The Best Developmental Toys for Infants

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Though they don’t do much when they’re super tiny little baby’s still need visual, emotional and physical stimulation to develop their senses and build strength.

It is hard to show your infant how to stimulate, learn and play. Sometimes you need a little help with toys and crafts to get them engaged. 

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The Best Developmental Toys for Infants 2+  Months

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the best toys for infants to develop learn and play

1. Vtech Music Book

the best developmental toys for infants two months and up is this Vtech music book. The visual, auditory, and textured books involves so many learning experiences for your infant.
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This item is in our number one spot because it can do so much. Not only is it a visual and auditory learning experience for your little one, it can also involve mom and dad. 

You can start to introduce this toy as soon as little one is born. At first you may find yourself reading the stories and singing along. 

Once your baby can sit up they will start pushing all the buttons, turning the pages, even biting the V-Tech Music Book. 

2. Taggies Blanket

taggies blanket that helps develop sensory in infants. It has ribbons and cotton that different texture help infants develop their senses.
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The Taggies blanket is a great sense developing toy. It can be used in so many ways it is amazing. 

It has soft satin ribbons all around a cushioned blanket. The ribbons are safe for baby to chew on and also cuddle with. 

They show baby different textures and they are just plain cute. 

3. Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo

The jumping jumperoo is a great way to stimulate your infant while also building up their leg, head and arm strength. As early as 4 months and as old as a year your little one will find so much usage from this best developmental toy for infants.

When my son was able to hold his head up on his own my husband purchased the Rainforest Jumperoo to give him more stimulation and strength.

It was easy to assemble, and can fold up to store, so if you have a small place (like we did) this item is great.

It comes with a volume adjuster, two sets of songs, and smaller toys around the base to help baby play.

This build’s your infants leg strength as well as hand-eye coordination. 

I started introducing this toy to my little guy by 5.5 months. 

4. Rock-A-Stack Bundle

This rock-a-stack bundle has to be one of our favorites on this list. Your newborn may not be able to play with it just yet buy you can bring it out and help them with it.

When they are just a few weeks old – you can name the colors and shapes as well as show them which rings are bigger and smaller.

As they get older (8-12 months you can show them show to stack, how to find shapes, color identification, building lessons, and even spacial recognition.

Keep practicing with them, sit on the floor when they are a little older and just play. You will help them so much.

5. Sassy Developmental Ball

The actual name of this ball is ‘sassy developmental ball‘ if that doesn’t tell you what this thing is capable of, I’ll definitely explain.

This little ball is probably one toy that can be used for months. It will keep your little babe entertained forever and a day. 

The high contrasting colors will help develop your little ones eyesight. The rattles and different textures will help with little one’s senses. 

The sassy developmental ball is one of Amazon's best selling sensory toys. Babies can bite, throw, rattle, and just stare at the sassy ball and they will be learning.

6. Wooden Maze Toy

They have these in doctor offices for a reason. The wooden maze toy is so great. Especially for infants who are just grasping everything around them.

You can introduce this toy as early as 8 months. It helps with things like math, spacial recognition, shape identification, colors, firsts, numbers, and hand eye coordination.

7. Car Seat Toy

Need a little help with your little one while they are in the car. Make sure you have one of these.

8. Play Mats

We are in love with this wooden style play mat by B. toys. It is so cute and helps baby do things like:

  • tummy time
  • stretching
  • kicking
  • holding self up
  • reaching
  • rolling over

9. Rain Glow Squeeze

The built in rattle with a teether is perfect for babies looking to put everything in their mouth. Teething baby wants to bite, hand them this.

Take things slow, introduce a new toy a few times before giving up. If baby doesn’t like it now – wait a few weeks and see if they will like it later.

How Can You Help Develop Your Baby With Play

Many parents are unsure what to do with their infant when it comes to play time. Your baby may be small but they are grasping everything you are showing them even in the first few months. 

  • You can do so much by singing
  • talking
  • holding your baby
  • and reading

In conclusion, you are the key factor to help baby play and develop mentally. You are the one providing the stimulation and the help your baby needs to grow and learn.

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the best developmental toys for infants
the best developmental toys for infants from 0-12 months, great for 2 months and up

The Best Developmental Toys For Infants

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