100+ Unique Boy Names that start with O and their meanings

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Discover the charm of Boy Names that start with O! Dive into a treasure trove of unique names and their meanings in our latest roundup.

Ah, the letter O! It stands tall, perfectly round, exuding an air of completeness and elegance. Names beginning with this opulent letter often have an air of sophistication, combined with a touch of the exotic. When you’re looking to christen a little champ, “O” might just be your go-to alphabet!

Naming your kiddo is no small feat. It’s that magical label they’ll be stuck with while scaling mountains or maybe just the jungle gym. So, we know you want it to be perfect!

Trust me, we’ve rolled up our sleeves for this one. After browsing (read: obsessing over) 37 websites and burning the midnight oil for countless hours, we’ve curated this list. It’s not just about the names, but the stories they tell, the legacy they hold.

So, here’s to O – not just a letter, but a world of potential and promise!

3-Letter or Shorter Boy Names Starting with O

1. Oli

   – Meaning: Short form of Oliver.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Oli Sykes, lead vocalist of the band Bring Me the Horizon.

2. Oz

   – Meaning: Strength, powerful.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Ozzy Osbourne, legendary rock musician.

3. Obi

   – Meaning: Heart.

   – Origin: Igbo.

   – Notable Person: Obi Mikel, Nigerian professional footballer.

4. Odo

   – Meaning: Wealthy protector.

   – Origin: Germanic.

   – Notable Person: Odo, a character from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

5. Ore

   – Meaning: Wealth.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

   – Notable Person: Ore Oduba, British television presenter.

6. Ono

   – Meaning: Field or shore.

   – Origin: Japanese.

   – Notable Person: While “Ono” might remind many of Yoko Ono, it is also a masculine name.

7. Oda

   – Meaning: Little pointed one.

   – Origin: Norse.

   – Notable Person: Eiichiro Oda, the mangaka behind “One Piece”.

8. Olu

   – Meaning: God’s gift.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

   – Notable Person: Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria.

9. Ojo

   – Meaning: Rainy day.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

   – Notable Person: Although no top-tier entertainment figure carries this name, it’s rich in cultural significance.

10. Ogi

   – Meaning: Small.

   – Origin: Slavic.

   – Notable Person: No significant figure in the entertainment sector, but it’s an adorable name option!

11. Obo

   – Meaning: Musical instrument.

   – Origin: African.

   – Notable Person: Given its musical origin, no notable person in the entertainment sector, but a unique choice!

12. Oke

   – Meaning: Hill or ascent.

   – Origin: English.

13. Omo

   – Meaning: Child.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

14. Ory

   – Meaning: Gold.

   – Origin: Basque.

15. Otu

   – Meaning: Outside.

   – Origin: Akan (Ghana).

16. Owe

   – Meaning: Heritage.

   – Origin: Norse.

17. Ozo

   – Meaning: Messenger.

   – Origin: Igbo.

18. Ops

   – Meaning: Wealth.

   – Origin: Roman.

19. Obe

   – Meaning: Servant.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

20. Oru

   – Meaning: To row or paddle.

   – Origin: Maori.

4-Letter Boy Names Starting with O

1. Oleg

   – Meaning: Holy, Blessed.

   – Origin: Russian.

   – Notable Person: Oleg Cassini, fashion designer.

2. Omar

   – Meaning: Speaker; flourishing, long-lived.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Omar Sy, French actor.

3. Owen

   – Meaning: Young warrior.

   – Origin: Welsh.

   – Notable Person: Owen Wilson, American actor and comedian.

4. Oran

   – Meaning: Little pale green one.

   – Origin: Irish.

   – Notable Person: Oran “Juice” Jones, American singer.

5. Oslo

   – Meaning: Named after the capital of Norway.

   – Origin: Norwegian.

   – Notable Person: Not a known figure with this name, but it holds geographic significance.

6. Otto

   – Meaning: Wealth, Fortune.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Otto Preminger, film director.

7. Olin

   – Meaning: Holly.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Olin Stephens, yacht designer.

8. Odon

   – Meaning: Fiery.

   – Origin: Hungarian.

   – Notable Person: Not a specific notable figure, but a unique name.

9. Oren

   – Meaning: Pine tree.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Oren Peli, filmmaker known for “Paranormal Activity”.

10. Oris

   – Meaning: From the Orient.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Not directly linked to a famous personality but denotes a sense of worldly charm.

11. Ober

   – Meaning: From the wealthy man’s mountain.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Ober Gatlinburg, a ski resort and amusement park in Tennessee.

12. Olen

   – Meaning: Holly.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Olen Steinhauer, American writer known for his spy fiction.

13. Oxon

   – Meaning: From Oxford.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: A term for University of Oxford alumni.

14. Oaks

   – Meaning: Near the oak trees.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Represents the oak tree, a symbol of strength.

15. Orby

   – Meaning: Farm near the shore.

