20 Baby’s First Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

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What To Feed Baby On Their First Thanksgiving Dinner

Need baby’s first Thanksgiving meal ideas for your little ones yummy first holiday?

Hey glad you found yourself here, this means your little one is big enough to start sharing in the family feast known as thanksgiving. Each recipe may be great for baby’s 6 months and up.

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What Can Baby’s Eat On Thanksgiving?

Make Sure You Get Yourself These Food Mats For Easier Clean Up After Baby Is Done.
  • You can also try these re-usable pouches
  • Depending how old your baby is it will vary on what they can and cannot eat.

    For example: Turkey, Chicken any meat really that requires chewing is asked to be served to baby’s 8 -10 months or older.

    But items like: mashed potatoes, sweet pies, and little tasting of finger foods may be given to children 6 months or older.

    I went around and I gathered the best first Thanksgiving foods for your baby to serve this holiday.

    Ready For The Holiday’s?

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    Items You May Need To Prepare These Meals

    The Best Thanksgiving Meals For Baby’s First Big Holiday

    You can make these recipes below but if you have a baby who is just starting solids you may want to just grab my Free Simple 4 Baby Food Recipes (you can get it by subscribing at the end of the post)

    1. Harvest Pie Baby Food Puree

    baby's first thanksgiving foods

    Want an alternative to that sweet pumpkin pie? Use this recipe for Harvest pie baby food by Arts & Crackers.

    Perfect for baby’s just starting solids and puree’s.

    2. Sweet Potato Baby Cookies

    sweet potato baby cookies for baby's first thanksgiving

    How yummy do these look? If you are into baby led weaning this recipe is going to be perfect for you. You can see how to make these bite sized cookies (for baby) but really we can all eat some. See the full recipe at Brooklyn Farm Girl.

    3. Gluten Free Mini Corn Bread

    glulten free mini corn bread for baby's first thanksgiving meal

    Have a baby with certain food restrictions? This delicious and gluten free recipe for mini corn bread will do just the trick. Thank you Strength & Sunshine Blog for this amazing recipe addition.

    Perfect for babies 6 months and up.

    4. 5 Minute Cream Style Corn

    5 minute cream style corn for baby's first thanksgiving meal

    Corn is a Thanksgiving special in our home – make sure your little one who is about 8 – 11 months is ready for chunky soups like this cream style corn by Strength and Sunshine.

    5. Instant Pot Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    instant pot mashed sweet potatoes

    We are making this one for the baby’s and grown ups because it looks so good. See how to make the full recipe at Melanie Cooks.

    6. Banana Bread Finger Foods

    banana bread finger food for babys first thanksgiving

    How yummy is your Thanksgiving going to be when you can also use up those ripe bananas you have on your counter. This is perfect for babies 6+ months. Thank you Melanie Cooks for this awesome recipe.

    7. Unsweetened Apple Sauce

    unsweetened apple sauce to give a baby as a first thanksgiving food

    If your baby is new to tasting solids – this is the recipe you want to go with. Perfect to make sure they don’t just go for the sweet items. Its sweet from the apple but no added sweeteners. You can see how to make the recipe at Berry & Maple.

    8. 10 Min. Mashed Potatoes

    mashed potatoes picture

    If you are using every burner on your stove and oven to make your holiday feast – this one is going to save you sanity and space. Use your instant pot and make them in ten minutes time.

    Not only will your baby love it, so will the rest of the family. Thank you Every Day Maven for this recipe.

    9. Cauliflower Fritters

    This super easy recipe is perfect for a baby who is ready for textures and crunch. They will love this little cauliflower fritter. You can see the full recipe by Tasty Galaxy.

    10. Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

    Need to sneak in some veggies for your baby? Give them a cookie full of delicious and tasty pumpkin and oatmeal. Thank you Fork To Spoon.

    11. Cheesy Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole

    This super tasty casserole is one you can serve to everyone including your baby. This is great if they are between 8+ months or older who also have a handle on chewing larger pieces of food. Thank you The Busy Baker for this delicious recipe.

    12. Roasted Carrots

    Another one that is perfect if you are doing baby led weaning. Letting your baby grab and play with the carrots before having them eat it. Makes it fun for baby. Thank you Pink Fortitude for this yummy roasted carrots recipe.

    13. Cinnamon Apples

    For baby’s first Thanksgiving meal you can start off with the staple of cinnamon apples. See the full recipe by Joy Food Sunshine.

    14. Rutabaga Mash

    a bowl of rutubaga mash to give a baby as a first thanksgiving meal

    How yummy does this look? We are all for this instant pot rutabaga mash recipe. Thank you Recipes From A Pantry.

    15. Carrot Fries

    a bowl full of carrots in fries shape

    These look so good. You’re going to have to serve baby first before everyone else eats them up. See the full recipe at: Recipes from a Pantry.

    16. Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Apples

    roasted sweet potatoes and apples to give to your infant or baby

    This cinnamon roasted sweet potato and apple recipe is perfect for baby 6-8+ months and up. Thank you Joy Food Sunshine.

    17. Mashed Butternut Squash

    mashed butternut squash

    How yummy is this and nutritious for baby. Give them a break from the sweets this holiday and introduce butternut squash. See how to make this at Berry & Maple.

    18. Sugar Pie Pumpkin Puree

    sweet sugar pie pumpkin puree for babys first thanksgiving tasting meal

    Make your own pumpkin puree to add to pies and give to baby in spoon fulls.

    From: This Old Gal

    19. Turkey & Sweet Potato Puree

    turkey puree for infant who is starting solids around thanksgiving

    Mix these two Thanksgiving staples together to make a puree that is perfect for your little to enjoy the different textures and combinations. See the recipe at Beaba USA

    20. Cranberry Orange Bites

    cranberry orange bites for toddlers and babies

    If your baby can take eating different textures and flavors this is one you want to bake. See how to make this recipe at Play Party Plan.

    That’s it you guys 20 tasty, tried and true recipes for baby’s first Thanksgiving meal that will make your little one so happy. Make sure you check out your favorite recipe and don’t forget:

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    20 things to feed baby this holiday season
    baby food thanksgiving 
thanksgiving baby food recipes
    20 meal ideas to try on baby's first thanksgiving

    20 Meal Ideas To Try On Baby’s First Thanksgiving

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