Top 100+ Tagalog Girls Names

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Are you struggling to come up with a name for your baby girl? Here are some Tagalog girls names to get you started.

There is nothing quite like the strength, foresight, and beauty of Tagalog women!

There are many fields in which beautiful Tagalog women have made their mark worldwide. You will see several beautiful Tagalog women on our list, including supermodels, actresses, and DJs. Learn more about them by scrolling down.

In this article, we have collected some of the most trendy, adorable, and easy-to-pronounce Tagalog baby girl names for you!

They are categorized into the themes below:

  1. Upbeat & Happy Tagalog girl names
  2. Popular Tagalog girl names
  3. Mythological Tagalog girl names
  4. Exotic Tagalog girl names

29 Upbeat & Happy Tagalog Girl Names

Contrary to popular belief, finding a happy baby name is simple. Start by choosing words that conjure up images of optimism and sunlight.

These names have various origins and styles, but they represent happiness. Mom and dad will undoubtedly find a happy name that meets their preferences, whether virtuous, botanical, retro, or modern. Take a look!

Two-Syllable Upbeat & Happy Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Joyce – Cheerful. A cheerful name for your Filipino baby girl. The two actresses with this well-known a Filipina first name are Joyce Dewitt and Joyce Jimenez. The renowned director Joyce Bernal should also be included in this list.
Tagalog Girl Names : Joyce Jimenez - Credits: Instagram
Joyce Jimenez – Credits: Instagram
  1. Hiraya – hope. So touching and beautiful is this Tagalog word, Hiraya. Why not pick up this name for your little one?
  2. Mahalia – tenderness. Do you want to give your baby daughter a holy name? Then consider Mahalia, which is the Hebrew translation of the Biblical name Mahala in the Filipino language.
  3. Jasmine – flower. Your baby girl may also be named after the Philippines’ national flower.
  4. Lualhati – spiritual peace. The name is intriguing because of its profound and powerful significance. By shortening it to Luati, you might want to give this name a little touch of style.
  5. Imelda – the universal flight. Imelda is a Tagalog name that derives from the Old High Tagalog word Irmhild. Imee is a shorter version of the name. A well-known politician from the Philippines is Imelda Calixto-Rubiano.
  6. Jaslene – gift from God. You might wish to choose it because it is a unique name for any Filipino newborn girl, which is a terrific reason. The winner of America’s Next Top Model, Jaslene Gonzales, did contribute to the popularity of this moniker.
  7. Jennifer – white enchantress. Jennifer is originally from Cornwall. She is King Arthur’s wife. A lovely name in Tagalog that is also well-liked among Filipinos. This first name is shared by Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, two well-known individuals.
Tagalog Girl Names : Jennifer Lopez - Credits: Pinterest
Jennifer Lopez – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Katherine – pure. As clear and clean as the name suggests, Katherine or Catherine is a Latin origin name that is quite popular among Filipinos. The well-known American actress and producer Katherine Marie Heigl has the same first name.
Tagalog Girl Names : Katherine Marie Heigl - Credits: Instagram
Katherine Marie Heigl – Credits: Instagram
  1. Liezel – God is my oath. The French flair in the name is what is making it a trend. The owner of this name is Liezel Huber. She used to play tennis but is now retired.
  2. Ligaya – Emotion of happiness. Ligaya is the ideal name for a cheerful girl. The name has a little British and Greek accent with a trendy -ah finish.

Three-Syllable Upbeat & Happy Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Lilibeth – innocence. The name is adorable and is a popular choice among Filipinos, especially if you want to give your daughter the nicknames Lily or Beth. Lilibeth Rodriguez Morillo, a well-known Venezuelan singer and actress, is also well-known.
  2. Hiyas – gems. Hiyas portrays the infant as precious and the parent’s vow to care for her throughout their life as something gleaming like a stone, gem, or jewel. It has a lovely Tagalog name that has a calming sound.
  3. Luzviminda – light. This is the name that a genuine Philippian should pick.
  4. Malaya – freedom. Another spelling of the name is Makayla. That sounds rather hip for your young princess, no?
  5. Rosario – Rosary. Rosario Dawson is a producer and actress from America, a famous bearer of this name.
  6. Mirikit – beautiful. The name Mirikit is evocative of beauty, which is just the phrase to characterize your newborn girl. Mirikit is as lovely as your child.

