Top 120+ Italian Boy Names that parents like 

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Are you expecting a baby boy or just looking for some amazing Italian boy names? Look no further! 

Here is a list of 120+ popular Italian boy names that are sure to be a hit with both parents and children alike. From classic names like Antonio and Giovanni to modern favorites like Matteo and Marco, this list has something for every taste. 

With such a wide selection, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little one. Browse through and find the perfect name for your bundle of joy!

Names are categorized into the themes below:

  1. Popular Italian boy names
  2. Mythological Italian boy names
  3. Powerful Italian boy names
  4. Nature-Inspired Italian boy names
  5. Exotic Italian boy names

30 Popular Italian Boy Names

Are you looking for famous Italian names for your baby boy? Check out these Italian names, which have been hitting the trends and rising in popularity in recent times.

One-Syllable Popular Italian Boy Names

  1. Pete – rock. Pete Davidson is an Italian actor, comedian, and writer who is famous for his work on Saturday Night Live.
Italian Boy Names : Pete Davidson - Credits: Pinterest
Pete Davidson – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Dante – everlasting. Italian poet Dante Alighieri is the most famous person with this name.
  2. Raoul – wolf counsel. Inspired by Raoul Bova.
Italian Boy Names : Raoul Bova - Credits: Pixabay
Raoul Bova – Credits: Pixabay

Two-Syllable Popular Italian Boy Names

  1. Tino – health. Tino is a common nickname for those whose names end in tino, like Valentino or Martino. However, it is a fantastic short Italian boy’s name.
  2. Mattia – gift of God. The Italian form of the Greek name Matthias and the English name Matthew. One of the most famous bearers of this name was 15th century ruler King Matthias I of Hungary.
  3. Ugo – heart. What a wonderful meaning for your little baby boy!
  4. Santo – saint. Vin santo, which translates to “holy wine,” is another famous Italian dessert wine that is customary in Tuscany.
  5. Matteo – gift of God. This classic name is the Italian form of Matthew. The name has been popular since the Middle Ages.
Italian Boy Names : Matteo Salvinin - Credits: Pinterest
Matteo Salvinin – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Giuseppe – he will add. This is a famous Italian name because of Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, known for helping unite Italy.
  2. Niccolò – victory of the people. Niccol Machiavelli, a Florentine philosopher, was the most famous carrier.
  3. Aldo – wise. This name also appears on a famous North American shoe retailer.
  4. Giulio – youthful. Inspired by Giulio Berruti.
Italian Boy Names : Giulio Berruti - Credits: Instagram
Giulio Berruti – Credits: Instagram

Three-Syllable Popular Italian Boy Names

  1. Gennaro – january. It originates with the Roman deity Janus. Another saint with a similar name is the protector of Naples. If your family has southern Italian ancestry or your kid is born in January, you should consider this name.
  2. Vincenzo – to conquer. Its roots can be found in the Roman name Vincentius. Consider using this name if you want your child to succeed at anything he sets his mind to.
  3. Lorenzo – laurel crown. The Florentine monarch Lorenzo de’ Medici, who supported painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and others, is one of the most well-known people who have carried this name.
Italian Boy Names : lorenzo insigne - Credits: Instagram
lorenzo insigne – Credits: Instagram
  1. Leonardo – brave as a lion. Given that it was the given name of one of the most famous Italians in history, Leonardo da Vinci, the celebrated Renaissance artist and inventor, it comes as no surprise that this is likely the most famous name in Italy.
Italian Boy Names : Leonardo Pieraccioni - Credits: Pinterest
Leonardo Pieraccioni – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Stefano – victorious. Stefano Accorsi is an Italian actor.
Italian Boy Names : Stefano Accorsi - Credits: Pinterest
Stefano Accorsi – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Antonio – highly praiseworthy. The Latin name Antonius, or Anthony as it is known in English, has an Italian equivalent. Since the fourteenth century, it has become a particularly popular name in Italy.
  2. Gabriele – God is my strong man. Italian form of the name Gabriel.
  3. Tommaso – twin. Due to the names of two highly significant saints, Thomas Becket and Thomas Aquinas, the name has enjoyed constant popularity since the 12th century. The latter was a philosopher from Italy named Tommaso d’Aquino.
  4. Riccardo – brave ruler. Richard is how this name is spelled in English. Three English rulers by the name of Richard have royal connections to this name. Since the Middle Ages, it has been one of the most popular names in Europe.
Italian Boy Names : Riccardo Zacconi, famous Italian Businessman - Credits: Pixabay
Riccardo Zacconi, famous Italian Businessman – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Edoardo – rich guard. The name Edward, which was the name of various Anglo-Saxon rulers, is used in English.
  2. Umberto – renowned warrior. This name was also used by two Italian kings. It has a strong symbolism and would be a suitable pick for your baby boy.
Italian Boy Names : Umberto Eco - Credit: BBC
Umberto Eco – Credit: BBC
  1. Omero – pledge. Omero Antonutti was a well-respected Italian actor and voice actor.
Italian Boy Names : Omero Antonutti - Credits: Pinterest
Omero Antonutti – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Salvatore – savior. A pretty potent meaning for your baby son. Tory or Torey are also acceptable options for nicknames.
  2. Placido – serene. It can be the ideal moniker for a young guy who possesses quiet strength.
  3. Francesco – free man. After the Italian Saint Francis of Assisi, who is revered as Italy’s patron saint and lived in the 13th century, the name gained popularity.
Italian Boy Names : Francesco Martino - Credits: Pinterest
Francesco Martino – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Renato – born again. This popular name can be a special option for your son.

