100+ Unique Girl Names that Start with A and their Meanings

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Dive into 100+ Unique Girl Names that Start with A, captivating names for your bundle of joy and discover their deep-rooted meanings.

Ah, the letter A! Standing tall at the front of the alphabet parade, ‘A’ is an initial that’s not just ordinary. It’s like the opening act at a rock concert—making a first impression that lasts. Choosing a name for your little one isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a full-blown marathon! We’ve slogged through countless hours, scoured 20+ websites (yes, we counted!), and navigated the vast sea of names to curate this list just for you. Why? Because every ‘A’ star deserves an equally ‘A’mazing name. Let’s dive in, shall we? 😉

3-Letter or Shorter Girl Names Starting with A

1. Ava

   – Meaning: Life.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Ava Gardner, classic Hollywood actress.

2. Amy

   – Meaning: Beloved.

   – Origin: French, Latin.

   – Notable Person: Amy Winehouse, celebrated British singer-songwriter.

3. Ali

   – Meaning: Noble, exalted.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Muhammad Ali, legendary boxer.

4. Ana

   – Meaning: Gracious, merciful.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Ana de Armas, Cuban-Spanish actress.

5. Ari

   – Meaning: Lion of God.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Ariana Grande, American singer and actress.

6. Ash

   – Meaning: From the ash tree.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Ashton Kutcher, American actor and entrepreneur.

7. Abe

   – Meaning: Father of a multitude.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Abraham “Abe” Lincoln, 16th U.S. President.

8. Ada

   – Meaning: Noble, nobility.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Ada Lovelace, pioneering computer programmer.

9. Axl

   – Meaning: Father of peace.

   – Origin: Scandinavian.

   – Notable Person: Axl Rose, lead vocalist of Guns N’ Roses.

10. Ala

   – Meaning: Superior.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Aladdin, fictional character from the eponymous folklore.

11. Asa

   – Meaning: Healer.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Asa Butterfield, British actor known for “Ender’s Game.”

12. Ace

   – Meaning: One, unity.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Ace Frehley, lead guitarist of KISS.

13. Aja

   – Meaning: Goat.

   – Origin: Sanskrit.

   – Notable Person: Aja Naomi King, American actress known for “How to Get Away with Murder.”

14. Amy

   – Meaning: Dearly loved.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Amy Poehler, American actress and comedian.

15. Ayo

   – Meaning: Joy.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

   – Notable Song: “Ayo” by Chris Brown & Tyga.

16. Aki

   – Meaning: Bright, autumn.

   – Origin: Japanese.

   – Notable Person: Akira Kurosawa, iconic Japanese film director.

17. Ara

   – Meaning: Brings rain.

   – Origin: Armenian.

   – Notable Place: Ara Pacis, an altar in Rome dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of Peace.

18. Afi

   – Meaning: Born on Friday.

   – Origin: Akan.

   – Notable Person: AFI (A Fire Inside), an American rock band.

19. Ate

   – Meaning: Misfortune, ruin.

   – Origin: Greek Mythology. 

   – Notable Story: Ate, an ancient Greek goddess who induced rash and ruinous actions by both gods and men.

20. Awe

   – Meaning: Respect, wonder.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Phrase: “In awe of,” an expression denoting deep respect or admiration.

21. Ani

   – Meaning: Very beautiful.

   – Origin: Hawaiian.

   – Notable Person: Ani DiFranco, American singer-songwriter.

22. Azu

   – Meaning: Sweet.

   – Origin: Igbo.

   – Notable Fact: Azucar means sugar in Spanish, showcasing the sweetness in various cultures!

23. Alu

   – Meaning: Brilliant, bright.

   – Origin: Yoruba.

   – Notable Product: Aluminum’s abbreviation on the periodic table is “Al.”

24. Afa

   – Meaning: Storm, hurricane.

   – Origin: Tongan.

   – Notable Phrase: A force of nature, often referring to someone with a powerful presence.

25. Ari

   – Meaning: Eagle.

   – Origin: Old Norse.

   – Notable Person: Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher often abbreviated as “Ari.”

26. Art

   – Meaning: Bear, rock.

   – Origin: Celtic.

   – Notable Person: Art Garfunkel, American singer-songwriter.

27. Aga

   – Meaning: Leader.

   – Origin: Turkish.

   – Notable Product: Aga cooker, a brand of heat storage stove.

28. Ato

   – Meaning: Third born.

   – Origin: Akan.

   – Notable Fact: In many cultures, birth order has significant meaning and influence.

4-Letter Girl Names Starting with A

1. Abby

   – Meaning: Joy of the father.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Abby Elliott, American actress and comedian.

