yard CAn be used as crib, play pen, changing table all in one.
7.StrollerStroller Easy to use on any terrain, affordable and folds fast
8.Car SeatCar Seat Secure, attaches to different (same brand) strollers
9.Backseat MirrorBackseat Mirror See Baby when you’re driving, doesn’t melt in extreme car heat
10. Diaper Bag Diaper Bag If you want a diaper backpack (which you will for storage) Lots of storage.
11. Clothing I’ve linked the Carter collection (you have to see it)
12. Shampoo & Wash Shampoo & Wash From nontoxic, to safe for the plant, this is the shampoo you want
13. Grooming Kit Grooming Kit Get two, one for your bag, comes w/ everything to care for baby appearance
14. Diaper Rash Brush Diaper Rash Brush Easy to use, its a 2nd time parent must have (for first time parents)
15. Baby Carrier / Wrap Baby Carrier / Wrap The wrap or the carrier, wearing baby benefits for both.
16. Diapers / Wipes the best eco friendly diapers for newborns Eco-Friendly, made using biodegradable bamboo sheets, super soft and absorbent
17. Diaper Pail Diaper Pail Stores up to 100 newborn size diapers, smell free rooms!
18. Swaddles Swaddles Perfect if you aren’t sure how to swaddle (you’ll need this one)
19. Baby Bath TubBaby Bath Tub With a mesh support when they are newborns and a sitting position for older babies you can use this from the start
20. Wash ClothsWash Cloths Bamboo organics has 100% the softest wash cloths for sensitive skin
21. Baby BottlesBaby Bottles Anticolic, sterilized in minutes, long nipple for breastfed babies
22. Bibs Bibs Easy mess cleanup, with catching tray on bottom
23. Nipple PadsNipple Pads Durable, won’t leak, adhesive to stay in place in your nursing bra
24. Breast Milk Storage BagsBreast Milk Storage Bags Store your expressed milk laying flat. These can hold a lot of milk!
25. Nursing PillowNursing Pillow For breastfeeding support, ack support, and baby milestone support.
26. Breast PumpBreast Pump Silent, wearable, hassle free pumping (seriously)
27. Play MatPlay Mat Large, soft and ready for baby to learn and play
28. Kick N PlayKick N Play Exercise legs, arms, and do tummy time so much to learn
29. Sit – Me – Up Sit - Me - Up Helps support baby in upright position.

What Should I Get For My Nursery?

I should have added this stuff to my bay registry
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1. Crib


The Graco Benton style crib is one of our favorites because of its long term usage.

4-in-1 crib: crib, toddler bed, day bed, full sizeNo mattress included
3 level settings to adjust as your baby grows 

2. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

When It comes to Baby Monitors I did a lot of research when I was looking for one. You can see our top rated breathing and monitoring cams here.

The Cocoon Cam Plus is now updated for 2020 and can be connected to your phone! Wherever you are look and find your baby. This is the future.

Connectss to wifi for fast statsMust mount to wall
Night vision, easy connection to phone 

3. Rocking Glider

Rocking Glider

The Windsor Glider is one of the top recommended gliders because of its price and its durability. We also love the foot stool it comes with.

Side pockets, arm cushion and rocking capabilitiesCannot machine wash fabric only spot clean

4. Changing Table

The best option for a changing table if you decide to grab one, is making sure you have dual usage for it. That is why we love this changing table.

Dresser + changing topnone, we love this thing
5 year limited warranty from manufacture 

5. Storage Items For Nursery

Storage Items For Nursery

When my son was a newborn I used these types of baskets to store extra diapers, wipes and swaddles. As he got older these are now the toy storage bins. They are durable (I can attest to that)


These soft fabric closet organizers are also awesome at storage space. You can use them anyway you like!

Soft fabric closet organizers

The Diaper Caddy is another great option for storage saving space. I use mine (featured above) for my car. I always have a car diaper caddy. It’s one of my newborn hacks that has saved the day countless times.

6. Play Yard

Play Yard

The play yard is going to be so versatile for you because you can opt to use it as a crib if you don’t have space for both. You can move it around to be in your living room, put it in the kitchen when you are cooking and have your little one in there playing.