Four-Syllable Popular Italian Boy Names

  1. Federico – peaceful ruler. This name got associated with Italian director Federico Fellini, who was recognized for his distinctive approach to filmmaking.
Italian Boy Names : Federico Ielapi, an Italian child actor - Credits: Instagram 
Federico Ielapi, an Italian child actor – Credits: Instagram 
  1. Alessandro – defending men. Sandro, one of Alessandro’s nicknames, can be a sweet and condensed choice for your son.
Italian Boy Names : Alessandro Borghi - Credits: Pinterest
Alessandro Borghi – Credits: Pinterest

31 Mythological Italian Boy Names

Why not choose a name for your child that is derived from mythology, which has historically impacted music, drama, and literature?

Check out the names inspired by Italian myths and folktales.

One-Syllable Mythological Italian Boy Names

  1. Mars – god of war. In Roman mythology, Mars was the God of battle. The fourth planet in the solar system is also known by the name Mars.

Two-Syllable Mythological Italian Boy Names

  1. Aeneas – praiseworthy. Aineias is the Latinized form of the Greek name. The “Aeneid’s” main character travels to Italy and comes across the Roman Empire.
  2. Vesta – pure. Vesta was the Roman Goddess of the hearth. There is also a Temple of Vesta in Rome.
  3. Silvius – wood. A martyred early Roman saint by the name of Silvius died at Alexandria. The fabled rulers of Alba Longa went by that family name.
  4. Consus – to plant. Consus was the title of the Roman deity of harvest and grain.
  5. Cardea – hinge. Cardea was the Roman Goddess of door pivots, thresholds, and change.
  6. Aries – ram. According to Roman mythology, Jason was given the Golden Fleece he was hunting for in the constellation by the ram.
  7. Saturn – the Roman god of agriculture. According to Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of Jupiter and Juno. He was also the agricultural God. The sixth planet in the solar system is also known by the name Saturn.
  8. Janus – god of beginnings. The Roman god of beginnings and entrances was Janus. He has two faces, each of which has an opposing gaze.
  9. Vulcan – to flash. In Roman mythology, Vulcan was the God of fire.
  10. Tatius – honorable. As per Roman mythology, Tatius was a king of the Sabines.
  11. Neptune – Roman god of the sea. In Roman mythology, Neptune shared the role of Poseidon as the sea god. The eighth planet in the solar system has the same name.
  12. Liber – free. Liber is the name of the Roman God of fertility.
  13. Remus – oar. One of the founding fathers of the city of Rome was Remus. Later, Romulus assassinated him.
  14. Pollux – sweet. Pollux was the identical twin of Castor and the son of Zeus in Roman mythology.
  15. Venus – love. Similar to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, it was also the name of the Roman Goddess of Love. American professional tennis player Venus Williams, a former world No. 1, is a well-known namesake.
  16. Silvia – spirit of the wood. The feminine Italian version of the name Silvius is Silvia. She was Remus and Romulus’s mother. Pope Gregory the Great’s mother was known by the name Silvia.
  17. Salacia – salt. Salacia was the Roman Goddess of salt water.
  18. Cupid – passionate desire. The Roman God of love and son of Venus was known as Cupid. He is a little lad with wings and a quiver of arrows.
  19. Faunus – to befriend. The Roman god of agriculture and fertility was known as Faunus.
  20. Pluto – wealth. In Roman mythology, Hades, the God of the underworld, went by the name Pluto. The smallest planet in the solar system also goes by that name.

