150+ Southern Boy Names that Will Make Your Heart Sing

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Southerners adore sweet tea, hush puppies, and fried okra, but perhaps more importantly, they grow up with a deep sense of history and familial ties. Cotillions, derbies, and well-worn battlefields are commonly associated with southern names.

These southern baby name collections from the South will represent your pride in being south of the Mason-Dixon line. 

The names are strong and distinct.

Our “Southern Boy Names” selection is based on various themes.

  1. Popular Southern Boy Names
  2. Cowboy-Inspired Southern Names For Boys
  3. Movies-Inspired Southern Boy Names
  4. Plant-Inspired Southern Boy Names
  5. Badass Southern Boy Names
  6. Gender-Neutral Southern Names

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Popular Southern Boy Names

From popular customs like hunting or horseback riding to religiously inclined or historically significant names, cute Southern boy names are a mix of time-tested monikers, familial titles, and names that conjure up the sights and sounds of the South. Check out these popular Southern boy names for your child for some inspiration.

Aaron – Strong

Southern Boy Names : Aaron Paul - American Actor known for his role in Breaking Bad - Credits: Instagram
Aaron Paul – American Actor known for his role in Breaking Bad – Credits: Instagram

Aaron is famous among American Celebrities, from singers to writers to athletes. Aaron Paul, an American actor, is certainly the most famous among people named Aaron.

Abott – Priest 

This was an occupational name for someone who worked in an abbot’s household or on his grounds and a nickname for a self-righteous person who looked like an abbot.

Aldon – Elder

Southern Boy Names : Aldon Smith - American football defensive end - Credits: Instagram
Aldon Smith – American football defensive end – Credits: Instagram

Aldon is a Christian baby boy name that is very popular. Aldon Smith is a member of the Oakland Raiders football team.

Albion – Rock 

Albion is a poetic name for Britain from the Middle Ages.

Ace – One

Ace Young, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, made this name famous among Americans. 

Alden – Old Friend

A simple name with several meanings, Alden could be a good choice for your southern boy.

Ambrose – Immortal

Ambrose is a well-known name in the literary arts field, with a beautiful feeling of imagination and ethereality that the baby will certainly exude!

Ardy – Great Forest

Ardy is a name that suggests a gift of gab, or the ability to persuade others easily.

Augustus – Majestic

Southern Boy Names : Augustus Prew - English actor known for his roles in About a Boy - Credits: Instagram
Augustus Prew – English actor known for his roles in About a Boy – Credits: Instagram

Augustus Prew is an English actor who has appeared in films and television shows. He is well-known for his roles in films such as About a Boy, The Secret of Moonacre, and Charlie St.

Bailey – Berry Clearing

The name derives from the Middle English word “bail(l)y,” which denotes someone who lived near a walled town or a castle’s walls.

Baron – Warrior

Baron is one of the most popular baby boy names. It’s a beautiful baby name with a straightforward pronunciation.

Blade – Sword

The famous film Blade made this name a trending one for everyone.

Blaine – Yellow

Blaine is one of the popular southern baby boy names with mystic vibes.

Billy – Resolute Protector

Billy is a fascinating new name to add to the pool of beautiful southern baby names.

Bennett – Blessed

Bennett is a mix between Benjamin and Beckett, dressed with a bow tie. Bennett Cerf was a well-known publisher and punster who was one of the founders of Random House.

Benton – Bent Grass

Benton is a sort of old English surname given to local landowners. It’s also known as Beneton and Bentune in early sources.

Baxter – Baker

A popular name for boys affiliated with Dr. Baxter Stockman, a scientist in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” series.

Beau – Beautiful

Beau conjures up images of someone devilishly attractive with a lot of southern charm, which is a fantastic image to give your boy.

Bernard – Brave

A brave name for your little one associated with Bernard Hill from the “Lords of the Rings.”

Southern Boy Names : Bernard Hill - English Actor known for his role in Boys from the Backstuff -  Credits: Twitter
Bernard Hill – English Actor known for his role in Boys from the Backstuff –  Credits: Twitter

Blanche – White

Blanche was a royal name in France and a saint’s name. Blanche Scott is one probable formidable namesake of the early adventurous aviatrixes.

