Top 110+ Arabic girl names

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Are you struggling to come up with a name for your baby girl? Here are some Arabic girl names to get you started.

There is nothing quite like the strength, foresight, and beauty of Arabic women!

There are many fields in which beautiful Arabic women have made their mark worldwide. You will see several beautiful Arabic women on our list, including supermodels, actresses, and DJs. Learn more about them by scrolling down.

In this article, we have collected some of the most trendy, adorable, and easy-to-pronounce Arabic baby girl names for you!

They are categorized into the themes below:

  1. Upbeat & Happy Arabic girl names
  2. Popular Arabic girl names
  3. Exotic Arabic girl names

34 Upbeat & Happy Arabic Girl Names

Contrary to popular belief, picking a cute baby name is simple. Start by choosing words that make you feel upbeat and hopeful.

Although the origins and styles of these names vary, they all mean joy. Mom and dad will undoubtedly find a happy name that matches them, no matter what their preferences are—virtuous, botanical, vintage, or modern. Take a look at the list of unique Arabic girl names!

Two-Syllable Upbeat & Happy Arabic Girl Names

  1. Aaliyah – highest social standing. The Arabic word Aaliyah is arguably the most popular name among Muslims worldwide!
Arabic Girl Names : Aaliyah, an American singer - Credits: Instagram
Aaliyah, an American singer – Credits: Instagram
  1. Aisha – living or prosperous. A stylish Arabic name that is often used today.
  2. Amal – hope. A beautiful name for your beautiful princess.
  3. Amani – aspiration. For your Gen-Z daughter, this is unquestionably a fashionable, adorable, and contemporary name.
  4. Amara – mercy. Amara is a great baby name option because it signifies “mercy, gentleness, or grace,” all characteristics you would like your daughter to have.
  5. Amina – honest. Amina is a feminine Arabic name that can also be spelled Ameena or Amineh and means “honest” or “trustworthy.”
  6. Arwa – mountain goats. Arwa is a great option for your daughter if she exhibits an affinity for animals.
  7. Aya – angel. Aya is a well-liked Arabic girl’s name that has a variety of regional meanings. A verse from a religious text is referred to as a “aya” in Arabic.
Arabic Girl Names : Aya Cash - Credits: Pinterest
Aya Cash – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Basma – smile. Basma is a beautiful Muslim girls’ name with a mystic vibe.
  2. Calla – beautiful. Calla, a stylish and adorable baby girl’s name, with the meaning “lovely.” This charming name is pronounced as “KAELLaa.” Consider “Callahan” if you would like a more extended and slightly more modern variant of this name.

Three-Syllable Upbeat & Happy Arabic Girl Names

  1. Celina – Heaven. The name should be pronounced “seh-leen-ah.” The alternate spelling of this name is Selena, which has a similar pronunciation.
Arabic Girl Names : Celina Jade - Credits: Pinterest
Celina Jade – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Cyra – sun. A distinctive Arabic female name. Make sure to pronounce it “Seer-a” correctly. The name Cyrus is of Greek or Persian origin, and Cyra is its feminine counterpart.
  2. Dalia – gentle. Dalia, which sounds like the flower dahlia, is a common Arabic girl name. The name refers to a “grapevine” or “slender branch.”
  3. Dani – merciful. Dani is a pleasant and endearing female name that is also a version of the Hebrew name Danielle.
  4. Djamila – beautiful and radiant. Djamila, a subtle play on the name Jamila, means “lovely and dazzling.” Keep in mind to say “Juh-meel-ah.” The letter “d” is silent.
  5. Ezra – humble. A simple, elegant and lovable name for your princess.
  6. Elena – light or sun’s rays. This name is ideal for your daughter since it symbolizes how a baby lights up her parents’ lives.
Arabic Girl Names : Elena Satine - Credits: Pinterest
Elena Satine – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Farrah – happiness. This fashionable Muslim baby girl name is ideal since having a baby provides parents unmatched delight and satisfaction.
  2.  Gamila – gorgeous. Gamila is a classic Arabic name for your little girl.
  3. Gul – rose. Finding three-letter names with lovely meanings is very rare. Gul is a name with Turkish or Persian roots.

