The Best Baby Car Mirrors 2019

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What Is A Baby Car Mirror And Do I Really Need One?

If you are looking for this years best baby car mirrors for the back seat you are in the right place. But you may be thinking is this something I really need, or is it just another thing to add to my baby registry?

Let me break it down for you really simple – yes you are going to need one and want one after going through this post.

In all honesty I’m writing this because when I purchased a baby car mirror the one I bought (which was very reasonably priced) melted when left in the car on a hot day (the plastic).

I couldn’t find reviews for these products and I wanted one that would last in California on 110 degree heat when left inside the car. So I decided to do my own research and I hope I can help you with my list of the best car mirrors I found that are top quality!

Let’s get right to it.

This post may contain affiliate links. For my full disclosure see here.

When Should I Install My Baby Car Mirror?

You should have the baby car mirror installed about the same time you install your newborns car seat. You want to do this even if you are going in the back seat with baby the first few trips and your partner is the one who is driving.

This way you have it installed, out of the way and you get used to using it before baby even arrives.

Okay, let’s get right into the very best back seat car mirrors for baby of this year.

The Best Baby Car Mirrors

1. Baby Car Mirror By So Peep

Baby Car Mirror By So Peep

You can install this baby car mirror by So Peep in 30 seconds. It is so easy that most of the reviews for this product are 5 stars.

All you have to do is slightly lift your headrest from the back seat to give you a way to put the strap around it.

Then you secure the straps in place in front of baby’s car seat and when you look in your rear-view mirror you will have a high quality picture image of baby.

Pros Cons
– Easy Installation
-Life time satisfaction protection
-Crash tested
-Shatter proof
-Less shaking on the road (than their competitors)
– Requires movable headrest
-Not suitable for cars with fixed headrest

2. Baby Car Mirror by DARVIQS

Baby Car Mirror by DARVIQS

The super light weight baby car mirror by DARVIQS is one we can back up. We love that is has super easy installation as well as a wide enough view for our backward facing baby’s.

You an also find that it is super easy to angle and move around just to get the perfect spot to see your child.

Pros Cons
– Shatter proof acrylic
– Wide view angle
– Safety certified and crash tested
– Fits almost all cars with an adjustable back seat headrest
– Requires movable headrest
-Not suitable for cars with fixed headrest

3. BLIP Baby Car Mirror

BLIP Baby Car Mirror

The baby back seat car mirror by BLIP is perfect for cars that have fixed headrest (different that the first two). That means you don’t have to have an adjustable headrest. It has a really cool swivel that allows you to turn the mirror 360 degrees to angle the way you’d like.

Pros Cons
– Shatter proof acrylic
– Wide view angle
– UV resistant straps (no fades here)

– No reviews to go off of
-No lifetime satisfaction guaranteed

4. O-Bee Baby Car Mirror For Rear Facing Car Seats

O-Bee Baby Car Mirror For Rear Facing Car Seats

The O-Bee Baby Car Mirror for rear facing car seats is great because it was made to last. The rounded edges and double stitched straps are made to last you as long as your child is rear facing.

Pros Cons
– Easy Installation
-Double stitched straps for maximum holding
-360 degree view
-Easily adjustable
-Has an almost universal fit in most cars, trucks and SUV’s
– Higher price point than most on this list
-Requires car to have headrests

5. Baby Bright: Baby Car Mirror With Light

Baby Bright: Baby Car Mirror With Light

The baby car mirror with light by Baby Bright is making it’s way up to our top spot. The design is simple and hooks up to your car very easily.

Pros Cons
– Easy Installation
-Soft light for night driving
-Life time satisfaction guaranteed
-Wide angle view
-High quality resolution in mirror
– Heavier product than most (still under 2 pounds)

6. Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

Shynerk Baby Car Mirrorbaby car seat mirror by shynerk one of the best brands for safety

The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror is highly rated by parents everywhere. It’s simple design and great high quality viewing mirror make it one of our top best mirrors for back seat baby viewing.

Pros Cons
– Wide view
-High resolution mirror
-Shatter proof
-Crash tested & certified
-360 adjustable view
-Requires headrest in back seat of cars in order to be displayed

7. Cozy Greens Mirror For Baby Car Seat

Cozy Greens Mirror For Baby Car Seatmirror for baby in the car seat by cozy greens brand

The mirror for baby in the car seat by Cozy Greens made it to our top ten spots because of its wide angle and easy installation. The mirror however doesn’t attach to cars with fixed headrests or without any headrests. Make sure you see the reviews for this one because you will find almost all 5 stars.

Pros Cons
– Easy installation
-Super wide convex mirror
-High strength acrylic
-Lifetime factory warranty
-Shatter proof
-Crash tested and certified
– Will only attach to cars with headrests
-Heavier than most on this list (still under 2 pounds)

8. Brica Firefly Baby-In-Sight Car Mirror

Brica Firefly Baby-In-Sight Car Mirrorbaby car mirror by brica firefly

The fun light me up baby car mirror is great if you have a fussy baby in the car. Give them the distraction while also being able to see them in the backward facing car seat.

