Top 120+ Italian Girl Names that parents like 

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Are you expecting a baby boy or just looking for some amazing Italian boy names? Look no further! 

Here is a list of over 120 popular Italian girl names that are rich in tradition and culture. From classic names like Giorgia and Sofia to modern favorites like Martina and Valentina, this list has something for every taste. 

These names are not only beautiful but also carry a rich heritage and meaningful origins. 

Whether you’re looking for a name that honors your Italian heritage or simply love the country’s culture, this list has something for you. Browse through and find the perfect name for your little angel!

Names are categorized into the themes below:

  1. Popular Italian girl names
  2. Mythological Italian girl names
  3. Powerful Italian girl names
  4. Nature-Inspired Italian girl names
  5. Exotic Italian girl names

26 Popular Italian Girl Names

Are you looking for famous German names for your baby girl? Check out these Italian names, which have been hitting the trends and rising in popularity in recent times.

Two-Syllable Popular Italian Girl Names

  1. Sophia – wisdom. Inspired by Italian actress Sophia Loren.
Italian Girl Names : Sophia Loren - Credits: Instagram
Sophia Loren – Credits: Instagram
  1. Giulia – downy bearded. The name may also be a reference to the Roman god Jupiter. Other forms of this Italian girl’s name include Giuliana and Giulietta.
  2. Matilde – strength in battle. Though it’s different by just one letter, this is the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese version of Matilda. A rarer form of the Italian girl’s name is Mafalda.
  3. Paola – small. Paola Cortellesi is our inspiration behind the selection of this name.
Italian Girl Names : Paola Cortellesi - Credits: Pinterest
Paola Cortellesi – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Alice – noble. At first glance you might assume this is just an English girl’s name, but, in fact, Alice is found in many languages, including Italian, in which it’s pronounced a-LEE-cheh.
Italian Girl Names : Alice Bellagamba - Credits: Pinterest
Alice Bellagamba – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Emma – universal. English and Austrian royalty have had the name, and later the name became popular after appearing in various novels including Jane Austen’s Emma. In the United States, it became the most popular girl’s name in 2008.
  2. Chiara – luminous. One of the popular baby girl names Inspired by Italian blogger, Chiara Ferragni.
Italian Girl Names : Chiara Ferragni - Credits: Pinterest
Chiara Ferragni – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Giorgia – farmer. This Italian girl’s name is spelled differently from the English version, Georgia. There have been many famous Georges, including various kings and a saint who’s often depicted defeating a dragon.
  2. Luisa – renowned warrior. Luisa Ranieri is the famous namesake.
Italian Girl Names : Luisa Ranieri - Credits: Pixabay
Luisa Ranieri – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Chiara – bright. Saint Chiara left her wealthy family to follow Saint Francis of Assisi. A cute diminutive for your daughter could be Claretta.
  2. Beatrice – traveler. If you’re a lover of literature, you’ll be pleased to know that the name Beatrice appears in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy and William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.
  3. Greta – pearl. If you’re looking for a short and cute Italian girl’s name, Greta may fit the bill.
Italian Girl Names : Greta Scarano - Credits: Pixabay
Greta Scarano – Credits: Pixabay

Three-Syllable Popular Italian Girl Names

  1. Diletta – inspired by Diletta Leotta, a famous Italian Weather /Sports News Reporter. 
Italian Girl Names : Image Credit: Goal DeeJay
Image Credit: Goal DeeJay
  1. Martina – warlike. This female form of the male name Martin derives from the Roman name Martinus, which may have originated with the name Mars, the Roman god of war. If you’re looking for a shorter name or a nickname, go with Tina.
  2. Monica – to advise. Inspired by Monica Bellucci.
Italian Girl Names : Monica Bellucci - Credits: Instagram
Monica Bellucci – Credits: Instagram
  1. Barbara – foreign. Barbara Ronchi is one of the beautiful Italian actresses.
Italian Girl Names : Barbara Ronchi - Credits: Instagram
Barbara Ronchi – Credits: Instagram
  1. Micaela – who is like God. Micaela Ramazzotti is a famous Italian actress.
Italian Girl Names : Micaela Ramazzotti - Credits: Pinterest
Micaela Ramazzotti – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Ginevra – white phantom. This beautiful girl’s name is the Italian version of the Welsh name Guinevere. In Arthurian legend Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur.
  2. Aurora – dawn. If you like names based in mythology, you’ll appreciate that this was also the name of the Roman goddess of the morning.
  3. Costanza – steadfast. A famous bearer of the name was composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s wife, who spelled her name Costanze.
  4. Elettra – amber. Either name choice is perfect for a daughter you consider to be just as precious as the ancient gemstone.
  5. Vittoria – victory. Inspired by the Roman goddess of victory. The name didn’t become popular in the English-speaking world until the reign of Queen Victoria.
Italian Girl Names : Vittoria Puccini - Credits: Pixabay
Vittoria Puccini – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Fiorella – flower. Flower names for girls are very popular at the moment.
  2. Elena – bright light. Elena Santarelli has popularized this name.
Italian Girl Names : Elena Santarelli - Credits: Instagram
Elena Santarelli – Credits: Instagram