Four-Syllable Upbeat & Happy Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Mutya – darling. Mutya is a perfect name for your beloved daughter.
  2. Nenita – little girl. Here is another popular Spanish name in the Philippines. You can call her Nina, which is a shortened version of Nenita.
  3. Noemi – pleasantness. Noemi is of French origin. Even though it’s not a trendy name, it nevertheless gets a lot of attention. We remember Noemi Zbären right? The Swiss hurdler?
  4. Perlah – pearl. The June birthstone, Perlah, represents prosperity and wisdom. Perla Haney-Janine from the Kill Bill is a well-known namesake.
  5. Reyna – queen. Reyna is a fitting name for your young daughter. American pianist, songwriter, and vocalist Reyna Roberts performs in these genres.
  6. Mayumi – truth. The name conjures up images of a person who is delicate, sweet, and gentle, like a beautiful flower. A well-known actress from Japan is named Mayumi Asaka.
  7. Rosamie – garden of flowers. If you love this short name and Rose is a popular nickname, then name your baby girl Rosamine.
  8. Sampaguita – purity. A lovely name for your tiny flower, no doubt.
  9. Bernila – blessed. It originates from the Tagalog name Bernihilde.
  10. Rubylyn – expressive. Give your daughter the sweet name Rubylyn, which is appropriate for a woman of flawless character.
  11. Maria – beloved. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is referred to as Maria in Spanish origin. This is the name to choose if you want a Catholic name with a Filipino accent.
  12. Marisol – sunflower. Let your daughter cherish this name with joy and merriment. Celebrity Marisol Escobar is a Venezuelan artist of French descent.
Tagalog Girl Names : Marisol Nichols - Credits: Pinterest
Marisol Nichols – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Luningning – brilliance. It is a well-liked indigenous Filipino name. The name is still fashionable despite being dated.

44 Popular Tagalog Girl Names

Are you looking for some popular names for your baby girl? Check out these Tagalog names, which have been hitting the trends and rising in popularity in recent times.

Two-Syllable Popular Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Laura – victory. Laura Lehmann is an actress, model, TV Host, and  Miss World Philippines 2017.
Tagalog Girl Names : Laura Lehmann - Credits: Pinterest
Laura Lehmann – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Carmelita – garden. This name is inspired by the garden of Eden.
  2. Katarina – pure. Katarina Rodriguez is a famous Filipino actress, model, and athlete.
Tagalog Girl Names : Katarina Rodriguez - Credits: Pinterest
Katarina Rodriguez – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Cecilia. Cecilia has a mystic vibe for your newborn.
Tagalog Girl Names : Cecelia Dassy - Credits: Pinterest
Cecelia Dassy – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Christina – follower of Christ. This is a popular girl’s name in the Philippines because of the country’s Christian heritage.
  2. Amor – love. It is an adorable baby girl name.
  3. Mutya – pearl. Mutual Johanna Datul is another beautiful Filipino woman from the domain of acting and modeling.
Tagalog Girl Names : Mutual Johanna Datul - Credits: Instagram
Mutual Johanna Datul – Credits: Instagram
  1. Awit – song. A musical name inspired by a poem of hymn.
  2. Darling – beloved one. A popular endearing name also used as a nickname.

Three-Syllable Popular Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Ophelia – benefit. A romantic moniker inspired by a Hamlet character.
  2. Philippine – lover of horses. Why not name your baby after the wonderful country?
  3. Princess – daughter of a queen or king. This is one of the cutest Filipino names for little queens.
  4. Queenie – royal lady. A charming name for a strong girl.
  5. Sunshine – light. A name that alludes to the Philippines’ perpetual sunshine.
  6. Agila – eagle. It is also the national bird of the Philippines.
  7. Hazel – name of the tree. A name that sounds earthy and is colored like a tree.
  8. Agwa – water. A quirky name for your newborn baby girl.
  9. Ivy – climbing evergreen plant. A short and sweet name after the plant.
  10. Alon – wave. This name is popular for water-lovers.
  11. Isla – island. An exotic name for your exotic baby.
  12. Amihan – wind. This name has Filipino origins and is also used to denote the nation’s monsoon season.
  13. Rosa – rose. Rosa is one of the most popular Filipino girl names meaning rose.
Tagalog Girl Names : Rosa Salazar - Credits: Pinterest
Rosa Salazar – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Sampaguita – love. This is the national flower of the Philippines.

