Top 120+ French Baby Boy Names that parents like 

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Are you struggling to come up with a name for your baby boy? Here are some French baby boy names for your reference.

In many fields, French men have made a mark worldwide. This list includes a number of great Frenchmen, such as ball players, rock stars, politicians, and actors. Learn more about them by scrolling down.

In this article, we have collected some of the most trendy, adorable, and easy-to-pronounce French baby boy names for you!

  1. Popular French boy names
  2. Badass French boy names
  3. Mythological French boy names
  4. Nature-Inspired French boy names
  5. Easy-To-Pronounce French boy names

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34 Popular French Boy Names

Are you looking for some popular names for your baby boy? Check out these French names, which have been hitting the trends and rising in popularity in recent times. These names are affiliated with famous personalities around the globe. So if you want your princess to be popular, look at one of these!

Two-Syllable Popular French Boy Names

  1. Aloïs – famous warrior. This name is another spelling of Louis and is the French and Dutch equivalent of the name Aloysius. Aloys is a less complex spelling choice.
French Baby Boy Names : Aloïs Menu, French actor - Credits: Pinterest
Aloïs Menu, French actor – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Mathéo – gift of God. The names Mateo and Matteo have been modernized into this French form. In the end, the name was derived from Matthew, a historical name whose Hebrew equivalent is “gift of God.”
  2. Raphaël – God has healed. Without the accent, this name will be instantly recognizable. The name of the renowned Renaissance artist and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, respectively. The Hebrew meaning of the name is “God heals.” Other possible spellings are Rafael, Rafa, and Raffa.
French Baby Boy Names : Raphaël Personnaz - Credits: Pinterest
Raphaël Personnaz – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Éliott – the Lord is my God. This French boy’s name was originally used as an English last name.
  2. Lyam – protection. The Irish boy’s name Liam, a diminutive of William, is represented by this in contemporary French.
  3. Mylan – pleasant. This name is employed both in France and the Netherlands. It was originally a Slavic name that meant “gracious” or “dear.”
  4. Gaspard – treasure. Gaspard Ullian was a famous French actor.
French Baby Boy Names : Gaspard Ullian - Credits: Pixabay
Gaspard Ullian – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Gabriel – God is my strength. This popular name is used in almost every language. You would pronounce it GA-BREE-YEHL in French.
  2. Théo – God. This is the short, French version of the Greek-derived boy’s name Théodore.
  3. Lucas – bringer of light. This boy’s name appears in other languages, not just French. It is the Latinized form of the Greek name Luke, which designates a person from the Southern Italian region of Lucania.
  4. Maël – chief. This French boy’s name is popular in Brittany.

Three-Syllable Popular French Boy Names

  1. Samuel – God has heard. Besides French, numerous other languages also use this biblical name. Its Hebrew roots have two possible translations: “name of God” and “God has heard.” It is pronounced SA-MWEHL in French.
  2. Jamel – handsome. Jamel Debbouze is a cool French actor.
French Baby Boy Names : Jamel Debbouze - Credits: Pinterest
Jamel Debbouze – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Matis – Gift of Yahweh. The biblical name Matthias, which is Greek in origin and meaning “gift of Yahweh,” is spelled in this way in modern French. Mathis, Mathys, Mattis, Matiz, Mathijs, Matthijs, Matthis, Matiss, Matys, and Mathies are some alternate spellings.
  2. Louis – famous warrior. The French pronunciation of this boy’s name is LWEE, not LOO-is as it would be in English. This boy’s name has been used by 18 French kings, making it quite common among the aristocracy. Include your young prince in the group!
French Baby Boy Names : Louis Garrel - Credits: Pinterest
Louis Garrel – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Adélard – noble strength. This boy’s name is more prevalent in Canada, particularly in Quebec, a French-Canadian province.
  2. Timéo – honoring God. The Latinized name Timaeus is the source of the Spanish and Italian boy’s name Timeo, which has a French version.
  3. Aldéric – fortune. This is another French-Canadian name derived from the name Aldric, a boy’s name from Germany.
  4. Elias – The Lord is my God. The boy’s name Elijah is popular not only in French but also in many other languages and cultures thanks to its Latin version.
  5. Alexandre – warrior. This is the boy’s name Alexander in French, which is widely used across many other languages. One well-known bearer of the name was Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers.
  6. Amédée – love of God. This rare French boy’s name is derived from Mozart’s middle name, Amadeus, which is a Latin name.
  7. Anthelme – zeal. A famous twelfth-century French bishop bore the name. A well-known French politician and gourmet by the name of Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, it was also his middle name. He has a French cheese with three creams bearing his name. Yum!

