Top 120+ Japanese Boy Names that parents like 

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Are you expecting a baby boy or just looking for some amazing Japanese boy names? Look no further! 

Finding the right name for your newborn can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for something that embodies the culture and tradition of Japan. But you don’t have to look far. 

Here is a curated list of 120+ popular Japanese boy names that will connect your little one to the rich heritage of Japan. These names are not only unique, but also hold a deep significance in the history and culture of Japan. 

From traditional names like Kaname and Jin to modern classics like Daisuke and Haruki, this list has something for every taste and preference. 

Whether you’re looking to honor your Japanese heritage or simply want to pay homage to the culture, these names are a great choice for your baby boy. So take a look, and find the perfect name for your newborn son today.

  1. Popular Japanese boy names
  2. Mythological Japanese boy names
  3. Powerful Japanese boy names
  4. Nature-Inspired Japanese boy names
  5. Exotic Japanese boy names

28 Popular Japanese Boy Names

Are you looking for famous Japanese names for your baby boy? Check out these Japanese names, which have been hitting the trends and rising in popularity in recent times.

One-Syllable Popular Japanese Boy Names

  1. Rin – cold. The rin is a former Japanese monetary unit.
  2. Shion – aster. While aster is the direct translation of Shion, the name can also be created through a combination of kanji with the most popular combo being 詩音, meaning poem and sound.
Japanese Boy Names : Shion Okamoto, Instagram star - Credits: Instagram
Shion Okamoto, Instagram star – Credits: Instagram
  1. Kaede – maple. In the scientific study of cells, kaede protein is from a specific species of stony coral that is used as a marker dye. The kaede allows scientists to see how cells migrate in the cerebral cortex of the brain.
  2. Shōhei – peaceful. The Shōhei era ran from 1346 to 1370 in the Southern Court of Japan. The Southern Court was based in Yoshino, and the Northern Court was based in Kyoto.
Japanese Boy Names : Shohei Hashimoto - Credits: Pinterest
Shohei Hashimoto – Credits: Pinterest

Two-Syllable Popular Japanese Boy Names

  1. Daichi – great wisdom. The four-ton Advanced Land Observation Satellite, usually referred to as Daichi, was launched in 2006. Although the satellite was intended to be used for cartography, the images were useless due to their blurriness.
Japanese Boy Names : Daichi Miura - Credits: Pinterest
Daichi Miura – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Ayumu – vision. You can test your brain power against Ayumu.
  2. Genji – two beginnings. Murasaki Shikibu wrote the well-known Japanese tale The Tale of Genji. This story is where the word “kawaii,” which means pitiful, first appeared.
  3. Ryōta – splendidly stout. The World Boxing Association’s (Super) Middleweight champion is fighter Ryta Murata.
Japanese Boy Names : Ryota Ozawa - Credits: Pixabay
Ryota Ozawa – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Yūma – real. This popular kanji combination for Yūma led to it reaching number four in the top ten boys’ names, kanji, in Japan in 2020. This was four places higher than it was in 2019.
Japanese Boy Names : Yuma Yamoto - Credits: Instagram 
Yuma Yamoto – Credits: Instagram 
  1. Yūto – excellence. The many ways of creating Yūto with kanji led to it being the fifth most popular Japanese boys’ name, by reading, in 2020.
  2. Naoki – straight tree. The famous Naoki Award is given out every two years in Japan for the best piece of popular literature written by a new, young, or emerging author.
  3. Ringo – apple. Ringo Starr, a member of the band The Beatles, makes it a delightful option for ardent followers of that group.
  4. Shingo – genuine. Shingo Katori was the youngest member of the best selling boy-band SMAP. Formed in 1988, they were the most successful band in Japanese music history and credited with reshaping the industry.
Japanese Boy Names : Shingo Katori - Credits: Pinterest
Shingo Katori – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Shin’ya – real. Shinya is the drummer and one of the co-founders of Dir En Grey, a Japanese band classified as performing in multiple genres, including metal, extreme metal, alternative, and avant-garde.
  2. Shiori – bending. Shiori is a gender-neutral Japanese name, but the different kanji combinations are usually attributed to male or female babies.
  3. Jūrō – ten sons. This name can also be written as Juro, Jurou, and Juurou, all of which have the same definition. Historically, this name was given to the family’s tenth son, making Jūrō a unique name choice if you use it traditionally.
  4. Ryūji – double dragon. Ryūji is most commonly written by combining the kanji for dragon with the one for either second or child.
Japanese Boy Names : Ryuji Yamakita - Credits: Pinterest
Ryuji Yamakita – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Saburō – bright son. The name Saburō was traditionally given to the third son of the family. With smaller families, the traditional use of Saburō is rare today, but it’s significantly more common than names that mean ninth son or tenth son.

