40 Signs He is Making Love to You

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Love and affection are the cornerstones of any healthy relationship. 

Couples often express their feelings in different ways. One might assume it is easy to tell when your partner is making love to you. However, the actual signs that they are doing so can be easy to overlook. This guide will look at 40 signs he is making love to you.

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#1. He Makes and Maintains Eye Contact Frequently

If your man makes eye contact frequently and holds his gaze with yours, he’s clearly passionate about signs he is making love to you and loving you. Eye contact is important in relationships because its helps you and your partner connect on an emotional level. If your partner avoids making eye contact with you, it may indicate that their feelings have changed.

#2. He Focuses on Your Pleasure

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A man who focuses on their partner’s feelings at all times is one of the clear signs he is making love to you. You can tell he’s focusing on your pleasure when he waits for your reaction when making love, and puts in the effort to make you feel good.

#3. He Enjoys Engaging in Pillow Talk

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Making love isn’t just about sex. It also includes the intimate conversations that precede and follow it. After all, some men are most comfortable sharing their feelings and intimate thoughts with their partners when they are in bed with them. If he is open with you in this setting, he clearly wants to make you feel special and is signs he is making love to you.

#4. He Makes It Easy for You to Open Up to Him

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Opening up to someone isn’t always easy. You know your partner loves you when they create a space where you can comfortably express yourself without judgment. Sex and making love are important in any relationship. However, truly great relationships are built on mutual trust and understanding that indicates that he is showing signs he is making love to you.

#5. He Allows Himself to Be Vulnerable

Many partners feel the need to appear strong and resilient at all times in a relationship. If your man allows themselves to be vulnerable around you, it is a sign of deep trust and affection. Such signs should be appreciated, and even rewarded at times.

#6. He Says Your Name Often

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If your partner says your name often it is one of the signs he is making love to you. They are likely trying to express their affection and make you feel good. They are reminding themselves that you are among the most important women in their life and love watching you respond to their call.

#7. He Wants to Stay With You as Long as Possible

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Wanting to spend more time with your loved one is natural. However, someone that shifts their entire schedule just to get a few extra minutes with you is clearly head over heels for you and your body. If your guy doesn’t leave after sex and keeps finding excuses to stick around, they may be the one.

#8. He Isn’t Shy About How Much He Wants You

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A guy that’s madly into you will want to express it in many different ways. However, some men will straight-up tell you how much they want you. They may whisper this into your ear before kissing you, or leave messages around to remind you of it regularly. A partner that wants to make love has no shortage of ways to say it.

#9. He Gives You “That” Look 

Every guy has “that” look. The one that says they’re crazy about you and that they want you to close them. It’s the look you see when they’re flirting or want some extra physical attention from you. He wants to know you feel the same way too. 

#10. He Enjoys Kissing You Often

Kissing is a sure way to show your partner affection, but the thrill can wear off quickly for many couples. If your partner still enjoys kissing you often, it could mean they still love connecting with you on a physical level in little ways. Kissing is a precursor to lovemaking, so you probably already know where he’s going.

#11. He’s Open to Trying New Things

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People have different comfort levels when it comes to being adventurous in the bedroom. However, that never stops some couples from trying new things when making love.

If your man goes along with whatever new sex tip you read in Cosmo, he’s still fresh with you.

However, it’s also important to respect his boundaries during your sexual escapades.

#12. He Always Calls You Afterwards

Some men reach out to their partners only when they want physical affection.

However, a partner that is really into you will always call afterwards.

It’s also a great sign that they want more than just sex. After all, there’s more to intimacy than just sex.

#13. He’s Eager to Do It Again

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A guy who can’t get enough of you will always be eager to do it again. His body might not be able to keep up with his lust, but you can still see him craving more physical intimacy. If he makes you feel just as excited, consider reciprocating his sexual advances.

#14. He Compliments You on More Than Your Appearance

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A guy that really wants you will compliment you in different places.

This could be talking about how much he loves the sound of your voice, the way your hair smells, or even the way you hold chopsticks.

#15. He Respects When You’re Not in the Mood (especially for sex)

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A great guy will always pay attention to your emotions and respect when you’re not in the mood for sex. This is a sign that he cares for you, and that he is keeping your needs above his own.

#16. He’s Relaxed and Comfortable Around You

It’s natural for men to spend time posturing in an attempt to woo their partner.

If your man’s moved past this stage and is comfortable being their dorky self around you, it’s a great sign that they love and trust you.

#17. He Tells You He Enjoyed It

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A guy that enjoys making love to you will tell you in different ways. He may outright say it, or he may express it through physical touch.

Usually when he wants to do it again.

#18. He Likes Holding Your Hand

If your partner wants to hold your hand every chance he gets, he might be hinting he wants to make love.

In addition to being a subtle sign of physical intimacy, handhold also helps create an emotional connection.

#19. He Likes to Cuddle Afterwards

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Men tend to be more excited about the prospect of sex than the cuddling that follows afterwards. If your man likes to hang out in bed and cuddle, he probably wants to ensure you are satisfied.

#20. He’s Comfortable Telling You His Fantasies

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A guy that really likes you will be comfortable telling you about his fantasies. You should help foster a space where he can share his innermost thoughts.

Well, easier said than done. Every man is a little different. And, the special feelings you two share matter a lot. 

Many experts such as David Deida who authored The Way of the Superior Man, believe opposites attract. The simple idea is that men typically appreciate the feminine energy that comes from being free, creative, emotional, etc.