Brooks – Of the Brooks

Someone who lived near a brook or stream was given this name.

Byron – Barn for cows

Due to its close link to the poet Lord Byron, who inspired its use as a first name, this name has had a beautiful, windswept image for generations.

Carlisle – From the walled city

When coupled with vampire Carlisle Cullen, this stuffy English surname and hotel name took on Twilight chic.

Cash – Hollow

This name is commonly used and has been used by various celebrities, such as Annabeth Gish and Joshua Morrow, because of its economic connotations or its association with American legend Johnny Cash.

Copeland – Bought Land

This up-and-coming name may evoke thoughts of ballet dancer Misty Copeland or one of the many towns called Copeland.

Dawson – Son of David

Southern Boy Names : Jack Dawson - Deuteragonist in Titanic - Credits: Instagram
Jack Dawson – Deuteragonist in Titanic – Credits: Instagram

Dawson is a common surname that has produced notable Dawsons, including footballer Len, actress Rosario, and Leonardo Dicaprio Titanic character Jack Dawson.

Cowboy-Inspired Southern Names For Boys

The essence of a cowboy is his masculinity. The horse rider with the boot and helmet is connected to nature and well-versed in their culture. Give your child a name inspired by the wild west to capture the spirit of the frontier. Here’s a collection of cowboy-inspired southern boy names.

Angus – One Choice

Angus is of Irish descent. It is a common name in Australia, Canada, and Scotland derived from Augustus. Gus is an excellent cowboy moniker.

Arizona – Little Spring

An awesome name from an awesome state for your awesome boy.

Ashley – Ash Tree Meadow

Ashley is a strong and masculine name. Back in the day, this was a common moniker for a cowboy.

Austin – Magnificent

Austin’s history can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon period. The common name has a southwest flavor to it.

Blaze – Fire

A blazing name with a blazing charm for your little cowboy to shine brightly.

Buck – Male Deer

Your adorable young buckaroo will grow up to be a lively man who loves boots and horses.

Clayton – Clay Settlement 

Clayton exudes a southwestern allure. The slick talker will avoid getting into any difficulties. At home, he’s known as Clay.

Colt – Frisky

It’s a well-known firearms manufacturer. This takes us back to the days of the old West gunslingers. For a more formal feel, call him Colton.

Dakota – A friendly one

For your little ranger, it’s a terrific cowboy name.

Denver – Green Valley

Denver is a well-known name. During the Gold Rush, many cowboys came here looking for gold. The name is ideal for your young treasure hunter.

Ford – River Crossing

Ford is not only a popular surname name; it also works well as a first name. Your young cowboy deserves a powerful name. He’ll rock his hat and boot appearance with or without a whip.

Garret – Gentle

Garret looks like he’s right out of a western movie. He is a young man who enjoys spending time outside and is concerned about the well-being of his community.

Graham – Great

Graham is from the Lincolnshire town of ‘Grantham.’ Alexander Graham Bell is one of the proud bearers of this name.

Guy – Guide

Guy possesses a strong male presence, with a calm and collected demeanor.

Hank – God is Merciful

This name will be a hit with your dashing guy.

James – Supplanter

James is the most popular Anglo-Saxon name, and it also happens to be the most frequent cowboy name. Twist it to Jameson for a sensual and muscular motion.

Jeremy – God raises up

The name, which has English origins, has a heroic ring. This is a fantastic name for your little explorer.

Jesse – The Lord exists

Jesse is the wild west’s bad boy, and we all adore him. He’s the outspoken cowboy who stands out from the crowd. Everyone’s favorite Robinhood.

Josh – God is salvation

Josh is a nickname for Joshua. Your little prince has a lovely name.

Levi – Joined 

Levi’s are cool and informal, like a pair of ripped jeans. With biblical roots, this is a fantastic cowboy name.

Maverick – Free Spirit

Maverick is an English name. Your tiny cowboy will consume and live by this quality.

Morgan – Sea

Morgan Freeman, an Oscar-winning actor, is a well-known figure.

Nash – At the ash tree

Nash has a great voice and can be used as a first name.

