100+ Unique Girl Names that Start with F and their Meanings

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Dive into a curated list of 100+ Girl Names that Start with F for your precious girl, all beginning with the fabulous letter F!

The fantastic and feisty letter F! While it’s not the first letter in the alphabet, for many parents-to-be, it’s the number one choice when picking a name for their little girl. Names starting with F are a blend of fun, fierce, and fabulous. They’re not just fancy first letters; they hold deep meanings and stories. After filtering through countless websites and spending hours researching, we’ve compiled a list that’s truly F-antastic! So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect ‘F’ name, you’ve found the right spot. Let’s flutter through this list together!

3-Letter or Shorter Girl Names Starting with F

1. Fay

   – Meaning: Fairy.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Fay Wray, iconic actress best known for “King Kong.”

2. Fia

   – Meaning: Wild or weaver.

   – Origin: Italian/Swedish.

   – Notable Person: No widely recognized celebrities with this name, but it’s unique and chic!

3. Fez

   – Meaning: A type of hat.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Fez is a character from the TV show “That ’70s Show.”

4. Fae

   – Meaning: Another variation of fairy.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Fae Ellington, Jamaican media personality and educator.

5. Flo

   – Meaning: Short for Florence, meaning blossoming.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Flo, the fictional salesperson from the Progressive commercials.

6. Fen

   – Meaning: Marsh.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Fen is unique, not many celebs, but perfect for nature-loving parents.

7. Fio

   – Meaning: Short for Fiorella, meaning little flower.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Still under the radar, making it a distinctive choice.

8. Fil

   – Meaning: Lover of horses.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Not commonly known in the celebrity world, but it’s a fresh take on Phil.

9. Fan

   – Meaning: Short for Frances, meaning free one.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Fan Bingbing, renowned Chinese actress.

10. Fee

   – Meaning: Fairy.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Still pretty unique in the spotlight, so your girl might just set the trend!

11. Fu

   – Meaning: Wealth or lotus.

   – Origin: Chinese.

   – Notable Person: A common component in Chinese names but stands unique on its own.

12. Fyl

   – Meaning: A creative spin on Phil or Fylis.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Not widely recognized, waiting for its spotlight.

13. Fet

   – Meaning: Joy.

   – Origin: Norse.

   – Notable Person: Still a hidden gem in the naming world.

14. Fon

   – Meaning: Rain.

   – Origin: Thai.

   – Notable Person: Yet to make a splash in the entertainment world, but who knows?

15. Fum

   – Meaning: A rare name without a set meaning.

   – Origin: Unknown.

   – Notable Person: Yet to be discovered in the celeb realm.

16. Fiz

   – Meaning: A modern invented name.

   – Origin: Modern.

   – Notable Person: Ideal for parents looking for a unique and snazzy name.

17. Fru

   – Meaning: Fruitful.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: A quirky choice yet to hit the mainstream.

18. Fei

   – Meaning: To fly.

   – Origin: Chinese.

   – Notable Person: Fei Fei Sun, famous Chinese model.

19. Fit

   – Meaning: A modern name signifying health and fitness.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: No famous personalities yet, but a fit for health-conscious families!

20. Fib

   – Meaning: A playful name, reminiscent of a small lie.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A whimsical choice with no known celeb bearers.

21. Fop

   – Meaning: A unique name without a clear origin or meaning.

   – Origin: Unknown.

   – Notable Person: A name waiting for someone to make it famous!

22. Fyl

   – Meaning: Derived from Phyllis, meaning green bough.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Yet to make a mark in the celeb world.

23. Fry

   – Meaning: Seed or offspring.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: More recognized as a surname, like Stephen Fry.

24. Fin

   – Meaning: Fair.

   – Origin: Irish.

   – Notable Person: A trendy name with no prominent female bearers yet.

25. Foy

   – Meaning: Faith.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: It’s an under-the-radar gem just waiting to be discovered.

4-Letter Girl Names Starting with F

1. Fawn

   – Meaning: A young deer.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Fawn Hall, former secretary to Lt. Col. Oliver North.

2. Fern

   – Meaning: A green plant that loves shade.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Fern Britton, British television presenter.

3. Faye

   – Meaning: Fairy or loyalty.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Faye Dunaway, award-winning actress.

4. Fila

   – Meaning: Love.

   – Origin: Swahili.