Comes with changing areaBassinet max weight is 15 pounds (only a few months usage)
Extra storage on side with bassinet attachment 

What To Add To Your Registry For Travel Systems

7. Strollers


The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is available in 5 different colors. It is also the favorite because it comes with its own car seat. Double win.

Easy fold in one pullFront wheels get stuck on occasion
Comes with car seat, easy car seat adjustments 

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8. Car Seat

Car Seat

If you are looking for the perfect car seat look no further seriously. This Chicco Keyfit 30 is like the best bang for your buck. It is rated 4.5 Stars for customer satisfaction 4.3 for durability and it works from 4-30 pounds. Which means newborn to toddler!

Fits all Chicco stroller that are made to click-onA bit heavy when attached to base
Made to last, durable, and lux 

9. Backseat Car Mirror

Backseat Car Mirror

This is one of those items I thought, wow really parents you have a rear-view mirror for a reason. But this little gadget is so worth it!

You have no idea how handy it is, especially when you are driving alone with your infant and you want to keep turning to check on them but they are rear facing.

I suggest you read this post on our favorite backseat baby mirrors and then come back and finish reading this post.

10. Diaper bag

Diaper bag

You have probably seen this diaper bag circulating your social media feed. That’s because the storage space and the ease of having it be a backpack and a diaper bag is well worth its insta-fame.

Diaper bag

If a backpack is not your style, try the SoHo Diaper Bag Tote. This is one of my favorite pieces on this list. It comes with 7 total pieces. Each item for your baby will have a home and will be easy to find.

Baby Essentials To Add To Your Registry

11. Clothing

This will be a small list, I’m giving you the essentials you need. You can add your own style and brands to this section!

12. Baby Shampoo and Wash

Baby Shampoo and Wash

Aveen is not only great for newborns it is also safe to use during pregnancy if you are looking for a no soap and allergy tested product. Try adding the whole Aveeno Bundle to your Baby Registry.

13. Baby Grooming kit

Baby Grooming kit

My favorite is this little handy bag from Safety 1st. It even has a finger toothbrush to use while your baby has no teeth. A thermometer that will actually last and a medicine nipple bottle. How awesome and easy is that!

Add two of these to your baby registry – one for your diaper bag – you never know when you will need one of these items. And one for your home.

14. Diaper Rash Brush

Diaper Rash Brush

This is the Baby Bum diaper cream brush. If this is your first baby you are probably laughing at the idea of this, I know I rolled my eyes. But now with a squirmy toddler (who is still in diapers) this tool is amazing.

It is used to put on diaper rash cream, now you won’t get it stuck underneath your nails.

15. Baby Carrier / Wrap

Baby Carrier / Wrap

You can use either the carrier or wrap and you can also use both. It depends on your lifestyle. I personally used the boba wrap until my son was about 5 months then I switched over to this baby carrier.

baby carrier

16. Diapers / Wipes

the best eco friendly diapers for newborns

Diapers are a big thing when it comes to your newborn. It is the one thing you will use more often than any other item on this list. So why not get Eco Pea’s Bamboo diapers? They are Eco-friendly and made for a baby’s sensitive skin.

No chemical burns on babyBased on reviews from others – they run slightly larger than other diapers (like is this even a con? lol)
Made using sustainable and biodegradable bamboo sheets 
Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, fragrance-free 

You can also snatch the Eco Pea box of wipes (I’d do the subscribe and save option for both diapers and wipes to get the discount and automatically get new diapers and wipes sent to my door)

+ you can choose how often you get the subscription for, typically I’d do 1x per month in newborn, and then 1x per 2 months sizes 1 and up.

17. Diaper Genie / Diaper Bucket

Diaper Genie / Diaper Bucket

This is one of the best gifts I could have gotten on my baby shower. It could hold about 100 diapers in a newborn size and you would not be able to smell it. You have to add it to your baby shower gift list.

Smell free rooms even with a full basketYou have to buy the bags seperately (and they are more expensive than regular trash bags)
Can hold up to 100 newborn size diapers. (the bigger the baby the less diapers it can hold)You have to tie the bottom of the bag securely or witness the bottom open out when you remove bag.


