65 Halloween Costumes For Baby & Infants

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Costume Ideas For Baby’s First Halloween

These Halloween costumes for babies and infants will spark your imagination and have you choosing the perfect costume! We’ve included a long list (with pictures) and links to each costume to help you decide how to dress up your little one this spooky season.

Update: Shane created some amazing Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids. It’s free for now.

Newborn and Infant Halloween Costume Ideas

Remember you can get any of these costumes shipped to your home in 2 days’ time if you are an Amazon Prime member. Don’t have an account? Get a 30 Day Free Amazon Prime Trial.

1. Safari Lion Costume

lion costume for newborn, lion costume for infant, lion costume for new baby

Depending on where you live, this Safari Lion costume for newborns will be perfect to keep them warm during the fall outing. We also love how easily you can put the headpiece on and off.

2. Baby MD, Surgical Baby Costume

Halloween cosutme for infant as a doctor

How cute is this baby MD outfit? It’s 100% cotton and is ultra soft on a newborn. Plus it comes with little footie shoes. It also comes with a little surgical cap (warm beanie).

3. Super Women Baby Costume

super women costume for bay or newborn

Sizes available: 0-3 months This superwomen costume is so darn cute! If you have a little one between these ages 0 – 3 months, this might be the one to go with.

4. Banana Baby Halloween Costume

best Halloween outfits for baby, best Halloween costume for newborn is this banana outfit

We are going bananas for this Banana Baby infant costume. You can easily put the baby in a pajama underneath to keep them warm.

5. Disney’s Toy Story Cowboy

best Halloween babys first Halloween costume ideas

This Woody costume is one of my favorites because you can also dress them up with this set year-round. Because why not!

6. Jack-Jack Incredible’s Costume

babys first Halloween costume idea

This jack-jack-inspired costume is perfect to keep your baby comfortable. The sizes do start at 12 months and up so please keep that in mind if your baby is younger than 12 months in clothes sizes.

7. Pig Costume For Infants

one of the best halloween costumes for newborns

This piggy costume is actually going pretty fast on Amazon – that means try to order it early or put it on your wish list to see when it will be back in stock. (if it’s available just place it in your cart. trust)

8. Pineapple Halloween Baby Outfit

How cute is this Halloween costume for infants and toddlers? Made by Carter’s. It comes in 3 pieces.

9. Baby’s First Pumpkin Costume

Will you be baby-wearing during Halloween? This is the perfect costume to do that in. Make everything more festive with this pumpkin costume for your baby carrier.

The hat and booties are for sizes 0-3 months. Fits almost all baby carriers.

10. Dragon

No guarantee that your toddler would let the headpiece stay on but at least for pictures it is worth it. The dragon costume starts with sizes 12 months to 24 months.

11. Storm Trooper Halloween Costume For Infant/Toddler

My family is a Star Wars Family, my little guy wore his Star Wars Storm Trooper Costume along with his Build-a-Bear in a Han Solo Outfit as we trod the street in his first-ever Halloween.

12. Avocado Baby Costume

13. Unicorn Baby Costume

Awwww, the unicorn has been like the theme for all birthday parties in the past few years, make it a theme this year again with the unicorn baby costume. The sizes available are 3-6 months.

14. Tootsie Roll Costume

So not only is this super adorable tootsie roll costume funny, it might be the most affordable one on this list!

15. Little Mermaid Infant Newborn Costume

best Halloween costumes for babys first halloween

Grab this costume for a little mermaid baby on Amazon.

16. Spider man Costume Infant

How sweet is this spiderman costume for your infant? This is great if your family is into the superheroes.

17. Snow White Newborn Costume

This is so cute, we are in love with this costume, I’d say take advantage of the costume and do a Disney-inspired photoshoot.

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18. Belle Inspired Costume For Infant Girl

You can see how beautifully designed this Belle Costume is.

19. Skeleton Costume For Baby

This makes a perfect baby’s first Halloween costume because it keeps the baby warm is easy to put on and if a diaper needs changing the buttons are on the bottom.

20. Mini Monster Costume

How cute is this mini monster baby costume, I think I say this about every costume. I can’t help it.

21. Lady Bug Infant – Toddler

This is so cute, you don’t have to put the giant head of the Lady Bug Costume on maybe get cute little antennas.

22. Stitch Costume Unisex For baby

best infant costume for Halloween for boys

This cute Stitch costume is for Disney lovers. The sizes available (right now as of writing this) are 6-12 months & 12-18 months. It will fit bigger than expected with room to wear leggings or warm pants underneath.

23. Aeromax Jr. Astronaut

Halloween infant costume for babys first Halloween

How cute is this, you don’t really see this Astronaut one a lot. It’d make for a very special first or second Halloween. Currently in stock sizes: 6-12 months & 18 month. (it usually sells out each year as we get closer to Halloween)

24. Lady Bug Costume Infant (tutu)

lady bug costume for infant

This ladybug costume (tutu) is more for toddlers than babies. Depending on your baby’s size during Halloween it might fit.

25. Master Chef & Lobster

Anything that incorporates the baby carrier is a perfect Halloween costume for infants because then you can be hands-free and not have to worry about them and a stroller.

26. Hot Dog Costume For Baby

This is hilarious. This baby hot dog costume is a must! It’s funny, cute, and will keep the baby nice and warm.

27. Jail Bird Tattoo Baby Costume

That tattoo sleeve’s on this jailbird baby costume are perfect.