   – Notable Person: Still a unique pick, waiting for a celebrity to claim it!

5. Fina

   – Meaning: Burning one or serpentine.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Fina Torres, Venezuelan film director and screenwriter.

6. Fred

   – Meaning: Peaceful ruler.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Short for Frederica, like Princess Frederica of Hanover.

7. Fray

   – Meaning: A battle or skirmish.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Yet to be popularized by a celeb, but has a modern appeal.

8. Fran

   – Meaning: Free or from France.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Fran Drescher, American actress.

9. Fria

   – Meaning: Beloved or dear.

   – Origin: Swedish.

   – Notable Person: An uncommon name with no well-known bearers yet.

10. Fizz

   – Meaning: Effervescence or bubbly.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Fizz, a pop group from the ’80s.

11. Flip

   – Meaning: Son of Philip.

   – Origin: Dutch.

   – Notable Person: An unconventional choice with no famous female bearers.

12. Femi

   – Meaning: Love me.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

   – Notable Person: Femi Taylor, actress in “Return of the Jedi.”

13. Fola

   – Meaning: Honor.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

   – Notable Person: Still an uncommon choice, waiting for its big debut.

14. Fael

   – Meaning: A unique twist on Faye or Fay.

   – Origin: Modern.

   – Notable Person: Yet to be popularized but exudes charm.

15. Fana

   – Meaning: Light.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: A rare name with no celebrity claim yet.

16. Fush

   – Meaning: Modern, trendy name with no specific origin.

   – Origin: Modern.

   – Notable Person: Yet to find its way to the limelight.

17. Fara

   – Meaning: Beautiful or pleasant.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: No celebrity bearers, but a gentle and sweet name.

18. Ferg

   – Meaning: Man of vigor.

   – Origin: Scottish.

   – Notable Person: Short for names like Fergie, the singer.

19. Fuse

   – Meaning: To join or blend.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Uncommon and modern, waiting for its star turn.

20. Fira

   – Meaning: Fire.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Yet to be popularized but exudes a fiery spirit.

21. Frig

   – Meaning: Beloved.

   – Origin: Norse.

   – Notable Person: Frigg was a goddess in Norse mythology.

22. Frit

   – Meaning: Peaceful ruler.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: A playful take on names like Frieda but no notable bearers yet.

23. Fael

   – Meaning: A modern spin on Fay.

   – Origin: Modern.

   – Notable Person: Still under the radar in celebrity circles.

24. Fien

   – Meaning: Little vine.

   – Origin: Dutch.

   – Notable Person: Uncommon and graceful, yet to be claimed by a celeb.

25. Fuff

   – Meaning: An affectionate, playful term.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A unique and whimsical choice with no known famous bearers.

26. Fink

   – Meaning: Finched or bright.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: A surname turned first name, yet to be popularized.

27. Floy

   – Meaning: Blooming or flowering.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Old-fashioned and waiting for a modern revival.

28. Flue

   – Meaning: Chimney or passage.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Unconventional and rare, perfect for those looking for something different.

Five-Letter Girl Names Starting with F

1. Flora

   – Meaning: Flower.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Flora MacDonald, Scottish Jacobite hero.

2. Freya

   – Meaning: Noble woman or goddess of love.

   – Origin: Norse.

   – Notable Person: Freya Stark, British explorer.

3. Fable

   – Meaning: Story or tale.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Still waiting on a celeb to choose this enchanting name.

4. Faith

   – Meaning: Trust or belief.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Faith Hill, American singer.

5. Fenix

   – Meaning: A unique take on Phoenix.

   – Origin: Modern.

   – Notable Person: A rising star name with no celeb bearers yet.

6. Fancy

   – Meaning: Ornamental.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: The title of a song by Reba McEntire.

7. Felis

   – Meaning: Cat-like.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Unique and hasn’t been snatched up by celebs yet.

8. Fidel

   – Meaning: Faithful.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Often considered masculine, but could be a fresh female choice.

9. Floss

   – Meaning: Blossoming.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A sweet, old-timey name yet to be revived.

10. Fulki

   – Meaning: Sparkling.

   – Origin: Sanskrit.

   – Notable Person: Still a hidden gem, waiting for its moment.

11. Frizz

   – Meaning: Curly or fuzzy.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Perfect for a little one with a wild mane, yet to be claimed.