2. Aria

   – Meaning: Melody, song.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Character: Aria Montgomery from the TV show “Pretty Little Liars.”

3. Alma

   – Meaning: Kind, fostering.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Alma Har’el, Israeli-American music video and film director.

4. Anne

   – Meaning: Grace, favor.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Anne Frank, famous diarist during WWII.

5. Asia

   – Meaning: The continent.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Asia Argento, Italian actress and filmmaker.

6. Avis

   – Meaning: Bird.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Company: Avis Car Rental.

7. Astrid

   – Meaning: Divinely beautiful.

   – Origin: Norse.

   – Notable Person: Astrid Lindgren, Swedish author of “Pippi Longstocking.”

8. Anya

   – Meaning: Gracious, merciful.

   – Origin: Russian.

   – Notable Person: Anya Taylor-Joy, actress known for “The Queen’s Gambit.”

9. Alba

   – Meaning: Dawn, white.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Jessica Alba, American actress.

10. Alia

   – Meaning: Exalted, noble.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Alia Bhatt, Indian actress.

11. Ayla

   – Meaning: Halo, moonlight.

   – Origin: Turkish.

   – Notable Character: Ayla from Jean M. Auel’s “Earth’s Children” series.

12. Adel

   – Meaning: Noble, kind.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Variation: Can also be a shortened form of names like Adelaide or Adeline.

13. Agar

   – Meaning: A tree, a fruit.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Use: Agar is also a type of gelatinous substance obtained from certain seaweeds.

14. Anna

   – Meaning: Grace.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Anna Kendrick, American actress and singer.

15. Aino

   – Meaning: The only one.

   – Origin: Finnish.

   – Notable Tale: Aino, a tragic heroine in Finnish folklore.

16. Ally

   – Meaning: Friend, ally.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Ally Brooke, American singer from the band Fifth Harmony.

17. Avia

   – Meaning: My father is Lord.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Trend: It’s a modern twist on the traditional Ava.

18. Alva

   – Meaning: Brightness, white.

   – Origin: Swedish.

   – Notable Person: Alva Myrdal, Swedish sociologist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

19. Aiko

   – Meaning: Child of love.

   – Origin: Japanese.

   – Notable Person: Aiko, Princess Toshi of Japan.

20. Aila

   – Meaning: From a strong place.

   – Origin: Finnish.

   – Notable Trend: Growing in popularity due to its unique sound.

21. Aida

   – Meaning: Reward, present.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Work: “Aida,” an opera by Giuseppe Verdi.

22. Aude

   – Meaning: Wealthy, prosperous.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Region: Aude is also a department in southern France.

23. Adra

   – Meaning: Virgin.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Fact: A unique choice for those wanting a name that’s both beautiful and rare.

24. Amita

   – Meaning: Boundless.

   – Origin: Sanskrit.

   – Notable Person: Amita Suman, actress known for “The Outpost.”

25. Ally

   – Meaning: Noble.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Ally Walker, American actress.

26. Afia

   – Meaning: Born on Friday.

   – Origin: Akan.

   – Notable Fact: Celebrates the joy and significance of being born on a Friday in some cultures.

Five-Letter Girl Names Starting with A

1. Alice

   – Meaning: Noble, kind.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Alice Walker, American author of “The Color Purple.”

2. Amber

   – Meaning: Fossilized tree resin.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Amber Heard, American actress.

3. Avery

   – Meaning: Ruler of the elves.

   – Origin: Old English.

   – Notable Person: Avery Brooks, American actress, known for “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

4. April

   – Meaning: To open, the fourth month.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Song: “April Come She Will” by Simon & Garfunkel.

5. Annie

   – Meaning: Grace.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Person: Annie Leibovitz, renowned American portrait photographer.

6. Aisha

   – Meaning: Alive, living.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Aisha Tyler, American actress and comedian.

7. Anita

   – Meaning: Grace.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Anita Baker, American singer-songwriter.

8. Alysa

   – Meaning: Noble, kind.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Variation: A unique spelling of the more common “Alyssa.”

9. Amara

   – Meaning: Immortal.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Character: Amara from the TV series “Supernatural.”

10. Alana

   – Meaning: Little rock.

   – Origin: Celtic.

   – Notable Person: Alana Blanchard, American professional surfer.

11. Anais

   – Meaning: Grace.

   – Origin: Provencal.

   – Notable Person: Anaïs Nin, French-Cuban-American diarist and writer.

12. Angel

   – Meaning: Messenger of God.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Song: “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.

13. Aimee

   – Meaning: Beloved.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Aimee Mann, American singer-songwriter.