Four-Syllable Popular Italian Girl Names

  1. Caterina – pure. Caterina Murino is a talented Italian actress.
Italian Girl Names : Caterina Murino - Credits: Instagram
Caterina Murino – Credits: Instagram
  1. Carolina – free man. Carolina Crescentini is the Italian goddess of acting.
Italian Girl Names : Carolina Crescentini - Credits: Instagram
Carolina Crescentini – Credits: Instagram
  1. Ludovica – famous battle. This formal-sounding name is having a modern resurgence, peaking in Italy in 2019.

34 Mythological Italian Girl Names

Why not choose a name for your child that is derived from mythology, which has historically impacted music, drama, and literature?

Check out the names inspired by Italian myths and folktales.

One-Syllable Mythological Italian Girl Names

  1. Daphne – laurel. According to Greek mythology, the beautiful Daphne was turned into a laurel tree so that she could escape the advances of the god Apollo.
  2. Clio – glory. Clio was one of the Nine Muses, deities that gave people the inspiration they needed to create art, poetry, drama, music, and more. It’s believed that she introduced the alphabet to Greece.
  3. Gaia – earth. Gaia was earth’s mother goddess. Gaia is connected to the creation of the earth. For a little girl who’s going to be quite a powerful force, Gaia could be the perfect name.
Italian Girl Names : Gaia Bermani Amaral - Credits: Pexels
Gaia Bermani Amaral – Credits: Pexels

Two-Syllable Mythological Italian Girl Names

  1. Peggy – pearl. A goddess from Greek mythology.
  2. Ruby – precious red stone. In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of precious stones.
  3. Helen – torch. Helen was the daughter of the powerful god Zeus and his partner, Leda. In Greek mythology, Helen was one of the most beautiful women of her time, and her abduction by Paris started the Trojan War.
  4. Phoebe – bright. Phoebe was associated with the moon in Greek mythology. For a little girl who will shine bright in your life, this name could fit perfectly.
  5. Selene – the moon. The Greek goddess of the moon, Selene was also often connected with the goddess Artemis.
  6. Iris – rainbow. Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger to the gods.
  7. Thalia – to blossom. One of the Nine Muses, Thalia presided over comedy and pastoral poetry.
  8. Anthea – blossom. If you’re looking for a name that has a floral ring to it as well as mythological tones, this could be the right choice for your baby!
  9. Tanja – fairy queen. She is a 3rd-century martyr in Greek mythology.
  10. Hera – Goddess of marriage. In Greek mythology, Hera was the Queen of Heaven and the wife of Zeus.
  11. Lyra – Iyre. Derived from the lyre Orpheus played to enchant wild animals.
  12. Venus – beauty. Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  13. Teyla – twilight. Teyla Emmagan is the leader of the Athosians in Greek mythology.
  14. Thalia – flourishing. One of the three muses from Greek mythology.
  15. Trillian – to flourish. Mother of Apollo in Norse mythology.
  16. Sora – sky. A character from Stargate Atlantis.
  17. Nixie – Water nymph. A fascinating mythological name because it appears in German folklore as a river nymph.
  18. Juno – Queen of heaven. In Roman mythology, Juno was referred to as the sky-queen.

Three-Syllable Mythological Italian Girl Names

  1. Sirena – Enchanter – Greek mythology described sirens as half-bird.
  2. Coraline – maiden. She was the Greek goddess.
  3. Natasha – birthday of the Lord. She is the ancient legend of Celtic mythology.
  4. Athena – goddess of wisdom. It’s a fitting name for a powerful and knowledgeable daughter since Athena was the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
  5. Penelope – weaver. This name represents loyalty and faithfulness in relationships. In Homer’s epic “Odyssey,” Penelope fended off the advances of suitors while her husband Odysseus was fighting at Troy.
  6. Cassandra – to shine. A Trojan princess, Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo.
  7. Melaina – dark. A nymph in Greek mythology.
  8. Larissa – citadel. The nymph Larisa was either the daughter or the mother of the Greek Pelasgus. This name is sometimes spelled Larissa.
  9. Harmonia – harmony. In Greek mythology, Harmonia was the daughter of the goddess Aphrodite and the god Ares.
  10. Persephone – bringer of death. Daughter of the Greek God Zeus.
  11. Lorelei – Murmuring rock. Alluring with roots in ancient German myths and tales.
  12. Sabrina – River goddess – The name is a Latinized version of “Severn,” a British river that may be the source of the mythology.
  13. Lavinia – Mother of the Roman people. She was the wife of the Trojan hero Aeneas.