Four-Syllable Popular Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Aurora – dawn. The name is popular through Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  2. Dolores – sorrows. Dolores Alexander, a well-known author and advocate for women’s rights who is from New Jersey, is a renowned bearer of this name.
  3. Bituin –  heavenly body. A charming name that means star for your baby girl. This name is also shared by Bituin Escalante, an actress.
  4. Corazon – heart. A former president of the Philippines was named Corazon Aquino.
Tagalog Girl Names : Corazon Aquino - Credits: Pinterest
Corazon Aquino – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Darna – destiny. Darna is a fictional superheroine popular in the Philippines.
  2. Floribeth – flower. Floribeth Mora Diaz, a Roman Catholic Church-designated marvel, popularized this moniker.
  3. Diana – luminous. Diana, the Princess of Wales, served as inspiration for this name.
  4. Heart – love-filled. Heart Evangelista, a well-known Filipina socialite, served as the model for this name.
  5. Imelda – universal battle. Imelda Marcos contributed to the name’s popularity.
Tagalog Girl Names : Imelda May - Credits: Pinterest
Imelda May – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Jasmine – gift from God. Princess Jasmine from Disney helped to popularize this name.
  2. Nicole – people of victory. Nicole Scherzinger, a Filipina singer, also goes by this moniker.
Tagalog Girl Names : Nicole Scherzinger - Credits: Instagram
Nicole Scherzinger – Credits: Instagram
  1. Kelsey – ships victory. Kelsey Alaine Merritt is a famous Filipino-American model.
Tagalog Girl Names : Kelsey Alaine Merritt - Credits: Pinterest
Kelsey Alaine Merritt – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Teresa – harvester. This name is famous through Mother Teresa.
  2. Zooey – life. The name was inspired by Zooey Deschanel.
  3. Hiyas – jewel. This is a unique name for precious baby girls.
  4. Jazlene – gift from God. This name combines the names Jazlyn and Jolene.
  5. Rabiya – princess. Rabiya Mateo is the Miss Universe Philippines.
Tagalog Girl Names : Rabiya Mateo - Credits: Pinterest
Rabiya Mateo – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Rubylyn – expressive. Ruby Lyn is a charming name created by combining the two words.
  2. Julia – youthful. Julia Barretto is a model and actress born in the Philippines in 1997.
Tagalog Girl Names : Julia Barretto - Credits: Instagram
Julia Barretto – Credits: Instagram
  1. Eleanor – the shining one. The name Eleanor is much-liked in the Filipino culture as well. The first person who comes to mind when you hear this name is none other than American politician, activist, and diplomat Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.
Tagalog Girl Names : Anna Eleanor Roosevelt - Credits: Pinterest
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt – Credits: Pinterest

19 Mythological Tagalog Girl Names

Why not choose a name for your child that is derived from mythology, which has historically impacted music, drama, and literature?

Check out the names inspired by Tagalog myths and folktales.

Two-Syllable Mythological Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Althea – wholesome. Althea is a classic name that many Filipino families prefer. Its second meaning is “to heal,” and it stands for everything your baby girl brings to your home.
  2. Dalisay – pure. Your baby’s name might have a whimsical and joyful atmosphere by using Dalisay.
  3. Amor – love. Amor is popular in the Philippines. Tweak the name a bit and make it Amoret.
  4. Diwata – goddess. A name that is rooted in Philippine mythology. It resembles the fairies and nymphs, the protector spirits of nature. When you give your child the name Diwata, bestow onto her these attributes of intelligence, attractiveness, and gentleness.
  5. Angel – the messenger of the gods. Angel Aquino, the Filipina actress, popularized this name.
Tagalog Girl Names : Angel Aquino - Credits: Pinterest
Angel Aquino – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Awit – destiny. Awit is the best moniker if you enjoy music. The common hymn has a beautiful melody and is ideal as a newborn gift.
  2. Bast – jar. Bast was the name of the goddess of the sun, fertility, and cats in ancient Egyptian mythology.
  3. Tala – star. In Tagalog mythology, Tala is the goddess of evening and morning stars. 
  4. Benilda – blessed. The Spanish version of Bernhilde is well-liked among Filipino ladies. Following the fame of Saint Benilde of Cordoba, it gained attention.
  5. Diwa – spirit. Celebrate this gift of God by giving her the name Diwa.
  6. Blessica – to confer the blessing upon. Why ought you to pick this name? First of all, Blessica is a stylish name that we are certain your little girl will adore as she gets older.