Pros Cons
– Easy Installation
-Lights up, great for night driving
-Crash tested and certified
-Shatter proof
-Remote control lights and music from front seat
– Distracting for parents
-small view mirror
-quality is not the best like others mentioned here

9. Pikibu 180 mirror for kids

Pikibu 180 mirror for kids

If you need a wider view of your kids in the back seat then this Mirror for kids by Pikibu is the one you want to go with. It is made to be used as your dashboard mirror instead of your standard car one. This way you get more a full view of the whole car.

Pros Cons
– Easy Installation
-Great when kids are bigger
– Not for backward facing car seats
-Use to view children in forward facing car seats

10. Baby Mirror For Car By Lusso Gear

Baby Mirror For Car By Lusso Gear

The baby mirror for your car by Lusso Gear is one of our favorites. It is said to be the MVP of car mirrors for your baby. It is very secure, light weight and requires less than a minute of installation.

What is even better – if you do not have a middle seat head rest (and that is where you put baby’s car seat) you can just put the mirror on the side head rests and angle it towards baby’s car seat.

Pros Cons
– Easy Installation
-No shaking while driving
-Light weight
-Can be moved to adjust angle of baby
-Crash tested
-Requires car to have back seat head rests

11. Car Mirror By Cixi

Car Mirror By Cixi

The baby car mirror by Cixi children‘s products is awesome because of its versatile adjustment to most vehicles without reducing safety.

Pros Cons
– No shaking while driving
-Closer view of baby’s face
-Made with shatter proof acrylic for lasting maintenance
-Light weight
-Harder to install than most on this list

12. Baby & Mom: Back Seat Mirror

Baby & Mom: Back Seat Mirror

Baby & Mom brand back seat car mirror for baby is rated number one in satisfaction. The view is large enough if you have twins or two young children in the back seat that you can view both of them from the front seats.

Pros Cons
– Wide angle convex mirror
-High strength acrylic
-No fog
-Plastic around mirror doesn’t bend if left in sun
-Best in price
-Straps seem to come loose after months of use

That’s it you guys the top 12 best baby car mirrors that will assure you are close to your baby even when you have to drive by yourself.

If you have further questions about an individual product make sure you click through to the product and see if your question has been answered in the review section of the product.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Car Seat Mirror For Baby

I know you just went through this amazing guide and you are ready to purchase your favorite back seat car mirror to see your little one as you drive. Before you do let’s go over some of the most asked questions we get about these products.

Are They Safe To Have In The Car With Baby?

The short answer yes they are. The longer answer is – this product can help as you are driving and notice baby doing something unusual like barfing on themselves, turning blue, chocking, or just is they are crying.

By being able to see this instead of thinking baby is just sleeping – you can easily pull over and attend to your baby.

They are also safe because almost all of these products have been tested by car companies to assure the quality of the mirror is safe and shatter proof if you are ever in an accident.

What To Look For In A Baby Car Mirror

The safety features should be the first thing you should look for when buying a car mirror that will be used to see your baby in the back seat.

You’ll want to do check the safety features by seeing the manufactuer instructions and seeing if they have been tested by car companies or third party companies for safety and durability. *or you can see the list above because I already went through and did the research for you*

Durability should be another key feature in what to look for in a baby car mirror. This way you know if you need to get one every few years or if you can keep yours for your child’s entire childhood.

Shatter Proof – you want this item to be safe when you are driving and if anything were to happen (car accident, etc..) you want to know that it is not going to shatter and go on your baby or in the back seat of the car.

High resolution view – you need this mirror to display an image as clear as day to make sure you can see your baby clearly.

Car specific – if you can find a car seat mirror for the back seat for baby that is specific for your car you can rest assured that your mirror will last longer and be in better shape.

How Much Of Baby’s Car Seat Can A Car Mirror Show?

Depending on which back seat car mirror you get – some display a greater range of view than others. Some focus the mirror just on baby and a little of the car seat while others have a bigger view and you can see more of what is going on in the back seat.

How Do I Install A Baby Car Mirror?

You can follow the directions of your specific car seat mirror to make sure that you have installed it correctly. Normally the mirror will come with straps that you can place on the back head rest of the back seat and position it to face the car seat.

While others will need extra installation needs.

Where Can I Purchase A Car Mirror For The Back Seat To View Baby?

You can find all the ones we mentioned above on amazon, just simply click any image or link to find the one you want. Other places that have these awesome items are Walmart, Target and other baby places.

You can also add this item to your baby registry and have your guest buy it for you.

Will Any Baby Car Seat Mirror Work In My Car?

In short the answer is no, some back seat baby car mirrors only work on certain cars. For example some will only be used in cars with a head rest in the back seat.

Make sure you check that the one you purchase will work for your car before adding it to your cart.

Will I Only Use It When Baby Is Rear Facing?

No, you can keep using the mirror as long as you drive with your children in the back seat. This will give you a good view when your child is older or you have more children in the car that you can see.

In conclusion, we have gathered the best baby car seat mirrors and have gone into detail on our favorite features as well as any cons that the mirror might posses. We want you to feel and drive safely with your newborn in the car and keep using the mirror over the years as your child grows.

Which car seat mirror have you used, or plan to use? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Best Baby Car Mirrors

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