Four-Syllable Upbeat & Happy Arabic Girl Names

  1. Habiba – love. Habiba is another one of the most beautiful Arabic girl names. It has a strong vibe.
Arabic Girl Names : Habiba Sinare - Credits: Instagram
Habiba Sinare – Credits: Instagram
  1. Hala – halo around the moon. You’ve probably seen this name at least once on Arabic- or Muslim-themed TV programs. Both the name and its meaning, “halo around the moon,” are endearing.
  2. Hanifa – true believer. The name Hanifa, which is pronounced ha-NEE-fa, has a significant and intriguing meaning. This religious name is the feminine version of Hanif, which denotes followers of Abraham’s religion.
  3. Deba – divine. Deba Hekmet is another leading and emerging fashion model with Middle Eastern origins.
Arabic Girl Names : Deba Hekmet - Credits: Pinterest
Deba Hekmet – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Heba – gift. Heba is a suitable name for your little princess.
  2. Heer – diamond. Heer is a lovely name that is well-known around the world.
  3. Hija – daughter. Hija is an ancient Arabic name.
  4. Hyat – from the high gate. A beautiful feminine name with a cool vibe.
  5. Inayat – attention. This unique Muslim baby girl name is fairly popular.
  6. Jiya – sweetheart. A charming name with a lovely meaning! Jiya is Arabic for “sweetheart,” just like your daughter.
  7. Jumanah – silver pearls. The name Jumanah is becoming more popular among Arabic baby names. The name is brilliant, just like what it means.
Arabic Girl Names : Jumanah Murad - Credits: Pinterest
Jumanah Murad – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Juri – Rose Of Damascus. The name Juri, which means “the rose of Damascus in Syria,” is a sweet and rare choice.
  2. Kiah – A new beginning. A new chapter in your life has begun with the arrival of your daughter! Why not give her the name Kiah?
  3. Kaira – beloved friend. A modern name with Latin, Irish, and Gaelic roots is Kaira.

30 Popular Arabic Girl Names

Are you looking for some popular names for your baby girl? Check out these Arabic names, which have been hitting the trends and rising in popularity in recent times.

Two-Syllable Popular Arabic Girl Names

  1. Karima – one who is generous and noble. Karima, popular as the feminine of Karam, is a sophisticated choice for naming your girl.
  2. Hend – a group of camels. Hend Sabry is the first-ranked Arabic actress celebrity.
Arabic Girl Names : Hend Sabry, Tunisian actress - Credits: Pinterest
Hend Sabry, Tunisian actress – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Keya – a monsoon flower. This lovely Muslim baby girl name is a wonderful option for your daughter.
  2. Khalida – eternal life. In the list of the most popular Arabic female names worldwide, Khalida is among the top options.
  3. Laila – night. A lovely name with a lovely pronunciation for your lovely girl.
  4. Leya – loyalty. Leya, another popular Arabic girl name, is the ideal choice for your princess.
  5. Lila – good night. Lila, which means “good night,” is a lovely name. It is the name of Lyle’s feminine version.
Arabic Girl Names : Lila Downs - Credits: Pinterest
Lila Downs – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Mariam – lady of the sea. Mariam is another popular name with various meanings.
  2. Nafisa – delicate. In Swahili-speaking nations and Arabian nations, Nafisa is a well-known name.
  3. Pakiza – pure. Pakiza is a name with many meanings that includes Arabic and Persian ancestry.
  4. Parvin – cluster of stars. The meaning of the unusual Muslim name Parvin is “cluster of stars.” Parveen and Parwin are some of the additional spellings of the name.
  5. Yasmin – jasmine flower. Yasmin Abdulaziz is a famous actress from egypt.
Arabic Girl Names : Yasmin Abdulaziz - Credits: Pinterest
Yasmin Abdulaziz – Credits: Pinterest

