How to Style Toddler Girl Winter Coats With Accessories

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Whether a cute beanie that simply caught your eyes or a simple yet super cozy scarf, there is no doubt that accessories are a great way to style every girl’s outfit in the cold seasons. However, finding the right accessories that go well with your toddler girl’s coat isn’t an easy task.

One of the best tricks here is to go for cute and trendy children’s clothes that are easy to mix and match with all kinds of winter gear. If you don’t have any place in your mind, it’s possible to visit BabyOutlet to get the most stylish and adorable toddler girl clothes for your little one. Since these garments already look gorgeous on their own, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s accessories anymore. 

Otherwise, you might want to learn exactly which type of accessories can pair with your daughter’s outfit. But, no worry, here is our detailed guide for how to style toddler girl winter coats with accessories.

Accessories To Go With Peacoats

A peacoat is a classic winter coat that pretty much all kids have at least one in their closet. So, for its accessories, you should go for knit scarfs that can be tucked behind the double-breasted bodice, which adds just enough flair on its own. And, as far as colors go, the palette is as versatile as the coat itself. However, we dig a combination of neutral tones like a beige knitted scarf and warm color coats.

Faux Fur Coat With Scarf, Print Mittens, & Earmuffs

As the perfect topper to any occasion outfit, a fur coat with the right accessories will make your little girl become the spotlight everywhere she goes! So, the scarf selection is key here. You might want something that is sleek but doesn’t overpower your daughter’s coat while also being warm enough to keep her cozy. As for gloves and headgear, we like to follow the theme with leopard print or white mittens and furry earmuffs.

Accessories for Toddler Girl Trench Coat

Children’s trendy trench coats are a big hit on the runways for winter this year. These gorgeous garments are practical and easy to pair, which is why most parents love to get one for their kids. However, since they’re also very large, your daughter’s trench coat can take over the silhouette of her outfit all on its own. So, in order to give this oversize jacket a bit of her personal style, you should avoid accessories that add more bulk to the look. Instead, choose a winter hat, scarf, and boots in a boldly contrasting hue for a dynamic look. Or, add more muted and luxe accessories that blend in with the coat if you want your toddler to look more elegant and modern. Also, classic chic pieces like leather gloves and a floppy brimmed hat are worth going for too.

Parka and Knitted Accessories

When it comes to parkas, it’s important to take a good long look at your toddler coat before beginning to choose the accessories to style it. Despite the coat’s fluffiness, parka shapes nowadays are surprisingly sophisticated and modern. That’s why mixing and matching more softer and less state-of-the-art textures with your daughter’s parka can make her outfit unforgettable. Consider knitted accessories such as a chunky scarf or a pair of plush cashmere gloves. And, don’t forget to keep your little girl snuggly with an adorable beanie on the cold snowy days.

Perfect Accessories for Chic Long Coat & Wrap Coat

This type of glamorous coat gives the wearer an automatic fit shape. But, it also leaves the neckline on the looser side. So, make sure your little girl has a lightweight scarf that can be folded over and pulled tight to protect her neck on the cold winter days. On top of that, since the coat is so fashionable, sticking with luxe-looking accessories such as a silky scarf is the best way. Also, you might want to skip the beanie or an ultra-warm knit hat for a slouchy beret.

Cashmere Gloves With Cape Coat

Before you think about adding more layers of clothes to make sure your daughter is cozy in her cape coat, invest in a pair of ultra-warm elbow-length gloves. These gloves will make up for the missing sleeve while also maintaining the unique style that a cape coat brings to your toddler’s outfit. As for the rest of this on-trend look, you can find a thin scarf to tuck under the neck closure and put on an ear warmer or a full-on winter hat for a cuter winter look. Also, a pair of winter boots that match her gloves will be a great addition here.

Accessories for Funnel Neck Coat 

With a high neckline and a puffer look, your daughter will stay warm and protected in this posh parka alternative. So, let’s bundle up for below-zero temps by adding a big scarf around her neck and covering those tiny fingers with fur gloves. Also, don’t worry if you think the scarf will compromise the high neck feature, the coziness and amazing style of a scarf is totally worth trading for. Finally, finish accessorizing with a traditional winter hat with a pom-pom to enhance the coat’s modern look or a cute hairclip of the warmer days.

A Furry Headband and Winter Coats

Even though hats are still fashion girls’ favorite winter staple, they’re not ideal if you want to show everyone your daughter’s lovely hairstyle. Available in a variety of styles that suit different occasions while still keeping your kid warm in icy conditions, winter headbands are a fashionable alternative to hats while you’re getting through the coldest days. With the same snugged feel and the coziness as a beanie, style your toddler girl’s winter outfit has never been easier with headbands.

Little Girls With Leather

Who says toddlers can’t wear leather in winter? While your daughter’s middle will stay warm and covered in cozy layers of her coat, she will still need something to bundle up her hands to get fully prepared for the cold. Therefore, a pair of leather gloves that match her outerwear is the right choice to keep those little fingers toasty all the time. Not to mention the cool contrast to the outfit’s middle layer and scarf. Additionally, don’t forget to keep your toddler girl cozy and cool with a fuzzy beanie on top!

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