Four-Syllable Popular French Boy Names

  1. Arsène – virile. This name has a unique sound when pronounced AR-SEHN.
French Baby Boy Names : Arsene Wenger, French former association football manager - Credits: Instagram
Arsene Wenger, French former association football manager – Credits: Instagram
  1. Côme – decency. Pronounced simply KOM, the name shot up in popularity in 2019.
  2. Bérenger – bear. This elegant-sounding French boy’s name, BEH-RAHN-ZHEH, is derived from an old German name.
  3. Dieudonné – given by God. The name is derived from the name of two popes in Rome, Deusdedit. The boy’s name, Dieudonné, is highly well-liked among French-speaking African nations.
  4. Maxime – greatest. Why not use this name for your greatest success? The French-Canadian province of Quebec has a very high popularity rating for the boy’s name.
French Baby Boy Names : Maxime Cressy - French Tennis Player
Maxime Cressy – French Tennis Player
  1. Régis – to rule or manage. This name may also be familiar to you because of the late and popular TV broadcaster and presenter Regis Philbin.
  2. Honoré – honored one. The name Honoratus or Honorius, which means “honor” as you would have guessed, is the origin of the French boy’s name. It was the author Honoré de Balzac’s birth name. You may give your son this noble-sounding French name in honor of him.
  3. Sévère – stern. Harry Potter fans, you may recognize this boy’s name, as it’s the French equivalent of the Latin name Severus.
  4. Zacharie – the Lord recalled. The name Zechariah, which means “Yahweh remembers,” is a humorous French boy’s name that is derived from the Bible. Both the Old and New Testaments mention the name. Give your son the name Zach or Zac if you want to!
French Baby Boy Names : Zacharie Chasseriaud - Credits: Pinterest
Zacharie Chasseriaud – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Edmé – rich protector. The boy’s name Edmond, which is derived from the English name Edmund, has this short form in French.
  2. Cédric – loved. This name was originally an English one that Sir Walter Scott popularized. You might also be familiar with the moniker from the contemporary comic Cedric the Entertainer.
  3. Emmanuel – God with us. Inspired by Emmanuel Macron.
French Baby Boy Names : Emmanuel Macron - Credits: Pinterest
Emmanuel Macron – Credits: Pinterest

23 Badass French Boy Names

If you’re seeking ideas for Badass French boy names, check out the list we’ve provided below. These fierce names belong to men who have rewritten history and defied convention to demonstrate to us that men are capable of achieving everything they set their minds to. 

Your son might be the next rising star in a society where women are gaining influence.