   – Origin: Norse.

   – Notable Person: Orby Head, a notable geographical location in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

16. Obie

   – Meaning: Servant of God.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Obie Trice, American rapper.

17. Odil

   – Meaning: Wealthy.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Unique and rare name, no specific notable figure.

18. Ojal

   – Meaning: Vision.

   – Origin: Sanskrit.

   – Notable Person: Name with cultural depth, not linked to a particular figure.

19. Ozer

   – Meaning: Strength.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Carries a powerful meaning, not linked to a particular figure.

20. Omid

   – Meaning: Hope.

   – Origin: Persian.

   – Notable Person: Omid Djalili, British stand-up comedian and actor.

Five-Letter Boy Names Starting with O

1. Oscar

   – Meaning: God’s spear; Champion warrior.

   – Origin: Irish.

   – Notable Person: Oscar Wilde, renowned Irish poet, and playwright.

2. Orion

   – Meaning: Rising in the sky; Dawning.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Orion was a mighty hunter in Greek mythology.

3. Ollie

   – Meaning: Olive tree.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Ollie Locke, English reality television personality.

4. Omari

   – Meaning: God the highest.

   – Origin: Swahili.

   – Notable Person: Omari Hardwick, American actor.

5. Omaro

   – Meaning: Flourishing.

   – Origin: Variation of Omar.

   – Notable Person: Omaro Mukhtar, a variant name for the famous Libyan revolutionary leader.

6. Orson

   – Meaning: Bear cub.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Orson Welles, renowned American actor and filmmaker.

7. Odell

   – Meaning: Woad hill.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Odell Beckham Jr., American football player.

8. Oniel

   – Meaning: God is gracious.

   – Origin: Variant of Neal/Neil.

   – Notable Person: Oniel Fisher, Jamaican footballer.

9. Orlan

   – Meaning: The one who hails from Orleans.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Orlan, French artist.

10. Odion

   – Meaning: First of twins.

   – Origin: African.

   – Notable Person: Odion Ighalo, Nigerian footballer.

11. Owain

   – Meaning: Born of yew; youth.

   – Origin: Welsh.

   – Notable Person: Owain Glyndŵr, last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales.

12. Oxley

   – Meaning: Ox meadow.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Oxley is more recognized as a surname or a place name.

13. Osher

   – Meaning: Happiness.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Osher Günsberg, Australian television presenter.

14. Orvin

   – Meaning: Brave friend.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Not directly tied to a famous person but offers a strong meaning.

15. Oziel

   – Meaning: Strength from God.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Oziel Tapia, Mexican silversmith.

16. Osman

   – Meaning: Tender youth.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire.

17. Osten

   – Meaning: From the east.

   – Origin: Norse.

   – Notable Person: More recognized as a surname.

18. Osmar

   – Meaning: Glorious.

   – Origin: Germanic.

   – Notable Person: Osmar Donizete, Brazilian footballer.

19. Osias

   – Meaning: Salvation.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Recognized more historically in Biblical contexts.

20. Ovidi

   – Meaning: Shepherd.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Ovidi Montllor, Spanish singer and actor.

21. Owais

   – Meaning: A companion of the Prophet.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Owais Mughal, prominent writer.

22. Onkar

   – Meaning: God’s name.

   – Origin: Sikh.

   – Notable Person: Onkar Nath Srivastava, Indian physicist.

23. Osric

   – Meaning: Godly ruler.

   – Origin: Anglo-Saxon.

   – Notable Person: Osric Chau, Canadian actor.

24. Orvel

   – Meaning: Golden town.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Orvel Ray Wilson, co-author of the “Guerrilla Marketing” series.

25. Orley

   – Meaning: Meadow at the trees.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Orley Ashenfelter, American economist.

Longer Boy Names Starting with O

1. Olivier

   – Meaning: Olive tree.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Sir Laurence Olivier, a renowned British actor.

2. Osvaldo

   – Meaning: God’s power.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Osvaldo Ardiles, former professional footballer.

3. Orlando

   – Meaning: Famous land.

   – Origin: Italian/Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Orlando Bloom, British actor known for “The Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

4. Odysseus

   – Meaning: Angry man.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Main character in Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.”

5. Octavio

   – Meaning: Eighth.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Octavio Paz, a Mexican poet, and diplomat.

6. Oberon

   – Meaning: Noble or bearlike.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: A character in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

7. Othello

   – Meaning: Prosperous.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Main character in Shakespeare’s play “Othello.”

8. Ottaviano

   – Meaning: Eighth.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Ottaviano Petrucci, an Italian printer.

9. Owain

   – Meaning: Young warrior.

   – Origin: Welsh.

   – Notable Person: Owain Glyndwr, a Welsh ruler.

10. Octavian

   – Meaning: Eighth.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Name of Augustus before he became the Roman Emperor.

11. Octavius

   – Meaning: The eighth.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Name of several Roman emperors and leaders.