From my experience, most guys complain that their wives started becoming less free-spirited like they once met. 

Well, we become moms and have a baby to take care of. But, don’t let them kill off the love between the two of you.

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#21. He Spends Time Learning How to Make Love to You

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You can learn a lot about your body when a man is making love to you. However, they won’t be able to figure out what you like unless you express it. A partner that’s really into you will want to make you feel loved and meet your desires. For some girls, emotional connection is the first and foremost thing. 

And, guys are surprisedly keen to get good at sex and making love. Even though the guys often ONLY associate sex with physically connection and forget about the emotional needs – to make the girls feel loved. Something guys don’t get by reading the Kamasutra around the house. 

#22. He Breathes in-Time With You

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Men who are physically in-tune with their partners will breathe in time with them during sex. This physical connection is an important part of intimacy and helps both of you feel in sync. This connection isn’t just sexual. It can feel spiritual for some couples.

#23. He Enjoys Going Down on You

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What will be one sure sign that he is making love to you? A guy going down on you. 

A man who is making love to his partner isn’t afraid of the lovemaking act in bed. After all, they understand that giving pleasure is just as important as receiving it. They may try new positions just to hear you squeal in pleasure. 

The key thing to remember is feedback. Guys love to know that they are getting it. Tell your man where you love them to kiss, where to kiss, how fast or slow to kiss. Making sure you are telling him your feelings. Guys love that. 

Turn the lovemaking into a game. That will make a difference in your love life.

#24. He Takes His Time and Enjoys the Moment

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Sex and love-making aren’t just about reaching the finishing line. Someone who is deeply attracted to you will savor each moment, right from the start to the very end.

#25. He Likes to Bring You to the Edge

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A guy that knows their way around your body will often bring you to the edge and then pull back. This form of teasing helps an intimate moment last longer and offers a better payoff at the end.

#26. He Says the Word “Love” a Lot

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Many partners are afraid to use the L-word early on in a relationship. However, they may still unknowingly convey these sentiments by using the word “love” in conversation. For example, they might say they love the way you look or the way you part your hair. This is one of the signs he’s head over heels for you and wants to be at your side.

#27. He Finishes Intimately

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Guys who are really love their partner will finish intimately during sex.

They’ll pull you close and want you to experience the moment with them.

Many consider spooning to be just as important as other sexual activities.

Take your time and savor the experience. 

Slow down. 

#28. He’s Not Shy About Laughing

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Sex can be a clumsy and awkward act for some couples. If your man isn’t shy about laughing at your attempts to try a new position, you should join in with him. Laughing about intimate things will help bring you both closer. It is also vital for connecting emotionally.

#29. He Doesn’t Shame You for Being Awkward

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Getting in the mood can be tricky sometimes. One of the best signs he is making love to you is when he shows support during your awkward moments. He will take the time to learn your desires and ease you into a comfortable space.

#30. He Likes to Set the Mood

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A partner who enjoys making love to you will be eager to set the mood. They might light some candles, present a bottle of sweet wine, and put on your favorite album when they want to get you in the mood. Such partners take your satisfaction seriously and are willing to go all-out to see it happen. These are clear signs he is making love to you

#31. He Kisses You Everywhere

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A guy that’s really into you will kiss you everywhere. He’s crazy about your body and wants to show it.

#32. His Pupils Are Dilated

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Dilated pupils are a sign of deep attraction. If your partner’s eyes look this way whenever you are close to them, they’re feeling intense emotions for you. They may also want to know that you feel the same way. 

There signs he is making love to you may be hard to observe if you are not in the right positions or mood. Be sure to take the time to have some sweet talk. 

Make it emotionally rewarding for him to get into the habit of making deeper connection with you.

#33. He Checks in With You

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A partner who cares about your enjoyment and wellbeing will check in with you frequently during sex. He’ll ask how you’re doing and whether he can do anything for you. It is clear then he is showing signs he is making love to you.

#34. He Respects Your Boundaries

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Setting healthy boundaries is important in any relationship. A man who loves and respects you will also respect your boundaries and are the clear signs he is making love to you.

#35. He’s Present

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Let’s face it,  guys get distracted easily. This is true even during sex. If your partner makes an effort to feel present and attentive while making love to you, he’s a keeper.

#36. He Mirrors Your Actions

Mirroring is a social behavior that people unconsciously perform to get others to like them. If your man is unknowingly mimicking your actions, they’re very into you.

#37. He Focuses on Foreplay

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Foreplay isn’t just the appetizer before sex. It is a core part of the act. A guy that rules at foreplay also rules at sex. So take the time to appreciate your man the next time he puts on a performance.

#38. He Seems Enamored by You

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Sometimes there are multiple signs he loves you. Someone who is enamored by you will look into your eyes and kiss you frequently. They might want to know everything about you and how you feel.

#39. He is Obsessed With Your Loves

A guy that craves your attention will also be obsessed with the same things you are. This could be your favorite TV show, ice-cream flavor, or even your cat.

#40. He Invites You to His Place Often

Inviting you to his place often is one of the signs he wants to make love. Guys also invite their partners over when they feel safe and comfortable having them in their homes.

Final Thoughts

As you see, a guy will express his affection in many different ways. The above list offers just a few of the numerous signs he is making love to you.

Consider noting down how many of these signs your partner displays.

If he hits 15 or more of them, he is definitely crazy about you.

Consider sharing this list with your friends and asking them if their partners also display any signs he is making love to you.

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