Two-Syllable Badass French Boy Names

  1. Jacques – One who supplants. Jacques Cousteau, a well-known ocean explorer, lends some serious swagger to this name.
French Baby Boy Names : Jacques Gamblin, French actor - Credits: Instagram
Jacques Gamblin, French actor – Credits: Instagram
  1. Hugh – intellect. Hugh Jackman is a badass for being a renowned X-man as well as a Broadway stage star.
  2. Tyson – high spirited. Although Mike Tyson may come to mind, we also wish to acknowledge the famed astronomer from Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  3. Paul – small. Inspired by Paul Pogba, the French footballer.
French Baby Boy Names : Paul Pogba - Credits: Instagram
Paul Pogba – Credits: Instagram
  1. Nicolas – the victory of the people. Inspired by Nicolas Duvauchelle.
French Baby Boy Names : Nicolas Duvauchelle - Credits: Pixabay
Nicolas Duvauchelle – Credits: Pixabay
  1. Neville – new town. Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter books and movies is one of the baddest people ever.
  2. Jean – God is gracious. Inspired by Jean Dujardin.
French Baby Boy Names : Jean Dujardin - Credits: Pinterest
Jean Dujardin – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Winston – joyful stone. One of England’s most famous and prominent Prime Ministers was Winston Churchill.
  2. Guillaume – protection. Guillaume Canet is a badass French actor, and also a screenwriter and film director.
French Baby Boy Names : Guillaume Canet - Credits: Instagram
Guillaume Canet – Credits: Instagram
  1. Sawyer – woodcutter. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is credited with popularizing the moniker. In addition, Sawyer is the tough bad guy from the popular television show Lost.
  2. Rocco – repose. This name seems edgy and entertaining, but it also means to rest, which is something all badasses occasionally need to do.
  3. Tyrion – rock. The witty and tough Tyrion Lannister from the Game of Thrones novels and television series is portrayed by the real-life badass Peter Dinklage.
  4. Boyan – warrior or fighter. Boyan Slat, who is 18 years old, received the UN’s 2015 Champion of the Earth Award, which adds even more badassery to that meaning.

Three-Syllable Badass French Boy Names

  1. Kestrel – falcon. The name also means “to rattle,” alluding to the bird’s shrill call.
  2. Louis – famous warrior. Inspired by the famous French comedian Louis de Funès, who could put a smile on the face of the saddest person in the world.
  3. Vincent – to conquer. Vincent Cassel is a badass French actor.
French Baby Boy Names : Vincent Cassel, French actor - Credits: Instagram
Vincent Cassel, French actor – Credits: Instagram
  1. Buddy – friend. How about having a badass buddy name?
  2. Duke – leader. Duke is a distinguished name brimming with regal charm and sophistication.
  3. Alfred – wise. Famous bearers of this name are Alfred the Great, a 9th-century king, and Alfred Lord Tennyson, a famous 19th-century poet.
  4. Marcel – young warrior. A boy’s name of French origin, Marcel bears a powerful meaning. 
  5. Cooper – barrel maker. A badass name for your barrel maker.
  6. Louie – famous warrior. This badass French name is a variant of Louis.
  7. Corbin – raven. This name gives off dark and mystical vibes.
  8. Bowie – blond. The legendary rockstar David Bowie comes to mind when we hear this name.
  9. Kylian – war strife. Kylian Mbappé is a badass French football player.
French Baby Boy Names : Kylian Mbappé - Credits: Pinterest
Kylian Mbappé – Credits: Pinterest

20 Mythological French Boy Names

Looking for a boy baby name that’s inspired by Greek Gods, myths or legends? Check out the names inspired by French myths and folktales.

Two-Syllable Mythological French Boy Names

  1. Dardanos – to devour. Dardanos was the son of Zeus and Electra.
  2. Argo – lazy, slothful. Jason embarked on a vessel called The Argo in his quest to find the Golden Fleece.
  3. Charon – fierce brightness. The captain of the underworld ferry that carried passengers to Hades was Charon.
  4. Janus – Gateway.  Janus was a Roman god who stood for transition and change.
  5. Helios – sun. Helios is the name of the Greek god of the sun.
  6. Lycus – wolf. Greek mythology frequently uses the names Lycus or Lykos.
  7. Hercules – Hera’s glory. Zeus and Hera had a son named Hercules. Heracles is how it is typically spelled in Greek.
  8. Leander – lion man. He was the lover of the priestess Hero.
  9. Cronus – a Titan. In Greek mythology, Cronos was also identified as the child of Gaia, the earth’s embodiment and the first ever deity.
  10. Endymion – enter. Endymion fell in love with Selene, the moon goddess.

