10 Affordable Pregnancy Books For The First Time Mom

cheap books for expecting parents. baby books pregnancy books

The Best Pregnancy Books For First Time Parents (that are super cheap) Are you looking for some good affordable pregnancy books? Wondering what type of book you and your partner can read together? Some of these affordable books are also some of the top rated pregnancy books on Amazon!  Get the info you want and … Read more

2 Things that will Make Your Nursery Always Smell Fresh

Did you walk into your nursery and take a whiff only to find a scent of poopy diaper and burning candle? Yeah poop and candles don’t mix. You want that whiff of yours to be a smell of a clean baby, a fresh scent, a relaxing odor. At least I know that’s what other’s want … Read more

5 tips for when you feel disappointed in your labor

what to do when you feel disppointed in your labor

Today we are sharing a wonderful guest post by our friend Rachel Maree, if you would like to learn more about Rachel after reading her post, we have included her social links & author bio down below! Let us know what you think about her guest post!  This post may contain affiliate links. For my … Read more

Third Trimester To Do List To Prepare For Baby

person with pregnant belly in third trimester grabbing their stomach with both hands as the belly does not have a shirt

Everything To Get Done (without feeling overwhelmed) Your third trimester to-do list is going to need some updating, especially if you want your postpartum recovery to be easier. By doing these things you will help your future self with things like: meals, baby care, your relationship ready for baby and your sanity. Having a comfortable … Read more

10 Tips For NICU Parents To Connect With Baby

Wondering how you are going to survive the NICU, it is a stressful and scary trip that those strong parents and babys endure. Click Through and get our top 10 tips for having baby in the NICU & staying healthy and sane

You are discharged from the hospital, your husband pulls the car onto the hospital driveway. You get into the passenger seat and you drive away. You’re heart breaks a little each mile you go further from the hospital. You want to yell at your husband to turn the car around so you could run into … Read more