23 Powerful Italian Girl Names

These classic Italian names for girls will portray a sense of fortitude and valor. It will give her the strength to take on life and overcome all odds that come her way.

Let your princess be the epitome of bravery and strength with these Powerful Italian girl names.

One-Syllable Powerful Italian Girl Names

  1. Chike – God’s power. Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka is a famous namesake.
  2. Bree – power. A name in its own right, Bree can also be the shortened version of Brianna.

Two-Syllable Powerful Italian Girl Names

  1. Comfort – strengthen greatly. Romans believed that by giving a child a name with a certain meaning, you might impart a particular character attribute upon them. That is how the name Comfort began to be used.
  2. Fallon – leader. First aired in 1981, the TV show Dynasty featured a character named Fallon.
  3. Anna – grace. Inspired by Anna Safroncik.
Italian Girl Names : Anna Safroncik - Credits: Pexels
Anna Safroncik – Credits: Pexels
  1. Laura – victory. Laura Morante is an Italian actress.
Italian Girl Names : Laura Morante - Credits: Pinterest
Laura Morante – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Gertrude – strength and spear. You may also be sentencing your child to a lifetime of being called Dirty Gerty.
  2. Carla – warrior. How about naming your little warrior Carla?
Italian Girl Names : Carla Bruni - Credits: Pinterest
Carla Bruni – Credits: Pinterest

Three-Syllable Powerful Italian Girl Names

  1. Erica – mighty. Erica is a good choice if your family has Nordic roots.
  2. Generys – girl hero. It’s an unusual name that manages to be pretty, without being cutesy.
  3. Adira – mighty. Adira is the name of Rapunzel’s aide who leads her to the source of the Black Rocks in the Disney television series Tangled: The Series. If you’re seeking female warrior names, this one works well because the character is a ferocious warrior and a master of martial arts.
  4. Brigitta – strength. A cool name with a strong vibe for your powerful princess.
  5. Elfreda – elf strength. Elfreda is a popular Italian name with nobles in Anglo Saxon times.
  6. Frideswide – strong. A strong name to consider for your baby girl.
  7. Gabriella – God is my strength. The Christian, Islamic, and Jewish sacred scriptures all prominently include the angel Gabriel.
  8. Etana – strong. Etana is a beautiful name possessing strength.
  9. Carole – army warrior. Your Carole will grow up as a warrior and will defend the motherland.
  10. Geesi – bold. If English is your primary language, you could think this is pronounced Gee-see.
  11. Erinna – girl hero.There is significant discussion surrounding this one, but the most widely accepted idea is that it is a shortened version of the word “female hero,” Herinna.
  12. Gunhild – war and battle. This name is a slight deviation from strong.
  13. Constantia – steadfast. The oldest child of Roman emperor Constantine the Great and Fausta, his second wife, was Constantia.

Five-Syllable Powerful Italian Girl Names

  1. Empedonika – victory. If you give your child a name that sounds like “em-ped-ni-ka,” she will undoubtedly stand out as the only “Empi” in her class or on the schoolyard.
  2. Elisabetta – God’s promise. Inspired by Elisabetta Canalis.
Italian Girl Names : Elisabetta Canalis - Credits: Pinterest
Elisabetta Canalis – Credits: Pinterest

17 Nature-Inspired Italian Girl Names

The natural splendor of Italy is magnificent. It is one of the most stunning places in the world, with serene beaches, emerald-green forests, and volcanoes. The names given to babies, especially girls’ names, reflect Italy’s natural beauty.

One-Syllable Nature-Inspired Italian Girl Names

  1. Jade – wealth. In some cultures, it’s the most important stone.
  2. Brin – like a hill. The name is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your italian heritage and may be traced back to the Italian language.

Two-Syllable Nature-Inspired Italian Girl Names

  1. Hazel – the hazel tree. One of the more popular girl nature names, it’s the name of the hazelnut tree.
  2. Aria – air. Aria is the Italian word for “air.” The name conveys the value you place on your daughter. She is as necessary to your survival as air is!
  3. Ruby – nobility. Perfect for a beautiful baby girl.
  4. Gelso – mulberry tree. The Italian word for the mulberry tree.
  5. Cascade – a steep. It is a unique name for a baby that’s one in a billion.

