100+ Unique Middle Names for June

Middle Names For June

Congratulations on choosing June as the name of your baby. June is such an amazing name!  Interestingly, “June” isn’t just for girls born in June. The name has such a rich history, which originates from ancient Rome.  Middle names are more than just means of identification. Research proves that a middle name could make June … Read more

100+ Unique Middle Names For Jeremiah

Middle Names For Jeremiah

Congratulations on picking Jeremiah as the name of your baby.  What a classy name that is (reminds me of Jeremiah and all his good deeds in the bible). Middle names as a way of defining who we are when correctly chosen. It may impact a child’s personality and who to model his/her life after.  A … Read more

100+ Lovely Middle Names for Emilia

Middle Names For Emilia

Congratulations on picking Emilia as a first name for your baby. Such a beautiful name, the name reminds me of an English actress (Emilia Clarke). Middle names have a way of giving a new identity to your baby. Many of us want our children and even generations to come to always remember our ancestry even … Read more

100+ Amazing Middle Names for Audrey

Middle Names For Audrey

Congratulations on picking Audrey for your baby.  You can easily find many famous personalities by the name of Audrey (the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Wells, Audrey Whitby). If research has led you to this, you might have wondered what middle name will suit Audrey. Choosing a middle name can be a stressful task, but … Read more

100+ Unique Middle Names for Iris

Middle Names For Iris

Congratulations on picking Iris as the name of your child. What a beautiful name it is. The middle name may be the creative way parents convey how important a child is to them. A middle name may have its way of reminding a child what he or she means to the parents.  I know searching … Read more

110+ Unique Middle Names for Genevieve

Middle Names For Genevieve

Congratulations on picking the name Genevieve for your baby. It’s a nice name (reminds me of the Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji). Middle names can help remind your children of their culture and background.  Choosing your baby’s middle name can sometimes be stressful and sometimes limited to a short range of options.  I know doing this … Read more

100+ Great Middle Names For Nicholas

Middle Names For Nicholas

Congratulations on picking the name “Nicholas” for your baby. Middle names have the power of giving identity to an individual but combined with the right middle name, it does so much more than that. Middle names help to remind your baby of his/her ancestry even in the event of him/her marrying another race.  Middle names … Read more

100+ Unique Middle Names for Jane

Middle Names For Jane

Congratulations on picking jane as your baby’s first name. It’s a very lovely name. Middle names are an important part of a person’s identity.  No one is complete without a name, and so it should be with your baby too! Middle names can help them reflect their background and the values they hold dear.  The … Read more

110+ Great Middle Names For Aidan

Middle Names For Aidan

Congratulations on deciding on the name Aidan for your baby.  Picking a good name can be quite a difficult decision to make for your baby.  In fact, you might even end up with 2 names that you really like.  But, you must pick one.  Or, must you?  A middle name comes in handy for situations … Read more

100+ Unique Middle Names For Ethan

Middle Names For Ethan

Congratulations on choosing the lovely name Ethan for the name of your baby. I still remember how much I love the dialogues in the Before trilogy: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight where the Texas-born Ethan Green Hawk starred. The name also reminds me of Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise in the Mission … Read more