20 Best jobs for 10 Year Olds

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Looking for age-appropriate jobs for 10 year olds? Explore opportunities that encourage growth and responsibility.

This morning, I came across this joke while browsing the internet, and it got me thinking about the importance of instilling a sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic in our kids from a young age. The joke goes like this: “Why did the 10-year-old bring a ladder to their lemonade stand? Because they wanted to take their career to new heights!” 

It’s a lighthearted reminder that even at a tender age of 10, children can begin to learn about work, responsibility, and the joy of earning a few extra dollars.

Today, I will take you through the exciting world of the best jobs for 10-year-olds. If you’re curious about how to introduce your young one to the world of work in a safe and enjoyable way, keep reading! We’ve got some great ideas to share.

Best Jobs for 10-Year-Olds

1. Helping with yard work

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You might think yard work is just for grown-ups, but hold on a second! Ten-year-olds can totally rock it too. Think about it—raking leaves, picking up sticks, watering plants—these are all things that don’t need a ton of muscle power. Kids at this age are super energetic and enthusiastic, which makes them perfect for tasks like these.

Plus, it’s a great way to teach responsibility and earn some extra pocket money. They can help with light chores, and trust me, they’ll have a blast being outdoors and making a difference in the yard.

2. Creating a family schedule

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You know what’s really cool? Getting your 10-year-old involved in the family schedule! They might not have a magic wand, but trust me, they’ve got skills. Kids this age are smart cookies. They can use technology, know the days of the week, and understand routines. Let them help create a schedule. 

They can jot down family activities, game nights, or even mom’s yoga time. It’s a win for everyone! Not only do they feel responsible, but they also learn time management. They might even remind you when it’s pizza movie night. So, hand over that colorful planner and let them work their organizational magic.

3. Assisting in meal planning and grocery shopping for a week

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Surprisingly, 10-year-olds can handle meal planning and grocery shopping tasks! At this age, kids are like sponges, ready to absorb knowledge and responsibility. Involving them in meal planning introduces simple math skills like counting servings and budgeting. They can browse recipes, pick meals, and even make lists. 

When grocery shopping with a parent, they learn about prices, healthy choices, and organization. Selecting items and crossing them off the list makes them feel super accomplished. It’s a fantastic way for kids to be part of the family routine and gain valuable life skills.

4. Cooking a meal

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Cooking a meal might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of jobs for 10-year-olds, but it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to learn important life skills. Kids at this age are curious and eager to help in the kitchen. They can start with simple tasks like washing veggies, stirring ingredients, or setting the table. 

With proper supervision, they can even try their hand at making sandwiches, preparing scrambled eggs, or baking cookies. These experiences teach them about food safety, measurements, and teamwork. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend quality time together while nurturing their culinary talents.

5. Organizing a family outing

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Ever thought about how awesome it could be for your 10-year-old to plan a cool family day out? Trust me, they’ve got this! From picking the perfect picnic spot to suggesting fun activities, kids at this age are bursting with ideas. They can research local parks or museums, make a checklist of things to bring, and even create a rough itinerary. 

Whether it’s packing snacks or coming up with game ideas, they’ll feel like a boss contributing to family fun. It’s a great way for them to learn responsibility and unleash their creativity while treating the fam to a memorable day out.

6. Performing basic home repairs

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So when it comes to basic home repairs, you might think, “Wait, can a 10-year-old really do that?” And the answer is yes, they absolutely can! Now, we’re not talking major fixes here – more like simple tasks. Your kid can totally handle things like tightening screws, hammering nails for picture frames, or even helping organize a toolbox. 

They can assist with little fixes under supervision, like replacing a light bulb or fixing a loose drawer handle. These small tasks not only teach them valuable skills but also give them a sense of accomplishment. It’s a great way to get them involved in maintaining the house while learning practical stuff.

7. Babysitting younger siblings

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As a parent, you might wonder about the feasibility of entrusting your 10-year-old with the responsibility of babysitting their younger siblings. Believe it or not, at this age, children can handle this role surprisingly well! Your 10-year-old knows the ins and outs of their siblings’ routines, what makes them smile, and how to keep them entertained. 

They can assist with basic tasks, ensure safety, and create a fun environment. It’s a chance for them to display their nurturing side while gaining valuable skills. Of course, it’s important to establish ground rules and always have a means of contact available, but allowing them this responsibility can boost their confidence and sense of responsibility.

8. Hosting a family art or craft-making session

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Looking for other fantastic job ideas that your 10-year-old can do? How about hosting a family art or craft-making session? It’s an awesome way for kids to get hands-on and have fun with their family while making a bit of cash.

To get started, your child can gather some art supplies like paper, markers, or simple DIY kits. They can then invite family members to join in the artistic fun. Your kid will be the host, guiding everyone through the creative process, sharing ideas, and offering help when needed.

By setting up a mini gallery to display the finished artworks, your child can showcase their leadership and creative skills while spending quality time with the family. They can charge a small fee for their services, and everyone gets to take home their masterpieces.

9. Designing and tending a family garden

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Designing and caring for a family garden is another awesome job that’s perfect for 10-year-olds! Think about it—these kids are bursting with energy and curiosity. They can get their hands dirty, quite literally, while learning about plants and the environment. 

They can help pick out seeds, plant flowers or veggies, and water them regularly. It’s not just a task; it’s an adventure! Kids at this age can totally handle raking leaves, weeding, and even harvesting produce. Gardening teaches responsibility, patience, and the joy of watching something grow. It’s a fantastic way for them to connect with nature while having heaps of fun

10. Baking or Cooking for Neighbors

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If your 10-year-old has a knack for whipping up some delicious goodies in the kitchen, why not turn that talent into a neat job? Baking or cooking for neighbors is an awesome way for kids to earn a little extra pocket money while doing something they love.

