21 Pros And Cons Of Daycare

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Wondering if daycare is the right choice for your child? This guide will you understand the pros and cons of daycare, so you can make the best choice for you and your child.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a parent is which daycare to enroll your child in. Should you enroll them in a daycare center or should you stay at home with them? 

There are many things to consider, and while some people make the decision based on their own personal preferences, others choose a daycare because they feel like it’s the best choice for their children.

You’re not alone when it comes to wondering which is the right choice. There are pros and cons for both, but this blog will explore some of the top pros and cons for daycare centers so that you can decide which is the best decision for your family.

We hope to give y0u confidence behind your decision by exploring some of the top pros and cons of daycare centers so that you can decide which is the best decision for your family.

Top 10 Pros Of Daycare

#1. Socialization

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : GIF: Tenor
GIF: Tenor

A Daycare center is a great place for kids to socialize. The presence of other children presents the opportunity for your child to mingle and play. 

Socialization/social interaction helps your child get comfortable around his/her peers, this helps develop social skills like communication and self-esteem. 

#2. Daycare Centers Are Regulated And Licensed

Unlike some other child care centers, many daycare centers are regulated, licensed and registered in the state where they operate. This means that they operate in a structured environment and are bound to meet certain safety and environmental standards.

These standards differ from state to state but they are all in a bid to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child. 

However, you still need to do your research to be able to decide which daycare is best for your child. 

#3. Your Child Begins To  Learn At Early Age

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : Image: Pexels
Image: Pexels

Daycare centers offer various activities that help your child learn various concepts at an early age. Enrolling your child in a daycare center at an early age aids early childhood education. 

Early education has a way of influencing your child’s personality positively. It aids your child’s mental and character development. 

Children will not learn science or algebra in a daycare facility, but they will learn basic concepts, such as names of some fruits and days of the week, which will surely help in the development of your child.

#4. Daycare Helps Your Child Switch To Formal School Early

Children who are enrolled in a daycare center find it easier to adjust to formal schooling; they blend in so easily. This is because they have been almost in the same setting as a formal school.

Daycare hours are almost the same as formal school hours, children resume in the morning and close in the afternoon or evening.

Children in daycare centers are used to following routines and instructions. 

#5. Good For Parents That Work In A Far Place

Daycare is needed for parents that in faraway places. Such parents would require daycare services to care for the children while they are at work. 

#6. Daycare Makes Life Easier For Single Parents 

Some single moms and dads do not have relatives nearby while some do not like keeping their children with any family member. 

Daycare centers relieve such single parents some stress by catering for their children in their absence, especially when they are at work. 

#7. Children Get Familiar With Following Schedules

Most of the activities in daycare centers are planned and scheduled ahead of time. The activities have a designated time, so your child may learn to follow schedules without complaining.

This is a great benefit of daycares that makes kids more organized.

#8. Daycare Centers Are Usually Reliable

Many parents are all about safety, convenience, and reliability when researching childcare facilities to enroll their children. Daycare centers have opening and closing hours that mostly would not shift. 

#9. You Can Save Up On A Nanny

Hiring a nanny may not be the best for your child because nannies can be unreliable, they may fall sick and not be able to take care of your child. Daycare centers often have more than one caregiver so your child is sure to experience consistent care even if a caregiver falls sick. 

#10. Daycare Makes Your Kids More Ready For School

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : Image: Pexels
Image: Pexels

There are numerous educational activities that can assist the development of your child at some daycare centers. Having your child regularly exposed to different academic concepts such as time, days of the week, months, numbers, alphabets, etc. can contribute to their academic advancement.

Also, many daycare centers offer music classes and engage your kid in beautiful art projects in a bid to expose your child to different experiences. 

#11. Daycare Gives You Some Me-Time

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : GIF: gifer.com
GIF: gifer.com

In some families, there is a stay-at-home parent who is mostly at home, but they need to take a break sometimes. Such parents may utilize daycare services for their children. 

Daycare also gives you time with your significant other.

Top 11 Cons Of Daycare

#1. Your Child May Become Exposed To Illness

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : Image: Pexels
Image: Pexels

Children in daycare centers are likely to develop infections such as colds, fever, ear pains, respiratory illness, diarrhea and so on. This is because several germs are passed around from surfaces and contact with other children. 