Three-Syllable Mythological Italian Boy Names

  1. Italus – of Italy. Italus was the father of Remus and Romulus, the two men who founded Rome. He gave the region that is today known as Italy his name.
  2. Quirinus – he of the quirium. This refers to the extremely old Sabine settlement that merged with the Palatine hamlet to create the first Rome in mythology.
  3. Romulus – Rome. One of the founding fathers of the city of Rome is regarded as Romulus.
  4. Amulius – magnetic. According to Roman mythology, Amulius deposed his brother Numitor.
  5. Hercules – warrior. He was the son of Zeus and the human Alcmene, a Roman hero.
  6. Evander – good man. In Roman Mythology, Evander was the founder of the city of Pallantium.
  7. Summanus – before the morning. Summanus was the Roman God of the night sky and lightning. He was a nocturnal counterpart of Jupiter.
  8. Silvanus – of the forest. The Roman God of woodlands was named Silvanus. The companion of Saint Paul also goes by that name.
  9. Aurora – dawn. Aurora was the Roman Goddess of the morning.
  10. Bellona – to fight. Bellona was the Roman Goddess of war and a companion of Mars.

20 Powerful Italian Boy Names

These Italian boys’ names will portray a sense of fortitude and valor. It will give her the strength to take on life and overcome all odds that come her way.

Let your prince be the epitome of bravery and strength with these Powerful Italian boy names.

One-Syllable Powerful Italian Boy Names

  1. Chase – to track. It has a strong edge because it was once a Middle Ages hunting nickname.
  2. Gian – God is gracious.

Two-Syllable Powerful Italian Boy Names

  1. Andrea – bravery. It will symbolize the masculinity of your prince.
Italian Boy Names : Andrea Pirlo, Italian Footballer - Credits: Pinterest
Andrea Pirlo, Italian Footballer – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Marco – sacred to Mars. The Latin God of war.
  2. Andrew – manly. If you’re looking for a conventional and powerful boy’s name, Andrew is ideal.
  3. Victor – conqueror. Is there anything more fierce or powerful than a name meaning “victor, conqueror?”
  4. Kendrick – bold power.  This Italic word, Kendrick, is one of those classics that can’t be beat.
  5. Julius – downy-bearded. If you like the heroic boys’ name Caesar, you can always opt for Julius instead, as his full name was Julius Caesar.
  6. Ambrose – immortal. Ambrose is such an intriguing and strong boy name since in some legends, our heroes never pass away.
  7. Caesar – hairy. This is a commanding boys’ name that conjures the authority of a well-known ruler. In the first century BCE, Julius Caesar was the ruler of the Roman Empire. Future emperors also wore the title Caesar as a result of his valor.
  8. Paride – fighter. This Italian baby boy name comes from Greek and means fighter, warrior.

Three-Syllable Powerful Italian Boy Names

  1. Ferguson – man of courage. Ferguson is one of the most dominant Italian male names.
  2. Ruggero – power. This name has always evoked virtue and power; it means valiant spear.
Italian Boy Names : Ruggero Deodato - Credits: Pinterest
Ruggero Deodato – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Armando – strong. This name directly links to strength as it means brave and strong man.
  2. Orlando – famous for his glory, audacity. It has always been related to value and nobleness: in ancient traditions, Orlando was Charlemagne’s nephew.
  3. Berardo – bear. This name, which is very rare in Italy, means as strong as a bear.
  4. Enrico – powerful in his homeland. This name was very popular among European noble families, which contributed to relating it to strength and value.
  5. Ermanno – warrior. It means man of weapons, warrior.
Italian Boy Names : Ermanno Olmi - Credits: Pinterest 
Ermanno Olmi – Credits: Pinterest 
  1. Napoleon – lion of the new city. Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor, is unquestionably the most famous Napoleon. He gained notoriety during the French Revolution and, as a renegade, made a significant impact on both French and European history.
  2. Ansaldo – power. This rare Italian boy’s name combines the Germanic roots of ans and wald to give it a strong connotation.

17 Nature-Inspired Italian Boy Names

The natural splendor of Italy is magnificent. It is one of the most stunning places in the world, with serene beaches, emerald-green forests, and volcanoes. The names given to babies, especially boys’ names, reflect Italy’s natural beauty.

One-Syllable Nature-Inspired Italian Boy Names

  1. Cove – small bay. An adorable nature name that’s perfect for water-loving families.
  2. Bryar – thorny bush of wild roses. Bryar would make such a beautiful name for a baby boy.
  3. Stone – strength. A rugged little dude with a hardy natural name.
  4. Spruce – resilience. Yet another striking pick from the tree name genre.
  5. Flint – hard rock. An earthy name for a tough and determined individual.
  6. Dune – brown-skinned soldier. A short, powerful, earthy term that refers to a wind-formed sand dune or mound.