Three-Syllable Mythological Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Chesa – greatness. Chesa is a name that definitely turns heads. It is as divine and angelic as it gets. For those seeking a name with a charming meaning in addition to a rare name, this lovely name is a treasure trove.
  2. Amihan – wind. According to Filipino mythology, Amihan is thought to have been the first thing formed in the universe. Bahala and Aman Sinaya collaborated to produce Amihan. It was she who freed the people from the bamboo tree.
  3. Christina – follower of Christ. A Grammy Award winner by this moniker, Christina Aguilera is best known as the vocalist of “Genie in a Bottle.”
Tagalog Girl Names : Christina Aguilera - Credits: Instagram
Christina Aguilera – Credits: Instagram
  1. Darna – victory-people. We are certain that you will adore this name if you are a lover of superheroes. A fictional superheroine by the name of Darna was developed by the legendary Filipinokomiks artist Mars Ravelo.
  2. Belen – house of bread. The Spanish word for Bethlehem, the sacred location where Christ was born, is Belen. The name is also connected to the Christmas nativity scene.
  3. Analyn – beautiful. Most parents adore this well-known name from the Philippines because it sounds calming to the ears.
  4. Divina – divine. Divina is a beautiful name to give to your baby girl.
  5. Bituin – star. Let your princess shine like her name suggests. Many people will be in awe of this celebrity name. The well-known stage actress and singer Bituin Escalante shares the illustrious name.

17 Exotic Tagalog Girl Names

Have you visited Philippine before? It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its sun-kissed coastlines and shimmering waters are a pleasure to see. Tagalog girl names are as exotic and lovely as the country itself!

Two-Syllable Exotic Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Dalisay – perfect. Due to its similarity to the English name Daisy, the name Dalisay has a cheery and whimsical quality.
  2. Analyn – graciousness. One of the most well-known names in the Philippines is Analyn. You are free to give your child any of its original names as a pet name.
  3. Briony – vine. Briony is a sweet alternative for your little girl and is a nice and entertaining name.
  4. Alyona – bright. Alyona, a well-liked Russian name that has gained popularity in recent years, is a beautiful unique name to give your daughter.
  5. Amaris – given by God. Amaris is a trendy, alluring, and multiracial name that is a variant of the Hebrew name Amara.
  6. Amina – honest. Amina is a name that has grown in popularity since it is lovely and unique.
  7. Angelika – angelic. Angelika is a nice name that you can choose if you want to give your little angel a name that really describes her sweet personality.
  8. Antoinette – highly praiseworthy. The feminine version of the name Anthony is Antoinette, an unusual name with a strong French influence.
  9. Anya – cool. Anya is a cool name for your daughter.
  10. Arianna – chaste. A name that has grown in popularity after singer Ariana Grande.
Tagalog Girl Names : Ariana Grande - Credits: Instagram
Ariana Grande – Credits: Instagram

Three-Syllable Exotic Tagalog Girl Names

  1. Augustina – magnificent. If you’re looking for a classic name, Augustina, a feminine and modern variation of the name Augusta, is a fantastic choice.
  2. Paula – small. Another common baby girl and biblical name that is cool for your newborn.
  3. Beatrice – brings joy. Beatrice, an appealing-sounding variation of Beatriz, is a popular name among Hispanic parents.
Tagalog Girl Names : Beatrice Gomez - Credits: Pinterest
Beatrice Gomez – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Bette – God’s promise. Bette is a very modest variation of Betty, one of the most well-liked names. The name is nicely condensed in this form.
  2. Zephyr – west wind. This exotic name of Greek origin is a cool choice for your princess.
  3. Akila – intelligent. A truly exotic sounding name, Akila has grown in popularity over the years.
  4. Jose – raised. Spanish form of “Joseph” that means “he shall add” in Hebrew origin and a derivative of Jose Rizal.


Many parents want their girls to be strong, confident, and capable of secretly captivating the world with their Filipina beauty. You’ll learn that the meanings of these Tagalog names are quite endearing if you look them up.

We have compiled a list of more than 100 Tagalog girl’s names as a result. Please spread the word to your family and friends and comment below with your thoughts on these names.

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