A study shows that children who attend large group childcare facilities before age two and a half appear to develop more respiratory and ear infections at that age. 

#2. Daycare Can Be Expensive

Daycares are not cheap, they are quite expensive. A report by Business Broker showed that the average monthly cost of daycare in the US is from $855 (in Alabama) to $2,982 (in Washington DC), and the average yearly cost was between $10,292 and $35,782. 

Bottom line is that daycare can be very expensive and many families have a difficult time affording the fees. 

#3. Less Quality Time With Parents 

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : Image: Hangover (Movie)
Image: Hangover (Movie)

One of the major disadvantages of daycare is that you spend less time with you. You will miss quality time with your child especially since he/she will spend most of the day in the daycare center. 

This means you are robbed of quality time with your cute little blessing. 

#4. Your Child May Develop Poor Habits 

Daycare is a place where your child could learn lots of new things, such as basic words. But it’s quite unfortunate that your child could develop poor habits from peers at the daycare. 

Children are fast learners and they easily imitate other children, they may start to mimic others’ words and actions. It gets worse when they start to imitate other kids who try to gain staff’s attention by being aggressive, hitting and throwing temper tantrums and using inappropriate words. 

#5.  Many Daycare Centers Are Closed For Holidays

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : Image: Distractify
Image: Distractify

In the United States, most daycare centers are closed on public holidays and for vacations and do not operate during some of the major public holidays, but unfortunately, many parents have to work on these days.

Daycares would not provide an alternative during these holidays so it is highly imperative that you make out plans ahead of time if you have to work during the holidays.

#6. Strict Sick Policies 

When your child falls sick, you will not be allowed to drop them off at the daycare center. Sick kids will not be allowed into the daycare facility.

This is because daycare centers have strict sick policies especially in the recent pandemic. It is quite understandable why these policies are in place but it gets really hard for parents who have to go to work.

The fact that you will not be refunded for the days your child was absent is another disadvantage.

#7. You May Miss Important Things About Your Child

It is the joy of many parents to witness milestones such as the very first words their child says or even the first few steps they take.

You may miss these milestones if your child is enrolled in a daycare center.

#8. The Feeling That Someone Else Is Raising Your Kid

Your child is going to be at the daycare facility every day 5-days a week, that is at least 4o hours a week of someone else raising your child. Sincerely, 40 hours is such a significant time and the thought of it makes some parents feel insecure. 

You might get caught up in the thought that another person is raising your child and that could create some sense of incapability or that you are not doing enough as a parent.

#9. Your Child May Hate Daycare

A child’s personality determines how they will react to daycare. Not every child feels comfortable around other children.

You may be lucky enough that your child will become comfortable as the weeks pass, but if you are not, he/she may scream at every sight of daycare.

#10.  Unqualified Workers 

Workers at a daycare center require some level of qualification and certification. Children’s safety and wellbeing may be at risk in centers with unqualified caregivers and teachers.

More than feeding and teaching a cold is knowing the basic safety protocol of putting out a fire or knowing what to do when a child passes out. Having a cpr certified worker will be an added advantage to daycares.

#11. High Staff-To-Child Ratio

At different centers, the ratio of staff to children will vary, but it’s unlikely that your child will be in a group with fewer than eight children.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Daycare Center For Your Child 

Pros And Cons Of Daycare : Image: Pexels
Image: Pexels
  1. Look for a daycare center that is registered and licensed in the state where they operate. Also, ensure that the center follows all the safety and health protocol for a daycare center.
  2. Choose a daycare center that will engage your child in recreational and educational activities. In addition to taking care of your children, daycare facilities should contribute to their overall development.
  3. Choose a daycare center that is close to your workplace or house so that dropping and picking up your child will be convenient. 
  4. Check the Staff-To-Child Ratio before you choose, the lower the staff-to-child ratio the better the daycare.
  5. If you have a family or health requirement, weigh every option and choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not daycare is right for your family. Weighing the pros and cons of daycare can help you make the best decision for your child and your family. 

However, after reading our pros and cons of daycare, you may be wondering if it is the right choice for your family. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you feel is best for your child. If you are comfortable with leaving your child in daycare, then it can be a great option for childcare. 

However, if you have concerns about your child being in an environment with other children, then it may be best to find another option.

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