Three-Syllable Popular Japanese Boy Names

  1. Kazuki – brightness. Kazuki Kazama is a fiery-tempered, red-haired ninja who first appears in Samurai Shodown IV of the well-known video game series Samurai Shodown.
  2. Hibiki – sound. The House of Suntory, a Japanese whisky business, introduced their Hibiki blended whisky.
  3. Shigeru – lush. Shigeru Miyamoto is a video game designer and producer, as well as a game director at Nintendo. He is responsible for creating, among others, Donkey Kong, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda.
Japanese Boy Names : Shigeru Miyamoto - Credits: Pinterest
Shigeru Miyamoto – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Shin – real. Pronounced SHEEN in Japan, this boys’ name may not translate well to English-speaking countries where it is usually pronounced SHIN, and the first thought is typically the shin bone in the leg.
  2. Arata – plow. Arata is a prevalent surname in Italy as well as a well-liked, adorable baby boy name in Japan.
  3. Shinobu – endure. Shinobu is a form of shinobi which, when combined with no mono, means those who act in stealth. Shinobi were mercenaries or covert agents in feudal Japan, commonly referred to today in popular culture as a ninja.
  4. Shō – reward. A shō is a Japanese musical instrument made of 17 thin bamboo pipes. At the base of each pipe, there’s a metal-free reed. Shōs were made famous in western pop culture by Icelandic singer Björk.

Four-Syllable Popular Japanese Boy Names

  1. Akimitsu – bright light. Akimitsu Takase is a Japanese voice actor.
  2. Hirohito – compassionate. From Dec. 25, 1926, to May 2, 1947, Emperor Hirohito presided over the Japanese Empire. From May 2, 1947, to Jan. 7, 1989, he was the monarch of the State of Japan.
Japanese Boy Names : Emperor Hirohito - Credits: Pinterest
Emperor Hirohito – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Naruhito – compassion. Naruhito is the current emperor of Japan.
Japanese Boy Names : Naruhito - Credits: Instagram
Naruhito – Credits: Instagram

22 Mythological Japanese Boy Names

Why not choose a name for your child that is derived from mythology, which has historically impacted music, drama, and literature?

Check out the names inspired by Japanese myths and folktales.

One-Syllable Mythological Japanese Boy Names

  1. Thor – thunder. Thor is the name of an Old Norse god of lightning, thunder, and storms.
  2. Zeus – shine. Zeus is most renowned as the highest of the high Greek mythological gods.

Two-Syllable Mythological Japanese Boy Names

  1. Fudo – god of fire and wisdom. It has become a rare name for men and is associated with the god of fire and wisdom in Japanese mythology.
  2. Ajax – eagle. Ajax was a formidable warrior in the Trojan War.
  3. Arun – sun. In Indian mythology, Arun is the chariot driver for Surya, the sun god.
  4. Atlas – to endure. An ancient Titan (pre-Olympic) god of astronomy named Atlas was made to carry the sky on his shoulders forever by the god Zeus.
  5. Eros – desire. As the god of love in Greek mythology and the son of Aphrodite, Eros is one of the original gods.
  6. Griffin – lord. Griffin is not a divine name; rather, it is derived from a kind of mythical dragon that was cherished in Greek myth.
  7. Kana – powerful. Kana is a mythical Maui demigod from the Pacific. Kana is said to have returned the stolen sun after traveling to the edge of the abyss.
  8. Leander – lion man. Leander is a key character in a tragically ending mythical love story despite not being a god. Leander and his true love, Hero, an Aphrodite priestess, spend eternity together.
  9. Oden – frenzied. Oden is descended from a Scandinavian god of magic and wisdom. Oden, according to Norse mythology, was always on the prowl for greater wisdom and strength, frequently by means of magic.

