A New Moms Guide to Strollers

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The Ultimate Guide to Strollers – All You Need to know to get the best Stroller for your family

When you’re an expecting first-time mom there is not much you know about strollers, bottles, or types of diaper rash creams.

These types of things take time to learn. Luckily for you, we have the ultimate guide for first-time parents to get the perfect stroller the first time around. No more wondering if you got the safest, fastest & stylish stroller.

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What to look for in a Stroller


How long does the average stroller last?  You want one that will last at least 3 years or so without becoming worn, torn, or broken by the time your baby is a toddler. The durability of your stroller also depends on how often you use it. The first few months you may find that you use it more, then when the baby starts to walk you might notice you use the stroller and car seat travel system less. You may also find yourself getting a smaller stroller when your child starts to grow. It all accounts in the durability section.


Not only do you want to look for a stroller that you don’t mind rolling with for a few years. Pun intended. You also want one that will fit your style needs. Is your family an outdoors family, do you live in a big city where compact strollers are more accessible? Do you plan on having twins, another pregnancy, or adoption consecutive to this one? What is your style? Find the answer to this and the stroller you are looking for will come to you.


 When is to much too much? A good rule of thumb is to take into account the other elements, will it last, does it come with accessories, can it be versatile, will it fit in my car? The price plays a role in all these things. The more gadgets the heftier the price. Keep in mind that a bigger price could mean a sturdier, more luxurious stroller but it may not always be your best bet depending again on your lifestyle. 

How to compare Strollers

Look at reviews / Word of Mouth

The best thing you can do if you are really interested in one stroller is looked at different reviews across different platforms. If you find the stroller you love on Target and it doesn’t have any reviews, look for that same stroller on Amazon. You may find more reviews and more pictures with a review. Remember people leave reviews for two reasons: 1 – they absolutely hated something or 2- they absolutely loved it.

Go on YouTube

You may find yourself browsing your local baby store only to find the stroller wheel is attached to a hook or you can only see the picture on the box. How do you know if that stroller will glide easily, fit your phone in the tray or if it’s the right color you want. Search the stroller’s name in the YouTube search box and watch parents do reviews or for instructional videos.

Use this Guide 

We’ve done the reviews, we’ve looked on YouTube, and we talked to other moms, below you will find the top four strollers of 2018 that got the best reviews, and were raved about by other new mamas.  This guide to the best baby strollers of 2018 will help you find the stroller you are looking for this year!

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The 4 Strollers Moms Are Loving in 2018

1. The Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

This stroller is one of my favorite strollers. It makes going out so easy and so stylish too. The Ergobaby 180 Stroller is unlike any stroller you’ve seen. This great design allows you to rotate the handle. If your baby is facing out you can easily move the handle without switching baby and now you will be facing baby and can easily calm, soothe and look at your new bundle of joy.

Durability: The stroller is made to go from newborn stage to toddlerhood. This means you can seat it with a car seat and then later use just the frame stroller. This should be able to last you 3-4 years with proper care and attention.

Style: A simple design is sure to make all the moms look and want it. The sleek black color and the reclined seat make it cute and comfy for mom and baby. Folds easily and isn’t too bulky. It has a flower bed where you can have extra storage. It has a great four-wheel drive making it easy to use on dirt terrain or city walks.

Price: 399.99 this stroller is sure to last, in style and years!

Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

2. Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller (stroller and car seat combo)

Although it did come out in 2017 the Britax Stroller had to be added to this 2018 edition of Best Strollers for Baby. The sleek design and easy ability to move made this stroller our number two pick.

Durability: The stroller alone is 18 pounds and the car seat is about 20 pounds. It is a very heavy stroller but it is made to last. This stroller is great if your family travels a lot. The car seat can easily be moved from the stroller making it convenient to go with the baby. Did we mention it is one of the best baby travel systems even in 2018!

Style: The Britax B-agile Stroller comes in many different colors and has lots of different accessories that can be added to it. It has a lower basket making it easy to carry more items. Just keep in mind that this stroller is already heavy.

Price: 150-400 The range in price is due to color choice, and accessories that can be added or removed. The stand-alone stroller without the car seat starts at $150 with the car seat you are looking at $250-400. The system pictured below is currently $319 for the combo of stroller and car seat on Amazon right now!

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3. UppaBaby Vista 2018 Stroller

This is the stroller that took our hearts away. Not only did it hit every point we were looking for it also left us in awe of its beauty. Seriously this is one adorable, functioning stroller. We loved the design, the stylish bassinet and all the great accessories that could be added to it.