Palmer – Palm Tree

It has a distinctly English and stern tone to it, making it ideal for your little cowboy.

Pete – Rock Solid

 A tough moniker for your tough and attractive hero. The name Peter comes from the Bible. He was Jesus’ most dependable apostle.

Reno – Dark-Haired

The name embodies the free-spirited character of a young explorer.

Roy – Red

The name has a rough tone to it, making it a badass choice for your little boy.

Ryder – Horseman

Ryder could be a cowboy in the saddle or a motorcycle rider. He can either lead the group or go with the flow because of his fiery spirit.


Movie-Inspired Southern Boy Names

Films are a fantastic source of baby name inspiration. We can relate a name to the movie character and its personality attributes, rather than simply seeing it printed in a baby book or on a computer screen.

We’ve compiled a list of southern names from epic films to add to the list of potential candidates for a soon-to-arrive bundle of blue.

Adler – Eagle

Adler is a famous surname among American celebrities.

Atticus – From Attica

This name is inspired by the Hollywood film ‘Attica.’

Austin – Great

Austin Robert Butler is an actor from the United States. He is best known for his appearances as James “Wilke” Wilkerson in the television series Switched at Birth.

Southern Boy Names : Austin Robert Butler - Credits: Instagram
Austin Robert Butler – Credits: Instagram

Boone – Good

This name is inspired by an American action-adventure television series.

Buford – Blowing

Southern Boy Names : Matt Bufford - Actor famous for his role in American Crime Story - Credits: Instagram
Matt Bufford – Actor famous for his role in American Crime Story – Credits: Instagram

This is a great name in out list of timeless southern boy names. It definitely sounds like one of those strong country boy names.

Connor – Lover of hounds

The inspiration for his name is a fictitious character in the Terminator franchise.

Davis – Son of David

Philip Davis Guggenheim is an American writer, director, and producer and the inspiration behind the name your southern boy.

Dixie – Tenth

A dashing name from the CW comedy series “Hart of Dixie.”

Duke – Leader

A comedy film, “The Duke,” made this name popularized among Americans.

Flannery – Russet Hair

Sean Patrick Flanery, an American actor, has made this name famous among native Americans.

Harley – Meadow

An animated TV series “Harley Quinn” is the inspiration for this name.

Harper – Someone who plays the harp

A famous name among American celebrities for your little southern kid.

Hayes – Hedged Area

Hayes is a name inspired by Sean Patrick Hayes, an American actor, comedian, and producer.

Hollis – The holly tree

A simple name is associated with Tommy Hollis, an American stage actor.

Knox – Round-top Hill

A short movie-inspired name with affiliation to film actors.

Felix – Fortunate

Felix is most famous for being the 1919 cartoon cat who rose to stardom in the 1950s animated television show. “The Odd Couple.”

Oscar – Spear of the God

Since the Academy Awards first aired in 1929, this term has been associated with the Oscar trophy given to the best actors and directors in Hollywood.

Dean – Church Official

Southern Boy Names : Dean Cain - American actor famous for his role in Superman - Credits: Instagram
Dean Cain – American actor famous for his role in Superman – Credits: Instagram

Dean received a boost from James Dean in the 1950s, and Dean Cain is now one of the most well-known personalities to share this name.

August – To increase

August Wilson, a playwright, and J. August Richards, an actor from the television show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” are two renowned Augusts.

Calvin – Bald

Calvin Broadus Jr. is the most well-known Calvin of all time. However, most people know him as “Snoop Dogg,” the rapper.

Ivan – God is gracious

Ivan Reitman, director of “Meatballs,” “Stripes,” and “Ghostbusters,” helped propel the brand to its peak in the 1990s.

Max – Great

Max Rockatansky from “Mad Max,” Max Evans from “Roswell,” and Max Medina from “Gilmore Girls” were all fictional characters who kept the name alive in mainstream culture.

Jasper – Treasurer

Jasper gained fame due to Jasper Cullen, a vampire from the blockbuster “Twilight” book and film series.

Vincent – To conquer

Actors Vincent Price and Vincent D’Onofrio use their full first names, whereas actors Vince Vaughn, Vin Diesel, and fictional A-lister Vince Chase from HBO’s “Entourage” use an abbreviated version.