14. Agnes

   – Meaning: Pure, holy.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Agnes Moorehead, American actress.

15. Alize

   – Meaning: Trade winds.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Beverage: Alizé, a line of fruit-flavored liqueurs.

16. Anika

   – Meaning: Grace; sweet-faced.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Anika Noni Rose, American actress and singer.

17. Amity

   – Meaning: Friendship.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Setting: Amity Island, fictional location in “Jaws.”

18. Aryia

   – Meaning: Melody, song.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Twist: A modern variant of Aria.

19. Alora

   – Meaning: My dream.

   – Origin: African.

   – Notable Fact: It’s a unique name with a beautiful, hopeful meaning.

20. Aspen

   – Meaning: Tree, nature-inspired.

   – Origin: English.

   – Notable Place: Aspen, Colorado, known for skiing.

21. Amira

   – Meaning: Princess.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Amira Casar, French actress.

22. Amina

   – Meaning: Trustworthy, faithful.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

23. Adele

   – Meaning: Noble, kind.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Person: Adele, Grammy-winning British singer-songwriter.

24. Aliya

   – Meaning: To ascend.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Person: Aliya Mustafina, Russian gymnast.

25. Alena

   – Meaning: Bright, shining light.

   – Origin: Slavic.

   – Notable Person: Alena Kostornaia, Russian figure skater.

26. Ariya

   – Meaning: Noble.

   – Origin: Sanskrit.

   – Notable Twist: A fresh take on the more common “Aria” or “Arya.”

27. Anisa

   – Meaning: Friendly, amiable.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Use: A name that radiates warmth and companionship.

Longer Girl Names Starting with A

1. Aaliyah

   – Meaning: To ascend, high, exalted.

   – Origin: Arabic.

   – Notable Person: Aaliyah, late American singer and actress.

2. Adriana

   – Meaning: Dark, from the Adriatic.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Adriana Lima, Brazilian model.

3. Aurora

   – Meaning: Dawn.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Use: Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty princess in Disney’s adaptation.

4. Amelie

   – Meaning: Hardworking, industrious.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable Film: “Amélie” a whimsical romantic French film.

5. Ariadne

   – Meaning: Most holy.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Myth: Ariadne aided Theseus in navigating the Minotaur’s labyrinth.

6. Annette

   – Meaning: Grace.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Person: Annette Bening, American actress.

7. Alessia

   – Meaning: Defender.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Alessia Cara, Canadian singer-songwriter.

8. Ashanti

   – Meaning: African tribe name.

   – Origin: African.

   – Notable Person: Ashanti, American singer, songwriter, and actress.

9. Antonia

   – Meaning: Priceless, commendable.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Book: “My Ántonia” by Willa Cather.

10. Alejandra

   – Meaning: Defender of the people.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Person: Alejandra Guilmant, Mexican actress and model.

11. Arabella

   – Meaning: Answered prayer.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Use: A character in numerous novels and TV shows.

12. Annalise

   – Meaning: Graced with God’s bounty.

   – Origin: Hebrew/German.

   – Notable Character: Annalise Keating from the TV show “How to Get Away with Murder.”

13. Angelina

   – Meaning: Little angel.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Angelina Jolie, American actress and humanitarian.

14. Anastasia

   – Meaning: Resurrection.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Anastasia Romanov, daughter of the last Tsar of Russia.

15. Adelaide

   – Meaning: Noble natured.

   – Origin: German.

   – Notable City: Adelaide, South Australia’s coastal capital.

16. Alondra

   – Meaning: Lark.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Song: “Alondra” by multiple Latin artists.

17. Aurelia

   – Meaning: Golden.

   – Origin: Latin.

   – Notable Person: Aurelia Dobre, Romanian gymnast.

18. Athena

   – Meaning: Wisdom, Goddess of wisdom.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Myth: Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom and war.

19. Amethyst

   – Meaning: Purple gemstone.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Use: Birthstone for February.

20. Azalea

   – Meaning: Flower name.

   – Origin: Greek.

   – Notable Person: Iggy Azalea, Australian rapper.

21. Amandine

   – Meaning: Much-loved.

   – Origin: French.

   – Notable Dish: A style of garnish, as in “Potatoes Amandine.”

22. Abrielle

   – Meaning: God is my strength.

   – Origin: Hebrew.

   – Notable Twist: An elegant twist on the more common “Gabrielle.”

23. Annamaria

   – Meaning: Combination of Anna and Maria.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Use: A double-barreled name exuding charm.

24. Antonella

   – Meaning: Priceless.

   – Origin: Italian.

