How To Get Free Baby Stuff ($635+ value of stuff)

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How To Get Free Baby Stuff

Having a baby is an amazing experience, life changing. Not only will your life be turned inside out, your wallet my also be changing. New babies are expensive. Insurance, wills, deductibles, and sooo many diapers. But did you know that many companies work with new moms to get them free baby stuff.

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Why Would A Company Give Me Free Baby Items?

These companies are wholesale companies. That means they are selling items all the time to other companies and they get a percentage of that sale. So what they do in order for new parents to get these items at $0.00 is have you order online and pay a small shipping fee.

You can get all of these items with my code: solutionsmommy at checkout and just watch that price drop down to ZERO.

Make sure you use the code: solutionsmommy

Baby Items (valued at $635+)

Don’t forget to use the code: solutionsmommy at checkout with the above items to get the discount.

What Else Can I Get For Free While Pregnant?

So glad you asked. Not only will the above items help you, but here is a list of other items you can grab right now for free all you need to do is a little signing up.

Free Breast Pump (paid for by your insurance)

A good high quality breast pump costs around $200+ bucks. In order for you to get a free breast pump you need to have insurance.

Then all you have to do is sign up right here, choose your breast pump and get it shipped to your home.

Free Prenatal Online Course

This mini prenatal class is taught by an actual labor and delivery nurse

What you’ll get in this free prenatal class:

  • Learn about when to go to the hospital (especially if something is wrong, we’re going to talk about that!)
  • Learn about tests your doctor might order as you head into your due date.
  • Learn the most common birth fears (you are NOT alone) and crush them! 
  • Learn the #1  way to prevent unnecessary visits to labor and delivery
  • The free prenatal class for couples takes less than an hour of your time!  
  • When you’re finished, you’ll show the 3rd trimester who’s boss.

Don’t stress about what you need to put in your room (and your kitchen) to prepare for a newborn – let me tell you what’ll get the 4th trimester poppin’. It’s this thing right here lol

Free Baby Welcome Box ($35 Value)

get an amazon baby welcome box for free when you make a baby registry and finish the checklist that amazon provides its super easy
This is what I got in my Welcome Baby Box (October 2020)

Did you know you can create a free baby registry with Amazon? If you do make one, after you complete the checklist that they give you – you can get your own baby welcome box shipped for free to your home.

It’s a $35 value. Get your baby welcome box here.

Perks of having an amazon registry: Everything you need * Discounts * Extended return period * Add from any website

Free Bottle Nipples and Bib from EnFamil

You can get bottle nipples and a bib from EnFamil when you purchase Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare Infant Formula. The discount is auto applied at checkout.

FREE Baby Samples When You Create Baby Registries

I highly suggest you create multiple baby registries with different companies and get all the free samples that they give. Not only will you get things like: bottles, pacifiers, clothes, shampoo and diapers you can also get nipple cream and nipple pads!

Here are some great places to create baby registries that will give you free items.

Create your Walmart Registry and get this Welcome Box as a gift from Walmart – no credit card info required.

Target – create it online and then go in store to claim your gift. These do go fast so after you create it call your local Target and ask if they have any for you to pick up.

Baby List – create a registry and then pay shipping for your samples. The shipping is about $10 and it arrives within 3-5 days.

Free Customized Birth Plan

Put in your info, answer a few questions and within 2 minutes get a customized birth plan from Mama Organics.

I highly suggest you go through each item, see if you need it and just go for it and get it. The items that need a code: solutionsmommy will ask for a shipping charge but it is minimal.

The items where you just need to sign up are completely free and you can sign up all from your phone. Take advantage of it all!

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how to get free baby stuff
how to get free baby stuff without having to pay shipping
500 bucks worth of free baby stuff like clothes, diapers and slings

How To Get $550+ Baby Stuff For Free

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