28. Owl Infant Costume

halloween costume for infant and a baby

This infant owl costume is perfect if your little one is into Owls. It’s warm and comes with a hood. It starts with sizes as small as 6 months and goes up to 24 months.

29. Little Cow Costume For Infants & Toddlers

We love the wide-size variety of this cow costume. Use this as an opportunity to create the ultimate Old McDonald Farm with your family.

30. Lizard Infant – Toddler Costume

This Lizard costume for babies is pretty easy to put on kids and they remain warm throughout Halloween.

31. Elephant Costume

The elephant in the room will have all the attention, and can you blame anyone. It is so cute.

32. Elsa From Frozen

The cutest Frozen princess ever. This can also be used as a photoshoot dress it is that cute.

33. Pirate Outfit

You can find it here, the cute little pirate baby is ready for a photo op.

34. Little Girl Pirate

Similar to the Pirate one above this one is a dress style made for girls. This is perfect if you have opposite-sex twins. Dressing them in these pirate outfits.

35. Winnie The Pooh

Okay but look at that little plump belly. This Winnie The Pooh is so adorable.

36. Tigger Infant Costume

This is perfect if 100-acre kinds of wood are your style. You can find the Tigger costume here.

37. Born To Be Wild Motorcyclist Inspired

Halloween costume for infants

See more about the costume here. It can inspire your family to be a little motorcycle gang and have the cutest pictures ever.

38. Mr. Penguin

The little hat on this penguin costume makes it a very fancy get-up for your infant.

39. Sweet Apple

Little Apple baby is a sweet little get-up for any baby. Do you see your little one in this?

40. Strawberry Costume Idea For Baby

More food ideas, I think someone is hungry (me). This strawberry costume is adorable, and you can have a matching one too.

41. Little Peanut Costume for Baby

You can do a big family event with this peanut infant costume. Parents as circus members, gorillas, or elephants the possibilities are endless.

42. Sea Turtle Infant & Toddler Costume

See more about this sea turtle infant and toddler costume.

43. Wee Rabbit Infant Costume

rabbit infant costume for Halloween

How cute is this wee rabbit infant costume for Halloween? It’s one of my favorites.

44. Dragon Costume Infant – Toddler

This is great because it can double as a pajama for the cold October night as well. They have a lot of sizes available including 0-3 months. Which is great if you are going to have a tiny one around Halloween.

45. Lil’ Witch Infant Costume

The cutest witch I’ve ever seen. Comes with hat, the dress has the sleeves stitched in.

46. Glinda Wizard Of Oz Infant Costume

Glinda the good witch wizard of oz – do the full cast lineup if you dress up as a family.

47. Dorothy Wizard Of Oz Infant Costume

This is so precious. The Dorothy costume can be accessorized with a little black dog plush toy.

48. TinMan Wizard Of Oz Infant Costume

This Tinman swaddle costume for infants is so cute and it’s also a swaddle, win-win for Halloween.

49. Chef Baby

This is it, just stop scrolling this little chef baby costume is the one.

50. Little Fox Newborn Set

Newborn costume, check! The little fox is perfect for those tiny little first months as a Halloween costume.

51. Little Bee Set

Keeping your baby warm will be easy in this Halloween-inspired Bee costume.

52. Baby Infant Peacock Costume

See more about this Peacock costume here.

53. Samurai Japanese Outfit

Available sizes: 6-24 months

See more about the Samurai Japanese costume here.

54. Dragon Ball Z Warrior

Are you or your partner a fan of Dragon Ball Z (no, just me)? Dress them up in your favorite characters’ outfits.

55. Darth Vader Star Wars Uniform For Infants

The force is strong with this Halloween infant costume. The Darth Vader star wars uniform is awesome!

56. Obi-Wan Star Wars Uniform For Infants

Dark side or light side, which will you choose. Going with the Obi-Wan fitted costume for baby you will go the path of the Jedi.

57. Yoda Inspired Costume For Baby

You can buy this Yoda costume here.

Do I love Star Wars, yes, yes I do? Do I want my son to dress up as every character also yes?

58. Princess Leia Star Wars Costume For Baby

This is adorable. The princess Leia Star Wars costume is perfect for your little girl.

59. Little Garden Gnome

Halloween costumes for baby ideas - gnome costume for baby

I think what I love most about this garden gnome costume for baby’s is the big ears on the hat. So funny.

60. Adorable Chicken

chicken costume for baby

This chicken costume for baby is so cute, I know I have been saying that about every costume.

61. Pumpkin Patch Baby

This might be the perfect very first Halloween costume that you put on your baby. It’s simple, cute, and shows us what Halloween is really about (the fall season and pumpkins duh lol)

62. Infant Tiger Costume

We love that it comes with the hood making this tiger one to look so cute during Halloween.

63. Baby Shark

See more about this Shark costume on Amazon.

64. Ghost Busters Infant Costume

This one-piece comes with a hat and starts off with sizes as small as 6 months. And goes up to 3 years. This Ghost Buster costume for infants is awesome.

65. Unicorn Costume

This unicorn costume is one size fits almost all. It’s a size small and can be used from babies as little as 10 months to those 18 months depending on their growth curve.

That’s it all 65 babies first Halloween costumes for newborns and infants. Find one that you love that we didn’t mention?

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65 ideas for babys first Halloween costumes
65 best ideas for babys first halloween costume

65 Halloween Costumes For Infants And Toddlers

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