   – Notable Person: Antonella Roccuzzo, wife of soccer player Lionel Messi.

25. Adelaida

   – Meaning: Noble natured.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Variation: A beautiful Spanish variation of Adelaide.

26. Araceli

   – Meaning: Altar of the sky.

   – Origin: Spanish.

   – Notable Fact: A name imbued with spiritual significance.

Name Trends and Popularity

Ah, the whimsical dance of naming trends! Just like fashion, what’s in vogue today might be seen as passé tomorrow. And yet, certain names, like that timeless little black dress, never fade from grace. Lately, we’ve been witnessing a delightful cocktail of old and new. Vintage names, like “Agatha” or “Alma”, are making a comeback, echoing nostalgia. On the flip side, modern concoctions, drawing inspiration from places, colors, and even the cosmos, are on the rise.

Celebrity influence? Oh, it’s very much real! Take “Adele”, for instance. Since the rise of our beloved British songstress, there’s been a noteworthy spike in babies rocking that name. Television series, too, can cause a naming frenzy. After “The Witcher” hit our screens, “Anya”—thanks to Anya Chalotra’s enchanting portrayal of Yennefer—saw a boost.

Yet, evergreen names like “Amelia” or “Alice” keep riding the wave of popularity. Their charm? They’re effortlessly elegant and adapt smoothly across generations.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the name hunt is akin to a treasure quest. The gem you’re looking for? That one name which tingles your heartstrings, echoing the love, hope, and dreams you hold for your little one. From sassy short names like “Ava” or “Amy” to the poetic cadence of “Arabella” or “Azura”, there’s a symphony awaiting every parent.

Ponder on the melody, the tale, the legacy, and the heartfelt memories attached to a name. Every name unfolds like a storybook, encapsulating tales of yore, values of the present, or dreams of the future. 

A child’s name can be a tribute, an aspiration, or simply a word that felt like poetry on your lips. Celebrate this first gift, their inaugural identity. Each child is a universe of potentials and wonders, and their name? It’s the first whisper of that universe’s song.

Here’s to the magic, the journey, and the joy of naming. May your choice be a reflection of all the love and dreams you behold. Cheers to new beginnings and happy name-hunting! 🌠📜🎉

FAQs on 100+ Unique Girl Names That Start With A

Q1: What are some unique Girl names that start with ‘A’?

   A1: There are many unique Girl names starting with ‘A’, such as Alaric, Amadeus, Arvid, and Anselm.

Q2: Can you provide some examples of A-names and their meanings?

   A2: Certainly! Examples of A-names and their meanings include Alaric (ruler of all), Amadeus (love of God), Arvid (tree of knowledge), and Anselm (divine protection).

Q3: Are there any traditional or cultural Girl names that start with ‘A’?

   A3: Yes, there are traditional and cultural Girl names that start with ‘A’, like Aisha (alive), Aditi (mother of the gods in Hindu mythology), and Akiko (bright child in Japanese).

Q4: What are some trendy and modern Girl names that start with ‘A’?

   A4: Trendy and modern Girl names that start with ‘A’ include Aria (air, melody), Amara (eternal), Alessia (defender of mankind), and Azalea (a type of flower).

Q5: Are there any unique Girl names that have historical significance and start with ‘A’?

   A5: Yes, there are unique Girl names with historical significance that start with ‘A’, such as Anastasia (resurrection) and Augusta (majestic, venerable).

Q6: Can you provide some Girl names that start with ‘A’ and have special meanings in specific languages?

   A6: Of course! Some Girl names starting with ‘A’ and their meanings in specific languages include Alina (bright, beautiful in Slavic), Aya (color or design in Japanese), and Amara (immortal in Greek).

Q7: What are some nature-inspired Girl names that start with ‘A’?

   A7: Nature-inspired Girl names that start with ‘A’ include Autumn (the season), Aurora (dawn), and Azura (sky blue).

Q8: Are there any literary or fictional Girl names that start with ‘A’?

   A8: Yes, there are literary or fictional Girl names that start with ‘A’, such as Arwen (from “The Lord of the Rings”) and Arya (from “Game of Thrones”).

Q9: Can you provide some rare or less common Girl names that start with ‘A’?

   A9: Certainly! Some rare or less common Girl names that start with ‘A’ are Aeliana, Amorette, Aziza, and Amarys.

Q10: How can I choose the perfect ‘A’ name for my baby girl?

    A10: To choose the perfect ‘A’ name for your baby girl, consider the meaning, cultural or familial significance, uniqueness, and how well it resonates with you and your family. Explore a variety of ‘A’ names and choose the one that feels right for you.

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