Getting Rid of the Smelly Nursery with TWO Products

18. Swaddle


For many first time parents I highly encourage you to use these swaddlers as they are easy to use. They come with velcro straps making it easy to swaddle your baby.

*if you aren’t into the Velcro straps try going for a muslin wrap (and ask your nurse or midwife how to swaddle baby correctly)

Velcro straps for easy usingBaby can slip arm out after a few uses
Machine washable 

19. Baby Bath Tub

Baby Bath Tub

I’m a strong believer in co-showering and rarely used the baby bath tub I was gifted in my baby shower. Below I have the top rated baby bath tubs but I know a lot of new parents are a little scared to shower with a newborn until they are a little bit bigger.

For you I present this baby bathtub.

20. Wash Cloths

Wash Cloths

I looooove these wash cloths, they are so stretchy and soft on baby. Just one of them can last forever and does great if you throw it in the washer.

Use them for more than just scrubbing that little chubby baby. As burp rags, to wipe up breast milk (because it will be everywhere) and to use as a heat rag if you get mastitis from breastfeeding.


How to Shower WITH your Newborn (ixnay the baby tub)

21. Bottles


If you decided to breastfeed or formula feed you will still need to use bottles. This is because you are going to want to have your partner do some of the feedings eventually so you could get some much needed sleep. I always recommend this bottle. You can read my honest review about it here.

Anti-colic design, you can sterilize in microwaveHas multiple parts to clean
Made for easy transitioning from breast to bottle 

22. Bibs


The Tommee Tippee catching bib is by far my favorite especially when little one is learning how to eat, baby led weaning, or starting any new foods. Kids are messy the cleanup doesn’t have to be.

Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding may be one of the hardest things you do as a new mother. Both you and baby are learning how to do this. It will be hard at first, it is not as easy as putting baby to your breast.

Best Thing For Breastfeeding (before & after pregnancy)
If you are really serious about learning how to breastfeed. You have to take this course by certified lactation consultant.

23. Nipple Pads

Nipple Pads

Nipple pads should be one thing you can put on your list (or buy yourself) because you will want them to be in your hospital bag, in your diaper bag and in your postpartum care kit.

Do not go anywhere without these nipple pads. Seriously. You’ve been advised.

24. Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast Milk Storage Bags

This is one item I add 3X to my registry. The more the merrier with breast milk storage bags.

Don’t feel embarrassed or weird about adding this item to your baby registry. It is something that you will use a lot of once you start breastfeeding or pumping.

Especially if you are going to be a breastfeeding working mother. Your registry is made to help you get what you need for this new delicate time in your life.

25. Nursing pillow

Nursing pillow

This particular nursing pillow can do more than just give you support as you breastfed. It can be used as a tummy time pillow for baby, as well as give baby back support when they are learning how to sit up.

26. Breast Pump

Breast Pump

I’ve always recommended that new moms get the Medela breast pump its what I used at first. Then I found the Elvie breast pump that makes pumping tolerable, easy and on the go without worries.

I seriously love it (and I hate pumping).

Can wear anytime, and pump anywhere without having to hook up to electric outletNot covered by most insurance carriers
Silent, wearable and technologically advanced (connects with your phone)Not made if you have a lot of breast milk

Baby Play & Learning items

It is critical that your little one start discovering and learning from the start. Let’s not make this the Ipad generation. You can check out the Top 5 Developmental Toys I used in my son’s first year. But here are the essential for those first few months of life.

27. Play Mat

Play Mat

The first on your list of play items should be a play mat. This is the center of your child’s exploration. This is where they will have tummy time, learn to crawl and eventually play with toys.

28. Tummy Time Play Mat

Tummy Time Play Mat

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick N Play is one of every child’s favorite. Especially when you do tummy time and they kick off and hit a piano note. It is very exciting!

Help develop baby’s muscles, sensory and tummy timeBase is a little difficult to assemble

29. Sit Me Up Chair

Sit Me Up Chair

The Sit Me Up Chair is a great little tool that will help develop and strengthen your little one. Just make sure they have good head control before placing them in this.

In conclusion, you really don’t need everything under the sun for a new baby. What you need are essential items that will last you. They also serve a purpose – to make life easier for new parents.

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The Most Wanted Top Baby Registry Items

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