Two-Syllable Nature-Inspired Italian Boy Names

  1. Jasper – speckled stone. Inspired by a precious gemstone.
  2. Iggy – fiery one. Iggy is a short, cute, and kinda quirky Nature-Inspired Italian boy name.
  3. Cypress – adaptable. Another distinct tree name for your free-spirited boy.
  4. Banyan – the God tree. This name is lovely and significant at the same time. Long-rooted and widely spread, banyans are believed to radiate a lot of spiritual energy.
  5. Arrow – fired from a bow. This name has an outdoorsy vibe.
  6. Dusty – brave warrior. What could suit a wild-and-free spirited boy better than the name Dusty?
  7. Rowan – little redhead. The color red is strongly associated with this name. The mountain ash tree famed for its vivid bright red berries is called a “rowan.”
  8. Wilder – hunter. The ideal moniker for a young kid who is bold and independent.
  9. Aspen – quaking tree. Another earthy choice from the tree name genre.
  10. River – flowing body of water. The name River has been increasingly popular in recent years thanks to its charming and serene connotations.
  11. Cedar – great strength. A strong nature-derived name referring to the cedar tree.

24 Exotic Italian Boy Names

Have you visited Italy before? It is one of the most stunning nations on earth. Its sandy beaches and glistening waters are beautiful to view. Italian boy names are as exotic and lovely as the country itself!

One-Syllable Exotic Italian Boy Names

  1. Ádomás –  pledge. This exotic name for boys is pronounced AAL-doh-maash.
  2. Lars – crowned with laurel. Lars is a popular name in Scandinavian countries like Sweden.
  3. Jett – black. Jett is another unique name for German boys that sounds exotic.
  4. Tai – great. An Asian boy name that sounds exotic.
  5. Barış – peace. Barış is an exotic name from Turkish origin.

Two-Syllable Exotic Italian Boy Names

  1. Cathal – ruler of the battle. Cathal is an Irish name.
Italian Boy Names : Cathal Heffernan - Credits: Pinterest
Cathal Heffernan – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Darby – free from envy. Darby is a five letter exotic moniker for your little child.
  2. Altair – bird. Altair is the name of the brightest star in the Aquila constellation.
  3. Ruben – behold. In Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain, this somewhat shorter spelling of Reuben is more common.
  4. Xavier – new house. Spanish Xavier is an archaic name. Many English speakers pronounce this as Ex-zay-vi-er due to the X-Men’s fame.
  5. Pavel – humble. Pavel derives from the Roman family name Paulus, just like Paul.
Italian Boy Names : Pavel Greco - Credits: Instagram
Pavel Greco – Credits: Instagram
  1. Ulrik – prosperity and power. In various regions of the world, the name Ulrik is rare for infant boys, although it has recently gained popularity in Norway.
  2. Varam – victory. Varam is an archaic name from Georgia.
  3. Kofi – born on Friday. Kofi is a Ghanan name.
  4. Eugene – well-born. An exotic sounding name Eugene has Greek roots.
  5. Waldo – to rule. A sweet baby boy’s name with a cool meaning!
  6. Javier – new house. Javier is a Xavier Italian and Spanish variation.
  7. Vito – life. An exotic name with a cool meaning for your little rebel.

Three-Syllable Exotic Italian Boy Names

  1. D’Artagnan – from Artagnan. Author Alexandre Dumas gave the character in his book The Three Musketeers the name D’Artagnan.
  2. Leonardo – brave as a lion. Inspired by the actor Leonardo Dicaprio.
  3. Sylvester – wild. You might already be familiar with this name if you remember Sylvester the Cat from the cartoon or Sylvester Stallone, the actor.
  4. Calisto – beautiful. Calisto is a beautiful exotic name for your little baby boy.
Italian Boy Names : Calisto Tanzi - Credits: Instagram
Calisto Tanzi – Credits: Instagram
  1. Maleko – male. A choice like Maleko gives your child a name with a straight low-key equivalent if you want to give them an exotic-sounding, tropical nickname.
  2. Danilo – God is my judge. Inspired by Danilo Gallinari.
Italian Boy Names : Danilo Gallinari - Credits: Instagram
Danilo Gallinari – Credits: Instagram


Many parents want their daughters to be strong, powerful, and able to dazzle the world with their Italian allure in secret ways. If you investigate the meanings behind these traditional Italian boy names, you’ll discover that they’re extremely charming.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of more than 120 unique Italian boy names. Please share this with your friends and family and let us know what you think of these names in the comments section.

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