Harrison – Son of Harry

Actor Harrison Ford, whose Hollywood accomplishments include the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, is the most well-known bearer.

Plant-Inspired Southern Boy Names

Plant names are frequently charming and simple, so many of them are becoming increasingly popular. While they all connect to a plant or natural phenomenon, several have additional meanings, making them even more unique as baby names. Here are some southern names for boys inspired by the plants.

Acker – Cultivated field

Acker’s rich natural connotation could be a cute option for parents seeking something new.

Alone – Tree

A befitting choice for a nature lover. Elon is a different spelling of the name.

Ash – Pleasant

A cool natural name with a cool natural vibe in it.

Birch – Shining

A name inspired by the Birch tree for your shining little star.

Brier – Heather

Brier is a popular name for a boy plant. The name comes from the tree of the same name in English.

Cedar – Cedar Tree

A lovely name for your lovely little child.

Chyrsanthos – Golden Bloom

A classic southern boy name for your classic little southern baby.

Cress – From The Top Of The Hill

Cress is one of the classic southern boy names. It is a biennial herb found in Asia and Europe.

Cypress – Strong

Cypress is a boy’s name that comes from the cypress tree.

Durian – Hill

This boy’s name is derived from a South Asian tree of the same name.

Elm – Red, Brown

A name inspired by tree huggers.

Elwood – Elder wood

A soft name with a strong affiliation to nature.

Hawthorne – Thorne

A typographic term for someone who lives near a hawthorn shrub or hedge.

Hemlock – Poison

The name Hemlock comes from a coniferous tree of the same name.

Hickory – Tree’s Nut

This Native American name is derived from a tree of the same name.

Juniper – Evergreen

It’s also the name of a cypress-family coniferous tree.

Keifer – Pine tree

An adorable name with simple pronunciation for your plant lover.

Larch – Tree

Larch plant is the inspiration behind this name.

Linden – Linden tree hill

Both pagans and Christians revered the Linden as a holy tree that was considered to help heal and was frequently planted near churches.

Linford – Linford Tree

The English name alludes to the “linden tree woodland,” with a deep south touch.

Narciso – Daffodil

The narcissus or daffodil blossom is the inspiration for this Italian boy’s name.

Oakley – From the Oak Tree

The name Oakley is a lengthier version of the name Oak.

Oleander – Evergreen Tree

This lovely boy’s name is Greek in origin and has a natural vibe.

Chervil- Leaves of joy

Chervil is a good choice for all tree lovers out there.

Sorrel – From the Tree

It is a soothing name with a soothing pronunciation for parents who wish to name their child with a plant-inspired name.

Badass Southern Boy Names

Is there anything cooler than a name for a fierce boy? Badass boy names are edgy, raw, and full of grit, and they’re ideal for your tough guy.

Alpha – Beginning 

Alpha is a strong male name that means ‘firstborn.’ The moniker alluded to a pack or gang boss.

Apollo – Destroyer

Apollo is a manly badass name that originated in Germany.

Arlo – Fortified Hill

This name is a great choice for a guy. The name suggests a powerful personality.

Baldwyn – Bold Friend

Baldwyn is a one-of-a-kind name. The name comes from a German word that means “brave buddy.”

Blaze – Stutters

One of the most badass boy names is Blaze. The name connotes a fiery attitude.

Boris – To Fight

Boris is a traditional Russian name gaining popularity in Europe and the United States.

Bryant – Strong

The name conjures up images of a tough, badass individual.

Buster – Tough Guy

Buster is a badass name derived from the word ‘to bust,’ which means a person who busts things.

Damian – To Tame

Southern Boy Names : Damian Lewis - English actor, producer and presenter famous for his role in Band of Brothers - Credits: Instagram
Damian Lewis – English actor, producer and presenter famous for his role in Band of Brothers – Credits: Instagram

Damian’s younger brother, Damon, is an edgier version of Damian. This badass moniker connotes stoic fortitude. 

Darby – Deer Town

Darby is the name of one of the hardcore badass dudes. 

Dean – Valley

The macho name commemorating James Dean is ideal for a tough boy’s first name.