Three-Syllable Popular Arabic Girl Names

  1. Sabah – morning. This elegant and simple name will brighten everyone around it.
  2. Donia – World mighty. Donia is a stunning Egyptian actress. The stunning beauty is well known for her riveting acting in addition to her captivating good looks and has participated in numerous fashion events, television shows, and films.
Arabic Girl Names : Donia Samir Ghanem - Credits: Pinterest
Donia Samir Ghanem – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Sadiya – fortunate. The feminine counterpart of the name Said is Sadiya. It also has a positive meaning!
  2. Mais – one with a beautiful face. Mais Hamdan is Jordanian actress and a famous television presenter.
Arabic Girl Names : Mais Hamdan - Credits: Pinterest
Mais Hamdan – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Shahnaz – pride of the king. Shahnaz is a beautiful name with an Arabic origin.
  2. Ayten – skin shiny like the moon. Ayten Amer, an Egyptian actress, has redefined mainstream beauty with her looks.
Arabic Girl Names : Ayten Amer - Credits: Instagram
Ayten Amer – Credits: Instagram
  1. Sofi – wisdom. It’s a sweet girl’s name, Sofi. It has Greek roots and is widely popular across the globe!
  2. Suhana – pure. Suhana is a pretty Arabic name with a charming vibe.
  3. Tanaz – worthy of praise. One of the powerful Arabic girl names, Tanaz has a lovely meaning and is a traditional choice of Afghan origin.
  4. Dorra – gift. The beauty Dorra Zarrouk hails from Tunisia.
Arabic Girl Names : Dorra Zarrouk, an Arabic actress - Credits: Instagram
Dorra Zarrouk, an Arabic actress – Credits: Instagram
  1. Tahira – pure and chaste. A fascinating Arabic name. The feminine form of the name Tahir, Tahira is a popular name in Muslim nations.
  2. Wafaa – loyalty. Wafaa is a well-liked option among millennial parents seeking a stylish and distinctive name.
  3. Zara – flower. This name is another variant of Sarah which means ‘princess’.
  4. Ghada – graceful. The actress, Ghada Abdel Razek, has an all-about bold style and experimental looks.
Arabic Girl Names : Ghada Abdel Razek, an Egyptian actress - Credits: Instagram
Ghada Abdel Razek, an Egyptian actress – Credits: Instagram
  1. Zoya – caring. The name Zoya is a variation of Zoe, which means “life,” and is said to have Russian and Ukrainian origins.
  2. Imaan – faith. Imaan Hammam is currently one of the most famous models from the Middle East. The model, who is of Egyptian and Moroccan origin, has been highlighted in publications all over the world.
Arabic Girl Names : Imaan Hammam - Credits: Instagram
Imaan Hammam – Credits: Instagram
  1. Aabidah – worshiper of God. If you’re seeking a traditional and religious name for your daughter, Aabidah, one of the sweetest Arabic girl’s names from the Quran, is ideal. It denotes someone who worships God.
  2. Sonia – wisdom. Model Sonia Ben Ammar, who has Tunisian ancestry, is famous for boldly controlling the fashion shoots.
Arabic Girl Names : Sonia Ben Ammar - Credits: Instagram
Sonia Ben Ammar – Credits: Instagram

48 Exotic Arabic Girl Names

Are you looking for a novel baby name that inspires you to travel? Browse through our extensive list of exotic Arabic baby girl names.

Two-Syllable Exotic Arabic Girl Names

  1. Aaliah – exalted one. One of the sweetest exotic girl’s names for your Arabian doll.
  2. Amina – truthful. Amina is a lovely girl’s name with Arabic roots. It stands for integrity and dependability, two qualities that any new parent would like to instill in their offspring.
  3. Abida – Worshiper of ALLAH. It is one of the finest Muslim names that parents love to give as a lifetime identity to their Girl.
  4. Ameera – Princess. Ameera is a Muslim Girl name and has arabic origin.
  5. Aafiyah – Health. Aafiyah is responsible and believes in helping people whole-heartedly.
  6. Asma – excellence or sky. Asma is a Muslim girl’s name, and the lucky number that goes with it is 7.
  7. Abeer – fragrance. Abeer is a powerful girl name for your little princess.
  8. Basima – smiling. People with the name Basima are very creative in their ways.
  9. Badia – unique. Badia is an Arabic-originated Muslim name with a simple pronunciation.
  10. Bilquis – the queen of Sheba. A Muslim girl’s name with the meaning “the queen of Sheba” is Bilqis. Venus is the planet for Bilqis according to numerology. For Bilqis, the lucky number is 4, and the good numbers are 6, 15, and 24.
  11. Basma – smile. The name is popular amongst Egyptians and Saudi Arabians.
  12. Bayan – clearness. Bayan is a Muslim Girl name, and the associated lucky number is 7.

