Trending Summer Baby Names Parents Are Crazy About

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Looking for that perfect summer-inspired baby name that’s both unique and charming? You’re not alone. Recent trends reveal an increasing number of parents are drawn to names reflecting the season of sun and bloom.

Short Summary:

  • Summer-inspired baby names are gaining popularity.
  • Parents seek unique yet meaningful names.
  • Professional baby name consultants are in high demand.

Trending Summer Baby Names Parents Are Crazy About

Summertime. The season of sun, sea, and vibrant flowers. A time when life feels a bit rosier and a lot more cheerful. Given this warmth and exuberance, it’s no wonder parents are looking to summer for baby name inspiration. With August being a peak month for births in the United States, naming babies after this sunny season is almost a tradition.

Hennessey Digital, armed with data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), has compiled a comprehensive list of the top trending baby names inspired by summer. Jason Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey Digital, aptly sums it up:

“Often parents opt for unique names, as well as names that are trending. For parents who are expecting this summer, we want this research to educate and inspire them to opt for a name that is linked to the beauty of summer.”

From nature-themed names to those inspired by the beach and flowers, the options are as diverse as summer activities.

Top Summer-Inspired Names

Let’s dive into some of the names that have captured the hearts of parents this season:

  • Dylan – Meaning “son of the sea,” this gender-neutral name topped the charts with 7,505 American babies christened Dylan in 2023.
  • Lily – A classic yet fresh name, Lily signifies purity and is undoubtedly linked to summer blooms. It was given to 6,146 babies.
  • Parker – An English name meaning “park keeper,” Parker is versatile and unisex.
  • Aurora – Evoking early summer mornings, Aurora remains a favorite for baby girls.
  • Kai – Hawaiian for “sea,” this name is a great choice for ocean lovers.

Names aren’t just about popularity. For many, they represent a desire for uniqueness. Jessica Paquette from @DreamBabyNames illustrates the plight of having a trending name:

“I always say to my mom, ‘You carried me for nine months, and you come up with Jessica? After all that work?'”

As a name consultant herself, Paquette has some rigid rules she follows while selecting a name for her baby, ensuring it is not in the top 200 most popular names and is pronounceable by her family.

The Age of Baby Name Influencers

Speaking of consultants, baby name experts like Colleen Slagen (@NamingBebe) offer extensive services to help expecting parents. From predicting future trends to suggesting names based on parental preferences, there’s a package for everyone.

Slagen highlights the societal desire for originality:

“Naming kids is more like naming products, which is a competitive marketplace where you need to be able to get attention to succeed.”

Given this, it’s no surprise that consultants’ DMs are flooded with parents eager for unique suggestions. Terms like “old money names,” “main character names,” and “aesthetic names” are common requests in consultations.

Summer Names with Historical and Cultural Significance

The fascination with summer names isn’t new. Traditionally, names held cultural or familial significance. For instance, old names like Eleanor, Maude, and Edith have made a comeback as “cool-girl grandma names” according to Paquette. Slagen adds:

“We’re seeing a rise in the use of surnames as first names: Rhodes, Miller, and Bellamy are becoming popular choices.”

Names like Dylan and Kai are rooted in their cultural meanings but are modern enough for today’s parents. The same holds true for unisex names. Names like Murphy and Scottie are blurring gender lines, offering flexibility and modernity.

Why Summer Names Are Here to Stay

Summertime brings a sense of freedom and adventure, inspiring names that reflect the season’s essence. Let’s not forget the convenience either. With professional consultants offering everything from simple lists to in-depth analysis, finding that perfect summer name becomes an enjoyable process.

As I’ve researched baby names extensively for my own daughter, I understand the weight of this decision. A name is more than a label; it’s an identity and a legacy. So, whether you go with a classic like Lily or an adventurous choice like Kai, make sure it resonates with you.

Feeling inspired? Here are a few more summer-themed names to consider for your little sunshine:

  • Girls: Aurelia, Daisy, Helena, Isla, Jasmine, June, Kianga, Poppy, Savannah, Summer
  • Boys: Elio, Florian, Ignatius, Leo, Peregrine, Ravi, Rhodes, Samson, Wilder

Choosing a name is just the beginning of the many beautiful moments of parenthood. Embrace it.

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