12. Fauna

   – Meaning: Animals of a particular region.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Name of a character in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.”

13. Falon

   – Meaning: In charge.

   – Origin: Irish.

   – Notable Person: Rare female version of the name Fallon.

14. Fanya

   – Meaning: Free one.

   – Origin: Russian.

   – Notable Person: A unique choice with no celebrity endorsers yet.

15. Fatin

   – Meaning: Captivating.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Still waiting for its spotlight moment.

16. Finna

   – Meaning: Fair.

   – Origin: Scandinavian.

   – Notable Person: A beautiful choice yet to be popularized.

17. Frill

   – Meaning: Decorative edge.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A fun, playful name awaiting its celebrity moment.

18. Field

   – Meaning: Open land.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A refreshing nature name, unclaimed by celebs.

19. Farah

   – Meaning: Joy or happiness.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Farah Fawcett, iconic American actress.

20. Frame

   – Meaning: Structure.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Offbeat choice, yet to be claimed by a celebrity.

21. Frika

   – Meaning: Peaceful ruler.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: An unusual pick with no famous namesakes.

22. Fryda

   – Meaning: Peaceful ruler.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: A unique variant of Frieda.

23. Ferny

   – Meaning: Fern-covered.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A nature-inspired choice, not yet embraced by celebrities.

24. Fairy

   – Meaning: A mythical being.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: A whimsical pick for those believing in a touch of magic.

25. Fyona

   – Meaning: Fair, white, beautiful.

   – Origin: Gaelic.

   – Notable Person: A unique spelling variation of Fiona.

26. Frial

   – Meaning: Beloved.

   – Origin: Old Norse.

   – Notable Person: A fresh take on the classic Freya, yet to gain fame.

27. Folly

   – Meaning: Lack of good sense.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: An offbeat choice with no celebrity endorsement.

28. Frits

   – Meaning: Peaceful ruler.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Another playful variant of Frieda, waiting for its moment.

Longer Girl Names Starting with F

1. Frances

   – Meaning: Free one or from France.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Frances McDormand, award-winning actress.

2. Felicity

   – Meaning: Happiness.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Felicity Huffman, American actress.

3. Fabiola

   – Meaning: Bean grower.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Queen Fabiola of Belgium.

4. Farida

   – Meaning: Unique, precious.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: No widely known celebrities yet, a truly unique name.

5. Florena

   – Meaning: Blooming, flourishing.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Yet to be popularized by a celebrity.

6. Fidelia

   – Meaning: Faithful.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: An old-fashioned name awaiting revival.

7. Fernanda

   – Meaning: Adventurous, bold journey.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Fernanda Torres, Brazilian actress.

8. Felisha

   – Meaning: Lucky, fortunate.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: A variant of Felicia; yet to be chosen by a well-known celeb.

9. Fiorina

   – Meaning: Little flower.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Fresh and floral, yet to be graced by fame.

10. Fantasia

   – Meaning: Imagination.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Fantasia Barrino, American singer.

11. Fresnel

   – Meaning: Unique name with an optical origin.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Linked to Augustin Fresnel, a physicist; yet to be embraced as a female name.

12. Federica

   – Meaning: Peaceful ruler.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Federica Pellegrini, Olympic swimmer.

13. Fleurine

   – Meaning: Little flower.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Blooming in uniqueness, yet to be chosen by a famous personality.

14. Florella

   – Meaning: Little blossoming flower.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: A rare beauty not yet embraced by the spotlight.

15. Francine

   – Meaning: Free one.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Francine Pascal, American author.

16. Faviola

   – Meaning: Bean.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Waiting for its shining moment in the limelight.

17. Fanette

   – Meaning: Crowned or enlightened.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Yet to be discovered by the celebs.

18. Faustina

   – Meaning: Lucky or fortunate.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Saint Faustina, Christian mystic.

19. Fiammetta

   – Meaning: Little fiery one.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Fiery and unique, yet to be chosen by a notable figure.

20. Fiorenza

   – Meaning: Flower.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: A floral beauty waiting to be plucked by the celebs.

21. Fleurette

   – Meaning: Little flower.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Delicately elegant, not yet in the spotlight.

22. Fanchone

   – Meaning: Free.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: An old-school charm yet to be revitalized by fame.

23. Franchesca

   – Meaning: Free one.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: A rich and vibrant name waiting for its celebrity moment.

