Best Products For Teething Baby

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The Best Products For Teething Baby

When your baby starts to teeth it can be stressful for both you and your baby. Extra crying, more cuddles, the drool, and the pain that they may exhibit breaks our hearts. This is why these products for teething babies come in handy and are the perfect thing to have in your go-to bag.

Let’s help your baby get comfortable as they are going through the teething phase.

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What Do I Need For My Teething Baby?

Teething Product Quick Review
1. Comotomo Silicone
1. Easy to clean, light weight, non chocking design
2. Mombella Silicone
2. Cute design, helps with teeth eruption
3. Loulou Lollipop Silicone
best teething toy for teething babys
3. Fun design, helps with grip strength and teeth eruption
4. Wooden Teether
try one of these wooden teething toys to help your teething baby
4. Made from pressed wood, safe for baby, no synthetic material used
5. Hombae Wooden Teething Toys
5. Small and light weight, 100% BPA free
6. Babe Basics Wooden Beads
best teething rings for baby
6. Combines silicone beads and wood to help promote teeth eruption and comfort
7. Nuby Silicone
7. Super soft, bristles on top, easy to hold, can start using as soon as month 1
8. Baby Wash Cloth Teething
an easy method to help a teething baby is to
8. Easy to use, and helps baby with quick relief
9. NatureBond Food Teething Product
one of the best ways to help a teething baby is to use a teething toy like this one
9. Start using during 4 months, helps with tooth eruption as well as helping baby start solids (later on)
10. Banana Toothbrush 10. Helps promote good dental hygiene as well as tooth eruption with the silicone bristles and soft chewing and easy to hold
11. Cactus Toothbrush 11.Helps promote good dental hygiene as well as tooth eruption with the silicone bristles and soft chewing and easy to hold

Each item on this list has been reviewed and tested by real parents going through the teething phase. They have many similarities the best decision you can make is choosing which is best for you and your child.

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1. Comotomo Silicone Teething Item

The Comotomo Silicone Teether is one of our favorites because of the ease of cleaning for us parents and the relaxation you get from your baby biting, chewing, and playing with this one.

2. Mombella Ellie The Elephant

How cute is this silicone teether from Mombella. The Ellie the Elephant is perfect for baby’s 3 – 10 months giving them a great sensation to chew, help with teeth eruption and grip strength.

3. Loulou Lollipop Sushi Hanger

How cute is this little silicone sushi teether with beads? It is made from 100% food-grade silicone making it safe for your baby. Your baby will love the soothing relief and the soft silicone reduces fussy times and decreases your baby’s discomfort.

It is also rated 5 out of 5 stars by parents on Amazon Reviews.

4. Wood Bird Teething Toy

wooden bird teething toy is one of the best teething products for babies to help ease the pain and help tooth eruption for teething baby

We are in love with these wooden teething products. You can see all the reviews from real parents here and you’ll know why it is on this list. The wooden material helps babies with tooth eruption, and the wooden beads help soothe them when they are getting fussy.

5. Hombae Wooden Animals

try a wooden teether to help your teething baby find some relief. It is one of the best teething products that are safe and natural for baby to chew on

How cute are these wooden 4 packs of animals? We love the super simple design that lets babies hold on to them and easily chew. Great for premies as they are lightweight and can hold them.

We also love that no harsh plastic or synthetic material is used for these natural teething toys.

6. Babe Basics Teething Toy

The Babe Basics Teething toy is one of our favorites because it is just that a teething product for your baby and a toy. The rings help it rattle and keep baby’s attention and the soft beads and wood help them with teething.

This is also very safe, as the beads are food-grade silicone so they will not mold, making it easy to clean. The wood also has little ridges to help baby chew and tooth eruption.

7. Nuby Silicone Teething Product

The Nuby silicone teether is perfect for little mouths. Your baby can start using this as early as month 1, it is soft enough that it doesn’t hurt the baby’s mouth and strong enough to help those gums soothe and teeth erupt.

8. Baby Rag / Wash Cloth

This is an old trick that will go a long way. If you don’t have any baby rags or washcloths – these are my favorite ones to do this with.

All you have to do is run the washcloth under cold water, squeeze out the water and place it in the refrigerator for a little bit. You do NOT want to freeze it.

It is super cost-effective and helps the baby soothe and relax while teething.

It’s also helpful on a hot summer day, keeping the baby nice and fresh.

9. NatureBond Food Teether

helping your teething baby get some food while they are teething can be easy by using this teething product that is perfect for babies 4 months and up

You can start using this as early as 4 months when most babies start the teething process. This will help baby with new sensations, tastes, and tooth eruption.

You can add frozen breast milk to the food teether and have baby gnaw on it. As they get older you can add new flavors of fruit and food.

For babies who are on the smaller size, you can change the top portion for the smaller one.

10. Baby Banana Tooth Brush

You’ve probably seen this banana toothbrush everywhere when you search up teething products am I right. You can start using this for a baby as early as 3 months, helps promote healthy dental hygiene and the silicone helps with teething.

11. Baby Toothbrush Cactus

Similar to the banana toothbrush the cactus toothbrush is made from silicone and has a soft round design to help stimulate the gums and ease the pain from teething as well as promoting good dental hygiene in little ones.

That’s it everyone. 11 products that can help your teething baby not only relieve pain but also help those teeth erupt and help with teething hygiene like the teething brushes. Now let’s go over some of the most asked questions.

What Is Best Thing To Do For A Teething Baby?

The best thing you can do for your teething baby is giving them some relief. Cold, hard, and chewable items help them get that frustration and soothe their gums out.

Using a teething item along with a numbing agent can help them get relief.

What Can I Give My Baby For Teething Pain?

You can always choose to give your child additional help for teething. You can use a numbing agent that is baby safe (like this one), or if you notice no help with teething products and gel – you can give them medication.

Always check with your child’s doctor before giving them anything.

What Helps A Teething Baby Sleep?

Is everyone in your home losing sleep because of teething? You can ask your doctor if something like baby Tylenol or baby Motrin can help reduce pain and thus relax the baby.

You should also take a look at this post with 16+ tips to help parents get more sleep with newborns & infants.

Can I Give My Baby A Pacifier For Teething?

Yes, you can give a pacifier for teething. As long as the pacifier is safe to use. If you notice a hole or any type of wear-down – stop using that pacifier.

What Are The Best Teething Rings For Baby?

The best teething rings for babies are the ones that will help them break through the pain and help erupt a tooth. We love the Nuby Silicone Teething Ring for this very reason.

See the top items to determine which ring is right for your family.

In conclusion, the best products for teething babies are the ones that will help soothe, relax and erupt those teeth. By having the teeth erupt the baby will be less fussy and in less pain.

Now you know that the best baby teethers are the ones that will work for you and your baby. You may have to try a few different ones to make sure they like a certain kind. Some babies are pickier than others and may not take to one right away.

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The Best Products For Teething Babies

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