Three-Syllable Mythological French Boy Names

  1. Neo – new. It originates from the Greek word for new neos.
  2. Minos – king. According to Greek mythology, Minos was a son of Zeus and the monarch of Crete.
  3. Hyperion – the high one. One of the twelve titans is Hyperion. Selene, the Greek moon goddess, is his offspring.
  4. Jupiter – the supreme god. Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus.
  5. Cadmus – one who excels. In French mythology, he was skilled for slaying snakes.
  6. Hector – holding fast. Hector, a prince of Troy, won the Trojan War as a hero.
  7. Cepheus – the king. Cephus is famous for being the father of Andromeda, husband to Cassiopeia, and the King of Ethiopia.
  8. Argus – watchful guardian. It is a creature with one-hundred eyes. An alternative spelling is Argos.
  9. Iapetos – pierce. Iapetos was the father of Atlas.
  10. Homer – pledge. The immortal Iliad, which tells the tale of the Trojan War, was written by the famous Greek poet Homer.

30 Nature-Inspired French Boy Names

French nature is quite beautiful. One of the most beautiful destinations on earth, it features volcanoes, emerald-green woods, and tranquil beaches. Baby names, particularly those given to boys, reflect France’s natural beauty.

Two-Syllable Nature-Inspired French Boy Names

  1. Everest – dweller on the Eure river. Use a name like Everest to inspire your child to reach new heights. After all, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.
  2. Dune – brown-skinned soldier. A short, powerful, earthy term that refers to a wind-formed sand dune or mound.
  3. Nile – champion. Like the famous river in Egypt. a fantastic choice for families that enjoy the water.
  4. Brooks – of the brook. A great option if you reside close to a stream.
  5. Eagle – impressive. A high-class and regal moniker for the prestigious bird.
  6. Asher – blessed. A charming natural name drawn from the Ash tree.
  7. Linden – lime tree. Similar to the tall, beautiful tree that can last for millennia. a stylish choice that exudes character strength and profound origins.
  8. Dusty – brave warrior. What name could be more appropriate for a guy with a wild and free attitude than Dusty?
  9. Forrest – woodsman. A name that sounds very natural and earthy.
  10. Lux – light. The ideal choice for the young boy who brought so much sunshine and beauty into your life.

Three-Syllable Nature-Inspired French Boy Names

  1. Oakley – meadow of oak trees. One of the cutest nature names around.
  2. Nash – by the ash tree. The perfect pick if you happen to live near an ash.
  3. Kodiak – island. A bear and an island, Kodiak is such a wild, adventurous name!
  4. Banks – edge of the river. The name Banks simply sounds good. If you reside next to a river, this would be a great option because it literally refers to a riverside.
  5. Solaris – of the sun. The perfect pick for your little sunshine.
  6. Cedar – cedar tree. Cedar represents importance, tremendous strength, spiritual protection, and healing.
  7. Ridge – continuous elevated mountain crest. Has such a rugged and masculine feel to it.
  8. Aspen – quaking tree. An additional earthy option from the tree name category. Aspen may allude to the elegant poplar tree or it may have taken its name from the Colorado town famous for its skiing.
  9. Timber – strong. An outdoorsy nature name with a woodsy feel.
  10. Ocean – sea. One more amazing water name. This name, which refers to the five oceans of the earth, stands for majesty, beauty, and diversity.

Four-Syllable Nature-Inspired French Boy Names

  1. Blaze – fire. Blaze simply conjures up images of a young spitfire in the mind.
  2. Stone – dweller by the rocks. A hardy nature name for a tough little dude.
  3. Cove – small bay. A sweet natural name ideal for families who enjoy the water.
  4. Flint – har rock. An earthy name for a hard-working, determined person.
  5. Sylvan – forest. An outdoorsy nature name with a sleek tone.
  6. Cypress – strong. Another unique tree name for your boy with the wild side.
  7. Alder – old. Alder trees are frequently employed in regeneration efforts and are believed to improve soil fertility, hence the name Alder can indicate strength and hope.
  8. Frost – the freezing of water. An icy name that would be ideal for a baby due in the winter.
  9. Holden – valley. You might picture the protagonist of the famous book Catcher in the Rye when you think of Holden.
  10. Moss – savior. A lovely earthy name for the tiny green plant that thrives in moist environments.