24. Francesca

   – Meaning: Free one.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Francesca Battistelli, Christian music artist.

25. Filomena

   – Meaning: Friend of strength.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Rich in history but awaits a modern celebrity endorsement.

26. Frederika

   – Meaning: Peaceful ruler.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: A regal charm not yet chosen by the well-known.

27. Fontaine

   – Meaning: Fountain or water source.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Flowing with uniqueness, yet to be chosen by a famous face.

Name Trends and Popularity

When it comes to the fascinating world of naming trends, the patterns mirror the heartbeat of our society – ever-evolving, dynamic, and sometimes unpredictably so. Of late, there’s a palpable shift towards names that ring with authenticity, hinting at roots yet oozing a modern vibe. A pronounced trend is the gravitation towards names that aren’t bound by gender or are inspired by Mother Nature’s vast canvas. The realm of names is rich with choices that echo power, poise, and profound meanings.

Let’s face it; our love for pop culture isn’t a secret! Names often ride the popularity waves sculpted by charismatic celebrities, binge-worthy TV series, blockbuster movies, and the omnipresent social media. Take, for instance, “Felicity,” which probably owes its surge in popularity to the beloved TV series. On the other hand, classics like “Francesca” or “Federica” have a timeless charisma that doesn’t wane, regardless of the decade. Their lasting charm is their adaptability; they’ve gracefully waltzed through eras, moulding to the trend du jour but never losing their essence.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the name-selection journey? It’s so much more than picking out a moniker. It’s about gifting a legacy, a story, a whispered prayer. Whether you’re enamoured by the succinct charm of names like “Faye” and “Fia,” the elaborate elegance of “Florencia” and “Fiammetta,” or somewhere in the shimmering spectrum between the two, the key is to find a name that strikes a chord with your heart.

Ponder over its melody, delve into its meaning, weigh its cultural nuances, and cherish any personal memories it might invoke. Names aren’t just labels; they’re tales waiting to be told, legacies eager to be lived, and identities yearning to be carved. They’re a reflection of dreams dreamt, journeys envisioned, and values held dear.

In the grand tapestry of life, a name is the first brushstroke of color you gift your child. It’s the symphony of their uniqueness, the prelude to their life’s song. And while there’s no formulaic ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in this personal quest, there’s immense joy in finding that ‘just right’ name, imbued with love, hope, and aspirations. Here’s to the beautiful journey of naming – may it be as unique and special as the name you choose!

FAQs on 100+ Unique Girl Names That Start With F

1. Q: Are there any unique Girl names that start with ‘F’?

A: Absolutely! There are numerous distinctive girl names beginning with ‘F’, such as Faela, Fionna, and Faelan.

2. Q: What are the cultural origins of some ‘F’ names?

A: Names starting with ‘F’ span a range of cultures, from Felicia (Latin) to Farida (Arabic) and Fumiko (Japanese).

3. Q: Are there any vintage ‘F’ names making a comeback?

A: Yes, names like Florence, Fern, and Faye are vintage charmers that have been re-emerging in popularity.

4. Q: How can I know the exact meaning of an ‘F’ name?

A: It’s best to refer to reliable name dictionaries, cultural references, or native speakers for the most accurate meanings.

5. Q: Are there ‘F’ names that are gender-neutral?

A: Of course! Names like Finley, Fallon, and Frankie can be used for any gender.

6. Q: Which ‘F’ names are currently trending?

A: While trends shift, names like Freya, Fia, and Francesca have been popular choices recently.

7. Q: How do I pronounce some of the unique ‘F’ names?

A: Seeking out linguistic resources or native speakers can offer guidance on pronunciation. For instance, Fiadh is an Irish name pronounced as ‘Fee-a’.

8. Q: Are there any celebrity-inspired ‘F’ names?

A: Definitely! Names like Florence (inspired by Florence Welch) and Fergie (stage name of Stacy Ann Ferguson) have celebrity connections.

9. Q: What are some shorter ‘F’ names for girls?

A: Short and sweet ‘F’ names include Fae, Fia, and Fei.

10. Q: Can I blend or merge names to create a unique ‘F’ name for my girl?

A: Absolutely! Parents often combine names or elements they love, resulting in unique names like Fiabelle (Fia + Belle) or Frenna (Freya + Jenna).

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