Three-Syllable Mythological Japanese Boy Names

  1. Apollo – destroyer. The name Apollo refers to a Roman and Greek deity of the sun, light, music, poetry, and both health and healing.
  2. Ebisu – God of labor and luck. Ebisu, one of the seven lucky gods in Japanese mythology, is the deity of luck and wealth and symbolizes the bounty of the sea. He is portrayed with a high smile and a booming laugh.
  3. Amida – chief. The god to whom the Japanese turned at the moment of death.
  4. Susanoo – impetuous male. Susanoo, also known as Susanoo-no-Mikoto, is a kami and the younger brother of the moon deity Tsukuyomi and the goddess Amaterasu.
  5. Hachiman – eight banners. Hachiman is the god of archery, battle, fortune-telling, and culture in Japanese mythology.
  6. Inari – god of the paddy fields. The Inari are compound deities in Japanese mythology who are the gods of prosperity, rice, and protector of foxes and are frequently represented as either man or female. They are also known by the names Inari Okami or O-Nari.
  7. Tsukiyomi – moon god. In Japanese mythology, his disputes with the sun goddess Amaterasu are the causes of day and night. He is Amaterasu’s husband.
  8. Osiris – mighty eye. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the god of fertility and agriculture.

Four-Syllable Mythological Japanese Boy Names

  1. Cikap-kamuy – A spiritual or divine being. In Japanese mythology, the Ainu god (Kamuy) of land and owls, often depicted as (to nobody’s surprise) a great owl.
  2. Izanagi – he who invites. This enigmatic figure is credited in Japanese mythology as having created the islands.
  3. Hikoboshi – male star. This is the name of the star Altair in Japan.

19 Powerful Japanese Boy Names

These Japanese names for boys will portray a sense of fortitude and valor. It will give her the strength to take on life and overcome all odds that come her way.

Let your prince be the epitome of bravery and strength with these Powerful Japanese boy names.

One-Syllable Powerful Japanese Boy Names

  1. Ren – lotus. Ren Osugi is a Japanese actor.
Ren Osugi – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Ryuu – dragon. Painter Ryusei Kishida popularized this name.
Japanese Boy Names : Kaito Ishikawa - Credits: Instagram
Kaito Ishikawa – Credits: Instagram

Two-Syllable Powerful Japanese Boy Names

  1. Daiki – shining brightly. Daiki Kamikawa is a Japanese judoka.
  2. Takuya – pioneering land. Takuya Kimura is a Japanese actor and singer.
Japanese Boy Names : Takuya Kimura - Credits: Instagram
Takuya Kimura – Credits: Instagram
  1. Hayato – falcon person. Hayato Ikeda is the former prime minister of Japan.
  2. Kaito – sea and soaring. How about naming your child with the name of famous Japanese Voice actor Kaito Ishikawa?
  3. Daiksuke – great help. Baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka, Olympic figure skater Daisuke Takahashi are famous namesakes.
Japanese Boy Names : Daisuke Matsuzaka - Credits: Pinterest
Daisuke Matsuzaka – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Haru – sunshine.  This baby name blossoms throughout every season.