UppaBaby Vista 2018 Stroller


Durability: Made to last from newborn to infant to toddler. The great feature of this stylish stroller is that it is a car seat and stroller combo as well as a luxury stroller. The material is made to withstand rain, dirt, goldfish, and vomit. You can easily clean this stroller by wiping it down and soaking it with soap and water. Letting it air dry. The wheels are made of plastic but act like a great rubber wheel.

Style: Probably the best-looking stroller on the market, it easily converts to a bassinet feature which is adorable. It gets more looks than the baby. It has a leather handlebar, for easier grip. The new 2018 version has a bigger bassinet. The undercarriage is XL to hold blankets, diaper bags, or snacks. This is a big stroller and it allows you to use it while it grows with your baby.

Price: 929.99-899.99 a bit on the expensive side but it is probably the most durable and adorable stroller for 2018. Modern momming is made easy with this stroller. If you can get your hands on this stroller I’d hold on tight and not let go.

4. Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller

Twin mamas, we did not leave you out. The Uppababy G-Link is one of our adored and stylish twin strollers. You can also use it if you have two little ones not necessarily for twins.

Durability: The Uppababy G-Link is made to last from 6 months and up. It does not come with a car seat option and it does not function for newborns. It is made for baby’s who can hold their head up. You can make sure this stroller will last you for a few years.

Style: Sleek, not too big for a double, small undercarriage. Folds easily, but does take up a bit of room. Pushes smoothly, and each seat adjusts to being inclined individually. This means if one falls asleep you can put them down while the other baby can go on looking at the world. Comes in 3 different colors. The stroller is also designed without a bar handle. It has two separate handles so you cannot add extra bar handle accessories.

Price: 399.99 For a Double this is a great price

Now that you have a few suggestions on our favorite strollers of 2018. You can now know what to look for in your stroller purchasing endeavors. It isn’t to late to hop on Amazon and create a baby registry where you add one of these strollers!! Have your family and friends chip in and get you you’re favorite stroller!

Affordable Strollers

Now if you loved those four strollers above but the price tag on those amazing strollers had you do a double take. Don’t worry mama we got you. The is the Ultimate Guide to Strollers of course.. Now that we have our four favorite strollers listed above we do want to tell you about our favorite affordable strollers.

Cheap Baby Strollers

1.  Baby Trendz Easy Ride

This stroller is a great jogger stroller that comes with a car seat. The combo and price for the stroller put it on our number one for affordable baby strollers.

Durability: This stroller is great because it comes with a durable car seat that can be used since birth and up to 50 pounds. That means well into toddlerhood. The stroller is also made with adjustable seats making it durable for years to come.

Style: Four wheels but the top two wheels are closer together resembling a 3 wheel jogger stroller. It has a large lower basket making it great to store baby items.

Price: Starting at $139 this combo car seat and stroller is a great price! See the great baby car seat and stroller system below.

2. Evenflo Vive Travel System

Not only does this Evenflo baby strollers travel system come with many accessories, but it also features a lovely design. You can change the design and see the different prices you can get with less design or more design.

Durability: This stroller can be used since birth with the car seat in place. Once the baby is old enough you can remove the car seat and seat the baby in the stroller. The stroller itself has a 3-5 point harness that can also be reclined to adjust to your baby’s preferred comfort.

Style: Our favorite feature of this stroller is the style aspect. It has amazing components that come with the stroller at no extra charge making it a real value. The large basket, the forward tray, and the large canopy make it a great stylish counterpart to the durable car seat that comes with a base!

Price: Starting at $135.51 (on amazon right now) this is the best value for the amount you get with this stroller.

3. Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

This is a stand-alone stroller. It does not come with a car seat system. However, this stroller is rated Number 1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.

Durability: The stroller is made for children who can hold their heads up, as no car seat option is available. We love this stroller because it is durable and made with anti-shock front wheels. Making your use of the stroller easy as can be.

Style: The all-black design is great for boys and girls. It has a large canopy overhead making sure your little one is protected by the sun. It can also accommodate children up to 50 pounds.

Price: You are looking at spending $63 on this Amazon Best Seller.

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Looking for the best baby strollers or the best baby stroller travel system? Click through and see why these 3 things are critical when buying a new stroller. You need to know what to look for before you buy! Check out our best strollers and our favorite affordable strollers.

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