Star Lily Unicorn Review

Star Lily Unicorn Review

Looking for a Review on Star Lily Unicorn?

What has a tiny girl not fantasized about seeing a unicorn as a pet? For My Magical Unicorn, she would indeed do it now! Star Lily is a beautiful young unicorn. And she travels from her magical forest home to be a little girl’s best friend. 

With over 100 sound and gesture arrangements, Star Lily will adapt to voice and touch. She will raise her head, hoof, make unique noises, and her horn will light up when you communicate with her. Star Lily is appropriate for children aged four and up. This is due to the unicorn’s tiny parts, which are not ideal for children under eight. She’s an honestly massive toy, measuring about a foot tall. 

Star Lily is wearing a locket across her neck with a message of friendship for her new owner. She does it as well as her favorite treat. This toy needs four C batteries. The batteries are not included in the package. And you’ll need a tiny screwdriver to install them.

  • Glow various colors
  • Good artificial intelligence Pet
  • High durability
  • My magical unicorn app
  • No batteries are included: The Star Lily works on four batteries. These Batteries are not included in the Standard Package. These Batteries are required to be purchased separately. 

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Main Features 

Modern Technology

She’s enchanting in her own right. She’s adapting to your touch and voice, with over a hundred different sound and action variations. She coos, dances, and makes little unicorn sounds. Her beautiful wide eyes were batting all the time.

Her horn flashes a rainbow of shades, each one fitting to her current mood. Her delicately fluttering wings are lovely. Her legs can be moved, making her more manageable and cuddlier. It also means that you have the choice of sitting or lying down with her. She would fall asleep if she is left alone.

Her dense, fluffy hair makes her enjoyable to stroke and cuddle. Her wings, ears, and front hoof will all shift. She brings a sugarberry, which is her favorite treat. When she is starving, her horn glows orange. She’ll make fun crunching sounds while you feed her.

Star Lily will thank you by altering the color of her horn. Or fluttering her wings if you stroke her back, horn, lips, or chin. She can flutter her eyelashes, lift a front leg, and move her head gently. Star Lily Runs on 4 C Batteries that are designed for kids aged four and above.

Designed to Enchant

Any aspect of Star Lily is meant to be enchanting. Her lovely mauve and pink gold mane are hidden behind her perky ears. Her tail is the same color as her body. Connect with her silky colorful mane or tail by plaiting it. Her blue hooves are adorned with a constellation of stars. A friendship note is engraved on the mauve locket around her neck for her new owner.

The unicorn is made of high-quality materials. It’s a big toy that stands about a foot tall. The unicorn wakes up as soon as the batteries are inserted, making this an ideal present. The Star Lily horn lights up the lovely show of color. Her wings flutter, and Star Lily sings songs that enhance everyone’s mood.

An App-Enabled Toy

She comes with the My Magical Unicorn app, which can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Children can communicate with Star Lily via the app. They will visit the Rainbow Falls or head into the FurEver Forest. In Sugar Berry Forest, they will grow berries, play enchanting music in the Crystal Caverns. Star Lily and the game can also be used separately. But playing with them together is more enjoyable.


The Star Lily is very easy to use. The product doesn’t require and maintenance and installation. It features all these things for the proper use of a toy in addition to the unicorn horse. Star Lily enchanted unicorns will respond to the gestures. She will also respond to the sounds and beautiful lightning. It measures 8 x 20 x 17.5 inches in height.

furReal StarLily

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Value for Money

Any little girl’s fantasy is to get a toy unicorn from FurReal. However, many parents may find the product a bit expensive. Guess What? It is indeed a value-for-money product as it has a lot of features. 

The Star Lily unicorn analysis helps you to enlighten your mood and suggest different activities. There are over 100 reactions in it (voice-action). Star Lily unicorn reviews show it to be a fun, engaging friend with a lot of options.

This lovely unicorn will accept your treatment and answer to the proprietress’s voice. She will accept it by moving its head and hooves. Remember to download the unique app to your tablet. To see all that this magical toy Fur Real unicorn Star Lily can do. The set features a pretty case, sweets, and instructions.


Why is Star Lily Considered as Best Robot Pet?

Star Lily would fulfill your wish for a pet unicorn. It would allow you to let your imagination run wild. At the same time, you go on magical adventures with your special companion. The cat, a treat, and directions are all included in Star Lily. 

Your child will have many magical experiences with Star Lily. She can be petted, embraced, and kissed, and whose horn can glow various colors depending on her mood. Her dances and elegance will keep your child occupied for hours.

She will sit, lay down, or stand, and she can also jump if the music is loud enough. Her mane and tail are smooth and lovely; braid them to give Star Lily a more regal appearance. Star Lily has many potentials to play with, but she does get bored and needs to be re-energized.

What is the My Magical Unicorn app?

Download the My Magical Unicorn app to help your kid enjoy their unicorn evermore. When they play on the app with Star Lily, they will have too many games and adventures to share. Pet her on the back or feed her her favorite sugarberry treat to wake her up. The more you lavish your affection on her, the more she will lavish your affection on you! 

Star Lily is popular among young girls. But some parents have expressed disappointment that the app is not available for Android devices. But Still, the Star Lily has been adored by their children!


Most little girls fantasize about having a unicorn as a pet; their fantasy will come true! Star Lily is friendly and cuddly, with fluffy hair and a mane. The moment your child plays with star lily, they will become good friends. It’ll be a magical moment, whether they’re playing with the game or just cuddling with her. 

furReal StarLily

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