Three-Syllable Nature-Inspired Italian Girl Names

  1. Rosetta – rose blossom. Do you love the name Rose but do not want to use it because it is common? Try Rosetta!
  2. Sequoia –  redwood. Looking for an exotic nature inspired baby girl name? Try Sequoia! The sequoia trees are amongst the largest in the world. These trees are epitome of all the royalty of nature.
  3. Misty – haze. A name fit for an artistic family!
  4. Abungu – of the forest. It is a great name to connect with your African roots.
  5. Juniper – evergreen. It captures the essence of youth. Don’t we want our children to be youthful forever?
  6. Primrose – first rose. If your daughter is your first child, the name will be apt for her.
  7. Farley – woodland clearing. For parents looking for a classic English name, the name Farley is a fantastic option.
  8. Rain – life. There are a wide range of nature-inspired female names that are appropriate for many cultures. You may want to choose Rain or its fancier version, “Rainey.”
  9. Ghadir – stream. This name is popular for its meaning and beauty.

Four-Syllable Nature-Inspired Italian Girl Names

  1. Lodovica – famous warrior. Families that prefer to keep things basic and easy would love this name.
Italian Girl Names : Lodovica Comello - Credits: Pixabay
Lodovica Comello – Credits: Pixabay

22 Exotic Italian Girl names

Have you visited Italy before? It is one of the most stunning nations on earth. Its sandy beaches and glistening waters are beautiful to view. Italian girl names are as exotic and lovely as the country itself!

One-Syllable Exotic Italian Girl Names

  1. Kai – warrior. One of the shorter exotic baby girl names.

Two-Syllable Exotic Italian Girl Names

  1. Lyra – lyre of Orpheus. This exotic girl name jumped up the baby name charts recently.
  2. Daija –  remembrance. If you want to name your baby in memory of a loved one, how about Daija, one of the rarest exotic Spanish girl names?
  3. Manaia – guardian. One of very few Māori exotic names for girls on our list, Manaia was the name of the Māori god that travels between our world and the spirit plain.
  4. Pragtige – beautiful. Looking for something a little different? This is one of the rarest exotic baby girl names.
  5. Valdis – goddess of the dead. Looking for gothic exotic names for girls? Valdis could be the one.
  6. Sasha – defender. What better fierce exotic name for your baby girl than Sasha,  also the alter-ego of Beyoncé ‒ Sasha Fierce.

Three-Syllable Exotic Italian Girl Names

  1. Gamela -earnest. Another of the rare exotic names for girls, Gamela is an Arabic name.
  2. Ifeoma – first-born. An exotic girl’s name that’s rarely seen outside of Nigeria.
  3. Almeda – ambitious. For the hardest-working little peanut, Almeda is a Latin exotic girl name.
  4. Elmina – protection. For the willful warrior, Elmina is one of the more exotic girl names of German origin.
  5. Jabari –  brave. A musical-sounding but still one of the most badass exotic female names we’ve heard.
  6. Limbani – be strong. Looking for exotic names for girls to remind your little peanut of her inner strength? Consider Limbani!
  7. Medora – ruler. How about Greek exotic girl’s names?
  8. Serilda – battle armor. A truly badass exotic girl’s name. Can be shortened to Rilda.
  9. Jhazala – gazelle.  This Indian exotic name can be shortened to Jazz.
  10. Karasi – life. A musical-sounding exotic Italian girl name of African origin.
  11. Ratana – crystal. For the baby girl with a twinkle in her eye, Ratana is a Thai name.
  12. Sigalit – violet flower. One of the more uncommon Hebrew exotic girl names that we haven’t seen for a long time.
  13. Zaliki – well-born. A beautiful Egyptian exotic girl’s name. Can be shortened to Zali.

Four-Syllable Exotic Italian Girl Names

  1. Valentina – strong. Inspired by Valentina Cervi.
Italian Girl Names : Valentina Cervi - Credits: Pinterest
Valentina Cervi – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Mariquita – star of the sea. A name that’s been lost in time, Mariquita is of Latin origin.


Many parents want their daughters to be strong, powerful, and able to dazzle the world with their Italian allure in secret ways. If you investigate the meanings behind these traditional Italian girl names, you’ll discover that they’re extremely charming.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of more than 120 unique Italian girl names. Please share this with your friends and family and let us know what you think of these names in the comments section.

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