23 Easy-To-Pronounce French Boy Names

France has traditionally been linked with delightful food culture, fine wine, and romantic love. Anyone who has spent time trying to say French names will appreciate this list of French boy names that are easy to pronounce.

Two-Syllable Easy-To-Pronounce French Boy Names

  1. Blaise – stutter. The cool French name Blaise is derived from the Latin word blaesus.
  2. Cédric – bounty. Cédric is the French form of Cedric and not the other way around.
  3. Alphonse – noble. Alphonse is the French version of Alfonso.
  4. Dorian – gift of the sea. Oscar Wilde first used the name Dorian in his novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray.
  5. Amable – loveable. Amable Troude served as a naval lieutenant in the French Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. This connection offers a wonderful French boy’s name for a family with a maritime heritage.
  6. Claude – lame. The Impressionist movement in France is often credited to the French painter Claude Monet.
  7. Étienne – crown. Étienne Fjord is a popular stop for small cruise ships since it is located on the western side of Graham Land, which is a section of the Antarctic Peninsula and Antarctica’s closest point to South America.
  8. Gaston – guest. The most famous person to have this name is probably Gaston, a character from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
  9. Henri – home ruler. The popular web series Henri, le Chat Noir is about Henri, a longhaired, black, tuxedo cat whose existential ramblings are the subject of the films.
French Baby Boy Names : Henri Cartier-Bresson, French photographer - Credits: Pinterest
Henri Cartier-Bresson, French photographer – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Jean-Baptiste – God is gracious. The French male name Jean-Baptiste developed as a confirmation of the importance of John the Baptist, who is revered as a prophet in other religions such as Islam, Christianity, Mandaeism, and the Bahá Faith.

Three-Syllable Easy-To-Pronounce French Boy Names

  1. Quentin – five. In France, the fifth kid or one born in the fifth month would receive this name.
  2. Michael – who is like God. Michael is a trendy French name that starts with M.
  3. Théo – bold. A four-letter easy to pronounce French name for your lad.
French Baby Boy Names : Théo Fernandez - Credits: Pinterest
Théo Fernandez – Credits: Pinterest
  1. Laurent – the shining one. Laurent is a Latin-inspired French masculine surname. The Fields Medal, regarded as mathematics’ highest honor and similar to the Nobel Prize, was given to French mathematician Laurent Schwartz in 1950.
  2. Kanon – young wolf. A rare name for your little boy.
  3. Dieudonné – given by God. A trendy French name with a straightforward pronunciation for your little champ.
  4. Noël – born on christmas. This four-letter name has a mystic vibe.
  5. Percy – one who pierces the valley. Percy is a charming old-French, strong boy name.
  6. René – reborn. René is popular for French first names for boys, Spanish, and German-speaking countries.
  7. Maxence – greatest. This is a fantastic male name that is popular enough to prevent your youngster from drawing jeers.
French Baby Boy Names : Maxence Danet-Fauvel - Credits: Instagram
Maxence Danet-Fauvel – Credits: Instagram
  1. Antoine – beyond praise. Inspired by Antoine Griezmann, a French footballer.
French Baby Boy Names : Antoine Griezmann - Credits: Instagram
Antoine Griezmann – Credits: Instagram
  1. Tanguy – fire. Inspired by a French movie.
  2. Chase – hunter. Inspired by Chase Emery Davis.


Many parents want their sons to become powerful women who discreetly dazzle the world with their French charm as they mature. These unique French boy names are really endearing when you look into their meanings.

Consequently, we have come up with a list of more than 120 adorable French boys’ names. Please share this with your loved ones and ask them to write comments below with their opinions on the names.

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