Three-Syllable Powerful Japanese Boy Names

  1. Hiroto – great person. Inspired by Businessman Hiroto Sakawa (CEO of Nissan).
Japanese Boy Names : Hiroto Sakawa - Credits: Pinterest
Hiroto Sakawa – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Takumi – skillful. Inspired by Actor and singer Takumi Kitamura.
Japanese Boy Names : Takumi Kitamura - Credits: Instagram
Takumi Kitamura – Credits: Instagram
  1. Sota – smoothly. This name can also be formed from other kanji combinations.
  2. Hinata – toward the sun. A gender-neutral name of Japanese origin.
  3. Asahi – rising sun. Asahi is also the name of a number of businesses in Japan, including a brewery.
  4. Makoto – truth. Makoto Nagano, an obstacle course “ninja” racer, and Makoto Shinkai, an animator are famous namesakes.
Japanese Boy Names : Makoto Nagano - Credits: Pinterest
Makoto Nagano – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Tadashi – right. Inspired by fashion designer Tadashi Shoji.
Japanese Boy Names : Tadashi Shoji - Credits: Instagram 
Tadashi Shoji – Credits: Instagram 
  1. Shigeru – leisurely person. This name is all about well wishes for babies.
  2. Haruto – soaring. Manga artist Haruto Umezawa popularized this name.
  3. Jiro – second son. Sushi master Jiro Ono and tennis player Jiro Sato are the famous namesakes.
  4. Hisako – long-lived child. A powerful name for your little warrior.

29 Nature-Inspired Japanese Boy Names

The natural splendor of Japan is magnificent. It is one of the most stunning places in the world, with serene beaches, emerald-green forests, and volcanoes. The names given to babies, especially boys’ names, reflect Japan’s natural beauty.

Two-Syllable Nature-Inspired Japanese Boy Names

  1. Akio – bright man. It’s a bold Japanese name for boys. A gorgeous pick for a new baby son.
  2. Daiki – shining. A bold Japanese word meaning bright. Indeed a cool choice for your little boy.
  3. Naoki – tree of truth. This is a strong Japanese baby nature name for boys.
Japanese Boy Names : Naoki Matayoshi - Credits: Pixabay
Naoki Matayoshi – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Natsuo – birth of summer. A very cool name for a little boy who can easily be nicknamed “Nate”.
  2. Sora – sky. This Japanese nature name is technically gender-neutral but more frequently given to boys.
  3. Tatsuo – masculine dragon. It’s a powerful Japanese boys’ name that he’ll love growing into.
Japanese Boy Names : Tatsuo Endō - Credits: Pixabay
Tatsuo Endō – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Tetsu – philosophy. Like a lot of Japanese baby boy names, this one is loaded with strength.
  2. Tomo – intelligent. How is it possible that your child won’t develop into a wise young man? This Japanese baby name’s amusing extra meaning of “twin” makes it the ideal choice for the male in a set of boy-girl twins.
  3. Yoshi – silent. May you have many peaceful nights at home with a new baby boy who honors this adorable name.  
  4. Yukio – happy or fortunate boy. A delightful-sounding Japanese name for boys with a meaning that’s equally blissful.
  5. Koji – little one. A super-cute choice for a baby brother.
  6. Hiro – broad. Thanks to its close resemblance to the English word “hero,” this boys’ name scores extra cool points.
  7. Katsumi – win over the sea. A poetic-sounding baby boy name.
  8. Kazue – single blessing. This is a darling choice for the biggest blessing in your life.
  9. Kenji – to be in good health. The most popular boy’s name in Japan has a rich history and powerful connotations.
  10. Kiyoshi – bright. Evocative of peace.

Three-Syllable Nature-Inspired Japanese Boy Names

  1. Kosuke – rising sun. A gorgeous and hopeful baby boy name.
  2. Masashi – ambition. A strong sound and powerful meaning make this Japanese boy name a definite winner.
  3. Asahi – morning sun. The name imparts hope and a warm glow on your little guy.
  4. Benjira – one who enjoys peace. Crossover names are often appealing, and this Benjamin-like choice does not disappoint. 
  5. Haruki – shining brightly. The Japanese boys’ name lends easily to Haru or Ruki as nicknames.
  6. Hotaru – firefly. It’s a whimsical boy name we can’t help but adore. 
  7. Ichiro – first born child. This famous Japanese baby name is a great choice for your energetic guy. (And because it’s also the first name of the baseball player who holds the record, this name has extra significance for Seattle Mariners fans from the early 2000s.)
  8. Seiichi – one who is sincere. Such a sweet message to impart on a little boy.
  9. Izumi – spring. Like a lot of the best Japanese baby names, this one’s meaning stems from nature. Izumi represents lightness and renewal for a son born at any time of year. 
  10. Hisashi – consistency. A storied name for baby boys, with a meaning built by its two parts; Hisa is a long life and shi is a chronicle or history.
  11. Tadashi – loyal. Sounds like a boy with this name will grow up to be a great guy! 
  12. Toshiro – intelligent. This Japanese baby boy name has gained popularity in recent years thanks to a beloved anime character Toshiro Hitsugaya.  
  13. Yamato – Old Japan. A poignant moniker for a young child whose parents are honoring their Japanese heritage.