12. Osmund

   – Meaning: God’s protection.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Osmund of Sussex, medieval bishop.

13. Orlandino

   – Meaning: Little famous land.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Character in the epic poem “Orlando Furioso.”

14. Osbourne

   – Meaning: God bear.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Kelly Osbourne, British singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter, and fashion designer.

15. Oleksandr

   – Meaning: Defender of the people.

   – Origin: Ukrainian.

   – Notable Person: Oleksandr Usyk, Ukrainian professional boxer.

16. Oriolus

   – Meaning: Golden.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Oriolus Lernould, an ornithologist known for his extensive work on the Oriolus genus of birds.

17. Osmondric

   – Meaning: God’s protection and power.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A rare name, no notable person in the entertainment industry.

18. Olympios

   – Meaning: From Olympus.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Reference to the ancient Greek gods living on Mount Olympus.

19. Osmond

   – Meaning: God’s protection.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Mentioned earlier in this list, Osmund of Sussex.

20. Orestes

   – Meaning: Mountain man.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Character in Greek mythology, son of Agamemnon.

21. Osiris

   – Meaning: With strong eyesight.

   – Origin: Egyptian.

   – Notable Person: Egyptian god of the afterlife.

Name Trends and Popularity with the Letter O

Ah, the mesmerizing allure of the letter “O”! This circular, open-ended character is not just the cheer of surprise, but also the starting letter of some of the most outstanding names in the baby-naming universe.

The letter “O” has always managed to keep a suave, mysterious vibe. From the musical beats of “Oliver” to the lyrical lull of “Orlando,” names starting with “O” have that old-world charm mixed with modern-day flair. They bring to mind vast oceans, the enigmatic outer space, and even evoke feelings of wonder and amazement. Just think about it – how often do we exclaim, “Oh!” when amazed?

Names that start with “O” have always had a bit of magic about them. They carry a global appeal, cropping up in different cultures and languages, each adding its unique spin. The increasing trend of embracing multiculturalism has, in fact, led many parents to seek out names with international flair. Thus, names like “Osiris” from Egyptian mythology or “Odysseus” from Greek epics have found their way into contemporary naming lists.

Pop culture, too, has its role to play. Thanks to celebrities and fictional characters, names like “Owen” (thanks, Owen Wilson!) or “Odin” (all hail, Norse mythology and Marvel comics) have seen a revival.

Final Thoughts

The naming journey is as unique as the names themselves. As you dive deep into the ocean of “O” names, remember, it’s about finding that one name that clicks. That one name that makes you go, “Oh! That’s the one.”

Choosing a name isn’t just a tick on the baby preparation list; it’s like composing a song where each syllable, each note, matters. It’s crafting the very first chapter of your child’s story, setting the tone for the adventures ahead.

Whether you’re enchanted by “Orpheus,” intrigued by “Oslo,” or simply in love with the simplicity of “Otis,” make sure it’s a name that sings to you, resonates with your hopes and dreams for your little one, and encapsulates all the love you feel.

Remember, in the world of names, trends will come and go, but the story and feeling a name imparts last a lifetime. So, happy naming, dear reader! May the “O” be ever in your favor.

FAQs on 100+ Unique Boy Names That Start With O

1. Q: What are some unique boy names that start with ‘O’?

A: Names like Osiris, Orlando, Onyx, and Oberon are unique and start with the letter ‘O’.

2. Q: How do I choose a unique ‘O’ name for my son?

A: Consider factors like meaning, origin, cultural significance, and how it sounds with your last name.

3. Q: Are there ‘O’ names from different cultures?

A: Absolutely! Names like Omri (Hebrew), Oleg (Russian), and Osman (Turkish) all originate from different cultures.

4. Q: How have pop culture and celebrities influenced ‘O’ names?

A: Characters and celebrities like Owen Wilson and Odysseus from Greek epics have popularized certain ‘O’ names.

5. Q: Are there any short ‘O’ names for boys?

A: Yes, names like Otis, Ozzy, and Ollie are short and start with ‘O’.

6. Q: Can I find ‘O’ names with historical or mythological significance?

A: Certainly! Names like Odin from Norse mythology and Orpheus from Greek tales have rich histories.

7. Q: Why should I consider a unique name starting with ‘O’?

A: Unique ‘O’ names stand out, are memorable, and often carry special meanings or cultural significance.

8. Q: How do ‘O’ names sound with common last names?

A: ‘O’ names generally have a harmonious and melodious quality, making them versatile with most last names.

9. Q: Are there modern or trendy ‘O’ names for boys?

A: Yes, names like Oakley, Orion, and Ozlo have gained popularity in recent times.

10. Q: Do ‘O’ names have specific meanings in numerology?

A: In numerology, each letter corresponds to a number. The letter ‘O’ relates to the number 6, which is often associated with responsibility, protection, and nurturing.

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