The Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes This Year

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Halloween Costumes During Pregnancy

These ideas are perfect and the best pregnancy Halloween costumes of 2020. You will be inspired, ready to get your DIY on, or just straight up purchase the costume that you love.

In this post you will find funny pregnancy Halloween costumes, Halloween costume ideas for pregnancy, and some awesome DIY pregnancy Halloween costumes.

Ready to feature your baby bump this Halloween, let’s dive right in and get started.

The Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

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1. Bun In The Oven Pregnancy Costume

Bun In The Oven Pregnancy Costume

We’re starting the list with this hilarious Halloween Pregnancy costume. This is great if your bump isn’t showing so much (or if it is) you get to display your bun in the oven.

2. Mommy Kangaroo PJ Costume

Mommy Kangaroo PJ Costume

How funny and comfortable is this mommy kangaroo pregnancy costume for Halloween. Be warm and cozy during the fall while also looking like the cutest Kangaroo and with the little Joey on the belly.

3. DIY Winnie The Pooh Costume

DIY Winnie The Pooh Costume
DIY Winnie The Pooh Costumeuse this skirt for a winnie the pooh inspired costume for pregnancy

You will need two items the red crop top and a yellowish skirt or body-con dress. Put them together and your belly sticking out makes the perfect little Winnie The Pooh Pregnancy Costume!

You can also put your hair in two little buns to make Winnie The Pooh’s ears. Silly old bear.

4. Maternity Skeleton Costume

Maternity Skeleton Costume

You can make this as easy as just putting on the maternity skeleton pregnancy costume for Halloween or you can take it up a notch and do a full day of dead face with roses in your hair and everything.

You can also have your partner dress us with this day of the dead skeleton body suit.

5. Handmaids Tale Pregnancy Costume

Handmaids Tale Pregnancy Costume

Wow! We love this Handmaids tale pregnancy Halloween costume it is perfect beyond compare. Not only is your bump the perfect accessory for this costume, it kind of seems right with everything going on in the world right now.

6. Mike Wazoski Shirt Costume

Mike Wazoski Shirt Costume

Want to keep your costume minimal or work appropriate this Mike Wazoski shirt is the one to go with. All you have to do is get your partner to be your Sully.

7. Little Pumpkin Halloween Costume For Pregnancy

Little Pumpkin Halloween Costume For Pregnancypumpkin costume for pregnancy

The little pumpkin costume is the best pregnancy Halloween costumes because it is so simple and cute anyone can pull it off. It might also be one of the most affordable costumes on this list.

8. 50’s Housewife Pregnancy Halloween Costume

How funny and cute would this 50’s Housewife pregnancy Halloween costume be with your bump just underneath the apron.

9. DIY Mummy Halloween Costume For Pregnant Moms

mummy halloween costume

This hilarious pun-intended pregnancy halloween costume is perfect for mummy’s to be lol. Thank you DIY With My Guy for this awesome mummy inspiration.

You can do this by using toilet paper, or bandage wrap. Using makeup to make your eyes darker.

10. Scare Crow With Pumpkin Baby

scarecrow costume during pregnancy for Halloween

This one is from Terrific Preschool Years. We love this Super simple scarecrow costume that you can make with items you already have at home.

11. Ninja Turtle Onesie Halloween Costume

ninja turtle costume for Halloween when pregnant

This is one of my favorite (that’s me and my hubby) I was about 7.5 months pregnant here with my first. You can find that exact ninja turle costume onesie right here.

12. Fairy Pregnant Princess Halloween Costume

Fairy Pregnant Princess Halloween Costume

This is so cute, I’d take my maternity pictures in it (hint hint). This fairy pregnancy princess dress is perfect – just add some wings to be a fairy or add a crown to be a princess.

This can also double as your maternity dress and get some really great pictures in it.

13. Miley’s Wrecking Ball

wrecking ball pregnant halloween costume

Still making hits even years later, this funny and simple Miley Cyrus inspired costume thank you Costume – Works for sharing such fun inspiration.

14. Spider Web Pregnancy Costume

Spider Web Pregnancy Costume

How cute and simple is this spider web pregnancy costume. Your bump will have space and you will look so cute as mama spider building her web.

15. Little Red Riding Hood

pregnant little red riding hood

Thanks to The Spoiled Mama blog for sharing this idea. You can shop this costume here on Amazon – see the little red robin hood costume.

16. Death Star Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Death Star Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Have your partner be the Darth Vader to your death star pregnancy Halloween costume. Wear black leggings for the complete look.

17. Cow Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women

Cow Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women

You are going to be a milk-making machine soon lol. Be a cute little pregnant cow for this Halloween.

18. Fried Egg Pregnancy Costume

Fried Egg Pregnancy Costume

This fried egg costume is hilarious and we are all for it. It can easily fit no matter what trimester you are in.

19. Pink Crocodile Pregnancy Costume

Pink Crocodile Pregnancy Costume

This pink crocodile pregnancy costume is one the best for this Halloween. Soft, warm, and easy to put on (zipper in the front yessss).

20. Pregnant Tiger Halloween Costume

Pregnant Tiger Halloween Costume

This pregnant tiger Halloween costume does you justice. We just love this comfy style so much.

21. Fortune Teller Pregnant Mystic Ball

pregnant fortune teller costume

This is from @alanadawn. You can find the headpiece and skirt here in this area.

22. A Mix Of Star Wars Characters

star wars family pregnant Halloween costumes

Via @lularoewithchelseala . You can have your partner be Han Solo, while you rock Princess Leia and a bump buddy as BB8.

23. Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams

Although we never see her pregnant in the films, we know she has 3 kids. Might as well play into it and get yourself a Morticia Addams dress and have your partner dress up as well.

24. DIY Mime Pregnancy Costume

DIY Mime Pregnancy Costume

Wear some black leggings, or pregnancy pants, add this shirt and paint your face viola DIY Mime pregnancy costume.

25. Be Your Favorite Emoji

Be Your Favorite Emoji

You can find all your favorite emoji costumes here. Or you can find this specific cool glasses emoji over on Amazon.

Now that you have all these awesome 25 Pregnancy Inspiring Halloween costumes you can find even more pregnancy Halloween costume selections on Amazon right here. Check out some of the funniest and adorable costumes you can get!

That’s it all our best pregnancy Halloween costumes of 2019. Did you find one you loved? Let us know in the comments below.

Did we miss a costume you absolutely loved when you were pregnant? Leave it in the comments below too!

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The Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes Of 2020

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