22 Exotic Japanese Boy Names

Have you visited Japan before? It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its sun-kissed coastlines and shimmering waters are a pleasure to see. Japanese boy names are as exotic and lovely as the country itself!

One-Syllable Exotic Japanese Boy Names

  1. Bran – raven. The name Bran is stylish and exotic without sounding over the top. The name is also simple to spell.
  2. Per – rock.Per, a nickname for Peter, is a good choice if you want to give your boy a simple, charming name. The name is a wonderful combination of simplicity and exoticism.
  3. Hans – God is gracious. Hans is a diminutive of the name Johannes.

Two-Syllable Exotic Japanese Boy Names

  1. Humphrey – peaceful warrior. In Britain, the name Humphrey is both royal and foreign. After the Norman Conquest, it was brought to England.
  2. Miller – one who grinds grain. Miller is a stylish name popular in the United States. 
  3. Devin – helper. The exotic baby boy names become more exotic. Devin has a beautiful sound and is an exotic name. If you’re trying to come up with a cool and original name for your child, this is a fantastic option.
  4. Linus – flax.  Do you not consider the name Linus to be musical? In Finland, many people go by the mythological name Linus.
  5. Mathis – gift of God. Mathis is a rare variant of Mathew that you might want to take into consideration. It must be pronounced Mat-Tees.
  6. Milan – kind. You can give your child the name Milan if you adore fashion. Italy’s center of fashion is called Milan. In Belgium and Rome, many people go by this name.
  7. Mazin – rain. You may give your child the name Mazin if he or she was born during the monsoon season. Arabic is the name Mazin.
  8. Jibri – angel. Jibri is a well-liked name throughout the Arabic-speaking world, including in Africa. It is the Hebrew name Gabriel’s Arabic equivalent.
  9. Azrael – The unusual name Azrael has Hebrew roots. In Jewish and Muslim culture, it was the name of an angel.
  10. Amit – friend. Amit is a common boy’s name in Israel and India that is straightforward yet intriguing. The name will be special for your child because it might not exist in the English-speaking world.
  11. Dmitry – devoted. Demetrius’ alternate name is Dmitry. Greek names are stylish and intriguing. This name is made much more fascinating by its dual consonant beginning.
  12. Emil – to strive. The friendly sound of the Latin name Emil is appealing. Parents from various racial and ethnic backgrounds like it.
  13. Enzo – home ruler. Henry is also known as Enzo in Italian. Additionally, it can be used as a short form for names that end in -enzo, such as Vincenzo and Lorenzo.
  14. Fabian – one who grows beans. The name Fabian comes from an old saint. Through the American doo-wop artist Fabian Forte, the name received extensive attention.
  15. Akio – bright man. The name Akio has a beautiful sound and an interesting meaning.
  16. Zenon – great thinker. A spelling variant of the name Zeno is Zenon. It is a Greek name that is connected to Zeus, the most powerful deity in Greek mythology.
  17. Ethan – the gift of the island. Ethan is an excellent option if you’re looking for a name with a spiritual connotation.

Three-Syllable Exotic Japanese Boy Names

  1. Ammiras – commander. Ammiras is a traditional name with a fresh vibe. Amir and Amira are involved.
  2. Umberto – bright bear cub. Umberto is a popular Italian name.


Many parents want their daughters to be strong, powerful, and able to dazzle the world with their German allure in secret ways. If you investigate the meanings behind these traditional Japanese boy names, you’ll discover that they’re extremely charming.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of more than 120 beautiful Japanese boy names. Please share this with your friends and family and let us know what you think of these names in the comments section.

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