A New Moms Guide to Strollers

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When you’re an expecting first time mom there is not much you know about strollers, bottles, or types of diaper rash creams.

These types of things take time to learn. Luckily for you, we have the ultimateguide for first time parents to get the perfect stroller the first time around. No more wondering if you got the safest, fastest, & stylish stroller.

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What to look for in a Stroller

Durability: How long does the average stroller last?  You want one that will last at least 4 years or so without becoming worn, torn, or toddler tornado broken. If you look for a stroller to use over a year you want one that can accommodate newborns and toddlers. 

Style: If they asked me to get the ugliest stroller but promised it would last 10 years, and it was cheap. I’d still say NO. I know its shallow but were moms, were already lugging around adorable babies might as well look great doing it with a cute stroller, or at least one with great aesthetics in mind. 

Price: When is to much too much? A good rule of thumb is, to take into account the other elements, will it last, is it stylish, can it be verstile, will it fit in my car? The price plays a role in all these things. The more gadgets the heftier the price, but keep in mind that a bigger price could mean a sturdier, more luxurious stroller.

Mobility: Are you a city momma or a dirt terrain momma? Maybe both! Will you use the stroller to jog around the neighborhood, or use it only when you go out of town? Keep in mind that bigger strollers can do better in all sorts of terrain but might take up all the space in your trunk. A skinnier, lighter stroller may be less bulky but may not be suitable to go everywhere you need it to go.

Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

How to compare Strollers

Look at reviews: I spent hours looking at reviews on different website for the same stroller, I was convinced that I loved the stroller only to find parents across multiple platforms hate it because it made a squeaky noise, and after a few months the wheels were worn and didn’t work. So I kept looking until I found the perfect one!

Go on YouTube: For full tutorials on strollers – nothing better than seeing the stroller in action! So many parents have had reviews, demonstrations, and set up instructions for strollers. Just search the strollers name in the youtube search box and get a detailed look at the stroller you are considering buying.

Word of mouth: What are your mom friends using, what do they love or hate about it. Nothing is greater than word of mouth, it’s like real time reviews from people you trust! 

Use this Guide: We’ve done the reviews, we’ve looked on youtube, and we talked to other moms, below you will find the top four strollers of 2018 that got the best reviews, and were raved about by other new mommas.

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The 4 Strollers Moms Are Loving in 2018

1. The Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

Durability: The stroller is made to go from newborn stage to toddlerhood. This means you can seat it with a car seat and then later use just the frame stroller.

Style: A simple design is sure to make all the moms look, and want it. The sleek black color, and the reclined seat make it cute and comfy for mom and baby. Folds easily and isn’t to bulky.

Price: 399.99 this stroller is sure to last, in style and years!

Mobility: The four large wheels make it versatile on all terrain. Go from city to dirt path walks at the park in ease.

Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

2. Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller

Durability: Its made for toddlers, or babies who can hold their head up on their own. No car seat availabilty

Style: The 3 wheel drive makes it a jogger stroller, it is available in many different colors but the black & silver are the most popular. It folds easily but it does take up a bit of room.

Price: 150-300 The range in price is due to color choice, and accessories that can be added or removed. As a jogger stroller it still has lots of storage space making it a great at the park, or workout for mom stroller.

Mobility: The three wheel design can take you anywhere with ease but be mindful of bumps in the road.

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3. UppaBaby Vista 2018 Stroller

The Uppababy bassinet stroller converts easily to newborn fashionable stroller to infant beauty.

Durability: Made to last from newborn to infant to toddler

Style: Probably the best looking stroller on the market, it easily converts to a bassinet feature which is adorable, and gets more looks than the baby, then when the baby is a bit bigger switch over to the actual seat. It has a leather handle bar, for easier grip. The new 2018 version has a bigger bassinet. The undercarriage is XL to hold blankets, diaper bags or snacks.

Price: 929.99-899.99 a bit on the expensive side but it is probably the most durable and adorable for 2018. Modern momming made easy with this stroller.

Mobility: The newly redesigned wheels make it easier than ever to go on all terrains. The front wheel now matches the back wheels for design and mobility purposes.

4. Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller

Durability: No car seat option, made for twins, or babies in around the same age span. Can easily be made for an older toddler and a little infant.

Style: Sleek, not to big for a double, small undercarriage. Folds easily, but does take up a bit of room. Pushes smoothly, and each seat adjusts to be inclined individually. This means if one falls asleep you can put them down while the other baby can go on looking at the world. Comes in 3 different colors.

Price: 399.99 For a Double this is a great price

Mobility: Can easily maneuver all terrains. Made for family outings.

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