Three-Syllable Exotic Arabic Girl Names 

  1. Bushra – a good omen. This is among the top five names given to girls born in Turkey in the last decade.
  2. Mishal – enlightening one. This exotic name will enlighten the life of your little princess.
  3. Cala – fortress. Cala is one of the most loved baby girl names.
  4. Cailey – beloved. One of the cool Arabic names for your fair and slim darling.
  5. Caliana – A Moorish princess. A Moorish princess for whom a splendid palace was built in Spain.
  6. Carmen – garden. There are two distinct origins for the given name Carmen. It is a shortened form of the names Carmel and Carmelo and has roots in both Italian and Spanish respectively.
Arabic Girl Names : Carmen Electra - Credits: Instagram
Carmen Electra – Credits: Instagram
  1. Chaand – Moon. People having this name are peaceful.
  2. Dariya – The river. Darya is the female variant of the ancient name of Persian origin Darius.
  3. Dania – Close or near. Dania is a Muslim baby girl’s name. The name Dania means “nearby.” Its Islamic connotations are varied.
Arabic Girl Names : Dania Ramirez - Credits: Pinterest
Dania Ramirez – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Dana – A glistening pearl. A feminine form of the Hebrew Daniel.
  2. Dareen – A gorgeous flower. Dareen can be very independent or extremely dependent on others.
  3. Deena – Love. Deena, which means “from the valley,” is mostly a female name of English origin.

Four-Syllable Exotic Arabic Girl Names

  1. Dua – Prayer. Dua is one of those names made famous by a single celebrity: British-Albanian model-singer Dua Lipa.
Arabic Girl Names : Dua Lipa - Credits: Instagram
Dua Lipa – Credits: Instagram
  1. Elham – An inspiration. Elham name is a famous Muslim baby name which is often preferred by parents.
  2. Hadia – leader. This is an Arabic Originated name and her lucky number is 7. Favorite day of Hadia is Friday, and Wednesday and the favorite color is Green.
  3. Eman – faith. It not only affects a person’s identification but also greatly affects their personality. Muslim girls are given the name Eman, which is derived from Arabic.
  4. Fareeda – uniqueness. Fareeda is a newborn girl name that is primarily used by Muslims and has Arabic roots.
  5. Ein – beautiful eyes. A short and sweet three letters name for your little doll.
  6. Fatima – The abstaining one. This gorgeous name is a shining light in Muslim homes.
  7. Falak – A lit sky. It is a short name with 5 letters, and the popularity rank of the name Falak is 1547.
  8. Faiza – the victorious one. A beautiful and meaningful name beautifies the personality of the child.
  9. Ghazala – intelligent. Ghazala is one of the most loved baby girl names in Arabia.
  10. Feroza – Turquoise. It is one of the finest Muslim names that parents love to give as a lifetime identity to their Girl.
  11. Ghania – The beautiful one. Ghania is a befitting choice for music lovers.
  12. Gul-e-Rana – A fragrant rose. This name will spark fragrance in your family. Indeed a name to choose.
  13. Haniya – The happy one. Given its pleasant connotation, this name is well-liked by parents. Eight is Haniya’s lucky number. Everyone enjoys this cute, short girl’s name.
  14. Hadiqa – garden. Hadiqa could serve as a befitting choice for the parents who are looking for a sweet 6 letters name.
  15. Ghaziyah – The female warrior. Ghaziyah is in the top trendy baby Girl names list.
  16. Hawwa – eve. Hawwa is a beautiful girl with a ruddy complexion.
  17. Haleema – gentle. A popular name in the Middle East, this is the one to go for.
  18. Hiba – gift. Hiba, a four letter name, is taking a rise in popularity charts.
  19. Gul Bano – A rose. Gul Bano is a rare name around the globe.
  20. Haneefa – The true believer. Haneefa is in the top trending baby Girl names list and easy to pronounce.
  21. Eraj – morning light. Your name of Eraj gives you an independent, serious, reticent, and studious temperament.
  22. Eshaal – the name of a flower in paradise. Eshaal, is a possible choice for parents seeking a more unique name.
  23. Hidayah – guidance. Hidayah is a perfect choice for parents who want a name which is easy to pronounce.


Many parents desire for their daughters to be strong women who can subtly enchant the world with their Ethiopian charm. If you dig into the meanings of these Arabic names, you’ll find that they’re pretty sweet.

As a result, we have created a list of more than 110 names for Arabic baby girls. Please let your family and friends know about this and leave a comment below with your thoughts on the names.

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