At this age, kids can master simple recipes like cookies, cupcakes, or helping with meal prep. It’s a chance for them to show off their skills and share yummy treats with neighbors. Whether it’s selling homemade cookies or offering to prepare a dinner for a neighbor’s family, it’s a win-win situation where kids get to have fun and learn responsibility while bringing smiles to others’ faces.

11. Assisting in painting a room

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You might think painting a room is strictly for grown-ups, but kids, especially 10-year-olds, can totally rock this job too! With supervision, they can handle smaller tasks like prepping the area by covering furniture, stirring paint, or even using a roller on low parts of the wall. 

They’ve got the enthusiasm and creativity to jazz up a room, and let’s be real, they’re often more meticulous than we give them credit for. Teaching them the right way to paint not only helps with the task at hand but also instills a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

12. Selling Handmade Jewelry

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If you’re looking for an engaging and creative job for your 10-year-old, selling handmade jewelry is an excellent option. Encouraging your child to craft unique pieces using beads, strings, and their imagination is not just fun but also a great way to teach them about entrepreneurship.

Setting up a mini jewelry stand at local community events or even among family and friends can be a fantastic learning experience. Your child can gain confidence by interacting with customers, explaining their designs, and feeling proud of their creations. It’s a fantastic way to foster creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in your little one.

13. Managing a garage sale

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Managing a garage sale is a perfect job for ten-year-olds! This task is a great opportunity for kids to get involved. First, they can help with organizing items, sorting through toys, clothes, or books. Setting up tables, arranging goods, and pricing items is within their grasp. They can manage the money, greet customers, and assist them in finding what they need. 

It’s a chance to engage in conversation, practice negotiation, and develop some early sales skills. Cleaning up at the end is manageable for them. Kids can feel like pros and earn some cash too. Trust them, they’ve got this!

14. Selling Plants or Seedlings

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Want a fun way for your 10-year-old to earn some pocket money? Selling plants or seedlings is a fantastic gig. Whether they’ve grown a few extra veggies in the garden or they’re passionate about nurturing plants, this is a job they can totally manage. 

Your kid can help pot the seedlings, water them, and even learn to propagate new plants. They could set up a little stall in your yard or at a local market. It’s not just about the cash, it’s a fantastic learning opportunity – they’ll grasp responsibility, customer service, and maybe even a bit of botany!

15. Washing the family car

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If you are still looking for ways to engage your 10-year-old while teaching them essential life skills. A perfect job for them is taking on the task of car washing! It’s an ideal opportunity to instill responsibility and the value of earning money.

Your kids can easily manage this job. All they need are some buckets, soap, a sponge, and access to a hose. They can wash the family car and extend their service to neighbors for a small fee. This experience teaches them about hard work, customer service, and the importance of a strong work ethic.

Not only does this provide valuable life lessons, but it also keeps them active and outdoors. It’s a great way for you and your child to win, fostering both learning and fun.

16. Assisting Elderly Neighbors

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At 10, your kids are at an age where they’re learning about kindness and community. Assisting elderly neighbors is a wonderful way for them to put those lessons into action. Simple tasks like fetching groceries, watering plants, or walking a dog might seem small, but they mean the world to someone who could use a hand. 

It teaches empathy and responsibility, plus it fosters a sense of connection with those around them. It’s a gentle way to show kids the power of making a positive impact in someone’s life while gaining valuable life lessons themselves.

17. Caring for pets

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You know, having your 10-year-old care for pets can be such a cool gig! Think about it: they’ve got this natural zest and heaps of care to share. Feeding, brushing, playing with the family pet—these tasks are spot-on for a kid their age. Walking the dog or making sure the fish tank is tidy? Totally doable! 

Not only does it teach responsibility, but it’s a great way for them to bond and learn empathy. It’s like teaching life skills through the love of a furry friend. Plus, who wouldn’t want their pet looked after with such enthusiasm and care?

18. Assisting with Event Set-Up and Clean-Up

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You know how much goes into setting up and wrapping up after events. Guess what? Your 10-year-old can be a real superhero in these situations. Assisting with event set-up and clean-up might sound like a grown-up’s job, but kids can totally handle it. 

Think about it—they can help arrange chairs, tidy up, and assist in simple tasks. They’ll learn responsibility, teamwork, and get a sense of accomplishment. Plus, they’ll feel like part of the action.

19. Assisting in decluttering a home area

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You know what’s also awesome? Getting the kids involved in decluttering! It’s not just about tidying up; it’s teaching them responsibility while making it fun. Ten-year-olds can totally rock this. 

Give them a specific area, like their playroom or a bookshelf, and watch the magic happen. They can sort out toys, books, or clothes, deciding what to keep or donate. It’s a great way for them to learn the value of organization while helping out.

20. Helping organize and manage a neighborhood cleanup

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Encouraging your 10-year-old to get involved in organizing a neighborhood cleanup isn’t just about tidying up the streets; it’s about instilling a sense of responsibility and community spirit. Kids at this age are super energetic and eager to help. 

They can distribute flyers, coordinate meeting points, or even lead small teams during the cleanup. This experience teaches them teamwork, leadership, and the importance of caring for the environment. It’s hands-on and educative, letting them see the direct impact of their efforts. They’re not just cleaning up; they’re shaping a better community and learning essential life skills along the way.


We should support our children’s growth and development in every way. They can start their own business, take part in simple online jobs, or pet sitting. While we’ve explored some great job ideas for kids in this blog post, remember that these activities should primarily be about fun, learning, and building responsibility. Encourage your child’s interests and help them discover their passions. By doing so, you’ll not only prepare them for the future but also create lasting memories and valuable life lessons along the way. They’ll also earn money while carrying out tasks like helping run family business, among others.

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