Diesel – Virility

Diesel is a sort of gasoline with a neo-macho badass name. 

Felix – Fortune

A badass name for your young southern warrior.

Frederik – Power 

Frederik is a badass German name for your little kickass.

Harley – Wood

Harley is associated with Harley Davidson’s macho image.

Hardwin – Courageous friend

Hardwin is an English badass name with a southern vibe in it.

Huntley – Hunter’s Meadow

Huntley is a fitting choice for all the machismo fans.

Jagger – Carter

Jagger is a one-of-a-kind badass name that means ‘hawker of wares.’

Jesse – The Lord exists

Jesse is a badass boy’s name with mystic vibes.

King – Ruler

King is a trendy badass boy’s name that means tribal leader.

Lennox – With many elm trees

‘Abounding in elm trees’ is the meaning of this awesome male name.

Maddox – Fortunate

Maddox is a name that screams “badass.” Maddox, which means ‘beneficent or lucky,’ is a common Welsh surname that has now entered the mainstream as a first name.

Marcelo – Young Warrior

The name Marcellus is derived from the Latin word Marcellus, which means “hammer.”

Mason – Artisan who works in stone

Mason is an English name that means stoneworker.’

Neron – Strong

Neron, like most badass names, is of Spanish origin.

Phoenix – Dark red

Phoenix, which means mystical bird, denotes a rise from the ashes.

Ryder – Knight

The incredibly badass moniker sounds like it belongs to a racing car driver.

Ranger – Forest Protector

The term conveys a risky duty of protecting the wild with a western, cowboyish air.

Gender-Neutral Southern Names

We understand how tough it can be to develop the ideal name for your new baby. There are many names for boys and girls to pick from, but unisex or gender-neutral names are also growing more popular.

Here’s a list of gender-neutral southern names to consider.

Abalone – Sea snails

Abalone is primarily a gender-neutral name with sea vibes in it.

Ace – Noble 

This English baby name can indicate ‘unity,’ but it’s most commonly used to describe someone who excels at something.

Addison – Son of Adam

This strong unisex name comes from Old English and is a traditional choice for southern parents.

Aderyn – Bird

Aderyn is a one-of-a-kind Welsh baby name.

Aiden – Fiery One

It’s ideal for a boisterous little bundle of joy!

Ainsley – Meadow

This unusual nonbinary baby name is of Gaelic origin with mystic vibes.

Alaska – Great Land

Alaska is a one-of-a-kind Native American name and is easy to pronounce.

Alex – Protector

This name, which means ‘defender’ or ‘protector of humanity’ and is of Greek origin, is a popular option for both boys and girls.

Altair – Falcon

An Arabic name with southern charm for your southern baby.

Angel – Messenger of God

Angel is such a lovely name for your little one.

Arbor – Tree

Arbor is a cute nature-inspired cool nonbinary name of English origin and relates to the ‘arbor tree.’

Archer – Bowman

This bold and lovely English unisex baby name, meaning “one who holds a bow and arrow,” is one of my favorites.

Ari – Superior

This adorable name is appropriate for both a boy and a girl.

Beckett – Bee Cottage

This is yet another adorable unisex baby name for southern parents.

Bentley – Bent Grass Meadow

Although we now identify it with the car of the same name, this Old English baby name means “a clearing covered with bentgrass.”

Blair – Fields

Originally a boy’s name, it has grown in popularity among females.

Blake – Attractive

Another prominent boy name that has gained popularity among females.

Briley – Briarwood

Briley is a sweet gender-neutral Irish name that means ‘descendant of Roghallach.’

Chandler – Candle Maker 

I had to include this one because I’m a huge Friends fan – this name is a job title for someone who makes and sells candles, and it’s French in origin.

Channing – Young Wolf

This gender-neutral name has English and Old French origins and might mean “intelligent” or “young wolf.”

Charlie – Freeman

This adorable unisex baby name comes from the English language and means “free man.” 

Cruise – Bold

Cruise is an English badass name for both men and women.


One of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences a new parent can have is naming their child. We compiled an ultimate list of 150+ southern boy names to help you choose the best name combination for your fighter.

If you come up with the greatest name combinations using the southern boy names provided above, please let us know.

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